The End of the Fourth Trimester! + Choosing Our Baby’s Name

Now that EJ is 3 months old, we are officially through the fourth trimester!

4th trimester

We went out with a bang since last week was one of our “worst” weeks ever. It truly wasn’t bad, but EJ was not fond of our substitute babysitter. For whatever afternoon, he spent Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon crying his little eyes out. Of course, it didn’t help that it’s been incredibly rainy so the sitter was unable to take him out in the magical Ergo. Fortunately, his crying is nearly inaudible in the front room where I teach piano lessons. However, MAMA BEAR CAN HEAR!!!! And it’s just excruciating and stressful to try to focus on my work when my baby is crying, and I can’t go to him. I’m hoping this week will be a little better since we have three weeks to go until our regular beloved sitter returns from her trip. On top of that, I didn’t sleep very well. Mom’s three month sleep regression!! Haha. So by the time we got to the zoo on Friday, I was exhausted!! zoo2

The good news is that the zoo has a little Starbucks nook!!!!!! Couldn’t have done it without it. But we had such a great time walking around and checking out the animals. Friday afternoon is the time to go for sure!! By the time we got our act together, it was almost 3pm (and cloudy!!) so it was great. Not school trips. No lines. No bumping people with the stroller. We had gone a few weeks ago when my mom was in town, and I ended up buying a pass. The Denver Zoo pass is amazing and very inexpensive. It’s already pretty much paid for itself, and we can enjoy taking short trips all year long! Bonus: lots of fitbit steps! parenting We are having SO MUCH FUN with our baby right now. He’s such a happy, chatty little boy. I love seeing his blinky little face when he’s trying to figure something out or someone new is talking to him. He also smiles at our friends now which is really fun. He’s still not into his stroller, unfortunately, but I’m getting some great training carrying around a 15lb baby! ergo timeW Weird that we’re still in hats & jackets in May, but honestly, it’s great for babywearing. Things get sweaty otherwise! Plus Pippa C behaves better with the Ergo than the stroller. What a sweetie!! The dogs have been doing great with EJ. All they want to do is lick his face and steal his toys!! His toys squeak. It’s just NOT FAIR. I’m sure he’ll grown on them when he can feed them! coffee shop Besides walking, our favorite thing to do is go to coffee shops!! Some things never change. :) EJ is usually super well behaved in restaurants in coffee shops so we are enjoying that part of this early stage. Plus this week, we visited his doula who is a barista!!! That cool purple drink is lavender iced tea + soda water. It was really good! Plus an almond milk latte + paleo (TREAT) muffins. So fun! We had planned to go back to mmm… Coffee, but we didn’t realize it was closed on Sundays. Oops! Kevin spent most of the rest of Memorial Day weekend renovating our basement. He’s making some amazing progress. I tried my best not to interrupt him. There’s really no such thing as three-day weekend in Mom Life. :) :) :) stuffed animals

EJ loooves his animals. Trust me, this was closely supervised. We don’t let him sleep (hahaha… sleeping in the crib) unsupervised with stuffed animals and whatnot. But it’s so fun that he’s starting to pay attention to them!!! So, I finally ordered our birth announcements using some of our Mother’s Day pics that I didn’t post!! I don’t know how some moms get things like that done in a timely manner. I’m certainly not one of them. After agonizing over the wording, I ended up ordering postcards instead… so the text doesn’t fit on them! Oops!! So I thought I’d share it here:

We are proud to announce the arrival of our most precious gift, our son, Edmund James! Edmund joined our family on February 19, 2015, at 12:12AM. 
Edmund means “fortunate protector.” Edmund is also a character in a favorite book series, C.S. Lewis’s the Chronicles of Narnia. While Edmund starts out as the wayward brother who betrays his siblings, his story is ultimately one of redemption and the stunning reality of God’s grace. We hope that this namesake will be a little reminder that God loves us with a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love.

Edmund was given the middle name James to honor both his father and his paternal grandfather. 

With Love, Kevin, Corrie, & Edmund

I loved the name meaning “protector” for an oldest brother. Plus all of the nickname possibilities!!!!! We mostly call him by his full name in “real life”, but EJ is quicker to type/text! It’s the perfect name for him. I just mentioned to Kevin the other day some of the other names we had considered, and they are all wrong for this baby! Isn’t that funny? Such a cool baby, and we are so grateful to be his parents.
Alright, have a great week! If I’m lucky, I might still get to eat lunch before that sweet baby wakes up.

