I had a wildly productive Saturday! I’m “only” 33 weeks so I’ll go ahead and call it pre-nesting. Haha. Kevin has been working on making this super cute bed frame for the baby/spare room so I decided to be productive while he worked.

Well, let’s start with yesterday! It wasn’t manicure week (haha — I have to keep that up… for my job!) so I stayed at home and sewed!

sewing crib fitted sheet canoes

I’m attempting to sew a fitted crib sheet (like this one!). As you can see, I always measure twice… haha. Wasn’t even close. Sewing is definitely a struggle for me. I’m getting a little better about using my machine, but the measuring and cutting hurt my head. I didn’t quite finish it, but it’ll probably at least be usable. It’s on the large side because I figured, better too big than too small, but I can just tuck it under, right? Sewing makes me extra excited to meet the baby!! I don’t know why. Maybe doing something motherly? I just kept imagining him lying on those sheets. <3

And good news:

gestational diabetes i don't have it

I don’t have gestational diabetes. Haha. I took the test a few weeks ago, but I never saw the results because their online portal or whatever has been down. I figured I passed since they didn’t call me. When I saw that result, I felt like I needed some candy immediately!!! Ha. Kevin actually ended up making me no-bake cookies, the UGLIEST, most delicious cookies in the world. We had totally forgotten about them!! We haven’t had them in FOREVER! They are definitely my favorite cookie. Kevin makes them so much better than me because for some reason I don’t have patience with making sure they boil the right amount of time, and then they don’t set properly. He was happy to oblige. Hopefully we forget about them again for a while. Haha. :)

pippa and peanut butter

It’s funny. We had FOUR nearly-empty peanut butter jars. We just never eat peanut butter anymore, I guess because it’s not paleo (although we are obviously not strict with that). And we’ve never really become almond butter converts… I mostly just like the sweetened ones, and at that point, why? I’d rather have sour gummy worms. :) So the dogs both got one. Okay, Pippa got two. But she deserved it! She’s so good!! Look at her in her new dog bed!! She’s hating that we removed all the carpet in the bedrooms so we had to spoil her. Plus we’re hoping to get her out of the habit of sleeping in bed so much….

This morning we had breakfast sandwiches and lattes at The Noshery…. because we were low on bacon and not prepared to face Sprouts on a Saturday AM.

vintage pie safe

We drove by this little antique shop, and I couldn’t resist dropping in. I loved this pie safe! Every house should have a pie safe!!! That would be like Kevin’s dream come true to have a Dutch Apple pie in there at all times.

Next stop was the library. I had four books in, but I somehow managed to resist browsing! I had things to do!!! We also dropped off the gifts for the family we are adopting through the local rescue mission with our small group. I had so much fun shopping for them!! One of the kids had a wish list that really spoke to me. Haha. <3

When we got home I took Pipperdoodles for a walk because the stupid early winter sunset always sneaks up on me, and I wanted to make sure she got some exercise. It helps keep her calm when I’m trying to do work at home. I listened to the latest Serial podcast. Are you listening to those??? Isn’t everyone? I only thought someone was following me to murder me once. Okay, twice.

I spent the next few hours vacuuming, doing laundry, taking out trash, and just general household chores. I’m especially proud because I cleaned the ceiling fans! I used the pillowcase trick (see #4 ), and it worked relatively well. I still cleaned up a little bit after with cleaning spray and paper towels.

I also cleaned the “junk drawer.” Aren’t junk drawers the worst? My goal in life is now to limit it to stamps, lighters, keys, headphones, the lacrosse ball, and maybe washi tape. Just the essentials! Next, I moved on to the cleaning closet. Haha. Why is that messy??? I don’t know, but it was and dog hair always collects in there like crazy. The good news is that during the cleaning I found my MRS. necklace which has been missing for around two months. I thought it was gone forever!!!!!!!! I’m so happy.

christmas ornaments for piano studentsOkay, so one of the reasons for the cleaning spree is that I will have a million people at my house tomorrow so I just need everything tucked away. It’s time for my students’ mini holiday recitals which are at my house! Last year, I made them super cute ornaments with my students’ first initials. However, they were breakable (duh!) which caused a few tears, plus they were a lot of work. This year I wasn’t in the mood to DIY (or force Kevin to do it), but Target came through for me. I’m so happy! I got ornaments, tags, and everything I needed for around $20. My students are all playing music from the Nutcracker this year so it’s perfect!!!!!

