Make-Up Homework & The Twelfth Day


I’ve been totally CrossFit deprived this week. I typically have to miss Thursdays because I have a ton of piano students all day long. But then I missed today as well because we were planning a trip to the Springs with Kevin’s parents.

wod dog med ball slams

So I decided to do some make-up homework.

I ran two miles with Pippacita, and then did a little side patio wod.

3 rounds for time: 50 wall balls (16lbs) & 50 med ball slams (20 lbs) (idea from this video)

That took me 24:29 in the blazing hot sun. I kept hoping Kevin would come outside and tell me that I was taking too long and we needed to get going. No such luck!!!!

iced americano with horizon creamer paleo

I was soooo hot after that wod!! Everyone else was drinking Diet Cokes (so jealous! so deprived! but that’s totally not 21DSD!!) so I consoled myself with a Venti iced Americano. I brought along my own Horizon organics cream.

rudi's bbq colorado springs

We stopped for lunch at Rudy’s BBQ in CO Springs. Kevin and I shared beef brisket, pork, and chicken. Still don’t like meat on bones or skin. I’m skeptical that there might have been some sugar in the meat, but I did the best I could. I wouldn’t really recommend it for paleo eaters… not a vegetable in sight.

kevin and his dad

Kevin looking cute with his dad at Garden of the Gods. It was a really nice day and we enjoyed hiking around with his parents.


The frenemies caught snuggling again!!!!

P.S. My slam ball was a gift from Rep Fitness, a local (& organic and free range – haha) company that sells CrossFit equipment. You can pick up heavy stuff at their warehouse if you live in the Denver area which is pretty cool. We also actually bought our rower through them (and shipped to our house) because it was cheaper than buying directly through Concept 2. Just sayin’. Having CrossFit stuff at home is FUN! Especially during the summer.

Play by play on all 12 days (so far) of my 21DSD over here.


I Will Buy Anything the BB Podcast Girls Tell Me To Buy


I may have mentioned before that I’m a total sucker for advertising. If they put a celebrity I like (or a fluffy kitten) in a commercial for something, I want to buy it. Good thing I don’t watch much tv. Anyways, I’ve been listening obsessively to the back episodes of the Balanced Bites podcast while I’m folding laundry or walking Pippa Cordelia.

liz plaid shirt chicken

I love Liz!!!! Plaid shirt! Cute chicken! Great hair. Haha. (I love her co-host, Diane as well, but I just haven’t seen her in any cute animal pics yet). I want to buy everything from the sponsors they mention at the beginning of each podcast!!!!

I already bought the Rickaroons from one of their sponsors for Easter. And now this!!!!!


Nope, not the soy milk creamer. That’s not paleo. Haha. Just the expensive Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee! Woohooo!!!!!!!!! Kevin asked me what was so special about it. I don’t really know! All coffee is paleo!!! Haha. But it has 3x the caffeine and more flavor per ounce than other coffee!!! That seems like a good thing. Anyways, I was ecstatic to find it!!!! It was good for my attitude since we were out shopping when I was really in the mood for CHOCOLATE! ICE CREAM!!!!!!! OR ANYTHINGGGG!! That I couldn’t have. So it cheered me up immediately.

a little joke chameleon cold brew

A little joke that Kevin likes to play on me when I want to buy expensive paleo food!!! Hahaha.”Did you bring your wallet?” he asks me. Hahahahahahahaha. Yeah, that’s probably only hilarious to me, but if you’d get it you knew us. But it’s probably obvious from my blog that we kinda like to spoil each other.

meat at sproutsWe also bought a truly absurd amount of meat at Sprouts. What can I say, we’re getting ready for Easter!!!