My First Mother’s Day

mother's day

It’s crazy that last year at this time I didn’t even know I was going to be a mom. It still seemed like something in the distant future. Someday I would be a mom.

And now we have a beautiful boy. And he’s almost 3 months old! He’s grown like crazy. It’s absolutely devastating, but he’s already outgrown the majority of his 0-3 month clothes! But he’s also smiling all the time and really starting to interact with us more which is so incredible. I try to be really intentional about soaking up as many of those sweet moments as I can. My days at home can be really long, especially when he’s going through a growth spurt, but I’m thankful for the gift of being able to spend so much time with him. The days are long, but the years are short!

ej and me

I’m really surprised how naturally (some) things have come to me as a mom. I spent my last few months of my pregnancy worrying about what I would do with my baby once I got him home. Haha. I just couldn’t picture it! But EJ always let me know what he needed. I thought I would freak out more about things like dirty diapers and sleep deprivation, but I just swoop in and do what needs to be done. I would do anything for my baby!! Sometimes it’s overwhelming to feel like I don’t have a second to myself. I need a drink! I have to go to the bathroom! I want to work out! But those things are (slowly) getting easier, and I know that it’s so worth it! 

mothers day

He is so loved.

Photos by Lazio Images at Lair O’the Bear Park

Eyebrows & Coos

Happy Friday! And welcome to another edition of me reposting all of my Instagram photos with slightly extended commentaries and fewer emoticons.


My baby is sleepy, and it’s a super cloudy Friday afternoon in Colorado. So what better time to say more sappy things about my baby and being a MOM in general. Maybe you got a hint from the title of my last post, but one of the things that has shocked me the most about motherhood is how upset I get about EJ growing!!! Haha. I really thought I would want to rush through the baby stage. Everyone says, oh babies are just a blob and have no personality. FALSE!!!! I feel like EJ is talking to me all day. With his eyebrows!!!  And he really likes to coo. I had no idea how sweet cooing was until I had a baby of my own.

I took the above snuggly pic yesterday when I was just having a moment. My baby seemed a little sad on Wednesday night. Wednesdays are the days he’s with the babysitter the longest (a whopping three hours), and then I had gone straight to the gym. He just seemed sad and like he wanted to be with me after that. When I got home from my workout, he was fussing, but he stopped immediately when I took him. He just melted into my sweaty shoulder. I don’t hate being his favorite person in the world right now. On the one hand, it’s a LOT of pressure being the ONE. Especially with breastfeeding. On the other, I’m THE One. This kid looooooves me. And I love him too.

But he just doesn’t seem to get the memo on the growing thing:

ej and norman

I can’t tell you the exact week numbers on these two, but I can tell you that my baby is getting bigger!!! He’s also getting awesomer every day so I should probably focus on that.


I told you he communicates with his eyebrows!!! He’s also started to show some vague interest in toys. All three or four of them that we have. More than anything, I think he just likes to know that he has 100% of our attention. Such an only child/baby!! :) ;) I’m a middle child so I was never like that, right Mom?

talking to dad

Okay, so there is one other person he really likes. DAD!! :) Kevin is getting to spend a little more serious quality time with EJ since he’s the one to relieve the babysitter on Tues-Thurs evenings. Also with my big, bad return to CrossFit (haha), I’ve been gone a tiny bit more. I’m joking about my return. Of course, I’ll do some good posts on that eventually… Long story short, it’s like being a beginner all over again. Except my body weight is heavier than normal which makes everything harder. And I have a really difficult time getting to class on time, and I have to sprint back home. Soooooo…. it’s complicated, and I have different EMOTIONS about this every day. So we’ll discuss this later.