This also required a trip to Target. And Home Depot. And Whole Foods.

wrapping Christmas gifts

And finally, I wrapped a few of Kevin’s Christmas gifts. I hate wrapping gifts. I have zero patience for it, and my sweet husband usually does it for me when they are for other people and they have to be presentable.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m exhausted. And my fitbit would say I’m an overachiever. :) Alright, now that my bragging is done, time to confess. I’m failing two challenges. I’ve read only 67 books so far this year. I’m guessing I won’t make it to 100 by the end of the month. Can I blame this on not knowing I was going to get pregnant? I’ve probably started 100 books if that counts for anything. If I could count things like cookbooks, baby name books, and sewing books, I’d definitely be there! Secondly, I’m not doing well on the holiday rowing challenge. I have no excuse for it other than I have other priorities right now. I’ve been keeping up with CrossFit and walking Pippa, and anything beyond that I haven’t been super motivated. Plus our house has kind of been in a state of disarray with all the projects going on. Oh well, I’ll do what I can for now. It’s not like there are prizes. :)

Hey, if you haven’t seen it, do me a favor and check out my last post with Belly Dance Maternity, you can get a good view of the baby and see me do super pregnant double unders. Haha.

Also, I’m totally not affiliated in any what whatsoever, but Amazon is offering 25% off any book (through Dec.14) with the code BOOKDEAL25 so I’m going to buy a book before I call it night! Night!

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5 Third Trimester CrossFit Tips with Belly Dance Maternity


Good morning! This post is brought to you by Belly Dance Maternity who recently reached out to me and kindly offered to let me try out some of their maternity activewear. All opinions are my own! P.S. Their clothes (obviously) are not just for bellydancing!! Their goal is to help women not have to sacrifice fashion when they’re expecting, and they feature great designers at affordable prices.

crossfit pregnant third trimester crossrope

Ever since announcing that I was expecting, people have been asking me how long I intend to continue CrossFitting and working out. Of course, the answer is as long as my midwives allow, and it remains safe and (relatively) comfortable. For now the word from my midwives is this: “Please be as active as possible. You are preparing for an endurance event.” That said, your mind and body are going through some changes during pregnancy, and I’m going to share some of what has helped me helped me continue to stay happy and fit during this season of life.

  • Find workout clothes that will flatter and support you during each trimester… like my Blanqi Support Tank from Belly Dance Maternity. The tank top I chose to review was the Blanqi Support Tank which is (as of today!) is 50% as part of their holiday sale!! I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant, and this tank top is definitely the most comfortable thing I own. I could wear it every day. First of all, it’s extremely long. It should go without saying why that’s important when you’re super pregnant! Secondly, this tank top provides support. Carrying a sweet little boy around all day is exhausting, and this tank top helps me manage. Although compression might not sound like a good word for maternity wear, it really helps keep everything in place and comfortable. The best thing about this tank top is that you can feel confident that it will keep you comfortable and covered during any workout!!!

Will it ride up at all?

crossfit pregnant maternity third trimesterIf you have it pulled down all the way, it will most likely ride up a little bit (see pic above) if you are doing something like squats, but it has never slipped above the waistband of my leggings.

The only other small negative is that you’re not supposed to throw it in the dryer… it’s just hard to keep up with air drying when I want to wear it daily. :) By the way, I’ve probably washed it at least 10 times, and it’s not showing any signs of shrinkage/stretching/wear. I also look forward to wearing this after the baby to keep things smooth.

Trust me, I am an online shopping pro, and quality maternity activewear is extremely difficult to find. Most lines offer one lonely, lame pair of yoga pants that are better suited for lounging on the couch than an actual workout, so I’d highly recommend checking out this tank top for both maternity and postpartum as well. Of course, this tank top is not ONLY for working out, you can see a pic of me shopping for a Christmas tree in it here.