This morning I had a LOT of chores to do, but I told myself that I would have Chameleon Cold Brew afterwards (it’s just fun to say the whole thing…. I mean, how often do YOU get to say chameleon????).

chameleon cold brew and coconut milk

I’ve had the coconut milk in the refrigerator for a rainy day. I’ve been wanting to learn how to separate it and use it paleo goods. It turns out that was very easy, and the Sprouts brand separated very well, just FYI! So I decided to use some of the coconut cream (I think that’s what you call it— the creamy top part) and Chameleon Cold Brew + ice in my blender.

chameleon cold brew coconut milk 21dsd

Haha. I’m so not a food blogger, but my kitchen is clean right now, so that’s a plus. IT TASTES LIKE ICE CREAM. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit. But it tasted good. I need to play around with the ratios. Actually, I think I shouldn’t have blended the ice because my blender is not that amazing. It would’ve been better to just blend the coconut milk with the Chameleon Cold Brew and then pour it over ice. That’s just an idea for those of us who are not Vitamix owners. I’ll try it tomorrow.

not too crazy

See, Kevin, I haven’t gone TOOOOOO crazy. I have actual regular Easter candy out for my students (and you & your fam). I’ll just choose candy I don’t really want to eat. Those are the Starburst jellybeans. Pass. I’d rather of a real BLACK jellybean. Those are the best!!!!!

And now for the best “news”:

mint green pumps

How CUTE are these pointy mint green pumps!! Breaking them in this afternoon while I’m teaching piano.

Also good days. Today is day 11 of my 21DSD!!!! I knew this wasn’t going to be soooo bad. Over half done!!!!!

P.S. None of my links are ever sponsored or affiliates. I’m just being a little fangirl. Second, Liz (author of Eat the Yolks) and Diane (Practical Paleo, 21DSD book) are going to be in “Denver” on the 26th. I was thinking of going until I discovered that the event is at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch. Boooo. That’s so not Denver. Not even close. It’s a total roadtrip. I would totally do it for them, but I actually have something else planned for that afternoon with real life friends so I won’t be able to squeeze it in. Besides, Kevin would roll his eyes and say things about “my people”, and I would get nervous?! because I’m weird like that.



It’s Not All I’m Thinking About, But…


I realize that I’m posting like crazy about my 21DSD which is weird because I’m totally not obsessing about it. Quite the opposite, I almost feel like I’m on autopilot. The refrigerator is stocked, I have a big picture menu plan in mind, and I’d have to do something really stupid to deviate from my plans. I’ve just been focusing more on some of my other hobbies which are pretty time consuming (sewing!!!!). And I’ve been on a bit of a book binge since I got a got a good haul from the library, including two dog books that made me cry!!

coconut butter and cacao

I got some new goods!! I have no idea what these are. I’ll be honest, I impulse bought them because you can use them in 21DSD friendly recipes. They both look weird, and I know that stuff is unfortunately not going to taste like hot cocoa powder. I’m thinking about trying some variation of coconut butter/coffee. Think I’m hardcore enough for it?????? Butter in coffee is a paleo thing. I know, it sounds weird, right?!

CrossFit has been fine this week, just working away. Yesterday we did Elizabeth (21-15-9 power cleans & ring dips), and I wasn’t a huge fan of that because I don’t have ring dips yet. The modification doesn’t seem measurable to me so I hate it, and at that point I don’t even feel like tracking my time. We also did a short strength session on squat cleans, and I did 125…. same number I’ve basically been doing for about 10 months. Yeah, I need to work on those. Today was a bunch of cardio fun so I enjoyed that.

Afterwards, I came home and wanted to do something on my rower.

corrie rowing


I didn’t have the heart to row a long distance (and I was hungry!) so I Googled up a CrossFit rowing wod:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.36.13 PM


My time – 11:23. I used my 35lb kb to do Russian swings.

I will admit, I haven’t gotten on my rower quite as much as I thought i would. Mostly because a) I don’t want to put on shoes, and b) i don’t want to get sweaty twice a day!!! Plus Pippa needs to be walked, and I actually don’t have the entire day to devote to exercise. :) But I’m thinking up a good rowing challenge, maybe for May!

tessemae's la croix ground turkey tri color coleslaw 21dsd.jpg

I’ve eaten this four times in the last two days. Tri-color coleslaw w/Tessemae’s, ground turkey, and a Simply Organics seasoning mix. I don’t really love La Croix water. It will never be a substitute for Diet Coke. Mostly I drink it when I want something extra cold. The peach-pear is okay, but I prefer the coconut. Tessemae’s is the best dressing ever (paleo or not ), but unfortunately it’s difficult to get. They have some flavors available at Whole Foods (and now Safeway), but not my favorite (hot hot sauce). I would buy it online, but I’ve found their shipping to be super expensive as well as unreliable at times. If you want to try it, they usually have it in the Whole Foods salad bar!!

