Biscuits & (Pregnant) Jackie


fall shoes reebok crossfit lite lo tr pink

Autumn weather has been amazing here — warm & sunny. One of the reasons I love living in Denver! Check out my new Reebok CrossFit Lite shoes! I got them during the Columbus Day sale last week, and they were already on clearance. I probably won’t use them tons at the gym because I love my all-purpose Nano 3’s, but they are great to mix things up a little bit once in a while. And yes, they’re awesome dog walking shoes. The toe box is a little wide for my tastes, similar to the Nano 2’s if you’ve ever tried those.

kevin and corrie denver biscuit co

Kevin and I are kicking off a 4-day weekend together! Hooray!! So fun. After a few weeks of working 12+ hour days (and weekends from home!) during his busy season at work, he’s ready for some time off! We decided to go to brunch this morning, because what’s cooler than going to brunch on a Thursday morning!?!?!? Nothing.

denver biscuit co franklin and cordon bleu

No wait! Great parking! And great BISCUITS!!! Kevin and I shared the Franklin and the Cordon Bleu — lots of (tender belly!!!!) bacon, ham, fried chicken, and sausage gravy. So delicious.

26weeks pregnant26 weeks pregnant + you saw what I just ate!!! Haha. The dress is a clearance dress from Ruche… shot in the dark that it might fit me while pregnant thanks to the forgiving style!

You know what are not forgiving? Pull-ups when you’re pregnant!!

jackie pregnant wod crossfit

The baby is peeking out a little bit. Haha.

I’ve been hanging in there really well when it comes to weight training but bodyweight things (even running) are just overrated in my life right now. Haha. Of course, the pull-up rig is the worst. When I saw we were doing Jackie at our box last night, I was less than excited.


1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

(for time)

The sub if you can’t do pull-ups is ring rows. I was figuring I would probably be hitting the ring rows, but I wanted to at least try a few pull-ups. I know I’m starting to lose them, but I always do the best when I’m super warmed up. I figured 1000m row and 50 thrusters would warm me up. :) :)

I did the 1000m row in 4:08. Probably would’ve tried for just under 4 in non-pregnant days. The thruster were easy. They felt great. Much better than I remembered from last time. Haha. Could it be because I wasn’t going for time?!! But I did two sets of 15 + 15 + 11 + 9 — decent sets, and got to the pull-up bar around 8 minutes (when many great CrossFitters would be done!! hah), and spent the next 6 minutes cranking out 2 pull-ups at a time. The first 15 felt great so I figured why not!!!! Around minute 12, everyone else was done. I tried to get them to go away so I could just take my time and finish, but they were just too nice. Ultimately, my last few reps were fairly lousy because I was trying to just get done, but I finished in 14:44.

Now I’m encouraged that I should keep practicing them at home because they felt pretty great — as long as I took my time. Technically this is a Jackie PR for me since the last time I did it, I had to do jumping pull-ups and finished in 9:44. This benchmark wod also came up in early summer, but it was before I’d told anyone I was pregnant. I’m sure I could’ve gotten a decent time — maybe around 12 or below on a good day, but I was still figuring things out and was afraid I would overdo it! So I skipped. There will be plenty of other times to try it again. :)

This video is my inspiration: Full-term Fran She was clearly much better at pull-ups than I was before I was pregnant so I can’t expect to do what she does, but she’s awesome. See also: the CrossFit Pregnant Pull-up Progression.

Have you ever done the Jackie benchmark wod? What’s your favorite thing to do on a random weekday off?!