girls' night

For now, it’s the WEEKEND! Kevin’s on his way home, and we get to spend the weekend with just the three of us. No big plans. We didn’t have Date Night last night since I had some girls over. So better yet, it’s the weekend, and I don’t have to cook!! My baby is waking up so enjoy your weekend! <3

just stay this little

I am eating up this sweet little baby phase. I think it really helps that he’s a natural night sleeper and often sleeps 5-6 hours at a time! Not too shabby! Plus he likes to snooze with mama in the morning. We are not morning people, and I’d like to keep it that way!!! On the other hand, he’s not big into naps. He’ll take short little naps after eating, but rarely goes a very long stretch unless someone is holding (and paying attention to!) him. He loves us. <3

just stay this little

So I’ve been back to work!!! I’m so thankful for my little part-time gig that lets me keep teaching piano and also for my amazing babysitter. I have to try hard to to hover around when she’s there. It’s so great to have someone I trust completely, and EJ loves her too. Of course, not as much as he loves MAMA!!!!!

tall baby

Tall baby!!! I’m kinda sad. I always tear up about him growing up, but he’s almost 2 feet tall! He had his first big well baby check for 2 months. He was so chill!


He got his first little shot, and the nurse gave him a pink band-aid! Awwa! She remembered us from his 2-day visit thanks to my hot pink diaper bag. EJ doesn’t mind a little pink in his life! In fact, he’d definitely have some pink baby boy clothes if I could find them. And trust me, I’ve looked!

He also weighed just under 14lbs! He’s such a strong, sweet baby!


EJ and I had some photos taken for Mother’s Day this weekend. A local photographer was offering a special for mini-sessions, and I decided it would be a good idea because I mostly just have pictures of EJ with Kevin. The whole I-just-had-a-baby thing makes me not really want to be in pictures, and Kevin isn’t as photo happy as I am.


Here’s a little preview that Kevin snapped on his phone. We had them taken at Lair o’ theBear Park in Morrison, CO. We’d never been there, and we had a great time hiking around a little bit afterwards. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. EJ was uncharacteristically sleepy! I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t wake up!!! It was even a little cold and windy, but he was pretty tired. I’m a little bummed because I’m not sure if we captured a smile, but that’s okay. Next time!

Also, when we put on EJ’s skinny jeans that day, he’d outgrown them!!!!! What??? Don’t do it, EJ. I’m afraid he’s going to outgrow all of his clothes this week. This calls for some online shopping for 3-6 month clothes!

kevin chores

Kevin spends tons of time with EJ on the weekends. He mowed mowed part of the front lawn with him in the Ergo so I could do a little workout.

freckles caribou

EJ looks exactly like Kevin, but I’m ECSTATIC that it’s looking like he’s going to have blue eyes for sure. No freckles yet though! He’ll work on it. :)

Alright, gotta get the baby ready for some Dad Time while I teach an hour of lessons this evening. Hope you are having a great Monday!

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while he sleeps… (7-8 Weeks)

I have a sleepy baby today!sleepy baby

He’s 7 weeks today! And no, it hasn’t gone fast. :) I love this time with him as my only little baby. Just the two of us at home. Even if he’s had a few challenging days lately. Tuesday and Wednesday this week, he pretty much thought it was a good idea to not nap at all during the day. Thankfully, he still slept really well at night. don't leave me

On those days, EJ’s all like… do not move that hand. If you move that hand, I will wake up!!!!!  :) imawake

I’m asleep! Just kidding, I’m AWAKE! Haha. Oh EJ. But check out this baby trick: baby trick

Makes me so happy!!! :) Yes, I think he’s adorable. And I’ll admit it, I LOVE when people fawn over him!! He’s typically in a baby carrier when we go out so they can’t get too close for comfort, but we don’t mind a little admiration from strangers. Haha. I worked hard to grow that baby. <3 Let’s talk about Easter!! Sadly, I feel like I missed out on the whole season of Lent this year, because I was focused on getting that baby out of me and keeping him alive. But we still got to celebrate Easter Sunday! easter decorating

My super awesome decorating. Threw some glitter eggs from Target on the piano. But hey, the piano is pastel!

EASTER 2 Some of the Easter spread (ham is covered)…. and I definitely didn’t make homemade cinnamon rolls. It was so tempting for me to want to do it. But no. Just no!!! We had a group of friends over, and they all brought sides to share. It was really fun. My friends were surprised that I wanted to have people over already at 6 weeks, but it’s kind of easier to deal with your baby at home. Plus Kevin — super helpful! His muscles aren’t just for show. :) EASTER3

The old EJK outfit strikes again! It fits him better now!! :) We didn’t make a big effort to get a family pic because I didn’t have the patience for it. And we’re getting a few photos taken for Mother’s Day, so I’ll leave it to the pros.

