too much birthday + answer to common blog question

For my birthday, I had a big day of sitting around and doing nothing planned. That called for some refreshments!

junk food too muchYou only turn 30 while pregnant once so I took the grocery (and i use the term “grocery” loosely) shopping very seriously.

Since my birthday falls on a Wednesday during one of Kevin’s busiest seasons at work, I was pretty much Home Alone all day. But he spoiled me well before & after. And I got lucky because my CF BFF got a call that she didn’t have to go in to work until 1PM so we could hang out!

common grounds lattes

We went to Common Grounds for some beautiful lattes and talked for about two hours. Like we do!

mother runner socks wod birthday 30And then it was time for a BIRTHDAY WOD!!!!! My box had scheduled handstand push-ups and toes-to-bar….. nope, that’s definitely not happening on my pregnant birthday. I don’t like either of those two movements on a good day, but I’m choosing not do hspus while pregnant. So I passed.

Buy-in: row 30cal,

Then 9 rounds of:

  • 10 plate ground to overhead
  • 10 plate squats
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 deadlifts at 135lbs

Cash-out: 300m plate run

Took my sweet time… and it took FOREVER. But that’s okay. I had fun. Aren’t my socks cute? They were a gift from my CF BFFs from Sox Box. They are awesome — if you have thick calves (just totally hypothetically) they go all the way up to your knees. Hooray!!! Some of my Reebok CrossFit-specific socks can’t quite hack that.

And now on to a common question that often leads people to my blog:

Should you eat flamin’ hot cheetos after a workout? Or some variation… should I eat them before a workout (NO!!!!!!!!!)… Isn’t that funny? I must have mentioned Flamin’ Hots a lot back in 2009 or so. I blame teaching middle schoolers — they’re the ones who taught me!!

flamin hot cheetos mac n cheese

What is this disturbing concoction? That would be flamin’ hot cheetos on top of Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese. It was delicious. And guess what? I haven’t lost my taste for flamin’ hots. I go for YEARS without eating them, and I still love them. Of course, I didn’t feel great about a half an hour later…. Good thing the only thing I had to do at that point was lounge in bed and read books.

right coast pizza wheat ridge

Dinner with Kevin at Right Coast Pizza… totally random place to choose to go for my birthday dinner, but I’ve been admiring their patio ever since my younger brother started going to college in Lakewood.

right coast pizza

pic from Right Coast Pizza

Something about the lights in the tree that I can’t resist. Haha.

Kevin was sweet and let me order pizza with pineapple — my fave!!!

cake berry chantilly whole foods

Cake time!!!! Kevin usually makes me a Funfetti cake, but this year I requested the Berry Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods. The frosting is amazing and plentiful. And the cake is actually good too.

boyd cheeto dog flamin hot

Of course, we couldn’t resist giving Boyd Bear a few flamin’ hots. That dog loves spicy food!!! We always give him a little taste of our jalapeño mustard too because we’re the best dog parents ever.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to eat normal actual food yesterday! I think a big cheat day is totally fine once in a while, partly because it makes you never want to do it again. I didn’t work out again until the next day at 7PM to make sure it all settled.

What cake do you usually choose to have for your birthday? Have a great weekend!!!! 

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30! – Gratitude List

I’m 30 today!!! You might say that I’m on the emotional side, but I strangely haven’t cared at all about leaving my 20’s. It’s not such a milestone for me compared to things like graduating college, international moves, getting married, cross-country moves, having a baby, etc. Plus the fact that Kevin has been in his thirties for a few years already doesn’t hurt. <3

For my thirtieth birthday, I heard about the idea of creating gratitude lists on one of my favorite podcasts, and I decided to give it a try.

Here are 30 (of many!!!) things I’m grateful for this year. Obviously some are serious and some are frivolous – they are just what came to me today!