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Boyd’s Latest Mischief

Kevin put together our crib this weekend! Of course, we couldn’t resist letting our firstborn Boykin try it out!

boyd bear in the crib babyletto

He wasn’t a fan. Don’t worry, there’s no way he would even remotely consider jumping in on his own. The only way we were able to snap a cute pic was by some extreme coaxing with popcorn.  So far we love our Babyletto mini crib. It’s pretty easy without a baby in it. :) Kevin put it together during a football game on Sunday just to give us an idea what it would like in our space(s). We plan to use it in both of the two back bedrooms. It’s very light and on wheels! It’ll camp out most of the time in our bedroom, but it’ll also have a space in the adjacent gray bedroom where our marigold couch currently resides. We’re not exactly making a nursery, but we are working on the finishing touches in both rooms. Kevin is putting up some crown molding next weekend, and I’m still on the hunt for curtains!

boyd bear ran away

Boyd Bear also gave us quite a scare last night! Kevin and I had a little miscommunication about where the dogs were, and BBear managed to scoot out the garage door. I was teaching piano lessons so we didn’t notice that he was missing for an HOUR!!!! Normally it’s no big deal if Boyd tries to get out because he’s soooo slow. But when we realized it’d been an hour, we freaked out!!!!! We decided to look for him on foot first, and thank God, I found him exactly three doors down! I don’t know exactly what happened, but that’s all the farther he got. A neighbor and her dog were back there with him, and he was just chilling — happy as can be!! I was terrified that he was going to get run over because he’s not exactly observant. The good news is that when dogs get out in our neighborhood, there are always so many other dogs nearby for them to play with. Of course, our phone number has worn off Boyd’s collar tag (he’s really hard on things — Pippa’s is totally fine!) so this was our reminder to get him a new one!!! So we spoiled him like crazy for the rest of the night. Kevin says that Pippa wasn’t so happy to see him come back. She was hoping he was gone for good!!! Hahahahaha. She’d love to be an only dog.

crossfit compThis weekend we had a chance to cheer on two friends from our box as well as one of Kevin’s work buddies at another CF comp. It’s so fun to watch & just cheer without having the pressure on you. But at the same time, I’m like…. I really want to try that!!! I wonder what time I could do that in. Blah, blah, blah.

basement egress windowOur beautiful new egress window in the basement. The contractors made my dogs crazy for three days, but it was worth it. I’m excited to be making the basement into a more usable space… someday soon. Kevin has a lot of projects on his plate!!!

Baby updates:

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I puked for the first time this weekend!! Haha. I learned the hard way that I can NOT tolerate vitamins on an empty stomach. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out, I had a few waves of nausea over the last week that really confused me. It’s because I’ve finally gotten more committed to taking my vitamins and taking them earlier in the day. Oops!!!!! Of course, that hardly counts. I was fine as soon as the vitamins were out and proceeded to eat bacon & eggs and yogurt. Prior to this weekend, I hadn’t thrown up in 10+ years!!!!! I had been bragging about it very recently, so I guess pride comes before a fall. I even managed to escape all the parasites and bugs the Americans got while I was living in the DR. Oh well! This hardly counts since I wasn’t actually sick. :)
  • I had “dinner” at Panda Express on Sunday. Just saying, I don’t always eat just right, but I try to about 90% of the time, especially while pregnant. I know Panda can’t be “better” than most fast food places, but it doesn’t bother my stomach the way things like pizza do. And for whatever reason, I love that place!! I really do. It’s so good. The good news is that I really love sweet potatoes, Kerrygold, grassfed beef, and broccoli more, especially the way I feel after I eat them. Haha. I really haven’t experienced pregnancy cravings other than a mild urge to eat more carbs which is pretty natural. So I eat more carbs.
  • We acquired a few more baby clothes! They are so tiny & cute. I’ve been really into looking at baby stuff online and pinning all the things. Not actually buying or doing… just looking for now.
  • We have a few more ideas for baby names. Here’s something weird we discovered. Kevin and I both have a preference for names that are more easily recognizable in other cultures/countries. Of course, there aren’t really names that work everywhere, but there are definitely some names that translate more easily. “Corrie” is not one of them. Especially since it’s very close to corre (run!) in Spanish. Of course, this isn’t a deal breaker if we love a name, but one of us always brings it up when we are tossing out ideas!
  • I sent out an email about piano lessons this week…. there are only about 7 classes left before January!!! And then the baby could come anytime… That is SO crazy.

