Cookies, Books, & Ikea

Hooray for a long weekend!!! Kicked it off with a Cookie Friday:

cookie friday pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies

This recipe for Pumpkin-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies was amazing!! I personally think pumpkin cookies can be really hit or miss (wayyy too cakey and/or healthy-tasting), but these turned out really well. Maybe the oats helped? I think Pumpkin Gingersnaps are still my fave. Luckily, we had a birthday party to go to this weekend so we shared!

woodbury library denver BOOKS

It’s also important to stop at the library on the day before a long weekend. That’s an extra day of the library being closed, and you don’t want to run out of reading material. I totally hit the jackpot — the new Rainbow Rowell book was on the shelf! Yay! Plus some baby-type books because I’m your typical first-time mom.

little free library denver alcott

It must’ve been my lucky day because I also snagged something good from the Little Free Library!

asos maternity dress orange

Omg, my first maternity clothes. I got a few things from Asos. I love Asos!! Does anyone else shop there? Usually if you buy over $125, you get free international 2-day shipping. Works for me!!  Plus all their maternity stuff isn’t black, white, and striped (blahhhh) — loved this peach color for fall, and it was barely over $20. It’s a perfect piano teaching dress and will be great with tights/leggings. I’d probably wear it if even if I wasn’t pregnant. Most of my regular clothes fit fine except that I tend to wear very fitted dresses/skirts for teaching piano and those are becoming a little immodestly short/tight. I’m just trying to avoid the i-don’t-have-anything-to-wear meltdown.

regular clothes maternity bootsHere’s a not maternity outfit from today’s Ikea excursion. The dress is a regular, but roomy O’Neill dress I bought from Zappos earlier this year (no longer available). The Billabong cardigan is an integral part of my maternity tank top/cardigan plan for this fall/winter. It was a little expensive so I was trying to wait for it to go on sale, but when I saw they only had one small in stock, I grabbed it. The color is incredible, and it’s the perfect length. I don’t regret it one bit. The grey boots are from Modcloth — they’re even cuter if you see the whole boot. There are bows on the sides. Normally, I frown upon wearing short boots like this or things that don’t elongate my legs, but hey, I figure I look a little chubby anyways. I’ll just embrace it. It wasn’t cool enough for tights/leggings today, but that will probably look even better.

One of the reasons for today’s Ikea trip?

kevin's standing deskWell, I was reading Your Personal Paleo Code (from my library stack) and got upset again about Kevin’s work situation. He has almost an hour commute each way, and then sits at a desk for 9+ hours in a row!!!! He needs a standing desk!! So we checked out some Ikea hacks. Worked perfectly for $22. So worth it! I can’t wait for him to try it out this week and report back!!!

Do you mostly stand or sit at your job? I’m so lucky to have a good mix. I hated sitting all day when I’ve temporarily had office jobs. And standing all day can be really exhausting too!

Hope you had a great weekend, however long or short it was for you! :)

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2 Awesome Tank Tops from an Unexpected Place

So we have a new thing we do on Wednesdays:

crossfit girls on wednesdays we wear pink

Haha. My two CFBFFs tend to quote entire sections of Mean Girls when they’re over for dinner so when I saw this tank, I knew we had to to have it!!! Even though the three of us never get to workout together anymore, true friends are always together in spirit. :)

Here’s the wod we got to do while looking THAT cute:

400m run
15 wallball shots
10 box jumps

Our coach mentioned that we should do the wallball shots unbroken. Haha. So heartbreaking! Fortunately, the weather was pretty gorgeous (the sun wasn’t totally beating down) during an 11:45AM class so that was extremely helpful. Normally this wod would be totally in my wheelhouse, but these quick super cardio wods have been where I’ve been slowing down the most since being pregnant. I have to say, I am soooo thankful that I feel soooooo good. But it makes it that much harder to want to slow down. That said, I did have to consciously slow down on some of the 400’s because I was starting to really hear my breath. I finished in 19:47 and still got a great workout. :)