As for pants, I’ve successfully continued wearing all of regular workout pants and leggings, just riding a little on the low side. :)

crossfit 6 weeks pregnant

First workout after finding out I was pregnant at around 6-7 weeks + birthday cake (see leftover party decor). 

  • Choose an activity or two that you enjoy and be as consistent as possible. I cannot emphasize the importance of consistency enough. Clearly, I’ve always enjoyed CrossFit (well, after three months or so…), and I’ve kept up with that throughout. If at any point I decided to take a week or two off, I’d be toast!!!!  Hey, be nice to yourself! Take a rest day! Skip the day where it’s all the burpees and rope climbs. But drag yourself back in there the next day, and keep working. You WILL feel better afterwards. Exercise has been the #1 thing to help with my rampant sleepiness and irritability. Of course, if you have to take time off for health reasons, that’s a different story, but otherwise just keep going!
  • Hydrate like it’s your job. This is my least favorite thing. And it’s extra irritating when you’re pregnant. But if I don’t do it, I feel terrible during my workouts or even walks! I personally can’t just chug water all day long so I supplement with Coco Hydro and sometimes amino drinks. Bring a water bottle everywhere you go. Do not leave the house without it. I try to drink an entire bottle of water immediately after a workout. Bonus: staying super hydrated is good for the baby and helps you not get stretch marks.

(Proof – haha)

  • Find something fun you can keep working on. If you’re into CrossFit or running or pretty much any competitive workout, you’re used to tracking your benchmarks or splits or max weight lifts. This can be discouraging when you’re pregnant because you feel like you are going downhill every day. But there’s likely something you can keep making progress on. For me, I love that jump rope. I don’t think I can do my usual 100+ unbroken double unders right now, but I feel like I’m getting some great training with the added weight, plus I’ve been using a weighted jump rope. It’s fun!!! I’ve also made decent progress on things like strict press and push jerks because my upper body has had to up its game a little bit to support my lower body weight. :) Bonus: consider investing in a few pieces of workout equipment to have at home for days when you can’t get out or the wod at your gym just totally sucks for pregnant ladies.
  • Don’t be too cool to modify. If you’re an intermediate/advanced/mildly obsessed CrossFitter, it sucks to temporarily give up skills you love. But hey, it’s TEMPORARY. So far I’ve taken it on a day-by-day basis. I just try it out, maybe have a coach or a husband or a bff watch me, and go from there. CrossFit Mom has a great list of substitute exercises, but you still have to figure out on your own depending on what you were good at before pregnancy. For me, I’m still hanging on to the jump rope and most barbell movements although I said goodbye to regular power cleans this week. I’ll post some of my recent wods on here soon so you can see exactly what how I’ve been making it work.

burpees are my fave

What do I miss the most? Three things: REAL burpees, strict pull-ups (I hate them, but I worked so hard for them), and just the feeling of going to my absolute limit in a workout. I can’t believe I haven’t done that for almost 8 months. It feels so weird to go at 70-90% when that’s totally not my personality. But hey, it’s totally worth it for the baby!!! <3 <3 <3

If you’re expecting (or have a loved one who is) be sure to check out Belly Dance Maternity, especially right now during this amazing sale!! They also have beautiful dresses if you are looking for something to wear during the holidays and nursing clothing for after the baby comes! I don’t think I’ll be able to resist picking something else out since they are having such a great sale, and I would never accept a free item or sponsorship from a company I wouldn’t buy from with my own money!!

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Christmas Tree & Catch-Up!


Happy back-to-normal Monday!!! Except not TOO normal, because it’s the first day of Advent (sort of… I guess yesterday was the official start). So exciting!!

kevin's ornament

Kevin’s new Christmas ornament!!! I randomly came across it on Etsy (the Lizard Skins shop). Our relationship with Diet Coke is still “it’s complicated”, but I am excited to say that we won’t be drinking any for a while — more on that later.

christmas tree whole foods

Here I am being a little nerd, hunting for our Christmas tree in the wild forest wonderland that is Whole Foods. Yes, we live in Colorado and we could totally hike out into some forest and buy one. But we didn’t. Maybe someday with the little baby boy, but probably not for a few years! It was sooo warm on Saturday… hence the squinting… We were both shedding layers before we even got out of the car. Are you picky about choosing a Christmas tree? I’m not.. I wanted to take one that was already bundled up. Haha. But I’m all about the real trees! No compromising on that one even if they are messy.