Have a great week! Deep down, what’s your favorite fast food place? Or can you truly not stand any of it? I used to really love a McNugget, but it’s been years now. Hopefully that got cleared out of the baby’s genes. Haha.:)

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Holes + Impulse Buy!

It’s really fun trying to keep our wild animals out of the giant hole in our yard!

giant hole in our yardWe’re putting in an egress window in our basement so we’ve had contractors at our house over the past few days. You can imagine just how EXCITING that is for the dogs!

boyd & pippa want chicken

They are going crazy!! We’re hoping to do some basic renovations in our basement, and the window is the first step. Safety first. Haha. It’s going to be a slow process since we are not really DIY-ers, and we aren’t really interested in taking out loans. Kevin is going to do some of the basic stuff down there, but he still has quite a few projects to do upstairs as we prepare for the baby!

babyletto crib miniThe crib came yesterday!!!! It’s the white Babyletto mini crib. I actually bought it with a coupon from and saved like 25%. Because I rule at online shopping. Online shopping seems to be like half the work in this baby gig so far. Do you think that’ll change? Ha. Ha.

one canoe 2 journalIn another case of I was probably never going to DIY, I ordered these perpetual journal cards from 1canoe2 on etsy. I thought they were going to fit in my porcelain berry basket, but they are just a smidge too big so they’re temporarily residing in this real berry basket…. pretty sure it’s a leftover from our wedding!!! Haha. I saw the DIY… oh 4 years ago!!! here, and it would be really simple to do. But I can never commit to tedious tasks like stamping 365 cards. So that’s never happened. It’s fun deciding with Kevin every night what to write on the card for the day, and it’s a great time to start with all the baby stuff going on!!! How fun will it be to look back at this with our kid(s?!?!?) someday? A lot of the entries are a little mundane like “Date Night @ Sunnyside Burger Bar”, but we’ll probably look back and be like — omg, we went out to dinner every Thursday night?! We were so spoiled. Or if we ever move away, we’ll remember all of our favorite restaurants. It’s just fun!

bose mini mint green

Check out what Kevin totally impulse bought me the other day!!!! It’s a mint green Bose mini bluetooth/wireless speaker. We were at Target after my eye doctor appointment, and we randomly spotted them. I think they are fairly new. I’ve been wanting a speaker forever. The only thing I’ve had to play music is my iphone or my computer, and it just doesn’t get LOUD enough!!!! It’s like a dream come true that I can take outside with me to workout or even in the bathroom when I’m showering. It’s like a life of luxury!!! I really love that it’s rechargeable (or I would never have batteries), and it’s so tiny!! Yay!!!! It’ll be great for my piano studio too. It was just extra exciting because we never impulse buy anything that’s more than $50. Haha. I know we probably don’t strike you as the frugal type, but both of us will be like… nahh…. let’s look it up online. I’ll try to find it on sale or on Craigslist. But we just looked up the Amazon reviews on our phones and bought it on the spot. I love being able to play music!!!!!!!!!

In other news, my piano students are KILLING IT!!!!!!!! I love my job.

piano students are FUNNyThe truth is that I do really miss teaching in schools sometimes — especially SCS where I taught the same several hundred kids for 3 years. I used to sort of love doing morning duty. I’ve never been super into enforcing playground rules (I usually don’t even know them all – haha), but I loved standing there and saying good morning to 300 of my favorite people. The daily interaction is so sweet! But I am so thankful to be sleeping in while I’m pregnant and just having a more restful lifestyle in general that having my own business (and my husband with health insurance) allows.

But with piano lessons, the perk is the one-on-one time where you really get to know your students. And they might get to know you a little better than you want them to.

Top two piano teaching moments of the week -

#1- “I love this song now!!” written all over a student’s trickiest piece. Those harmony notes were not easy!!!!

#2- “I’m going to play the first four measures perfectly!” Another student who now gets music jokes!! Haha. Yay!!!!!! I always feel like I’ve made it when my students can crack music jokes.

Runner-up – “Do you watch (tv) shows or are they like candy to you?” A third student who is concerned that I don’t eat enough sugar. Haha.