1. Three years of marriage to my hot & hilarious husband. I love him so much, and I never imagined marriage could be this good. See also: online dating (it works!).

three years

2. Hearing our baby’s heartbeat yesterday. Talk about weird. And wonderful.
3. Our families. I feel so fortunate to love both sides and that we get to see them fairly regularly. Probably more now that we’re going to have a baby. I love my sibs!!!! Haha. I’m afraid that means I might have to do this pregnancy thing more than once….
4. My first piano. And my second. I always said my piano would be the first piece of furniture in my house, and it pretty much was (when I finally stopped moving what felt like every 6 months).
 5. My jobI love my little studio, all of my students, and their parents. This year I’ve accepted a limited number (for obvious reasons), and my core group is just truly incredible. I am so proud of them. I’ve been known to tear up in their lessons (when they’ve been practicing… or sometimes when they haven’t).
6. The Wabasha 5 & all my college besties. Friends are friends forever….
7. My church & gospel community (church) group. Some of the girls:
girls gc group
 The only thing I would skip CrossFit for on Tuesday nights. :) The families, the food, just sharing our lives with each other and praying together. We’re all so different that nothing else that probably nothing else could have brought us together, but I love them all. And many of them have babies so we got a good preview of what we’re about to be up against.
8. My CrossFit box & coaches. And my muscles. My happy hour. You know I love it.
 9. My CF BFFs. Who have become so much more. Plus who else can listen to your post-wod analysis on a daily basis??? Who else can’t resist the urge to carry heavy things or jump on random rocks.
on wednesdays we wear pink
 10. BOYD & PIPPA!!! My first babies. I love them to death. This is gong to sound totally ridiculous, but I’m totally consciously savoring the last days just snuggling in bed with just Pipperdoodles before I have a human baby.
b and p
11. Living in Denver. I’m far from being a Colorado fanatic, but I love Denver. The weather! My super fun neighborhood! My favorite restaurants. The amazing performing arts complex!
13. Starbucks & Caribou. Love them both, and I’m not too hipster for chain coffee shops. Plus, just saying, the local baristas love me. Okay, and mmm…. Coffee! 
 14. Books. & Libraries. And the Tattered Cover.
books!!!15. Bacon. And Sweet potatoes.
16. Cooking & eating (a lot of) Paleo
17. Freckles. A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.
my freckles corrie
 18. My pink Papillionaire.
papilionaire19. Spotify. Ingrid & Regina & Yuja
20. My Dominican son.
And Yo-Yo and my best roommate ever and all my other friends there! I miss you!!!
21. Sprouts (grocery store) & Sweet Cow (ice cream).
22. Being super healthy and my family is too.
23. Nanos, Lululemon, tall socks, and cute workout clothes.  Do you think what you wear to the gym matters?
24. Sunshine. Hello Sunshine! Aka Kristy
25. Sewing! My new hobby. Or at least pinning projects to sew one day. One or the other. :)
26. My iPhone. Technology has pretty much always been a positive thing in my life. Connecting me with people I love and helping me not have to make…. phone calls!! Haha.
27. Candles. Especially these. I got it in one on sale, and it’s amazing. Candles really have a calming effect on me.
28. Jeopardy! 
29. Scrabble & crossword puzzles.
30. Grace. All is grace.
My only goal for my 30th year? Growing a human and keeping it alive. :)
 What are you extra thankful for today? 

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Boyd Is Grounded for Life + Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes Are The Best Things Ever

He’s so cute, but he’s SO NAUGHTY!!

boyd ate money

He ate ALL of the cash out of my wallet yesterday. When I discovered this, I was hoping it was just the $20. Nope. I had 6-7 other bills, a total of $50+ in there, and this was all that was left. This is not Boyd’s first crime of this nature. That dog loves to eat money!!!! I thought my wallet was safe because it’s a big snap closure thing, but nope!!! I must have left the snap undone, and it was sitting on a side table and he sneaked in there and got it!!! Bad Boyd. We tried really hard to stay mad at him, but he still got sweet potato skins after dinner.

boo booHow can you stay mad at a dog who bangs his booty into doors as hard as he can so he can… go sit on an ottoman??? Hahah. What a nerd. The tv wasn’t even on!

