Mid-Second Trimester: CrossFit + Workouts with Pillows

Even in the middle of my second trimester, I just can’t get into workouts that involve pillows. I just… can’t.

I’m not making this up!!!

workout with pillowsI ordered a few yoga/pilates dvds from the library and two of them have involved using a pillow. I just press next. I am trying to keep some balance in my fitness routine, but I have a hard enough time sticking with a regular yoga workout, much less an even slower-paced prenatal workout.

slim and toned prenatal

This prenatal barre dvd is the only one I’ve found that I can stand. It’s full of those super tiny but absolutely excruciating movements with lightweights. Kevin saw me doing it one day and asked if it was easy…. haha nope. I can push press 135lbs, but make me hang on to 2.5lb plates for ten minutes straight…. owwwwwww. I’m also going to try Baby Bells which I ordered today in a fit of frustration. Haha. :)

Weeks 18-22 at CrossFit:

I don’t do:

  • hspus — I pretty much stopped with these when I found out I was pregnant. They are one of my worst skill anyways so I’m not going to add to that the struggle of my increased body weight. Plenty of people do them, but they are debatable, and it didn’t hurt a bit to let them go. I still do short handstand holds just so I don’t forget how to kick up against the wall. Took me MONTHS to build up the courage to do that for the first time. :)
  • buddy carries — have randomly come up in a few workouts. No one really wants to carry me AND my baby. Plus I don’t feel comfortable having someone on my back right now.
  • sandbag get-ups — were on the board one day and just seemed like a bad idea. I have a hard enough time sitting up in bed. I just passed on those.
  • 1 rep maxes — we’re not really on a strength-heavy cycle right now, but it’s pretty clear I won’t be maxing out anytime soon.
  • rope climbs — Skipping for obvious reasons.


  • burpees — they came up on Saturday, and I was like… I don’t knoooow…. But I tried it, and I still have good control. My stomach’s not hitting the ground first. So as long as I’m not aggressively going “for time”… I can handle it. I also did burpee box jumps last week… very slowly. Like I did 5-6/minute. It was in an AMRAP or I probably would’ve passed.
  • box jumps — did them last week. I know I’m not going to be one of the people that does them all the way through. The minute I think I could biff it, they’re out.
  • pull-ups — I’ve been too scared to try a strict pull-up lately. I’m 99% sure I’ve lost it. Kipping pull-ups are not my favorite either. Sets of 2 make my life a miserable.
  • running — haha. okay. I’m not going to quit running, but it sucks!!! I feel so confused when I run. Like — why am I going sooooo slow?!?!?! It’s like I’m in slow motion.


  • Double unders. They are only trick I have left. I think because I am extremely efficient with them. They actually irritate me less than things like power cleans & push presses because the jump is smaller and under my complete robotic control.
  • Squats. Feel really good so far.
  • That’s it.

Some notable wods:

  • 400m max effort run- 1:41 (9/15) Longer than a true 400, and on crappy sidewalks so I was careful.
  • 500m row max effort – 1:48.3 (9/8) Technically a pr since I didn’t have one on record.
  • 1000m row max effort- 3:58.3 (9/29) 12 seconds slower than my pr. 4 minutes is now too long for me to go my hardest. :/
  • Helen benchmark wod – 16:20 RX (9/24) A lousy time, but technically a pr since I’d never done it. Haha. Might be the last “for time” workout I will do that includes pull-ups, depending on the rep scheme.
  • DT hero wod – 14:12 @ 95lbs. I’ve rx’ed this workout before (105lbs) so it stung a little bit to drop the weight. It was the right decision. But it didn’t hurt to realize that I still probably have 105 in me since I did all the push jerks (the hardest element) unbroken.
  • The only workouts I ever really do as well as I would normally are those that are heavy on the double unders. But I still take waayyy more breaks than I normally would.


Haha. Just being honest. I have a lot of feelings about my slipping abilities. It sucks to look at at a workout and just be like nope, that’s not going to happen. It sucks going into a workout knowing full well that your time will be worse than the last time you did it or that you need to drop the weight. If I look at Wodify, and it’s a wod that will just crush my spirit, I choose to stay home and work on skills here. I am trying to still go into my box at least 4x a week just to participate, see my friends, and make sure I’m not totally “cherry picking.”