I’m definitely planning to continue teaching after the baby. I’m not quite sure how it’ll look, but I’m going to make it happen.

pippa is so cute

Pippa is so adorable.

Okay some baby updates!! The internet is says I’m 24 & 6/7 Weeks! 

  • My belly button is starting to look weird!!! I just noticed the other day. Do you know how freaky that is??! It looks tiny. It’s sooooo weird!!!!
  • People/strangers are finally starting to notice that I’m pregnant.
  • We are still TOTALLY STUCK on baby names. Every night I’ll be lying in bed and say to Kevin,”OUR BABY NEEDS A NAME!!!!” We have three that we are sort of tossing around, but none are quite perfect. And it’s not just going to “come to me” so don’t tell me that! Haha. :)
  • Tying my shoes is the worst. All the more reason to wear heels, amirite?!?!?!
  • I’m getting lazier. But I still feel great. Almost perfectly normal. Except for the extremely weird sensation of something moving inside of me!!! Omg. It’s an alien!!!!!!!! So yeah, he has been moving a little more lately. I’m always trying to coax him into moving around at night. But he does what he wants! And he wants to start moving around like crazy right when I’m drifting off and jolt me awake! Rude!! :)
  • I can still fit regular jeans *fingers crossed*. I actually don’t wear jeans a whole lot since I usually wear dresses for teaching and leggings the rest of the time. Also my jeans are extreme low rise/stretch so that helps!!!! I’ve bought and returned two pairs of maternity jeans so I think I’m done with them for now. Most maternity jeans are too tight on my calves!! My normal problem!! And the second pair actually fit my calves, but it was an “over the belly” style and just too much work to put on. If it takes me five minutes to wiggle into, I’m not gonna wear it!
  • Oh this is the BEST one. The other night I asked Kevin to guess how much diapers cost per year. He guessed $5,000!!!!! And he meant it!! Haha. Our parent friends have been complaining too much about the cost of diapers – lol. :) I have no idea how he thought we were going to afford that?!?!?! Were we just going to stop eating? Haha.

Happy weekend!!!!!! What’s the last thing you impulse bought? Or bought because you didn’t want to DIY?!!

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Flats That Smell Like My Little Pony

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! We had something weird happen to us. Our internet was out for two days! When we got home from the gym on Saturday morning, it just randomly wasn’t working. That led to Kevin talking to customer service on the phone for two hours on Saturday, and finally a technician came out on Sunday.

Of course, he came at the very tail end of the appointment window so we ended up missing church. All dressed up and just hanging out at home reading a book, but I was really thankful Kevin was home to take care of it on a weekend. Plus it helps to have one person wrangle the wild dogs whenever we have a serviceperson at our house! I even wore flats in case we could dash to church last minute (the parking lot is maybe a quarter of a mile away so I really slow us down when I’m in heels).

pink shoes1 24 weeksHere I am at a little over 24 weeks!


Kevin got me the hot pink Mel shoes for my bday. I’d had my eyes on them but put it off because I don’t wear flats very often. They smell like My Little Pony. I’m serious!

The other weird part was that our water was out for a while this week too! It reminded me of my days living in the DR when our utilities would just randomly be out all the time. I’ve definitely gotten more spoiled! But the issues is always, I’d better be able to shower when I get home from the gm!!!  :) I also went to the eye doctor and ordered two new pairs of Warby Parkers. I can’t wait to see again!!! :)

crossfit pregnant

I shockingly had a great week last week at CrossFit. I hit two pr’s without meaning to. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. We’d been in some sort of endurance or conditioning cycle for the last month or so at our gym, and last week they brought back the strength. The first test was the push press. My previous pr of 130 was from January 6! Sooo long ago (for a beginner CF’er like me anyways). I knew I could put that up easily, and I breezed right by it to a new push press pr of 135. I knew my upper body wasn’t getting weaker, especially with having to hold up my extra lower body weight. Plus push presses aren’t scary at all to test so I wasn’t concerned.