My new favorite meal:

buffalo chicken paleo sweet potato


I kind of followed this method, but mostly I just baked a sweet potato. Then I scooped out the insides and mashed them with leftover buffalo chicken, Kerrygold grassfed butter, and bacon. Put it back in the sweet potato and topped with a little cheese. Baked it a little more! Finished it off with some green onions. The best! I felt bad for Kevin that he didn’t get to try it so I made something similar for dinner:

twice baked taco sweet potatoes paleoSimilar but with grassfed beef and topped with Wholly Guacamole packets.These are so much better than just a plain old baked potato with toppings! I promise! If I hadn’t been out of sweet potatoes, I probably would’ve made one again today.

Do you think it means something if you get the same birthday card twice — and my birthday’s not even until tomorrow! :)

bday card 1 bday card 2

Haha. So true, my friends. So true!!!! I have to admit that this card is totally me. How I arrived in Colorado of all states is a source of constant mystery to everyone.

Monday wod:

Here’s a welcome to a new week wod!! Start with 2 x max effort 500m row (resting in between). I’m thrilled that I beat my 500m row time from last week and scored a 1:48.8. Three tenths of a second, but I’ll take it! The second row was not quite max effort, and I did it in 1:57.1.

After that we still had a wod to do.

45 kb swings
21 pull-ups

Nope. That wasn’t happening for me. I’m not too cool to do Option 1, which just reduced the sets of pull-ups to 15. I think 45 was enough for me last night, and I finished in 13:36. I definitely made the right decision because I started to feel a little lightheaded during the wod and had to take a little break. If it would’ve persisted, I would’ve stopped but it passed. But that allowed Kevin to beat me. Dangit. Lol. Next time he should have to do those pull-ups weighted, amirite?

I had my first “real” doctor’s visit today. Spoiler: everything went well. I’ll share more about it later, but I definitely heard the heartbeat and the baby is moving tons!!

P.S. How do you like to spoil yourself on your birthday???

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Zenbelly Baking + Practicing for the Car Seat Carry

I finally got a chance to try out one of the recipes from The Zenbelly Cookbook this weekend:

apple cider donuts grain free dairy free

Well, they aren’t as round as I’d like, but they tasted delicious. They were one of the most legit-tasting grain-free/paleo treat things I’ve EVER made. I would recommend eating them hot!!! I’m not a huge donut person, but they were worth it when they were fresh. So they are made out of tapioca flour + coconut flour, but nothing else too crazy. And the mixing/frying part was really simple!

Next up to try from the cookbook: rustic apple tartlets, lemon pound cake, and coffee-rubbed flat iron fajitas. And about twelve more. :)

thrift shop regal vintage denver eighties

Kevin and I did some thrift shopping on Saturday, and I found some new outfits to wear to CrossFit. They had a whole collection of eighties spandex!! It was my first time checking out Regal Vintage, and their selection was insane. I can’t quite pull of wearing vintage on just a normal day, but there would be some amazing costumes in there!!

pink vintage suitcaseI also wanted to buy this pink suitcase for our baby. But, I held it together. No more useless pink objects for our baby who could be a boy!!! :)

maria empanada denver

We stopped by Maria Empanada down the street for a little afternoon snack. Somehow that ended up being 5 empanadas, but I wanted to try different flavors. We have Chicken, Beef, Caprese, Tango (ham & cheese), and a little sweet one. They were really fun, but nothing will compare to the Lalin empanada stands in the DR. :)

pregnant farmers carry crossfit mom kettlebells

Saturday AM — Monday 7PM always seems like a really long break from working out for me. I start to get a little cranky on Sunday afternoons! I decided to a do some farmers carries in the alley to practice for the car seat carry. No, I’m not planning on TWO car seats, but you never know. I haven’t had an ultrasound yet. I did 150m farmers carry/50 kb swings/150m farmers carry/40 goblet squats/150m farmers carry/30 med ball slams. Not for time because I wasn’t in the mood. :)

I’m finally making some progress on my 2014 100 Book Reading Challenge. I’m up to 54 books. I’m still behind, but I’ve gained some momentum! I recently finished Rainbow Rowell’s new book Landline (good, but of course, not as good as E&P), Bringing up Bebé, Astonish Me, and Say What You Will. You can see all of my books/ratings here on goodreads. I have 35 items out from the library right now so I need to keep working! Okay, a bunch of them are sewing/cookbooks.

