Go Jump in a Lake!


Jumping in a lake is so not me, but I was determined to embrace it this week. And I did it!

go jump

Okay, so maybe I didn’t jump right in. More like slowly and painfully lowered myself into the water. With a lot of encouragement from my husband and the kids!

getting in slowly.jpg

But the last plunge is the hardest!!!

still freezing

Still freezing!!! Haha.

kevin and others jump in lake mary, minnesota


Isn’t this a great pic of I captured of Kevin, his dad, and some of the kids? After the first day, we realized that we should try taking jumping pics in burst mode (how to use iPhone burst mode). Duh. I’d never thought to use it before, and it worked so well! Unfortunately, Kevin didn’t realize that you could use zoom and burst mode simultaneously on this day when the weather was perfect for picture taking. Oh well. We took some more today, but it was super overcast.

hbear and me


We had so much fun on this little dock!! I’m proud of myself for swimming in this lake because it was teeming with fish. People were fishing everywhere, and there was even a fish trap full of fish on the dock!! Yuck!!! Today is our last day at the cabin so we were packing up tonight. So sad!!! But the good news is that we already signed up for next year!! Hooray!!!!

How do you like to jump in a lake? Jump right in and rip off the band-aid? Or slowwwwwly? Maybe learning to jump right in will come next year. I’m sure I did it when I was a kid! Actually maybe not. I’ve always been a pansy.

P.S. If you’re curious about my swimsuit, you can check out the info in this post.

At the Lake


This week we are back in our home state of Minnesota! Kevin’s parents are hosting the whole family at a cabin on the lake, and we are having the BEST time.

caribou  at the lake

It’s so fun being back in the Land of 10,000 Lakes & Caribou Coffee!!!! Couldn’t resist this mug! It’s perfect for vacation. I’ve made a goal to be “fun” and actually get in the lake water every day! I’m 2 for 2!!!! I’ve gotten plenty of water up my nose, but I practically feel like I’m reliving my childhood. Of course, my nieces & nephews love it too that I’m playing along.

alexandria mn viking

Kevin’s parents also invited my little sisters to spend the week with us, and Hbear is in the middle of getting ready for xc this fall. That means we’re running every day together even though I’m a little slow for her. She’s gracious about it. :) Today we checked out the Central Lakes Trail in Alexandria — it’s 50+ miles of nice paved trail. I’m a fan. A little less rugged for me. I’ve also been walking every day with my mother-in-law and doing a bunch of squats and push-ups. I’m dying to find a pull-up bar. I hate going for days without doing them! I’m afraid I’ll lose my skills.

double unders on the dock minnesota

Of course, I had to try jumping rope on the dock. And yes, I did legit double unders, and I have the video to prove it. It was a little harder barefoot and on a wobbly deck! By the way, I’ve already been asked a million times, so my suit is the Seafolly Dotted Boyleg Maillot from Anthro. I cheated a little and bought the solid print one from Zappos (they didn’t have any prints) to check my sizing for the Seafolly brand. I’ll just send it back because it’s free shipping/free returns, and I do it all the time. It was expensive, but it was worth every penny. Haha. I’ve already been wearing it almost constantly this week, and it’s great for doing actual water activities (as opposed to just sunbathing) with a boatload (an actual boatload!!) of children. It’s also really nice quality so I’m sure it will last a while. If you’re curious, I’m wearing a 6. It’s pretty fitted, but in a good way. Best one piece everrrr.

Of course, I STILL MISS MY BABIES!!!!!!


B&P are in the capable hands of my CF BFF for the week so I’m not worried at all like I usually am. I just can’t wait to see them again. Boyd would have LOVED the lake.

What’s your favorite thing about your home state? The 10,000 lakes!!!! And Minnesota nice. And loons & lady’s slippers are pretty cool too. Plus everyone knows we are super tough because we withstand some of the brutal winters ever (maybe my least favorite thing about MN).

P.S. Soo before I left town, I got two exciting pr’s at CrossFit. 2 rep max deadlift = 270!!!! So close to 300 I can taste it. And Push Jerk = 140. Hooray!!!!!