We stayed afterwards for some Open Gym time, worked on a few pull-ups and double unders. Okay, maybe I tried a few triple unders. I’m sort of close to being able to do one. I know I can, but it will probably take me as long to get them as it did for me to get dubs (six months, including a few of super dedicated practice). We also started composing some monthly goals in my iPhone notes. We have Fridays free in September to go to open gym together so we are trying to come up with a plan. My friend wants to do the Open next year, and I want to cheer her on and practice some random skills that I can do safely while pregnant. I had really been going after hspus before I came pregnant, but that’s probably not the ideal skill for me to work on right now. I know some people do it, and that’s cool, but since they’re a struggle for me – I’m not gonna push it right now. That said, any great ideas of things I should work on? Kettlebell snatches are a weird thing on that list. I think I’m too chicken to really even try them because I’m protective of my hands/wrists (hello, piano teacher!!). But I have a 15lber at home from my Jillian Michaels days that can’t cause that much damage! Plus it really bugs me that Kevin can crank them out. Haha. :)  Also — strict pull-ups. I did one yesterday. I was sooo nervous I wouldn’t be able to do one anymore. I didn’t even want to try, but now I’ll keep working on them. Because why not???

So here’s tank top #2:

this is my happy hour crossfit girls

Also available from Victoria’s Secret! Haha. Isn’t that a random place? But they are GREAT!!  I love the giant armholes. We’re all wearing size small, by the way, they are quite flowy and fit just fine at almost 18 weeks (tomorrow!). I felt that this tank top was perfect to wear to Friday, 6PM class. Especially when I’m pregnant and couldn’t drink (much) even if I wanted to (I don’t). That’s one lucky part for me of being pregnant. I’m practically the only girl in Colorado who doesn’t drink beer. It’s soooo gross. I don’t get it. And why bother trying when I’ve lived almost 30 years without it!

Here’s a salad I don’t want to live without:

buffalo chicken salad paleo


There’s coleslaw with some Greek yogurt ranch + sweet potatoes/chicken/buffalo sauce that I slow cooked the day before. Topped with green onions. This was huge, but I was starving after yesterday’s workout!!

Yay Thursday. Thursday is MY Friday every week, and this morning I sweet talked Kevin into picking up some Starbucks for me before he went to work. I think it probably helped that I got up two mornings in a row and made him breakfast (including blueberry pancakes yesterday since we were out of eggs!). The good news is that I’ve been sleeping better this week. The bad news is that once I wake up at about 6AM, I can’t fall back asleep. Don’t worry, I’ve been using the extra time to do important things like shopping online for boots that might possibly fit my supersize calves. I’m not hating on them, I’m just saying, the just barely fit into my Hunter rain boots so forget about regular boots. And regular boots with jeans tucked in!??! Not gonna happen.

Today’s the last day of our rowing challenge!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy to be done with that, but we’ve definitely been getting our money’s worth out of our rower lately!

And finally, I love following this new-to-me Instagram account: BirthFit! Educating and empowering women on the benefits of exercising while pregnant. Movement is life. #iRockThisForUs #BirthFIT 

What’s your favorite IG to follow??

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Just Eating Some Chocolate to Make My Baby Sweeter

So we indulged a little bit extra over the weekend on some sugar & carbs!! I definitely had a junk food hangover this morning so it felt extra good to get back on track with my menu plan for the week.

stop eating crap

Saw this on HRG today and laughed. So true.

breakfast bacon and eggs

 Ate some bacon & eggs for breakfast because that’s what we do. Plus some of my favorite unsweetened Starbucks iced coffee with organic heavy whipping cream.

And then I had some make-up homework to do that I was dreading. I got lazy over the weekend and didn’t do my assigned rowing meters for the challenge. That meant double today.