Any ideas for using coconut butter or cacao powder? I originally saw these items mentioned in this recipe for 21DSD friendly No Bake Chocolate Fudge.

21DSD Week 1 Wrap-Up + Week 2 Plans


How sweet is this little sweet potato basket I got yesterday at the vintage shop?

sweet potato basket

So happy to have a designated spot for them since I always have a ton on hand!

21DSD Week #1 Wrap-Up:

And just like that, I’m almost 33.3% done!! It really hasn’t been too terrible, mostly because I did a decent job planning out last week. I did have a few fails… like this meal from Modmarket:

modmarket paleo plate chicken denver

It was kind of a disaster. I really hate eating meat on bones, but I decided I should give chicken thighs a try. Nope. Did not enjoy that experience at all. The sweet potatoes… I just did not like. That’s just a personal thing. Kevin and I don’t like sweet potatoes to be, well, sweet. We like them in their most savory & salty forms. The sweet potato mash was super sweet and smooth, and it kind of grossed me out. It took me so long to pick at those things, that my broccolini got really cold, and I just gave up. Meanwhile, Kevin was eating my favorite BBQ Chicken Pizza. :/ Oh welllllll….. I had some coffee from Caribou next door to console me. And a trip to Whole Foods to prep for this week!! P.S. You know I love Modmarket. This is not a diss on them. I just ordered badly.

Recipe highlights of the week: the giant zucchini pancake & these butter pecan apples.  The other big highlight was definitely visiting mmm… Coffee!

Additional observations:

  • I really don’t mind not eating much fruit. In fact, I didn’t eat the grapefruit or the green bananas I bought just because they were on the list of things I could eat. I mostly liked the butter pecan apples because of…. the BUTTER.
  • I threw my calories into MyFitnessPal a few times and clocked in around 1500. That’s certainly lower than it actually is because I’m not great at recording fats and oils which are pretty high calories. I’m guessing I’m actually closer to 2000. I am also not weighing or measuring. Looks like my carb intake has been around 25%. I’ve been a little hungry at times but not very often. Mostly just when I’ve procrastinated on eating a meal so that’s to be expected!
  • I’ve been eating sweet potatoes when I want and not strictly just after workouts. Such a rebel. Maybe it’s not scientific perfection, but I know that I’m active enough to warrant it.
  • Eating dairy makes me feel spoiled!! Even though it doesn’t have sugar in it. So that’s nice.
  • I give myself a B+ on my water drinking. Yay!! I’m almost the MOST proud of myself for that.
  • I feel amazing. I’ve had a little bit of a headache over the weekend, but not too bad. I’ve also been feeling fine at the gym.
  • Eating paleo was easier when Kevin wasn’t home. I had a lot of leftovers so that was really convenient!!
  • My mom has been doing great too, despite the fact that she was traveling with a group over the weekend!!! Yay Mom!! It’s been really fun sending her recipes and chatting with her. It’s super fun doing this challenge with a friend! Mom, I forgot to tell you on the phone today, but a 21DSD care package is coming your way this week!!! :)
  • Oh, I haven’t mentioned this but I’ve been debating it all along, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will totally cheat and have some paleo sweets on Easter. I’m not going to go crazy, but I will have some Rickaroons (you can get a discount on them by checking out their discount code from the Balanced Bites podcast). I may also have some dark chocolate. Probably no traditional Easter candy, because I don’t love it, and it’d probably make me sick. It’s my choice, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll tack on a day or two at the end of April. Some people would say that I’m failing the whole challenge and should start back on Day 1. But I don’t care. I knew Easter was coming up when I planned the challenge, but I didn’t want to wait until May to start. I already eat pretty healthy & exercised so, for me, I don’t need the big dramatic challenge approach if that makes sense. Also if I get into any situations when I’m out and about with the family over Easter, I’m not going to make a big deal. It’s not life and death… I’ll eat a sugar or a carb.