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Devil’s Head Fire Lookout


We had the best time hanging out with my old roommate, Megan and her husband over the weekend. Of course, we couldn’t help talking about all of our favorite memories from living in the Dominican Republic and catching up on news about mutual friends. Megan is actually moving back to the DR in August, and I’m a little (okay, a lot!!) jealous!!! Before we drove them back to the Springs where they are currently staying, we went for a little Sunday afternoon hike.

devils head fire lookout

Megan is about 5 months pregnant, and they’re not accustomed to the altitude so we tried to choose something pretty easy. Here’s the description on every trailThe trail gains 950ft in elevation over 1.4 miles, and ends with a climb up 143 stairs. A person in average shape should easily be able to complete this hike. I read that and thought it was going to be a total piece of cake. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t say that anyone could do it since it’s pretty steady, long incline over a mile and a half. I didn’t specifically time our trip, but it took us maybe between 30-45 minutes at an easy pace.

devils head trail stairs colorado

The stairs at the top were pretty cool, but a little scary!!! I held on for dear life

up top corrie megan

Up top!! The view was incredible.

devil's head fire lookoutThere was actually a guy in that little cabin keeping watch for forest fires! There was also a little plaque talking about the woman who first started watching for forest fires there in 1919, climbing up on a wooden ladder!

After the hike, we said our goodbyes and headed back to Denver.

rainbow  I was thrilled to spot this rainbow. I hadn’t seen one in forever, but it reminded me that I actually used to see them more frequently in the DR (rainy season!).

If you count that little hike, we’ve been in the mountains 4 weekends in a row! Now I need to stay home and catch up on my reading, but we’re actually leaving for Minnesota on Friday! So excited to see my fam!

You Wish This Was A TBT


I’ve been dreaming about these for about a year now.

i love overalls

Now I look exactly like all of Kevin’s high school prom dates’ senior pictures!! I saw a box of them once at his parents’ house, and I was not jealous. Okay, so I had some too back in 2003!! I’ll dig up a pic sometime. But… they were a lot baggier (comfortable!), they were not “distressed”, and they covered my ankles. Of course Kevin had to ask the total dad question about why they have holes in them. Sooo hilarious.

Anyways hi! My summer teaching weeks have been super busy!!!!! I’ve condensed it into 6 weeks and only three days per week so I can’t complain. But those three days are super packed. So sadly, I’ve been missing all of the CrossFit. I have made up some at home though.

strict cindy wod

Our box was doing the benchmark wod Cindy this week, and I couldn’t make it because of my teaching schedule. So I did it at home…. with strict pull-ups.

20 minutes AMRAP:

  • 5 strict pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 air squats

I finished 10 rounds just after the buzzer. I worked hard to keep the pull-ups super strict so I had to take some breaks. That and I had a little interruption from Pipperdoodles who wanted to lick my face whenever I was doing push-ups.

boyd good hair.jpg

Boyd Bear wants to show his beachy summer hair look. The fluff is all natural. :)

starbucks brewedLook at this cold brew Starbucks I found at King Sooper’s last night!!!! It’s delicious and totally unsweetened. Drinking it this morning with my heavy whipping cream.

Okay, I have to go start cleaning. I have company coming this weekend, and I’m so excited!! My best roommate ever and her husband are visiting!! Yay.

Important Question: Have you ever worn overalls???


More 4th


Before we left town for our little 14er trip, we went to the 10AM 4th of July CrossFit class.

For Independence Day, we did the hero wod, Nutts.


For time:
10 Handstand push-ups
185 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
25 Box jumps, 24 inch box
50 Pull-ups
100 Wallball shots, 14 pounds, 10′
200 Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 25lb plate

nutts hero wod

We were all a little nervous about this one going into it – 50 pull-ups! 100 wall balls! in the middle of a wod?! I was so thankful there were only 10 hspus because high volume hspus are trouble for me. And I got lucky because double unders are my jam. I decided to rep the whole thing out with a friend, and it was really fun suffering through it all together. The pull-ups ended up being fine. I can’t do huge sets, but I’m getting pretty good at doing 4 0r so and getting right back on the bar. We finished in just over 31 minutes with the main hang-up turning out to be those dang wall balls which we did in 10 sets of 10 exactly.

kevin hero wod

And we managed to beat Kevin in the door by a minute or two so that was a bonus.