That said, of course I know (mentally) that this is just a season, and it will pass. Yes, I’m thankful that I’ve been extremely healthy and that the baby is doing great! I know it sounded maybe a little like I was complaining about my loss of skills, but I am diligent about not pushing myself too hard. I know for some people that wouldn’t be hard.. haha. They can embrace the couch time a little easier as needed, and good for them! But for me, I’m hypersensitive, naturally more determined than I’d sometimes like to be, and extra emo right now so it’s hard for me to lose my favorite hobby while going through a season that is (for me) emotionally difficult. The timing seems unfair!!!

On a positive note, I feel like I’m finally out of pregnancy denial (haha), and I even feel like I’ve bonded a little bit with the baby. I mean, I told Kevin I thought one of the ultrasound pics was cute… that’s obviously a face only a mother could love. <3

How to deal:

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I take a lot of breaks, I have more time to see what other people are doing and cheer them on. I’m sure this sounds ridiculous if you don’t CrossFit, but yes, we cheer for people while we workout! Similarly, my CF BFF is going to be in her first competition outside of our gym this week. I’m trying to focus some of my energy on trying to encourage her. Okay, so maybe I’ve been bossing her around a lot and trying to help her with her double unders. You can take the teacher out of the school…  Plus, hey, it’s not all about me!

Secondly, Is that sometimes I just want to quit now. It’s hard to just know that each week will be “downhill.” But, I don’t just exercise for me anymore. I do what I can for my baby and my family. So I guess I’m trying to look at it less as competing and more as just training. Also, training for labor & delivery… GROSS!!!! :) I’ve had several CrossFit moms tell me how much they feel their training helped them, especially mentally during labor.

Finally, I still always feel much better once I workout. It also helps greatly with fatigue and having the energy to keep up with my business and my piano students.

Sorry if you had to read that. I’m trying to stay positive, but I also think it sometimes can help to know that you’re not the only crazy one feeling a particular way so I thought I’d share.

So anyways:

boyd is cut

Boyd is CUTE!!!

P.S. I love following the birthfit Instagram! Don’t worry, it’s not people giving birth. Just super fit pregnant ladies.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Ballet!

This weekend we went to the Colorado Ballet‘s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and it turns out that the baby seems to love Mendelssohn! By the way, the tickets can be very reasonable, especially if you follow their Facebook page where they often post discount codes. Our seats weren’t the best in the world, but they were only $24 for this performance!

kevin and corrie ballet 22 weeksKevin is sweet and actually enjoys going to the ballet — I know he’s not faking because I actually invited a friend first and he still wanted to come. Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to wear that handsome Ben Sherman suit. I should have gotten a better shot of it since the lighting isn’t great here. It’s actually navy, and the cut is amazing!! Okay, it’s just fun to get to go out with my husband in suit for any reason!

corrie anna ballet1

We can do more than just CrossFit! Yes, we look slightly coordinated. No, it wasn’t planned (this time). My dress is miraculously not a maternity dress — I took a shot in the dark with the Asos Wrap Front Mini Dress, and it worked out great. Usually the word “wrap” is good luck for pregnant people. It’s really not a dress, it was plenty long even with my 22 week old baby hiding underneath in a regular US6. I love Asos so much. My clutch was a find from a recent Kate Spade sale, and I think it’s totally sold out. The cool part about it is that it can fit a book! Or a pair of flip-flops! Maybe both.

corrie and anna at the balletWe had so much fun! Pretty soon it’s going to be a lot more challenging for us to attend ballets and concerts so we are soaking it up while we can. I have a few more concerts planned for this fall. By the way, I think nude heels are definitely a must while pregnant!! I know it’s “easy” now because this is my first baby, but I’m all about lengthening out a little bit!

Two quick questions —

What else would you try to do (for fun!!! not the chores) before the baby comes? The bigger I get, the more reluctant I get to leave the house. Ever. So we’ll see what actually happens!