Tuesday was a great day for me because….. double unders!! Except I didn’t have my jump rope!! I’m extremely attached to my Rogue rope. It’s just the perfect length, and it’s soooo much lighter & faster than regular gym ropes. I ended up borrowing a decent speed rope from a friend who was there, but it was tooooo short. I still managed pretty well and only had one round where I really tripped.

Ghost is 6 rounds for reps: Rowing for calories, burpees, & double unders. That would be a great wod for me in my non-pregnant days. I did the burpees slow & controlled and just got all the reps I could on dubs!  I scored 627.

Wednesday was deadlift day! I had made my peace last month that it would be my last super heavy deadlift for a while. But as plate math would have it (decided to go with two 45’s on each side right away to eliminate all the bar loading), I ended up in a good spot to give 275 a try. I probably wouldn’t have done it, but by the time I had my bar loaded (takes forever with deadlifts!!!) we were almost out of time. Also my practical and wise husband was there overseeing and told me to give it a try. Deadlifts are my easiest lift so I didn’t feel like I was straining out of breath, and I had done 275 for 1 rep once before. So I got a deadlift pr of 275 for 2!  If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be trying soooo hard for 300 right now. I’m almost positive I could pick it up once. But it can wait until 2015. The barbells aren’t going anywhere. 

crossfit dips pregnantI skipped Thursday because, I felt like it, and on Friday I ended up working out during Open Gym with my CF BFF. She had already done the wod so she cheered me on!  She is the front squat queen so it was fun to have her there with me. My 2 rep pr is 185, and 155, 165, & 175 all felt easy, but I decided to stop at 175 for the day. I’d done enough for the week. I finished off my Friday with a quick AMRAP of 5 squat cleans @ 95lbs & 9 “ring dips.” I’m not even close to ring dips even in my non-pregnant days so I went for parallette dips. They were much harder than the 95lb squat cleans. I hard core bottomed out a few times!! I want to get some parallettes at home for practice and to do some other pregnancy modification type stuff. So I’ll get Kevin to make them in all of his free time. :) Actually, his absolute busiest season is behind him as of Friday, and we are elated! Looking forward to having him more!!!

coco hydroSo Kevin and I have been really awesome about not drinking Diet Coke lately. Yay us! But I’ve also been trying to phase out the amino drinks we had gotten into the habit of drinking either post-wod or when we were just really thirsty. I felt like the amino drinks really helped me, but I got realistic. They all contain soy — booo!!!! And they are clearly synthetic and very unnaturally sweetened. That’s probably why I liked them so much. I saw an individual packet of Cocohydro at Sprouts last weekend, and after giving it a try, I ordered a canister on Amazon.

It’s not the BEST thing in the world. I don’t really like coconut water, but I drink it with a LOT OF ICE. I think that helps for some reason.


Here’s the nutrition info if you’re curious. 12g of sugar is a decent amount so I’m not going to drink it all day long. The only thing I’m not totally sure on is the tapioca glucose. It seems like it would be okay, but I’m just guessing. Tapioca starch is used frequently in paleo baking to thicken things a little bit so I’m guessing that’s its purpose. It’s pretty much clear, and it’s not really sweet at all. So those are usually good signs. And look at that Vitamin C content. Kevin felt like he had a cold coming on this weekend, and I made him drink this. I think it worked!!! :)


I bought a few tiny baby clothes online over the weekend during Columbus Day sales, and I can’t wait to see them!! Our baby weighs over a pound now and is over a foot long. Just imagine a much skinnier Subway sandwich. Weird.

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Second Trimester: What I’ve Been Eating!!!

It should go without saying, but this post is in no way prescriptive.**

For my second appointment at the midwifery, I had to fill in a dietary recall sheet! Hooray! One of the things that attracted to me to the midwifery is the fact that they place a heavy emphasis on how your diet and exercise affect your unborn baby as well as how well you will physically be able to manage labor and delivery. I’m not qualified to comment, but obviously to this point I’ve had great results with very regular exercise and a mostly paleo/primal diet. Every pregnancy is different, and if I do this again someday, I know that I may have to approach some things differently. Every pregnancy is different, etc., etc.