Have a great week!

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Sewing Sunday: Colorado Pillow + Our Baby’s First Outfit

It’s been a while since I dedicated some serious time to my sewing, but I am so proud of this project:

IMG_6694It pretty much took me two full days, although all the video tutorials said it should take 15-20 minutes. :) Well, I did add the Colorado “C”, and that was the hardest part. Part of the problem was that I was struggling to get my zig-zag stitch to work. It ended up being an issue with the machine that I am shocked I was able to figure out by myself. And with a little help from YouTube. Of course, now I’m inspired to start sewing for the b-a-b-y!!! This pillow was a gift for some friends who are moving out of town this week. It was just barely presentable enough to gift, but I’m proud of it anyways.

all packed up and ready to giftAll packed up and ready to gift!! I have a plan now to start sewing on Sundays while Kevin watches football. The most boring thing in the whole wide world to watch and just another reason to hate on winter. I hate that the football season is soooooooo stinking long!!!!! The good news is that our baby COULD be born on Superbowl Sunday. Or at least close enough to it that I should be able to avoid any pretense of watching this year.

Our baby’s first outfit:

crossfit baby onesie

Isn’t it adorable? That “v” is the logo for our CrossFit box, and it was a gift from the owners/coaches. So sweet!!!!! It’s actually the very first stitch of clothing we have for the baby! And really, the only other thing we have is the pink piano. Because that is going to be so useful! :)

More baby updates: Our first REAL doctor’s appointment is next Tuesday. The day before my birthday!! After that we will most likely be scheduled for an ultrasound, and YES, we will be finding out of it’s a boy/girl. For one thing, we can finally stop calling the baby “it.” I’m very nervous about the appointment just because I hate going to the doctor, and that just stresses me out. Also because it’ll be the first time hearing the heartbeat and stuff like that. At almost 20 weeks!!!!!!! So it’ll just be good to know that everything is fine.

I have to say…. something happened over Labor Day weekend, and I am wayyyyyyyyyyy more pregnant all of a sudden. I’m not saying I’m a fan of it, but it’s at least helping a little bit with the denial!! I still feel really amazing except I haven’t been sleeping the greatest overall. Which leads to me sleeping in… which leads to me staying up late. The vicious cycle!!! Last night Pippa woke me up twice in addition to all the times I had to get up and walk the quarter of a mile from our bedroom to the bathroom (seriously, it’s pretty much through the whole house, and I can’t do it without turning on many lights). So I’m just extra thankful that I can sleep in on days like today when I really need it.

Weeks 18-19 Wods:

Friday night: 

40 double unders
30 step-ups 
20 hand release push-ups

I did rx+ (more than prescribe) and did my step-ups with 2 20lb dumbbells. I finished in 16:12. Loved this workout. Steps-ups are deceivingly wickedly hard!!!!! The only problem is I have to go to the bathroom eleven times before every workout, especially one involving a lot of jumping!!!!! I actually had to break up my dubs because of that annoying feeling that I had to go.

Off during Labor Day Weekend.


Max effort 500m row — Time – 1:49.1  Not too shabby. I think I’ve done around 1:45 in the past, but I was just shooting for sub 1:50. Done.

4 x 1min each
Row (for calories)
Double Unders

It was all in the double unders, my friends. I can usually do exactly 111 double unders in a minute. But I’ve slowed down, and double unders were unfortunately the last on the list. I scored a decent 422 reps. I took a break each time during the burpees to drink water. I just can’t go soooo hard for three minutes without stopping now. It sounds so dumb — I can’t work for three minutes??? But I could tell I wasn’t breathing steadily enough so I took the break for the baby. The good news is that I could totally feel the baby moving around a little bit right after the wod. That’s supposed to be a good sign that you aren’t distressing the baby!!

And, I know it’s totally ridiculous, but I have to own it while I can:

I took a screenshot on my phone of scoring the most reps for the day in my gym. It’s probably going to be a looooong time before I see that again so let me enjoy it. Haha. I know it was only because I can rock out the double unders, and probably a lot of people were still out because of the holiday. But I’ll take what I can get.