Rowed a 10k — 2 entire episodes of Friends!!

rowed a 10k

 It took me 50:45. I was actually working the whole time (except a few drinks and a few times moving the rower when it scooted), but it’s still a mediocre time. I actually did a 14k on Valentine’s Day at a 2:26 (6 seconds faster) pace. Ah, well. I am pregnant after all. Going downhill on everything just sucks sometimes.

pork sweet potatoes appleLunch part 1: Leftover grilled pork, sweet potato, and apple. This was tooooo small, and I ate part 2 right away.

yogurt berries almond butter

This is a new thing I’m trying this week. That’s unsweetened organic full fat yogurt with organic berries and (plain) Justin’s almond butter. I was afraid it was going to be super sour and bland, but it grew on me. Maybe I was just starving. But I’ll be eating it all week since that’s what I have for a snack so we shall see. I went easy on the almond butter because I’m not the hugest omgnutbutterfan plus I wasn’t sure how it would mix in (it magically melted right in somehow).

chomps hopping jalapenoSo I mention these things all the time, but I love the Hoppin’ Jalapeño Chomps. I think we bought 50 last time I ordered them, and we both eat them almost every day.

larabar cherry pie

I’ve been trying to cut back on Larabars — they have a good bit of sugar, and they’re expensive. So I only got two for this week. Well, I already ate one so I’d better hoard the other.

starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte

Taking pics of my Starbucks like any good white girl would.

This is totally unusual, but I had a skinny vanilla latte during the middle of the day. Kevin came home early from work because we had a repairman coming to our house to work on the garage door so we decided it would be fun to go on a little date before CrossFit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.53.08 PMI scored 36, 43, & 44. And those reps were mostly BURPEES!!! My hips were super tight from that 10k row, and I didn’t have enough time to practice so the first round of pistol squats was pretty ugly. I did some decent reps and some sketchy reps, but I improved as I got warmer. So thankful for a shorter workout today. :)

paleo lasagna soup zoodles

 Paleo Lasagna Soup with Zoodles. Topped with fresh basil & parmesan cheese. I sort of followed that recipe, but I also used some ground turkey mixed with the hot Italian sausage and sort of doubled the recipe overall. By the way, the recipe was GREAT. Kevin really loved it too.

dark chocolate for pregnancy

And Dark Chocolate minis!! Because I’ve read in two books that eating dark chocolate makes your baby smile more after its born and have a happier disposition overall. Just kidding. I ate it because I like it.

So I ate around 1829 calories which is a little lower than what I’d probably like to see especially with all the rowing!! But I must still be a little full from the weekend.

myfitnesspal day paleo

Here’s what my percentages looked like. I’m obviously not dieting in any, way, shape or form while I’m pregnant, but I occasionally track my intake to help myself be realistic about things like sugar intake and make sure I’m eating a solid amount of protein.

I’m sure this post REALLY brightened your day. So why not check out THESE AWESOME PICS from the dogs’ swim day.

What did you eat today? What would you eat EVERY day if you could/it was a good decision for your health?  I would eat mac ‘n’ cheese and Diet Coke every day if I could. Maybe flamin’ hot cheetos and black licorice candies too. And that’s not even the pregnancy talking. :)

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Today was the dogs’ BEST DAY EVER! Okay, maybe not Pippa’s, but definitely Boyd’s. Boyd has no life skills beyond being furry and cute…. except when it comes to swimming. He’s a little merman at heart!

So yesterday was the last day the Denver public pools were open so today, for a small fee of $5/dog, they let the dogs jump in!! Dog-a-POOL-ooza!!!!! I didn’t find out about until the day after it happened last year, so we’ve been waiting 364 days for this!!

swimmer boydYay, Boyd, we are sooo proud of you!

lowering pippa into the water

Princess Pippa needed a little more “encouragement.” She REALLY wanted to fetch the tennis balls out of the water so she ran around barking like crazy. But she was NOT a fan of jumping in the water. I was hoping that she would just join in with the other dogs, but that wasn’t happening!!! So we may have given her a few gentle nudges. The first few times she went pretty far under before she realized that she COULD SWIM. She eventually got the hang of it and even fetched tennis balls out of the water voluntarily.

pipperdoodles swimmingGet it, girl!!

cute pippa swimmer dog vizsla lab

Everyone at the pool was cheering for her when she finally took the leap on her own. Haha. It sounds ridiculous, but it was really exciting!!! I was so proud of her for facing her fears. :)

crazy boyd swimming boykin dog

Climbing out of the side of the pool was like doing bar muscle-ups for the poor puppies!!! Luckily, all the dog parents pitched in and helped any dogs that were struggling in their area. And we all got SOAKING wet from all the shaky dogs. Isn’t a miracle my iPhone didn’t fall into the pool????