After the wod, we went home and got ready to head over to Breckenridge.

kevin dogs backseat

The last one in the door has to sit in the back with both of the dogs!! Haha. This picture is SO PIPPA!!!! My little princess.

hiking in breckenridge

As soon as we got to the condo, we dropped off our stuff and headed out for a little hike.

hiking with friends

It’s always fun hanging out with people who get just as restless as me and need to move!!!

boyd after a hikeOkay, so Boyd could take or leave exercise. But he sure managed to get dirty. He loves water and managed to “slip” into the mountain stream several times.

Later that evening, we checked out the art festival in town, went to dinner at Mi Casa, and caught some fireworks. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and plotting out our 14er trip.

Back to the present, tonight we were back to our regular 7PM CrossFit class and got to do EMOM for 15 minutes: 2 squat cleans @ 105lbs and 20 double unders. For once the EMOM was paired with something I can do!!! I hate heavy lifts paired with hspus or toes to bar for EMOM workouts. In the strength portion, I was really gunning for a 140 squat clean but today wasn’t the day. It was super humid in there, and I was just feeling a little shaky. Next time!! Good night!



Our First 14er – Mount Democrat


In Colorado, there’s this thing where all the outdoorsy people love to climb 14ers — peaks that are above 14,000 feet. Kevin and I have always thought about doing one, but we’re not the type to plan ahead and be prepared to leave early on a weekend to climb a mountain. That’s just the way it is.

But our friend Anna generously invited us to stay at her family’s condo in Breckenridge over the weekend and we ended up planning to climb a nearby 14er! Mt.Democrat is a Class 2 (out of 5, Class 1 is the easiest), and it was just really convenient.

mt democrat 14er


It turns out that you don’t have to leave at 6AM to climb a 14er. I’m not a morning person.  Kevin was sweet and got up and made us some breakfast, and we left the condo a little before 8AM to begin our climb at around 8:45. There were a fair number of people out there (including some crazies camping!!), but it wasn’t really crowded.

mt democrat climbing first 14er.jpg

For whatever reason, I can always totally cream Kevin at running, cardio, and anything endurance related. But get that boy on a mountain and he sets a GRUELING pace. We didn’t take a break at all for almost an hour. Kevin might forget sometimes that he’s a little taller than us which really comes into play when there are many steep passages and rocks. Here we are finally taking short breather, and Kevin had the nerve to take a pic. Haha. I refused to look at the phone because I was feeling feisty.

For the most part, it was manageable although a little bit more difficult than I expected. I know a lot of people who aren’t really into working out climb 14ers so I kind of thought it would be cake.  Haha. A little bit of an underestimation. Although really, I guess it was less the fitness part and more the being out in the elements and scrambling over rocks that I wasn’t crazy about. It wasn’t really scary or dangerous. It just made me impatient, but that’s a personal problem. Haha.

rocks 1.jpg

Not really a visible path. Just rocks, rocks everywhere!


More rocks!!!!!! Of course, these two pics were taken on the way down. Honestly, I had no time to safely have my iPhone out taking pictures on the way up. We only ended up taking one more break to put our jackets on when it started to get really windy. Other than that, just extremely brief sips of water (yes, we brought water! We are so proud of ourselves since we tend to be super unprepared).

yay we made it.jpg

Yay, we made it!! A fellow hiker took a pic of us at the summit. It took us about 1 hour, 50 minutes to make it to the top. You could probably make it in 90 minutes if you don’t have any blind/prissy friends. And yes, I had my glasses on, but I took them off for pics since they sometimes ruin pictures with glare or sliding down over my eyes. I chose not to wear contacts because I was afraid of my eyes getting dry/tired, and I think that was a good choice.

The view was stunning. Even more so since we worked for it!! :)

mt emocrat.jpg

Mt.Emocrat. Haha. I inadvertently covered up the d in most of the pics. It was so fun being with Anna and seeing her reach this goal of climbing a 14er. All 3 of us feel like slightly more legit Coloradans with this checked off our list. But we’re still super Midwestern at heart. :)

kevin and me 14er.jpg

With my handsome husband!