Week 2 Plans!!!!

I didn’t do as great of a job planning this week, but I did get to both Whole Foods & Sprouts over the weekend, which was nice. Here’s what I’ll be cooking up this week:

inspiralized chicken fajita pouches

  • Foil-Punch Chicken Fajitas (recipe & photo from Inspiralized!)
  • Paleo Slow Cooker Pulled Pork of some kind
  • Bacon, eggs, variations on paleo pancakes
  • Pumpkin Chicken Chili from Civilized Caveman
  • No-Sweet Paleo Granola from Fast Paleo
  • Snacks: Chomps, tea, a few almonds
  • Return to mmm…. Coffee! if at all possible.
  • Still undecided on the main course for Easter dinner. We’ve been checking out hams, and they are super expensive!!!! I don’t think we’ve ever bought one before so maybe that’s normal? We’re not obsessed with ham, so we’re not committed yet.

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!! As always, you can click on over to the 21DSD page to see what I REALLY ended up eating.

Paleo Denver: mmm… Coffee!


So happy to have my husband back home this weekend! He’s been crazy busy at work, and I’m sick of being Home Alone. However, Kevin is not super sad to have missed out on my first week of sugar detoxing!!  But he was sweet and agreed to take me out to mmm… Coffee! this afternoon.

I can’t remember where I first heard about mmm, but I’d looked at their website a few times over the last few months. I’m always a little chicken to try a new coffee shop since I speak mostly Starbucks and am not a coffee snob at all. But they won me over with their promises of coconut milk coffee drinks!!

mmm coffee paleo denver coffee

First of all, how cute is their little patio? Love it. That’s a Little Free Library over yonder. You know I love Little Free Libraries! It’s part of a bustling little plaza of various shops/services. I think it would be a great place for a piano studio!! Especially with such a great paleo coffee shop nearby!

paleo bistro denver

We were greeted with a smile and a granola sample when they learned that it was our first time in. I didn’t partake because I’m sure it had honey/maple syrup in it. The employees’ ears perked up when they heard I was doing a sugar detox. Whole 30??? Nope. But they definitely knew what 21DSD was, and at least two of them had done it! One lady was super sweet and even went into the back and got me some licorice tea to take home!! Talk about going above & beyond! Loved getting a 21DSD pep talk on the side. Kevin said to me,”These are your people!!!!!” Haha.

coconut milk cortado latte denver paleo 21dsd

I didn’t really know how coconut milk espresso drinks worked so the barista was kind enough to recommend the cortado. Kevin decided to order a coconut milk latte… mostly so I could try two drinks. They were both amazing. Like I said, I’m not a coffee snob, but the coconut milk latte seemed sweeter and the cortado seemed stronger. Win-win!!!!! I guess the cortado has more espresso in it so that makes sense. I also want to try their Bulletproof coffee and dirty chai. I’ll be back soon!

paleo brownie mmm coffee denver

Kevin is not on the 21DSD, and I encouraged him to try one of their paleo brownies (they are almond butter based). It looks amazing. He said he liked it, but he’s really bad at describing food. I’ll report back after the 21DSD is over and I return to buy some treats!!!! They do have some bars that are Whole 30 friendly, but they have dates so that’s a no right now during 21DSD.

mmm coffee denver happy paleo 21dsd.jpg

Definitely a happy place for me, and as you can see, it really cheered me up!! Just wish it wasn’t so far away. They need to open a second location in the Highlands!!!!!! It’s on Santa Fe so we’re a long ways from Sunnyside, but it was worth the drive. Plus there are some other fun places nearby!!

garage vintage denver

We dropped in Fabric Bliss and also Garage Vintage (both within easy walking distance). A Yelper described Garage Vintage as the West Elm of vintage stores so I definitely had to check it out!! It was full of Pyrex, owls, and lots of other fun stuff. We found a few cute things which I’ll share later.

licorice tea

Here’s the licorice tea the lady from mmm gave me. Can’t wait to try it!