They’re going to be sleepy for days!!!! Have a great week! :)



The Noshery

What a fabulous week. It was my last week of teaching “summer lessons” in the studio and kind of a crazy CrossFit week

eating for 1.10 paleo pregnant

 Here’s my Friday fridge remnants lunch — spinach, bacon, eggs, Kerrygold, sweet potatoes, and avocado. And I drank tons of water with it. I was feeling super paleo & proud of myself – haha.

And then this morning happened because I’m a real human.

I decided to skip CrossFit. And from the comfort of my bed, I typed the word “bakery” into the Yelp app. Haha. That’s so dangerous.

the noshery denver

The Noshery popped up, and we decided we must try it out.

menu  the noshery denverWell, if you know me, I can’t say no to biscuits & gravy.

biscuits and gravy noshery denver

So worth it this morning!!! It was very affordable too  — just barely over $20 for breakfast for 2, including an espresso drink!!! They had a lot of space, and the whole restaurant was painted the color of my kitchen. They have great taste!!!! I’m excited to go back, although I’ll probably stick to coffee for the most part.

Side note: as a partly paleo non-perfectionist, I prefer to assess my eating choices by looking at the big picture of a week or so. Throughout the week, I stuck to my plan, so I’m mostly pleased with my choices.

Let’s talk about my workouts now because they were FUN and really hard this week. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the workouts this week (Week 17). The tough stuff just kept on coming!!!


6x for time:
6 Power Cleans @ 105lbs
12 Pull-ups

Time – 15:00

The power cleans were cake. The pull-ups were not. 72 pull-ups is a lot for me, but I wanted to give them a try. I asked my coach what my cut-off time should be, and he said 15 minutes. DONE!!!!! Exactly. And that was with a no-rep on #72. Haha. Yes, I had to redo it with the whole rest of the class watching. I was really tempted to switch to ring rows halfway through, but I’m happy I persevered. 



5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
65 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Time – 15:55

I think Nancy is my FAVORITE girl wod so I wasn’t too thrilled to mentally scale it a bit. But I made a game plan, and I stuck to it. My pr for this benchmark wod is 14:10. Since it was an 11:45 class and very sunny, I decided a reasonable goal would be to shoot for 16:10, 2 minutes slower than my pr. All I have to say is that it felt good!!! The 65lb oh squats felt great. The running was hot, but I drank water after every single round like it was my job. I was the dead last person in the door after the first run, but I paced it almost perfectly and picked off the last person in the final round and ended up finishing just 20 seconds faster than my goal. Yes!!!


For time – Curtis P Party!

50 Curtis P’s at 75lbs

EMOM – 2 burpees

So if Curtis P’s weren’t tortuous enough, we added in burpees!!! I laughed out loud when I saw this workout on my phone on Wednesday morning. I couldn’t wait to tell poor, sweet Kevin. If there are two movements he hates, they are lunges and burpees!!! But I’m proud of him for doing it. I’ll be honest, this workout took it out of me!! At about rep #23, I started to lose heart. Not even half done!!! I could barely eke out 2 reps per minute, and at that pace it took me 21:41! If you haven’t tried Curtis P’s, you should. I love/hated this workout, deep down, it was fun.

Thursday: Rest day. Are you kidding me?! :)



4 minute AMRAP:

  • 15 thrusters @ 65lbs
  • 30 double unders

I scored 101, 94, & 90. I had some logistical issues in the first round or I probably would’ve gotten probably 8-10 reps. If only I could’ve gotten back to those doubles…. Oh well. This workout was killer because we were still sore from Curtis P’s. Plus 100+ thrusters are no joke!!! A great ending to the week!! Love Friday 6pms!

concept 2 rowing challenge

 Don’t calculate that pace. Ever. My mom can probably do it in her head. Stop it. I know it’s slow.