On Saturday morning, we had one of our natural childbirth classes and toured the actual birthing area again.

birth center room

That’s what one of the rooms looks like. Pretty crazy, right? There are two other rooms — one is purple and India-themed, and the third is Colorado log-style (gross). Haha. The teacher showed us all their little props — swings and stools and tubs…. it’s gonna be weird, guys. But I’m very confident in my decision to go with a birth center, and I’m so happy that I won’t be in a hospital at all if things go smoothly. Everyone always says to me that omg, we have to take so many classes (TRUE!!!!!!), but one of the goals is really educate us so we don’t freak out (as much) because there are no drugs available on the premises. Haha.

paleo thanksgiving leftovers

Still eating our little paleo Thanksgiving leftovers (here’s what we made).

After we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, I made up a spreadsheet of all the things we need to get done and/or buy before the baby comes. I think this helped my analyst husband understand why I sometimes freak out that our baby will technically be full-term in six weeks, and we have a LOT to do. And I’m not talking about my normal to-do’s like DIY bunting… legit stuff like laying down flooring and buying car seats (got both of those done this weekend). So then we got to work! Okay, mostly Kevin. I spent half of Friday online trying to find good deals on baby stuff while he finished a lot of work in our second bedroom — the “sort of” baby room. We’re planning to do some form of co-sleeping so we’re not in a massive rush to finish some quaint themed nursery.

I’m happy to announce that the baby now has a car seat, a crib mattress, and some cute pajamas. But our biggest Black Friday purchase? A camera. I put that on Kevin’s column of the spreadsheet because I have no clue about them. I only know how to use Apple products (and I still struggle with making phone calls and adding contacts…). Of course, I have to practice using it now. So look forward to tons of puppy pics!!!!!!!! Hopefully it will help us with our lighting problems. There’s pretty much only one spot in our house you can take a pic after 5pm… ever noticed that we have a ton of pics in front of our basement door??? We have an old house with a lot of windows everywhere, and it’s just tricky. All I want is a few pics of my baby boy’s blue eyes…. Haha. I’m willing my blue-eyed genes on him right now while Kevin is at work. Think it’ll work??? I’m convinced that my genes are dominant!!!


One last thing… so I know I said it’s the beginning of Advent, but we’ve actually decided to go sugar-free Dec.1-21. So we stocked up last night. Kevin and I always think we can be can be moderators…. but we stink at it. We would do the 21DSD straight up again, but it’s just not going to work for me right now since I’m trying to eat full-fat yogurt everyday. Honestly, I’m not a fan of it so I’d rather cut it out, but it’s good way for me to get some extra probiotics right now. The second concession is that is I’ll probably have a daily square of dark chocolate… for the baby. I promise not to enjoy it too much. We’ll also be eating some fruit which is paleo, but usually frowned upon during strict paleo challenges. I’m just happy to know that Kevin is not sucking down a Diet Coke at his desk right now. :) Haha. I made a spreadsheet of our menu as well to use for the next 3 weeks. I actually really enjoy eating this way, but you do have to be prepared. Just to be clear, there is no calorie restriction whatsoever. Whenever we set specific paleo/21DSD goals, for me it mostly means cutting out Diet Coke, Skinny Vanilla Lattes, and the occasional breakfast sandwich. What can I say? Drinking is my weakness. We’ve also decided to try not to eat out during those 21 days. That’ll probably be even harder, but man, eating out is a rip-off! And babies are expensive, so we’re giving it a try!!

Did you have any great Black Friday/Cyber Monday finds???No way would I go on Thanksgiving or at 5AM, but we actually went into Target to get our camera on Friday afternoon. It was super chill. Pretty much the only busier-than-normal spot was the electronics counter. Everyone was probably skiing… I’ve already been hearing about broken bones. I’m staying far, far away!!!!!  We probably would’ve just bought it online, but I also needed ink cartridges and kitchen cleaner!