Moving on, I went ahead and filled out the first day before I got around to looking at the suggestions in my paperwork from the midwifery. I was shocked when I read that the paperwork suggested eating a measly 60-75 grams of protein and 2,600 calories! Even on a day where I succumb to English muffins and Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese, I would usually hit over 100 grams of protein. So I think I’d have to be eating a pretty lousy diet to only get 75g. I got a little huffy reading their sample menu. I realize they are attempting to make it realistic, but I just can’t see all of the low-fat dairy and sugary snacks like pudding and graham crackers. Of course, they aren’t coming from a paleo perspective, so I am happy that they at least encourage some fat like coconut oil!

Here’s what my macronutrient breakdown for the week looked like on the MyFitnessPal app: (ignore the goals, you just have to have something in there)


I was pretty happy with my results, even with the inclusion of some Pumpkin Spice English muffins and Angie’s popcorn. :) When I’m not pregnant, I personally try to keep the carbs a bit lower, but that seems to be a good level for me now. I’m continuing to log this week, and it looks like the macros are shaking out to be pretty much the exact same.

Here’s a great post from the Modern Paleo Midwife someone who actually does know what she’s talking about on second trimester macronutrients.

So here’s what I’ve been eating:

breakfast bacon and eggs

Good quality bacon & eggs & coffee with organic half & half or heavy whipping cream. Sometimes I have an English muffin with Kerrygold. Once or twice a week I have Starbucks. I wish I ate vegetables with breakfast, but I typically do not.

I usually eat breakfast fairly late so I don’t do a whole lot of morning snacking. Sometimes if I go to CrossFit at 11:45AM, and I want a little boost, I have half a LaraBar or a random bite of leftovers.

twice baked sweet poato

I’m in a total lunch rut with twice baked sweet potatoes. Technically yams, I guess. But I always think of them as sweet potatoes. I use either grassfed beef or organic chicken with buffalo sauce, Kerrygold butter and/or Kerrygold cheddar, onions, and usually a side of steamed broccoli. Carrots were my first trimester vegetable, and broccoli is my second trimester fave. Came out of nowhere, but that tends to be the thing I randomly have to send my husband to the grocery store for when I run out of it! Again, I could do better eating a wider range of vegetables.

Afternoon snack is usually yogurt. I don’t particularly love yogurt, but I want the probiotic benefits. I buy plain organic full-fat and mix it with frozen mixed berries. This is a high sugar snack, for me since even plain yogurt has a good amount of sugar so we’re looking at 15-20 grams for a snack I don’t really like. Boo!!! I’d rather have more chocolate, but I’m doing it for now. Sometimes I have Noosa yogurt instead, which is deliciously sweet, but an even bigger sugar bomb. I feel at this point the pros of good probiotics outweigh the sugar cons. For vitamins, I’m reluctantly taking Vitamin K Pure Encapsulations which I first heard about in a podcast from Chris Kresser. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take any during the first trimester. For part of it, I didn’t know I was pregnant! And for the rest, I was in denial and just trying to figure out what I was doing. I’m a huge skeptic of supplements, and I have no interest in taking synthetics so this seems to be the best way to go for now. I take 3 per day, not the recommended 6.

water and salad 21dsd.jpgDinner is almost always salad. Grassfed beef, chicken, or pork usually with some coconut oil. Some combination of spinach/cabbage slaw/spring mix. Sometimes with Wholly Guacamole. Other random vegetables.

Nighttime snack is dark chocolate and sometimes an apple, depending on how late I ate dinner/how hungry I am.

Thursday night is date night. We usually go for burgers or something decent. What I would LIKE to do is go to Panda Express, my new all-time favorite restaurant for whatever reason. It’s the worst! I haven’t been there in a long time, but I’m just telling you where I’d like to go. Haha. So usually Park Burger or Larkburger or this week we’re thinking about the Slotted Spoon. The more conscious you are of what you eat, the more difficult it is to eat out. Boo!