But I finished Week #3 of the Dog Days of Summer Concept 2 Rowing Challenge – a total of 30,000 meters in the third week of August. This week we are up to 40k! I’ve gotten 11,800 done so far this weekend, but I’m going to have to keep at it all week. It’s been a great challenge, but I can’t wait for it to be OVER!!! I have to row longer than a Friends episode every single day this week to meet my goal. Ouch!!!!!!!!

boyd bear side eye

 A little side eye from the Boykin.

Menu plans for this week!

Okay! Time to hit up Sprouts!

P.S. Check out this blog I stumbled across today: Kohler Created. She share a lot of her paleo/CrossFit/pregnancy experiences. It was pretty exciting for me to read. :)

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First Trimester: CrossFit & Other Fitness Fun

So here’s a little post about my personal experience with CrossFit and exercise during the first trimester of my first (surprise… but not surprising!) pregnancy at the ripe old age of 29!

first trimester crossfit pregnant

This is the first picture I can find of myself at a couple weeks pregnant. I had no clue.

First, a few little stats to put this into perspective:

  • When I got pregnant, I had been doing CrossFit since March 2013, so about 1 year and 2 months.
  • Prior to that I had been a mediocre runner and dedicated cardio queen for about three years. This is purely anecdotal, but I do think I have endurance in my genes. The first time I tried running, I ran a 5k without stopping, no problem (in about 95+ degree heat & humidity in the DR).
  • Before becoming pregnant, I could do a few strict pull-ups, front squat 180, power clean 135, and deadlift 255. I could do 100+ unbroken double unders and my best 1000m row was 3:46. A lot of room for improvement in many areas, but I’d definitely made some progress in my first year. You can see all of my stats on my CrossFit page.

incline day pregnant corrie anne

I had pretty much ZERO symptoms in the first 6 weeks. I do remember feeling “lazy.” I think it was probably less noticeable since I work from home and hours that are later in the day. So if I was tired, I’d just go back to bed!!! I didn’t really question it because it wasn’t anything too crazy. Plus I was still medicating a little bit with coffee!! I did the incline (pictured above) at about one month, feeling happy & feisty.

very newly pregnantHere I am at the Wod 146 fundraiser, at about 5-6 weeks pregnant. I still had no clue. In fact, I was nervous that I might get my period that day (sorry, but I promise that’s as gross as I’ll get). I’ve never done a good job tracking that, but it wouldn’t have been fun to do all those double unders and hspus if I had that going on. I remember thinking that day, daaaang, I’m going slooooooow. Partly because I accidentally did an extra round, but maybe I was feeling a little early fatigue? I’ll never know, haha.

Sooo… we found out for sure right before Kevin’s birthday. But that didn’t stop us from getting a barbell for his gift. :)

crossfit wod backyardWe took it pretty easy on ourselves that day, just trying to burn off some of the cake!!!

Of course, the first day I knew I was pregnant, I sat on my Macbook for a solid two hours and read every. single. thing. there was on the internet about what I should/should not be doing. So so sadly, the first thing I did was cut back on the coffee a little bit. I also read a lot about CrossFit and exercising because that was one of the first things that was going to immediately impact my life. You know that I waited over four months to share the big news with the whole wide world (and the world wide web), and I wasn’t overly eager to share in my little corner of Colorado either. I don’t know why, that’s just me!!! Plus I was still kind of in denial.

But it was still important to me to be cautious and not do anything crazy. I read through these basic guidelines from CrossFit Mom and made some goals for myself. I pretty much decided not to do any benchmark or super super challenging workouts until I told my coaches and my wod buddies that I was pregnant. I didn’t want to even be tempted to go to that dark place since I was pregnant and that really isn’t ideal. I was bummed to miss both Cindy and Jackie during that period of time, but did it really matter? Nope. 

I made it my goal to stop during workouts and drink water (which I would never do except during maybe Murph), and I was just careful not to get too out of breath or overheated. That said, I will admit that I did not really back down on weights. I am honestly super conscious of how I’m feeling, and I would’ve backed it down the minute I felt off. But I’m a scaredy-cat and rarely do true 1-2 rep maxes anyways (except maybe deadlifts), so it’s all good.

third anniversary pregnant

Here I am at about two months pregnant on our third anniversary! I was terrified this dress wouldn’t fit because I was feeling chubbbbbby! I was blessed not to really struggle with morning sickness, but I think that meant I started thickening up sooner!!!!