Happy beginning of Advent, and enjoy your week!!!!

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Minnesota Shoveling Tricks + Paleo Thanksgiving for 2


Two funny pics I snapped of Minnesotans shoveling while we were back in our home state:

scraping car from inside of the garage

The first was Kevin’s dad attempting to clear the snow off of our car’s headlights from the safety of his garage. Hahaha. It was blustery!

my parents' shovel

When we arrived back in Wabasha, we discovered my mom shoveling with this beast of a man-powered snow plow. Nice!!!!!! Needles to say that we are very thankful for our garage and also don’t mind the fact that we don’t have a driveway (garage backs to alley). I also don’t hate that Colorado is going to be 50’s & 60’s this week! Hooray!!!

expectant mother parkingFinally got to take advantage of one of these! Because Minnesotans are nice!!!!!!

bloedow's donuts winonaAnd Kevin splurged on The Best Donuts Ever. I’m really not a donut person, but I am a Sprinkle Person so I had a few bites of one of the sprinkle long johns. Bloedow’s Donuts is so cute — I love their wallpaper! It’s been open since the 1920’s, and I feel like not that much has changed!

Now is probably a good time to mention that we went back to the gym last night….. after about 5 days off, a Thanksgiving dinner, travel, and a lot of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle Kisses (the best)!!!

And this is the wod we faced:


7 Rounds of:
7 Handstand Push-ups
7 Thrusters, 135#
7 Knees-To-Elbows
7 Deadlifts, 245#
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell Swings, 70#
7 Pull-ups
women weight: 95/175/55#

Nothing like jumping right back in! Both Kevin and I felt terrible during the workout. I did the RX women’s weight for thrusters (95), deadlifts (175), and kb swings (55), and those were kind of the easy parts for me. I modified the hspus to dumbbell strict presses — I used 25’s, and I was able to easily crank those out unbroken each time. One of those days where I probably need 30’s, but the jump to 35’s probably would’ve actually killed me. I did K2E to the best of my ability, and had to modify burpees for the first time. :( I guess I can’t complain — made it to 30+ weeks doing them as prescribed, but I just felt like it was going to be a safety issue at this point. I’ve grown rapidly since about week 27. I also modified pull-ups to ring rows. I did 2 pull-ups. I was going to do a few each round, but that didn’t work out due to logistical issues. I would’ve been okay during the wod, wasn’t really feeling that tired and was consistently able to do good sets. However, I was struggling with a little reflux which is just plain nasty when you are working that hard. The only cure is to drink a LOT of water which just makes moving more uncomfortable. I just kept on going. Very. Slowly. I finished in 43:17. Can’t wait to try this workout someday when I’m not pregnant.

The great news is that Kevin is really inspired to eat healthy again and even agreed to let me do a paleo Thanksgiving for us tomorrow. Trust me, we will probably never be able to pass up a traditional dinner with family. But since we already had one….

I pinned a few things here, but of course, we will also be having BACON and TURKEY.

paleo thanksgiving for 2We’ll most likely make a decent-sized turkey (although we’ve procrastinated on buying it!!) because we actually like the meat and leftovers!!!!! Kevin has also agreed to do a (slightly modified) 21DSD during December 1-21 in conjunction with our Concept 2 Holiday Rowing Challenge. Should be a lot of fun!!! We don’t have any trips or guests planned so it shouldn’t be too hard to stay consistent. I’m going to plan the whole menu this weekend and get super prepped. Plus it’s really good for our little baby boy and his parents!!!

Coming Up: I am so excited to announce that I have been working with Belly Dance Maternity so be looking forward to a post and a discount code!!!!

What are you MOST looking forward to cooking & eating on Thanksgiving? Kevin and I love the big three the best — turkey, potatoes, & stuffing! Okay, maybe he loves the desserts the best, but I’d rather pass on pie and have seconds!

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Wintry Wabasha Time!