Have you ever been to place that serves Paleo food? Any favorites? Mmm is probably my fave, and I think they definitely have the best coffee options. And isn’t that really the most important thing???? I always mention them, but Modmarket & Slotted Spoon are also good options. And Sugar Bakeshop has paleo muffins!

P.S. You can see everything I’ve eaten Days 1-6 on the 21DSD page. Including the absurd amount of coffee I drank today. 

Brothers & Sisters! (Since Sibling Day Is A Thing Now!)


I have no idea why Sibling Day got all crazy on social media this year, but I’m going to embrace it. Sibs ARE awesome, important in our lives, and I love having 5 of them!! 3 boys & 3 girls! I actually think it’s a good idea to take a day to celebrate them. But we’re going to have to find a way to incorporate cake and possibly bunting…. maybe a few poms poms.

You should check out this TED talk on the sibling bond. The speaker mentions the interesting fact that our siblings are the only family members who are with us our whole lives! Even longer than our spouses and parents. He also points to evidence that ALL PARENTS HAVE FAVORITES. I knew it!! :)

I can’t even get into writing everything I’ve learned from each of my sibs and from being part of a large family. Of course, all of us were super annoying at times, but we worked together and learned from each other. And if that didn’t work out, we bit, pinched, and punched. Haha. :)

kelly corrie

My big brother & me! We’re the closest in age out of any two sibs in the whole family! I think we’re dressed in our Easter attire here, so I thought it was timely! By the way, they’re selling little ruffled anklets like the ones I’m wearing in the pic at Target these days….. I’m basically vintage now. So happy Kelly made it out to Colorado this year to visit with his family — best time ever!!!

lu and me

Loved growing up sandwiched between two brothers. Can you believe I got Luke to match me???? Something fun about Luke and me is that we actually were at the same college together for a year? Or two? That was pretty cute. We would eat together in the dining hall sometimes, and he ended up marrying one of my El.Ed. classmates. Can’t believe I haven’t been to his house in FLORIDA yet. He’s the only one of us who managed to get out and go somewhere truly warm! Smart!!!

josiah and me

I can’t stop calling Josiah white. I don’t know why. I haven’t returned to my natural Irish roots since coming back from the Dominican (seriously – it definitely helps living in sunny Colorado). I love that he decided to go to college in CO, and that we get to see him a good bit. I was his “mom” dropping him off at college in the pic above. I think I did a great job!! I didn’t cry or anything. Josiah and I have an agreement where the two of us can make decisions for the family. If the two of us decide on something, the consensus is reached! One vote for the oldies from me, and one for the young ones from Josiah. It actually works REALLY well. :)

hbear and me

Love my Hannah Elizabeth-Rose! I finally got a sister just when I didn’t want one. I was hoping Josiah would be a girl, but by the time Hbear rolled around… I was happy to be the only girl and not impressed with that little screamer. Thanks for ruining my life. Just kidding. More like thanks for finally being (almost) big enough to wear my clothes, and I can at least wear your baggy xc sweats. Your visits to Denver are huge highlights of my year… good thing you decided to run xc if you know what I mean. ;) ;)

aj n me

Yeah, I still have a little sis who I can tote around on my back!! It’s pretty cool. AJ is sweet, hilarious, and the true BABY of the family. We will tease you about that for LIFE. Or at least until we are in our wheelchairs, and you are pushing us around. I love that you are super girly and mom’s little clone. Don’t even get me started on my favorite AJ jokes!

Okay, so we have a bonus sib!!!!!!! Someone who has been in our family longer than one of our “blood sisters.” Someone who spent a lot of time sewing our wedding bunting.

kelly and lisa

Love this happy pic of my brother and my sister-in-law She is now an extra-official member of the family because she’s become a running addict. We also have our own secret language… so there’s that!!