I continued to go to CrossFit 4-5x/week while being very conscious of my choices, breathing, and not overheating. I was feeling extra tired for sure in the second month, and I was having a hard time with my teaching schedule. I typically start teaching at around 3PM, just in time for an awful afternoon slump. To combat this, I started taking long walks to try to perk myself up. It was really the only thing that helped!

14er pregnant crossfitIn the middle of my second month, we climbed our first 14er! I was super whiny and grumpy that day. Haha. We hadn’t told our friends yet that I was pregnant, so Kevin claims that he was trying to keep a good pace so it wouldn’t be a giveaway. Hahaha. We hustled up that thing. I have no idea if being pregnant was affecting me or not, sometimes it’s just my general dislike for the outdoors & unpredictable elements. Haha. But still it was fun, and I’m glad we did it!

Also, on the 4th of July, we did a fairly difficult hero wod. I was on the fence about doing it at all, but my CF BFF and me decided to do it side by side. She has a little asthma issue so is sometimes forced to take breathers, and it was good for me to do the same! She laughed later when she found out that this was part of the reason I wanted to rep it out with her.

Right before we went on vacation, at about 10 weeks, I went to see a midwife for just sort of an introductory appointment. She confirmed that I was pregnant, and basically told me to keep on doing exactly what I was doing as far as exercise. I honestly think she had no clue what CrossFit was, but she said as long as I had been doing it beforehand that I should go for it. The only thing she told me was that I shouldn’t risk falling (rope climbs), and I had already decided that on my own so that was good with me.

pregnant double unders dockI spent the last part of my first trimester in Minnesota with my family. Before leaving town, I spilled the news to my coaches and my CrossFit bffs because I knew it would be getting really visible and obvious by the time I got back. Plus, I’m not ashamed to admit it, it was hurting my little pride to be slacking left and right without anyone knowing why. Haha, but you know, people really aren’t paying attention to you as much as you’d like to think, and nobody noticed. The nice part is that now my friends are pretty watchful of me too (plus Kevin is usually there) and demand that I don’t overheat myself. CF BFFs can be pretty bossy. :) :)

I didn’t do anything too crazy while on vacation, just ran and walked a lot. I did do a few short wods outside our cabin, but we didn’t make it to visit another box.  Hbear and I also did the fun 400m of walking lunges at the high school track. My sister laughed that I took this pic above with my back facing the camera to look less pregnant. Haha.

So that was my experience, I know it could be totally and completely different if I have another baby someday, but that’s how it was this time around for me. I’m planning to post some more details on my eating habits and how I spilled the news to everyone sometime soon! By the way, I know exercise and pregnancy is a weirdly controversial subject. It doesn’t really make sense to me because women all over the world have been doing life forever while pregnant, and we’re just in a weird place and time where we’ve managed to reduce natural forms of exercise in our lives. So I think it’s best for both me and the baby that I continue to exercise in a way that suits my abilities, skills, and lifestyle. The midwifery where I will be giving birth also encourages active pregnancies and even called out squatting as something important. Yay. If I ever felt like I was putting the baby in the danger for the sake of exercise, I would plant myself on the couch in a heartbeat, but I highly doubt that will happen and I’ve even found exercise to be extremely helpful in combating fatigue. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you know of any great CrossFit/paleo/pregnant resources!! There aren’t enough of them around which is part of why I’m unloading all of this on you guys. Sometimes it just helps to read other peoples’ experiences.

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Partly Paleo & Pregnant: What I’m Eating This Week [16/17]

Yes, I’m in a super bloggy mood lately. I’ve had a lot of posts stored up in my mind to write so the end of August is going to verbose!