Hi! Happy Thanksgiving week!!!! Hope it’s a short one for you. I have the whole week off… just have to make it fair for my piano students since they all pay the same monthly rate. :) :)

We just got back from a super quick fun trip to visit family in Minnesota! I’m so happy we did it now…. I just think Christmas is going to be late as I am getting so big. It was already fairly uncomfortable sitting through the (short!!) flight and multiple car rides to get back & forth. I also got to have my first full-body pat downs since I decided to opt out of the body scanner at the airport. I know it’s supposed to be completely safe, but I’m ever the skeptic and will avoid anything that seems questionable and obviously hasn’t been reasonably studied. Especially when there’s an alternative that’s clearly safe. Of course, last time I traveled, I was ten-ish weeks pregnant and didn’t even think twice about going through the scanner… Just was not even in pregnancy mode yet!

Took some pics when we were out walking with the kids! I finally let Kevin do his favorite pose of all time:

30 weeks pregnant corrie anne

I don’t know why, but he’s been dying to do this pregnancy pose since our engagement photos!!!!! 30+ weeks here!!!!

outtakesFunny outtake — I’m trying to kick my nephew who is insisting on photobombing us!!

nephews & baby sister

Hanging with the best nephews ever + my baby sister. Yeah, she’s about their size… maybe a little smaller. :) :) They are so much fun.

kids box jumping bench

Of course, I got the kids to box jump it!!! :) They were pretty good!! I love getting them to do tricks. I was telling my sister to do toes-to-rings on the playground and explaining to her how to do it, and she sassily turned to me and said,”Oh, you mean toes-to-bar?” Hahaha. I guess she reads my blog.

classic mn fun

More classic Minnesota fun!!!!

little free library wabasha

We even found a Little Free Library!

whiny kevin

Someone got a little whiny and cold without his winter coat. Waaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! We were really limited on what we packed since we shared a suitcase (checking bags is getting expensive, and dirty Frontier makes you pay for carry-ons too!! boo!!). I was lucky that my SIL had a jacket I could make work for the afternoon. My only exercise for the weekend was walking so I tried to make it outside whenever I could. And I always annoyingly prolong things by taking pics and suggesting challenges to the kids. That’s just good aunting for you!

outtakesBut we were cute. I’m sure I was just yelling at someone here, but I managed to look loving.

My sisters, sil, and mom also threw me a book shower (best kind!!!) while I was home so I’ll share about that another day when I get some pics. For now, I have to get to vacuuming all the dog hair that accumulated while I was away. And we HAVE to get into hard core baby planning mode now!! Oh, and back to the gym… that’s always a treat after a few days of being away!

Happy to be done with my travel — the airport was already starting to get crazy when we got in last night!!

Have a great week!

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Yay Rowing Season! + Week 28/29 Updates


Well, our rower has relinquished its prime spot upstairs to the crib and has made its way to this stunning spot in the basement. But it’s (totally randomly) been in the single digits here in Denver so that limits my outdoor walking, and I really needed to get some sweat in this morning.

basement rower


Rowed a 2k warm-up, then 8 sets of 2 minutes on, 1 minute off.

rowing concept 2 results

More or less equivalent to jogging about 3.75 miles, but much easier on my pregnant belly. Running isn’t the funnest thing right now! I’m really excited to get back into rowing though, and prepare for the annual Concept 2 Rowing Challenge. This will be our second year doing the challenge, but it should be a lot easier with a rower at home!!!

holiday rowing challengeRow and/or ski 100,000 meters or 200,000 meters from November 27 to 11:59 p.m. ET December 24. You can sign up on the Concept 2 website here and log your meters.

snowy walk pippa


The row workout warmed me up just enough for a half mile walk with Pippa. Trying to get as much sunshine as possible!!!!

boyd loves snow

And then you have Boyd Bear who absolutely THRIVES in the snow.

puppy booties in the snow


Funny jostling puppy booties. Pippa still hates getting her paws wet and wants DESPERATELY to jump into bed immediately when we let her inside so she can clean them off on our sheets. We have to guard the door!!!

Baby Updates!!! 

whole foods apple juiceToday was the Big Day for my glucose challenge test. Haha. It’s the test for gestational diabetes, but at the midwifery they use these lovely organic juice boxes. Ugh. They were gross. And I had to try to chug them both in 5 minutes, but it could be worse. I’d rather have a Starbucks sweet drink!!!  Or gummy bears!! But I drank them and didn’t cry when they took blood so it was a good day. My blood pressure was fine again today so that’s good also.