Any thoughts on a maternity coat? I am not going through the whole winter without them. Denver is pretty mild, but I am outside every single day. I’m really not the type to wear my husband’s coat or an oversized puffer. I actually ordered a Lululemon jacket two sizes too big (it’s returnable!!! – haha), but it’s already feeling uncomfortable. Boo. So I’m going to send it back. I’m feeling nervous about it since it could randomly start snowing any day here. I’m just crossing my fingers that Asos will come out with something because I’m not overly fond of all the parka options from places like H&M and the Gap. I know most people say they wouldn’t waste the money on it, but I’m trying to avoid the I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear meltdowns as much as possible. And I have to shovel a lot! Kevin leaves for work too early so if it snows at any point during the day, I have to shovel before my piano students arrive. Haha. Unless Hannah is here. :)

P.S. No clear winners on baby names yet, but we’re working on it!

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Baby Boy Names!

baby names hipster pabst


hello, my name is pabst this book is hilarious! I checked it out from the library a while back. I discovered today that they have a blog with fun, hipster real baby names and pics.

I’ve always had a thing for names so the very first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant was The Baby Name Wizard book. It’s been on my nightstand ever since. When I was a kid, I used to check out baby name books from the library (seriously!!!) and use them to find names for characters in stories I was writing. The first thing I did when I wrote a story was compose a list of possible names for my heroines. I also took naming my dolls very seriously! I usually named them after book characters; Barbara Jill was a special favorite.

Kevin and I talked about baby names casually over the summer. I have a girl’s name totally set as well as a few waiting in the wings. But a boy’s name? I eventually gave up and decided I would worry about it if it turned out to be a boy… which it did! Uh oh!

Challenge #1: I have found “Kreisel” (pronounced like cry-zull) to be an extremely difficult last name to pair with boy names. It pains me to type this, but I’ve officially eliminated my #1 favorite boy name – Cormac. Cormac Kreisel sounds terrible. It LOOKS beautiful, but try saying it out loud. It either sounds super choppy if you try to enunciate it or it sounds like one word. For whatever reason, I seem to gravitate towards boy names that end with “c” or “k.”

Challenge #2: I don’t want to use a 2014 (or worse 2013!!) sounding name. I don’t want a name like (no offense) Finn, Oliver, Julian, Owen, Liam. Love those names, but every one of my kindergarten piano students is named them. I do realize that every mom ever says: “I’d never heard of that name until after I named my child it…” It’s bound to happen, but I’ll at least try. I’d rather have a very traditional name like Henry. Yes, it’s experiencing a resurgence, but it doesn’t scream early 2000’s! I also like Bennett/Beckett, but same issue. We also discarded the name Breccan (it means freckled!!!) because it has that same ring to it… and we live a little too close to Breckenridge. Maybe if we moved away someday!

Challenge #3: I really prefer a longer, more formal name with a good nickname. Something cute that I can call a baby! I’m a big nickname person. Do you know how many nicknames our dogs have? I also love double names or very useable middle names.

Challenge #4: I feel like names that end in “in” or “en” sound really good with Kriesel. Or names that begin with a c/k (I got lucky!!!). For example: Colin Kreisel flows beautifully, but for me, that’s a b-list name. After I write this post, I’m probably going to end up naming my kid one of the ones I said I wouldn’t. :)

Challenge #5: I don’t want an androgynous name. I love my name. I’ve always liked it, even though I get called “Carrie” all the time and no one has ever been able to spell ANY of my names (Corrie, Kreisel, McMillin…. all shots in the dark with those vowels!!!). I also don’t want a boy’s name that’s been stolen by the girl’s team: Addison, Emerson, Grayson, etc. That’s just my personal preference. It’s a boy, and I’d like to give him a masculine name. For me, that also means that it can’t be too fanciful. It can be creative, but I don’t want to venture into the realm of fancy!!

Challenge #6: I’d like to include a family name or at least something meaningful. We have a short list of names that would work, but I won’t list them here since I may incorporate them somehow. I also prefer Irish/German names since that’s both of our background. Yes, I know everybody wants to be Irish these days, but I actually am!  

Are those enough rules for you?! The good news is that Kevin and I came up with ONE lonely name possibility over the weekend, but it really needs the perfect middle name for it to work. It’s a really legitimate name that’s been around forever, it has a good nickname, and I know a lot of people would hate it!  Notice how I said “and” not “but.” Haha. And a few family members might struggle to pronounce it. So it’s not totally perfect, but it was in my dream last night. That has to be a good sign!!!