First thing in the morning:

starbucks unsweetened large container safewayI mentioned briefly that I immediately started cutting back on caffeine when I found out I was pregnant. You are definitely allowed to have some caffeine when you’re pregnant, but I’ll admit that I drank a ridiculous amount. I would drink coffee pretty much all day long, especially on teaching days. A weird thing happened since I found out, and my coffeemaker became the most neglected appliance in my kitchen! I decided that if I had to limit my coffee, I was only going to drink really good stuff. There are two great coffee shops within a few blocks of my house so we’ve been getting acquainted again. Luckily, I had a few gift cards! Perfect timing!! But now they’re all used up (except my bday is coming up!!!) so I’ve decided to bring home some of this iced coffee again. I still love it, and it’s awesome because I use a lot of ice, some organic milk or cream, and I feel like I’m getting more. Haha. Yeah, I’m not a coffee purist.

Of course, I have to say that in the first 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, I had loads of caffeine because I wasn’t really expecting that I was pregnant. I had not a clue. I spoke with the midwife who confirmed my pregnancy, and she was not concerned at all. I never go to the doctor without thoroughly researching everything I’m going to ask, but it felt good to hear it from her. She said there really haven’t been any reliable studies done on the effects of caffeine, but it makes sense to not go totally crazy on it. Hahaha. She also told me not to smoke marijuana. I’m serious. That was like one of her big points in my appointment. I was like…. okay, I won’t, I promise.

Anyways, back to the meal plan:

real food primal moms paleo pregnancy booksWhile I’m not an overly anxious pregnant person, I do believe that what you eat can really have an impact on your baby. I’m not eating even close to “perfect” or exactly what these books recommend (still haven’t even considered trying liver), but they’ve helped me sort of frame my thoughts on the subject. I also refer to my two paleo faves Eat the Yolks and Practical PaleoThese books are all really good about explaining the what and the why, but not guilting you for not following their templates perfectly. I should say that we’ve been eating pretty much what we want on Date Night, and candy hasn’t been totally off the table. :)

We’ve also been trying to get our grocery budget under control again because we spend an absurd amount of money for two people. We’re never going to be those people who coupon and feed a family of 6 for $50/week, but we can improve. For us, we know that we save money when we just go to the grocery store less. So we did a big trip on Saturday night to prepare for this week.

Breakfasts: eggs, bacon, possibly some vegetables in our eggs, fruit.

Lunches: leftovers, I’m making this crockpot Paleo chicken soup today, I eat a lot of sweet potatoes for lunch, salads.


  • Monday - Zucchini noodles for paleo spaghetti/gf beef
  • Tuesday – Dinner with our church small group. We typically bring a salad or sweet potato dish and eat whatever meat is provided.
  • Wednesday – Pumpkin chili/gf beef
  • Thursday – Date Night TBD
  • Friday – Grilled pork, salad, & sweet potato fries
  • Saturday – Paleo taco salads with homemade guacamole (example)


Larabars, carrots/raw vegetables with Greek yogurt ranch dip, the Siggi’s version of gogurts, Chomps

So this isn’t paleo, but I’ve been eating these quite a bit in the afternoons before I start teaching piano. They help me. Haha. I slather them with Kerrygold (grassfed butter) and Crofter’s strawberry jam.


vans gf waffles

A few notes: I am obviously exercising quite a bit, almost the same as before. I walk at least 10,000 steps per day (love my Fitbit), this week I have to row at least 4-5k each day for my row challenge, and I go to CrossFit at least 3-4x a week. Sometimes 5-6. These are all things I did regularly prior to being pregnant, if anything I am certainly “slacking” by my standards. This topic will get several posts of its own, but I want to be clear that I’m not doing anything crazy (for me). I have more free time than most people so I can also do things like sleep in until 9AM when I need to. Like I did today. I’m soaking that up while I can.

So yeah, I need to eat.  I try really hard to eat all of the “good food” first before snacking or eating even “healthy” food with a high sugar content. You may have noticed a lot of grass fed beef on the menu – I’m not feeling the white meat so much lately which is totally weird for me. It used to be the only thing I ate! But it’s kind of grossing me out! I’m thankful that’s the only tiny inconvenient aversion I have right now. It was a little worse during month two, but things seem to have evened out. There was even a while I wasn’t eating bacon & eggs! The horror!!!!!!

Well, Kelly & Michael is over so it’s time to walk Pippa and work on some business stuff! Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!

What are you cooking this week??

P.S. I think this goes without saying, but this is what I’m doing, not what I would recommend for anyone else. 

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