Continued today… One week later because I’m a mom and time got away from me. Edmund is 8 weeks now! :) 

This has been my last normal week of maternity leave! My first students will be returning on Monday evening! I will be working less than 10 direct contact hours per week with my students, and the rest of the work can be done from my nightstand office. The best news is that we’ve found a fabulous babysitter to care for Edmund out of our home while I’m teaching! Hooray!!! She’s probably more qualified than I am to work with a baby, and I know EJ will love her. It’s just going to be a lot for mama to keep organized on teaching days!! I’ve decided not to try to fill my schedule at this point although I may accept a few students from my waiting list when my babysitter’s college classes are over for the summer. I’m thankful to be in a situation where I’m not pressured to go back to work full-time right away and can ease into it slowly.


Probably the most exciting part of this last week was a visit from Grandpa! Kevin’s dad was able to spend a quick weekend with us, and he loves giving Edmund and the dogs lots of attention. Super Grandpa!!! :)

My baby’s awake again so time for an Ergo walk!!!! The snow/rain are finally starting to go away. That’s crazy Colorado for you, but we love it here. <3 :)

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6 Week Update

6 weeks of loving this beautiful baby!

I’m fully embracing my first time mom status and fawning over every little thing my baby does. Or doesn’t do. He’s a really cute sleeper! I’m taking a million pictures and probably making a thousand mistakes, but I’m (mostly) loving every minute of it. I have never cried more happy/sappy tears in my life, but it’s wonderful and worth it.

6 week

Weeks 5-6 have been definitely been a sweet spot for me! The worst of the postpartum business has passed (as far as I know, my appointment is on Monday), and I’m able to just hang out with my baby. And he’s way cooler than I thought he’d be!! And cuter!!! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I put him in skinny jeans….

skinny jeans

Those things were tricky to fit over his diaper! Full disclosure, I’m just going to admit this, he is not wearing a onesie under that hoody. He didn’t seem to mind. :) The happy noises he makes are the sweetest thing. Kevin and I will do anything to encourage him to make them because they make us MELT!!!!

Our “bad” was definitely that Kevin had to take a little business trip! He just got back yesterday from a two night trip to the cities (Minneapolis). EJ and I were home alone for the first time. It was difficult, but it went really well. Edmund slept like a little angel and just generally made his mama’s life easy. However, we did conquer going out by ourselves for the first few times. It’s seriously so much to think about – diaper bag, car seat, keys, phone, wallet…. I was so used to leaving the house with maybe a credit card tucked into my iPhone case. Now it’s much more of a production.

book babies

I took Edmund to Book Babies at the library — singing, playing, bubbles, and balls. He wasn’t overly impressed, but all the other bigger babies were smitten with him!!! So he didn’t mind that part.


By the time the bubbles came out, he was ready for a nap. Oh well. It’s definitely more for mom at this age, and I loved bringing him to the library for his first time. So many fun firsts!!!!! I wished I could get a nerdier picture with books, but we’ll do that another time!! We also went for a walk with a neighbor mama we met this week and went to lunch with some friends!!! That was a lot of social activity for me. I usually hunker down at home when Kevin’s out of town so it was a challenge for me, but it was fun!

sleeping cuties

I didn’t even pose that. Edmund definitely got his awesome sleeping skills from his dad who can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, and has been known to get smacked in the face by his iPad when he falls asleep. :)

Now order has been restored to our little family. It was wonderful watching their reunion after Kevin was gone for two days. They were both THRILLED!

kevin and ej

Isn’t that the sweetest? I already ordered a framed copy because it’s priceless!!!!

mama and edmund

Mama and Edmund had their own priceless moment this week before church. Okay, it helped that I’d gotten my hair done and felt, more or less, human again.

salon time

Kevin got to spend some quality time with Edmund while I was at the salon. I can’t even express to you what a great dad Kevin is. He’s such a natural and super competent. I don’t feel like I have to give him a laundry list of instructions when I leave the house, in fact, there are plenty of things he does better than me. I’m a firm believer in letting Kevin do things with Edmund in his own way, and I love that they’re super bonded. I was in bliss at the salon, and I even finished my first book since Edmund was born! My Kindle chose a bad time to stop working, but I never used it enough to justify buying a new one… but maybe I would use it more now? :/

newborn baby church

EJ also went to church for his first and second times! Both times he slept through the entire service as soon as the music started. Nice work, baby!!!

walking the baby

This is where you can find us the rest of the time… walking the baby. I try to make sure he gets outside every day, and the sunshine is good for mama too. So far he prefers the Ergo, but we got a smile out of him in the stroller too. Progress!!!  I really like both modes, but the stroller will be better with summer approaching. We are both very toasty when we use the Ergo!