And no, we will not be sharing the baby’s name before he arrives and it’s written in ink on the birth certificate. :)

What’s your best baby boy name for us? Do you love your name? Where’d it come from? I’m named after Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch Christian who helped Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during WWII. She was later imprisoned and wrote books about it. I think my mom originally heard her story on the radio. My middle name “Ann with an e” is a family name, but the Anne of Green Gables reference doesn’t make me like it any less.

P.S. Your hipster baby name generator.

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We found out on Thursday that, come around February 5, 2015, Pippa Cordelia & I will be officially outnumbered.

easter outnumberedKevin + Boyd + Baby Boy = 3

Pippa Cordelia + Me = 2

In case you needed that spelled out! It was basically an Easter miracle that we got the above photo, and I can’t imagine trying to get both dogs + a baby someday!!!

So the ultrasound went great. I wore all pink, even hot pink shoes! And that didn’t seem to change the outcome one bit. We hadn’t even gotten a chance to look at the screen when the technician announced that it’s a boy!!! The ultrasound was extremely in-depth. I had absolutely no idea how intense it would be. We saw, measured, counted, and documented every single little body part in detail. At times, the technician would ask me if I was okay. Haha. i was fine, I just don’t always know what to say the first time I see the baby’s kidneys! :) Plus I was still in shock about finding out that it’s a boy. Maybe I’ll touch on that experience another time. I’m incredibly thankful that everything looks good with our baby boy, but at the same time I was not-so-secretly hoping it was a girl. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to crush him for life if he finds out someday so I’m not afraid to post it on the internet. :)

Yes, the ultrasound was “cool”, but I didn’t want/need all the extra information that I didn’t realize would be provided along with it. I know it’s just medical professionals doing their jobs and informing me on every little detail so they won’t get in trouble, but from my experience it can really be TMI! When everyone asks me how the ultrasound went, I say – great!!! Because I really am confident that the baby is doing really well — 11 ounces!!! But, I feel like I can’t go to the doctor or any other procedure without them coming up with something for me to worry about. It’s almost like they think I wouldn’t pay them if they didn’t find anything “wrong.” This time, the technician and doctor shared with us that in our baby’s heart there’s some type of “soft marker” for Down’s. I didn’t really take notes because I have no interest in Googling it up. Now, I will say that I’m grateful that they didn’t overhype it. In fact, they told us that it actually technically does nothing to increase my “risk” – it just doesn’t lower it. After they tried to sell me on taking some more tests, which I immediately passed on, the doctor told me that he would be astounded if my baby turned out to have Down’s. For me, I didn’t really care to know if my baby has risk factors, especially for Down’s which isn’t even preventable… unless I can miraculously make myself… younger. Haha.

So at both my first doctor visit (blood pressure) and my first & only ultrasound, I feel (keyword: feel) like they brought up a “problem” that isn’t really even there… which really just causes me undue stress. Neither are a big deal, but when you’re already somewhat of a health care skeptic, they’re not doing a whole lot to encourage me about the whole process. In fact, now that I’ve heard the heartbeat and seen the baby, I wish I could just wait until I was in labor to go back. My next visit is a round of blood tests for things I know I don’t have and another chance for me to have a bad blood pressure reading. Haha. I know I take things personally and make more of a big deal about things than some people would, but so far I’ve found the whole process incredibly annoying. I’m really not trying to have a bad attitude so hopefully everything will be smooth from here on out. I’m also constantly thankful for how great I feel! I feel almost totally normal!!! Until I heard the heartbeat, I wasn’t altogether convinced that I was even pregnant. While I do think there is an element of luck involved, I do attribute quite a bit of it to healthy eating and exercise! And ice cream as needed. I feel the best on days when I exercise around noon (so spoiled with my schedule) and go for a few short walks with Pippa when I need some energy.

Next week I have to chart my eating to bring to my next doctor’s appointment, so we’ll see what they say about my paleo-ish habits. I have been upping the organic/grassfed dairy so hopefully that will appease them on some of the dairy/grains suggestions that they have. I’m happy to at least be going to a practice that encourages exercise and recommends good nutrition as a preventive measure.