I hope I didn’t make any math mistakes in this post guys….  I get a little confused about peoples’ ages… I was home schooled. Just kidding, Mom!!!!! :)

So I love big sentimental posts… can’t help it. I could’ve made this twice as long. I hope my sibs don’t read this, because if they were decent sibs, they’d do a word count of their respective paragraphs in an attempt to determine who’s my current favorite. :)

Do you have sibs? Wish you had more? I always wished for a sister closer to my age, but they’re growing up now so it’s all working out! And we never had to fight over the one bathroom at Mom & Dad’s so we can be thankful for that!!!


Day 3 & My Plate-Sized Paleo Pancake & Squats!


Just a quick update on Day 3 of my 21DSD!

Day 3 is supposed to be the hardest right? I had a quick second where I wanted to drink a Diet Coke that we had in the fridge, but I just took it out and put it in the pantry so it wouldn’t be cold. Easy fix! But I’m sure my favorite Starbucks baristas miss me. I don’t want to go in and order like plain coffee. First of all, I’m too lazy. Second of all, I know they would find it super upsetting if I changed my regular order. :)

This smell of this giant plate-sized paleo “pancake” cooking was the best ever! Wow, sugar detoxing is so rough. Haha.

21dsd giant paleo zucchini sweet potato pancake


I used this recipe from Canada Girl Eats Paleo as a general guide, but I threw in some other things too.

  • 1 zucchini + 1/2 sweet potato spiralized, then chopped a little more
  • 2 eggs
  • 2-3 slices of bacon
  • 3/4 tbsp coconut flour

Cook it super slowly on super low heat. The best thing to do is go look at the internet for a few minutes so you don’t get impatient. :)

Oh, and you need this.

omelet-pancake turner crate and barrel

I’d say a great omelet-pancake spatula like this one I have from C&B is essential for a paleo kitchen since paleo pancakes, etc. tend to be a little bit more fragile. Plus who doesn’t want a giant pancake?? It also works perfectly fine for chocolate chip pancakes. :)

Yesterday was front squat day at the gym!!!!!!!

squats day.jpg

I could easily squat B&P at the same time if they’d just sit still. That’s never happening.

I am a huge whiner when it comes to doing 1 rep maxes (building up to the heaviest weight you can possibly squat) so it was my CF BFF’s day to coach/boss me around. I think she maybe enjoyed it a little too much! Haha. But I deserve it because I’m super annoyingly cheerful on cardio heavy days! We didn’t have a lot of time, but I ended up pr’ing my front squat at 180!!! Getting close to being able to front squat Kevin!!! Pretty happy with that.


3 rounds for time -

  • 15 front squats @ 100lbs
  • 9 burpee bar hops

My time – 5:13

I was feeling nervous about power cleaning 100lbs (picking it up to squat it). Hahaha. Which is hilarious now that I’m thinking about it rationally the next day since I’ve power cleaned 95lbs hundreds of times. That part was cake. The squats were painful. I did the first two sets unbroken, but decided to drop after 8 reps on the third set.

Our Hump Day Challenge was max height box jumps. Haha. I did 30 inches and called it a day. I know I can do more, but I hate trying new things with people watching me. We’ve never done it before, and jumping is one of those things that actually requires a little bit of skill. Plus I’ve biffed it on box jumps before (on like 20 inches) so I KNOW that scar would be there alllllllll summer.  My CF BFF did 30 inches with a 45lb plate on top!! So that was fun to watch!!!

And then we hit a new pr — staying at the gym until 8:45PM just chatting it up. We were standing outside, and ended up staying longer than our coach. Haha. Sometimes there’s just not enough time to catch up during mobilization time! I noticed later that I was getting several,”Are you alive?” texts from my husband. Oops!!

What do you like to make/eat for Easter Dinner? Besides candy!! I have the Gather paleo cookbook from the library, and they have a great Easter section. Undecided yet on I will do any baking, but I’ll probably end up making Kevin’s favorite carrot cake. My in-laws are going to be here and maybe my little brother so I have to be nice. :)

What’s your favorite healthy cooking tool? Cast iron skillet, and I am a fan of my spiralizer! And our stainless steel giant salad bowls from Ikea.

My 21DSD play-by-play here.