15 back squats  @ 105lbs
400m run

Time – 10:06. Honestly, back squats at 105 were butter. I felt like I was just squatting the bar or something super light the way they cranked out so easily. I obviously went slower on the run than I thought… was trying to bring it in sub-10, but it didn’t quite happen.

Today — Skipping!!  It’s handstand push-ups and rope climbs. Basically the two things I’ve committed to not doing while pregnant. I could go and do a super modified wod, but I’d rather skip today and go another day instead.

The good news is that Thursday is my Friday. AND!!!! I’m taking all of next week off. Birthday week, my friends. I only have to teach for an hour on Monday to make-up for Labor Day. Yeahhhh. I’m planning to clean and do all the chores tomorrow and over the weekend so I can really relax, sew, read, whatever next week! I’m also working on some September goals. It’s a little late, but it’s a long month!!!

How’s your (hopefully) shorter week going? It’s already Date Night too!!

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Cookies, Books, & Ikea

Hooray for a long weekend!!! Kicked it off with a Cookie Friday:

cookie friday pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies

This recipe for Pumpkin-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies was amazing!! I personally think pumpkin cookies can be really hit or miss (wayyy too cakey and/or healthy-tasting), but these turned out really well. Maybe the oats helped? I think Pumpkin Gingersnaps are still my fave. Luckily, we had a birthday party to go to this weekend so we shared!

woodbury library denver BOOKS

It’s also important to stop at the library on the day before a long weekend. That’s an extra day of the library being closed, and you don’t want to run out of reading material. I totally hit the jackpot — the new Rainbow Rowell book was on the shelf! Yay! Plus some baby-type books because I’m your typical first-time mom.

little free library denver alcott

It must’ve been my lucky day because I also snagged something good from the Little Free Library!

asos maternity dress orange

Omg, my first maternity clothes. I got a few things from Asos. I love Asos!! Does anyone else shop there? Usually if you buy over $125, you get free international 2-day shipping. Works for me!!  Plus all their maternity stuff isn’t black, white, and striped (blahhhh) — loved this peach color for fall, and it was barely over $20. It’s a perfect piano teaching dress and will be great with tights/leggings. I’d probably wear it if even if I wasn’t pregnant. Most of my regular clothes fit fine except that I tend to wear very fitted dresses/skirts for teaching piano and those are becoming a little immodestly short/tight. I’m just trying to avoid the i-don’t-have-anything-to-wear meltdown.

regular clothes maternity bootsHere’s a not maternity outfit from today’s Ikea excursion. The dress is a regular, but roomy O’Neill dress I bought from Zappos earlier this year (no longer available). The Billabong cardigan is an integral part of my maternity tank top/cardigan plan for this fall/winter. It was a little expensive so I was trying to wait for it to go on sale, but when I saw they only had one small in stock, I grabbed it. The color is incredible, and it’s the perfect length. I don’t regret it one bit. The grey boots are from Modcloth — they’re even cuter if you see the whole boot. There are bows on the sides. Normally, I frown upon wearing short boots like this or things that don’t elongate my legs, but hey, I figure I look a little chubby anyways. I’ll just embrace it. It wasn’t cool enough for tights/leggings today, but that will probably look even better.

One of the reasons for today’s Ikea trip?

kevin's standing deskWell, I was reading Your Personal Paleo Code (from my library stack) and got upset again about Kevin’s work situation. He has almost an hour commute each way, and then sits at a desk for 9+ hours in a row!!!! He needs a standing desk!! So we checked out some Ikea hacks. Worked perfectly for $22. So worth it! I can’t wait for him to try it out this week and report back!!!

Do you mostly stand or sit at your job? I’m so lucky to have a good mix. I hated sitting all day when I’ve temporarily had office jobs. And standing all day can be really exhausting too!