My total calorie intake is maybe about 2,300 on average. You can’t log things perfectly, so I’m kind of hoping maybe it’s actually a little higher. I don’t measure or weigh my food so there’s definitely a huge margin for error!!!! I can’t comment on my weight gain because I haven’t been tracking it. It’s just not enjoyable for me to see higher numbers on the scale so I’m not going to focus on it. I will say that I can still fit my regular jeans just fine (thank you, low rise!!!!!), and that yesterday I pr’ed my push press (135lbs – went up easy). So everything below and above the baby is in pretty good shape still. Ha ha.

I am, by no means, eating perfect paleo or primal. I don’t do organ meat or bone broth or fermented foods. I’m just not that “advanced.” But I’m doing the best I can for me and my baby. This week, Kevin has gotten more on board with watching his nutrition so that makes things a little bit easier. We are mostly trying to eat 21DSD style, and I am trying to be even more careful about my sugar intake as I approach Week 28 — the gestation diabetes test. Booo!!! I’ve been a little concerned about getting a false positive (I’ve read the internet forums — it happens to paleo/low carb ladies at times just because of the shock to your system), but the good news is that the Midwifery tests you with organic juice boxes from Whole Foods. Haha. I never drink juice, but hopefully that will bel ess shocking.

Oh, a word on my doctor’s appointment. Thanks for all of your sweet comments. Honestly, it didn’t go well again, in my opinion. I’m fine. The baby’s totally fine. But I manage to leave totally stressed and frustrated every time I go in. My blood pressure tested a little on the high side again, but they didn’t have to retake it. So that’s good. I got put with the same midwife, who unfortunately remembered me, and gave me some more warnings about getting kicked out of the practice if it gets any higher and out of their “safe zone.” I kind of want to go get my bp tested somewhere else because they’ve made it this big paranoid deal for me, and they also seem to be pretty inconsistent with their procedures. Since I don’t think my blood pressure is actually high, it’s extremely frustrating because there’s nothing I can do about it! I’ve researched things that lower your bp, because why not, but it’s basically exactly what I do already. I’d be tempted to transfer out on my own, but I really want to deliver there so I’m going to hang in there. The only thing I’ve really had anxiety about during my pregnancy is all the stinking trips to ultrasounds and doctors, but I just have to suck it up!!!!!

Has anyone ever tried making their own yogurt? I’ve been looking into it a little bit!

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Fangirl Weekend

Kevin and I spent our Saturday cheering on my CF BFF at her first CrossFit competition! My inner soccer mom kicked in, and I wanted to make sure she had enough food. And of course, all that spectating made us hungry!

food for crossfit competition

  • Bacon wrapped egg muffins (something like these)
  • Sweet potato/Kerrygold/apple hash
  • Apple cinnamon sausages
  • Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies — We ended up sending these home afterwards with our favorite competitor.

We left the house before 8AM on a Saturday. It was a little painful, but we survived. We had to drive way out by our old neighborhood, past Greenwood Village! So happy we don’t live way out there anymore.

anna jumping

Anna had a fabulous first competition. I screamed until my throat hurt and probably bossed her and her partner around a little more than I should. I can’t help it!! It’s my inner teacher. Plus my proudest moments was when she pr’ed her unbroken doubles (by twenty!!!!!!) in the final workout of the day. Hooray!!!!! I teared up a little. I’m serious. We’ve been working on the every Friday during open gym for a month or so, and she hates them with a passion. She and her teammate worked hard and finished in the middle after a long day of competition. Yay!!! Of course, the worst part is that it was killing me not to get to even try anything. All I wanted to do is go home and workout!!!!!!!! This particular competition seemed very doable, and I kept telling Kevin that we should do it as a team next year.But he’s going to have to start training if he wants to be on my team!!! Kidding. Sort of…

downpours tennyson denver

We slept in until 9AM this morning! Hooray!!! No annoying football games at 11AM (Kevin feels the need to watch both the Vikings & the Broncos — booo!!!!!) so we decided to hang out in a coffee shop for a little bit. Kevin has been doing a lot of work from home this weekend, and I was hoping he could get some done there.

downpours coffee denver

The cool thing about Downpours is that they make their own almond milk and syrups. I should question them about it more, but I wasn’t in the mood today. Haha. Kevin and I both had their pumpkin spice lattes with almond milk. It was delicious, and tasted nothing like the crazy-sweet ones from Starbucks.

real pumpkin

Made with real pumpkin…. I love Starbucks, but I know there’s some gross stuff in it. Now they just need to stay open later! 4pm is too early to close!!!