  • Kevin felt the baby kick for the first time last night!! Hooray!! I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but I have an anterior placenta. Basically, because of the placement of the placenta, I can’t feel the baby move as early or as often. I try not to worry about it, but it’s a little disconcerting when I feel nothing for a few days in a row. I wouldn’t mind feeling him a little bit more as he gets bigger.
  • We started our Natural Childbirth classes last weekend. Scary!!! I don’t know why this is the first thing they teach you, but we talked about how to deliver the baby if he comes rapidly (like, in the car). Nothing like breaking us in!!!!
  • I know this might sound ridiculous if you don’t have rambunctious dogs, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how to prepare them for the baby. I know the whole dog smelling thing, and I’m not concerned about that. I’m more concerned about them knocking me over while extremely pregnant or (accidentally) jumping on the baby when they get a little too frisky in the house. I know everyone says that they will adjust naturally, but this is going to be a very tiny human and Boyd is very bull-in-the-china-shop!!!!! And Pippa is miss velcro dog who wants to sleep in bed. I don’t want this to turn into Lady & the Tramp. Haha. <3
  • Still CrossFitting, of course. I’m down to3-4x a week due to a combination of bad weather (I have to walk there if I want to go to daytime classes) and the fact that we have baby classes on Saturday mornings now. Pretty much holding steady with things, butburpees & push-ups are definitely on the outs. I did my push-ups this week with anabmat so my stomach wouldn’t hit the ground first.
    • Honestly, I’ve given up on pull-ups. I know, I usually never give up on anything. But the bar gets too cold to practice at home, and it’s just not a big enough priority right now. It makes me sad, but I’ll get them back. I could probably do one strict pull-up if my life depended on it… but it doesn’t.
    • On the plus side, every weight feels SOOOO light right now. I know pregnant women with barbells always look shocking to people who aren’t used to it, but I’ve literally been having to check my bar to make sure I have right weight on it because it feels light. I did a ton of power cleans @ 95lbs  on Monday and repeatedly would accidentally just muscle it up because it felt so light even halfway through the workout.
    • On a similar note, I’ve felt almost guilty that I’ve sort of accidentally hit a few pr’s lately. Some I wouldn’t consider true pr’s, for example, I hadn’t tested my back squat in over 6 mos and hit 205 last week. I did 2 reps of front squats 180 last night without even going close to failure. If you’re not familiar with testing 1/2 rep maxes, usually if you are truly hitting your max, you’ll fail a weight and have to bail. I’m not really interested in doing that right now (although I could do so safely) so I choose to do only lifts I know I can get. And I always have someone watch me when I get anywhere past like 75% to make sure I’m not doing any weird compensations. I also hit 145lb push jerk, and it felt great. Slowing down and being super careful has actually helped some of my lifts because I’m extra conscious of what I’m doing. Push jerk in particular, I’d always mentally struggled with, but I think I’m finally starting to get it. So basically overhead and squats feel great. Snatches and cleans, I’m totally backing down because they are my sloppiest to begin with and they both present more balance/belly/barbell path issues (for me). Double unders are still my jam. They are pretty much the easiest for me… practice paid off!
    • Again, my midwives are extremely supportive of this. In fact, they have it on my chart and ask me about it each time I go in.
    • The baby particularly loves front squats!!! Haha. I’m totally kidding but he was super active later that evening (a good sign that he wasn’t in distress at all), and that’s how Kevin actually got to feel him.

Here’s a timely article from BirthFit on pr’s in pregnancy.

  • I just have to say that this pregnancy is going so fast for me!!!  While I don’t love the whole huge belly thing, I (almost) want it to slow down. Especially since it’s the holidays, then the baby can come anytime after January 17. Technically, he could come before, but I have to make it till the 17th if I want to delivery at the midwifery so I’m going to try to keep him in there!! It’s getting more realistic every day, and while I still love girl stuff, I am pretty excited to have a little baby boy. It took me a few months to adjust to the whole idea, but I already have a fierce love for that kid. <3 Super Mama Bear. And also totally emotional… I cried through most of last week’s childbirth for no reason whatsoever. Just kept on tearing up. Haha. Poor Kevin. Now if only I had a name…. I had another bad night of sleep worrying about that!! Haha.