And everyone asks how these two clowns are doing:

swaddled puppies

Princess Pippa is doing wayyy better now that she’s getting out for lots of walks. She still likes to lick him whenever he’s in range, but she’s easily dissuaded. Boyd has only noticed his existence once or twice. So same old for him!!! They’ve both been extra hyper since we have a new dog on both sides of the fence… not the best timing, neighbors!! But Edmund still sleeps through their antics pretty well. He really does take after his dad!! <3 :)

I’m so looking forward to weeks 7-8. I hate that Edmund’s getting bigger. I probably cry about it at least twice per day. I guess I have learned to embrace the baby stage!! It clearly helps that I’m getting a decent night’s sleep, and I have a lot of help from Kevin and our also our church group and community. This next week could possibly bring my return to CrossFit… I have very mixed feelings about that. Haha. I’m such an all or nothing person that it’s honestly hard for me to want to go back after such a long break. It doesn’t help that I know this is going to be harder than when I first started. I have some of the movements down, but I’m definitely way more out of shape. My mantra will be: I just had a baby. Or I might wait a while longer. We’ll see what the midwife says. Also, I was supposed to be returning to work next week. Not happening since Edmund was born so late. But I’m having to deal with reorganizing that and looking for a babysitter/nanny for EJ. I’m actually feeling pretty confident about returning to work, but I’ve just been procrastinating on doing the scheduling and details. I love teaching, but I always detest the administrative pieces and the incredible amount of emails!!!

Edmund J has been sleeping in my lap the entire time I’ve been composing this post. I love holding my baby although I’m occasionally exhausted by it. I just think of this:


I think that also explains the infrequent posting. :) I’m too busy holding him do my favorite things: smiles, happy noises, the neckless gorilla, “chilling” in the car seat, huffy breathing, shaking his little fist when he’s hungry, passing out with both hands over his head, and just being hilarious and loveable. I’m sure it’s my imagination, but I think he really has personality for being an infant! :) <3

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Weeks 3-4 with a Brand New Baby!

Our last visiting grandparent left yesterday morning… so now it’s just the three of us!!

3 weeks old infant family picture

We had my mom take a few family pics of us in the park because I never got my act together to find a photographer. Of course, I would’ve loved to have the dogs in the pic, that would’ve required a few more friends for wrangling assistance. Maybe at 3 or 6 months! :) It got very windy so it was tricky getting my hair and dress under control, and then EJ started getting cold feet so we called it a night and went out for tacos!

mom and ej

EJ’s first time going out to dinner! We figured we’d give it a try while we had an extra helper with us! I think Edmund is looking exactly like Kevin!!!!! But I really think his eyes are going to be blue, and that’s all I asked for!

Edmund is so so cute

He is growing like crazy and is such a sweetheart!! Grandma Mac spent tons of time holding him and even let me get some extra sleep in the mornings. As long as he’s eaten, he’s pretty content as long as someone is cuddling and cooing over him. However, he is not a huge fan of being put down. At all. Ever. So that’s a little challenging, but we’re trying to soak it up for now!!

flowers from doula

Our sweet doula came to visit and hang out with Edmund, and she brought me these beautiful flowers. She even arranged them for me in the vase. We enjoyed them all week!

first date night after baby

We also took advantage of Grandma’s babysitting to go out on a real Date Night!! I was nervous, but Edmund slept the entire time. Of course, it was weird for us going out before dark!! But I was happy to put on a pair of (very short) heels for the first time in a month. We went to Fire on the Mountain (where else!?) and even had time for some Sweet Cow ice cream for dessert! It was super fun, but of course all we wanted to talk about was our baby.

Well, EJ’s awake (because I put him down – haha) so we’re going to go for a little Ergo/Starbucks walk. Just two last cute napping pictures:


Napping with Norman at about 2.5 weeks.

baby and pippa

And with Pipperdoodles at about 3.5 weeks! <3

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