Hope you had a great weekend, however long or short it was for you! :)

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2 Awesome Tank Tops from an Unexpected Place

So we have a new thing we do on Wednesdays:

crossfit girls on wednesdays we wear pink

Haha. My two CFBFFs tend to quote entire sections of Mean Girls when they’re over for dinner so when I saw this tank, I knew we had to to have it!!! Even though the three of us never get to workout together anymore, true friends are always together in spirit. :)

Here’s the wod we got to do while looking THAT cute:

400m run
15 wallball shots
10 box jumps

Our coach mentioned that we should do the wallball shots unbroken. Haha. So heartbreaking! Fortunately, the weather was pretty gorgeous (the sun wasn’t totally beating down) during an 11:45AM class so that was extremely helpful. Normally this wod would be totally in my wheelhouse, but these quick super cardio wods have been where I’ve been slowing down the most since being pregnant. I have to say, I am soooo thankful that I feel soooooo good. But it makes it that much harder to want to slow down. That said, I did have to consciously slow down on some of the 400’s because I was starting to really hear my breath. I finished in 19:47 and still got a great workout. :)

We stayed afterwards for some Open Gym time, worked on a few pull-ups and double unders. Okay, maybe I tried a few triple unders. I’m sort of close to being able to do one. I know I can, but it will probably take me as long to get them as it did for me to get dubs (six months, including a few of super dedicated practice). We also started composing some monthly goals in my iPhone notes. We have Fridays free in September to go to open gym together so we are trying to come up with a plan. My friend wants to do the Open next year, and I want to cheer her on and practice some random skills that I can do safely while pregnant. I had really been going after hspus before I came pregnant, but that’s probably not the ideal skill for me to work on right now. I know some people do it, and that’s cool, but since they’re a struggle for me – I’m not gonna push it right now. That said, any great ideas of things I should work on? Kettlebell snatches are a weird thing on that list. I think I’m too chicken to really even try them because I’m protective of my hands/wrists (hello, piano teacher!!). But I have a 15lber at home from my Jillian Michaels days that can’t cause that much damage! Plus it really bugs me that Kevin can crank them out. Haha. :)  Also — strict pull-ups. I did one yesterday. I was sooo nervous I wouldn’t be able to do one anymore. I didn’t even want to try, but now I’ll keep working on them. Because why not???

So here’s tank top #2:

this is my happy hour crossfit girls

Also available from Victoria’s Secret! Haha. Isn’t that a random place? But they are GREAT!!  I love the giant armholes. We’re all wearing size small, by the way, they are quite flowy and fit just fine at almost 18 weeks (tomorrow!). I felt that this tank top was perfect to wear to Friday, 6PM class. Especially when I’m pregnant and couldn’t drink (much) even if I wanted to (I don’t). That’s one lucky part for me of being pregnant. I’m practically the only girl in Colorado who doesn’t drink beer. It’s soooo gross. I don’t get it. And why bother trying when I’ve lived almost 30 years without it!

Here’s a salad I don’t want to live without:

buffalo chicken salad paleo


There’s coleslaw with some Greek yogurt ranch + sweet potatoes/chicken/buffalo sauce that I slow cooked the day before. Topped with green onions. This was huge, but I was starving after yesterday’s workout!!

Yay Thursday. Thursday is MY Friday every week, and this morning I sweet talked Kevin into picking up some Starbucks for me before he went to work. I think it probably helped that I got up two mornings in a row and made him breakfast (including blueberry pancakes yesterday since we were out of eggs!). The good news is that I’ve been sleeping better this week. The bad news is that once I wake up at about 6AM, I can’t fall back asleep. Don’t worry, I’ve been using the extra time to do important things like shopping online for boots that might possibly fit my supersize calves. I’m not hating on them, I’m just saying, the just barely fit into my Hunter rain boots so forget about regular boots. And regular boots with jeans tucked in!??! Not gonna happen.

Today’s the last day of our rowing challenge!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy to be done with that, but we’ve definitely been getting our money’s worth out of our rower lately!

And finally, I love following this new-to-me Instagram account: BirthFit! Educating and empowering women on the benefits of exercising while pregnant. Movement is life. #iRockThisForUs #BirthFIT 

What’s your favorite IG to follow??

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