And I finally tracked down the BEST fall snack ever after looking in multiple Targets and Sprouts:

BEST FALL SNACK EVER angies candy corn

There was just one lonely bag in Target this afternoon. Popcorn is totally not paleo, but at least Angie’s is gf, non gmo, and no hfcs! #worthit

I have my second appointment at the midwifery tomorrow…. they are drawing blood, and I’ve gotten to anticipate that for the last four weeks. Why would they tell me that ahead of time? They need to be like my mom and not tell me that I am getting shots until I’m on my way there!!!!!!! Wish me luck!  The good news is that Kevin is going with me so we can hang out a little bit on a Monday morning. And it’s very close to a Caribou Coffee… I learned my lesson, and I won’t go until after my appointment this time!!

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Crippled + Autumn Reading

In the last two days I’ve broken my bike (flat tire!) and my glasses (dropped them one too many times) so I’m feeling pretty crippled. Kevin has been at the office 12+ hours a day, plus doing more work from home so he hasn’t had a chance to fix my bike yet. I’m just proud I know how replace the chain myself (most of the time), but I’m not even going to attempt that.

I taught all of my Thursday lessons a little blind, but I pretty much have all my students’ method books memorized so we were good. I actually missed my CrossFit class on Wednesday because of the flat tire — I discovered it halfway to the gym about 4 minutes before class was about to start. Fortunately it was a wod I was just able to do in my garage, but I missed being with my class. On Thursday, I finally made it back into the box to try tire flips for the first time!!

tire flipping crossfit corrieIt was fun!! It took me a minute to get the lean in technique, but it was actually easier than I expected. Don’t worry, I was extra careful with my stomach, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Trust me, I thought it through before I tried it and had a coach right there with me the first time. They said the one I’m flipping above is around 550lbs.

Afterward we did a wod of 21-15-9-6-3 ring rows and kb swings. I made my peace with doing ring rows (a modification) for the day because of all the reps in a “for time” format, plus they were supposed to be chest to bar which is totally not going to happen right now.

paleo cobb saladHere’s a cute salad I made for a potluck for our small group this week. I made this classic lemon vinaigrette dressing in a little mason jar to go on the side.

baby names

My piano students have been helping me out with some baby names. Besides this list, I’ve had two students rather strongly suggest “Jack.” Nice work, kids!


Modern Mrs.Darcy says that we should make Autumn Reading a thing, and I’m working on it! I finished Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother last night, and I have to say that I loved it. I thought it was, first of all, hilarious, and also just a good family story. I probably won’t be forcing my kid to practice for 6 hours a day and hurling insults at him, but I do agree that practicing and being good at something makes it more fun.

I also recently finished It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising SonsIt was a total mixed bag. A lot of omg I was so shocked when I found out I was having a boy, the mothers’ ideals and goals on raising the boys totally gender neutral, and then the boys turning out to be sort of traditionally boyish. One even flushed his doll down the toilet. That was probably my favorite part. Looks like I’m currently reading 29 other titles, but I’m still miserably behind on my reading goal for the year! But even if I don’t read any more, I’ve read over a book a week so I’m mostly satisfied with that. Of course, I’m on a kick of reading about kids and babies! Mostly kids — I started reading Baby Catcher, and that was just way too vivid for me, knowing what’s coming in about 3 months! Haha.

Also, guess what! — did you ever do Book It for Pizza Hut as a kid? They’re bringing it back for adults!!! Haha. So fun.

Today I’m baking up a batch of the best Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies to share with friends over the weekend. And tomorrow I’m looking forward to cheering on my CF BFF in her first competition!!!

Have a great weekend!

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