Time for some half-caff afternoon coffee. Lots of Thursday piano students, but they are my fave!!! :)

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Pregnancy + High Heels: The Higher the Heel the Closer to God

Oh, the funny things I never expected people to comment on so incessantly as I become more obviously pregnant! I get comments pretty much daily over something I consider to be NBD — that I’m *still* wearing high heels.
kevin and corrie ballet 22 weeks
(You can look in the mirror behind me to see the height of my heels at week 22 – haha.)
It’s not like I’m going to go out and buy all new shoes just because I’m pregnant, and especially not my least favorite kind (flats). I wear heels mainly for teaching because I’m a firm believer in dressing up for my job. I’ve worn dark jeans on occasion, but for the most part I prefer dresses out of pure laziness (one piece and done!). Since I have my own business, I could wear pretty much whatever I want, but I think dressing well helps my students and their parents remember that I am running a business and there’s a reason they’re paying me so well! :) It also helps me feel better and be more focused. Now, do I have to wear heels to accomplish this? Of course not. But I have a decent collection, and it’s already enough work finding clothes that fit! If anything, it’s tempting to add my heel collection since shoes & accessories are the things that still fit!
typical work outfit pregnant heels
(Typical work outfit above at 26 Weeks)
Plus why on EARTH would I eliminate The Magical Nude Heel at such a time as this?! You know what I’m talking about! Since I wear heels to work, I often wear them out as well because I typically work until 7PM at which point we are already late for something! At that point, I’m not going to try to find a whole new outfit or ruin the one I have on by changing my shoes. I should say that I also don’t work for stretches longer than 3 hours, I don’t have to leave my living room, and I’m mostly sitting. So it’s really — like I said — NBD. Why am I still talking about this?
Anyways, I loved this clip from Live with Kelly & Michael where Kelly defines for the viewers what should be considered a true high heel…
ripa heels
6 inches or more!!!!!! Also her quote that “the higher the heel, the closer to God” pretty much made my day. <3
Final comments on this before one of the parents start commenting on this:
  1. My midwives are cool with it.
  2. I don’t care if my feet are ugly when I’m older. I’ll be old. I’ve never seen the logic in that reasoning as far as shoes, tattoos, etc. I am thankful to have zero feet problems despite having spent years walking probably thousands of miles in flip-flops prior to my high heel addiction.
  3. I’ve had about, oh, 16 years of practicing walking in heels. I started wearing them to piano competitions (and getting negative comments from judges…. hahaha… some things never change) since I was 14-15. I’m not going to jinx myself and say I never trip, but I will say that I’m more likely to trip in my tennies walking down Denver sidewalks. xoxo
  4. I know I’m probably going to have to take a little break when I’m carrying someone tiny and breakable in the winter. So maybe wedges would make a great baby shower gift? :) <3 Plus, Kevin can’t wait to carry the baby after I’ve been hogging him for the last 9 months!!! :)

So while we’re on girly topics!

rebecca minkoff hot pink harper

Just because I’m having a BOY doesn’t mean I can’t have something pink. So happy I found such a cute Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag on sale from Gilt (I’m not shilling for them, but Gilt does do some type of referral kickback). I think Kelly Ripa is a Gilt fan too…. just saying, we have a lot in common.

It was a little expensive, but I showed Kevin how expensive that Kate Spade bags were to give him some perspective. :)  Haha. I usually love KS, but the baby bags were too plain/neutral for me with just plain dots or stripes so we got lucky. Kevin will look really awesome carrying this bag, I know!!!!! But realistically we’ll have some sort of back-up bag that I’ll make sure is a little manlier for any father-son outings! :) :)

Heels: do you love or loathe them? Yes, it hurts me a little to live in Denver where hiking boots are a lot more common than a decent pump, but I was schooled in the DR…. high heels for life! <3 <3

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