Kevin was so awesome the entire weekend and putting up with us girls!!! Love him. Plus I love this pic because Pippa looks like she wants to run off the mountain. Trust me, she was looking for a shortcut. She did awesome, but she wasn’t impressed with the rocky passages either. We really debated whether or not to bring her, and I’m happy we did. She’s really the kind of girl who is happier when she’s with her family, and she loves exercise!!!

pippa sleepy girl

SLEEPY GIRL!!! She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the backseat.

We stayed at the peak for about 20 minutes before making the return trip down in a little over 90 minutes. My quads were burning a little since they were sore from the previous day’s CrossFit workout. And there was this fun moment where I was panicking about crossing a little… stream… on a (slippery!!!!!) log. Some strangers made fun of me. Thanks for that, guys. Still not outdoorsy. Another fun part was was people watching. People wear the most hilarious things while climbing 14ers. By the way, my little pink Nikes were totally fine for the hike (and it was my first time wearing them – haha – classic Corrie).

It was fun climbing with friends, but I don’t see myself making a goal of climbing 14ers regularly. For one thing, the lack of bathrooms made me nervous the entire time we were hiking. I know I’m in the minority in Colorado… I like the mountains. They are a gorgeous part of God’s creation. But I’m not obsessed. Plus the traffic is always lousy although I’m thankful we managed to time it pretty well for a holiday weekend!! But hey, it was a decent workout, and I’m happy we gave it a try. I’m also happy to be back at home on my couch. I know, such a little pessimist, but I promise I’ve made huge progress since my parents used to drag me away from books and shopping and into state parks! Yay!

Ever hiked a 14er? Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

21DSD Round 2


So 21DSD (21 Day Sugar Detox from the Practical Paleo/Balanced Bites people) Round 2 was Kevin’s idea!!!!! I’m so proud. He didn’t do it with me back in April when I did it the first time since he was traveling for business. I guess I sold him with the “this is soooo easy, I feel soooo great.” But he strategically planned his 21 days in between his birthday/our anniversary & our upcoming trip to Minnesota!!! Haha. I don’t care, I’m still proud. Kevin has a sweet tooth, and we both love our Diet Coke (no matter how many months I quit it for!! everyone who says they lose their taste for it is a LIAR!!!!!!!). We’re actually having a 21DSD kickoff cookout dinner tonight with some friends – one who will be joining us in this challenge and one who has no idea it’s a 21DSD dinner. Haha.

boyd cheeto dogHere’s Boyd Bear, cleaning out the evidence of our Baked Cheetos (because they’re soooo much healthier, guys) that were leftover from our anniversary trip. We didn’t feed him cheetos. He’s just licking the bag. :) I’d like to see him eat Flamin’ Hots sometime. I’m sure he’d go for it!

So anyways, we are just doing 21DSD to clean up our diet a bit. If you’re curious about what’s allowed, you can read this info. I’m a huge fan girl of the program because it’s not super restrictive and is just all about weaning you off the junk. I know I said it hasn’t worked for Diet Coke, but it has definitely worked for the pb m&ms. I know, I know, maybe you don’t want to lose your taste for your fave junk foods, but the thing is… they’re not really food!!!!! By the way, this is not a detox in the crazy, don’t eat for days, etc. way. I don’t really love that it has detox in the name because it makes it sound sort of like a fad diet, but it makes sense because you ARE detoxing from sugar and transitioning to  eating more real whole foods.

Getting started:

21dsd 1.jpg

Power greens/Tessemae’s dressing/spiralized sweet potato/The Original Brat Hans sausage.

21dsd 2.jpgChicken fajita bowl over tri-color coleslaw/Tessemae’s dressing.

21dsd happy meal.jpgMy 21DSD Happy Meal (with one small fail). It actually cheered me up today. Granny smith apple, Kerrygold grass fed cheese, The Original Brat Hans sausage, and Justin’s (original) almond butter. I guess this flavor of sausage has some maple syrup in it. Very small amount, much less sugar than the apple! But I won’t buy that flavor again during 21DSD. I’m just so used to buying the chicken/apple ones, but those tend to be slightly sweetened. I know this meal probably isn’t following the spirit of 21DSD, but I’m going to say it’s okay once in a while. Vegetables tonight!!!!

Here’s my 21DSD board and most of the paleo pins are good too.

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