Is the oldest in your family a girl or a boy? What do you think some of the perks are of having a boy (first)? Of course, I loved having an older brother, so in a way I know it’s great. Also, I know it’s going to be a money saver. Our baby still has a total of one… onesie!

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My Thirties So Far + Halfway Plus One

It’s been a whole week so I guess you could say I’m pretty knowledgeable about being a thirty-something! :)

birthday cards

My birthday flowers are starting to die, but the cards are staying out for the rest of birthday month!! Doesn’t it look like they’re a little color coordinated? Funny!

hiking in Golden

This weekend Kevin and I headed over to Golden for a little hike. We  didn’t really feel like doing anything this weekend, but the weather was too beautiful not to get outside… even for me. And it was ten degrees cooler in Golden which was nice because it was almost 90 in Denver. Random CO weather!

flamin hot cheeto on the ground tragedyFor once, I found something in nature that I actually recognized! It was a stray flamin’ hot cheeto. No, I did not pick it up and eat it. :)

caribou coffee northern lite dark chocolate coolers

We took a little detour to Caribou Coffee to pick up some Northern Lite Dark Chocolate Coolers. So delicious. Much better than PSL! :)

Baby K updates: Hey, the baby is 21 weeks old!! Past halfway! So the first half went pretty fast, but my guess is that the second half won’t!! We’ll see.

First, the fitness. I’m still going to CrossFit 4-5x per week. I typically skip handstand push-up day whenever it comes up. I know I could do a modification, but I just don’t feel like going when that’s one of the main movements of the day. So I’d rather choose another day to go.

Monday — I had a good wod thanks again to double unders.

3x 15 front squats @ 100lbs and 50 double unders

I finished in 4:48. I did all of the squats & dubs unbroken. The squats honestly felt easier than last time I did reps at 100 a few weeks ago. I would rest briefly during the squats, but I wasn’t about to even think about putting the bar down. So I just kept going. I took a really long break at the beginning of rounds 2 & 3, and still managed to come up with a decent time. Thank you, double unders!!!!!

Tuesday — was HSPU day. So I decided to workout at home.

Strength: 3 sets of 10 strict presses at 45lbs


Deadlift, 95/65 lbs
Hang Power Clean, 95/65 lbs
Front Squat, 95/65 lbs
Push Jerk, 95/65 lbs

It was harder than I thought it would be and it took me about 15 minutes… with a lot of breaks. I guess I’m lazier sometimes at home, but I’m okay with being extra careful when I don’t have supervision.

Today — I see we have both Toes 2 Bar and Burpee Box Jumps to deal with. I haven’t tried either in a while so we shall see!! I can tell you that my burpees are much slower!!! They used to be one of my best things, and now they are… not!!!!

First (real) doctor visit: I had my first visit to Mountain Midwifery at about 19.5-20 weeks. I had previously been to a local doctor’s office, but all they did there was take my vitals and give me another pregnancy test. Mountain Midwifery is a birth center, and hearing about it from a friend was one of the reasons I felt like… okay, MAYBE I can do this. I’m a big hospital/traditional medicine skeptic — I’m thankful for it, but I think it’s overrated when it comes to the smaller things… like basic prenatal care for healthy women. I pretty much just want to be left alone as much as possible and as much is safe for my baby. I don’t want a million tests done, and I’ve seen so many times where extra doctor visits just add anxiety for expectant mothers.

So anyways, our first visit was delayed a bit by our summer vacation to MN. The midwifery requires you to attend an orientation/tour before you can even get an appointment. They’re trying to weed out the weaklings! Just kidding, but I understand their reasoning. I had read every single piece of information about them online (including Yelp reviews and personal blogs from local moms) so the orientation was nothing new to me, and I signed up for an appointment ASAP — which ended up being about a month out. I was most concerned about hearing the baby’s heartbeat. I told the midwife that my main goal of the appointment was just to make sure that the baby was alive.

Unfortunately, the first thing they did was take my blood pressure. Only once in my adult life have I gotten an accurate blood pressure reading on the first try (really good nurse who made me laugh). Every other time, they take it. They take one look at me. And they just say,”That can’t be right.” And do it again. This time, the nurse took it, and said something about it being high. I kind of told her, yeah, that’s normal. It happened last year when I just went in for a physical, but just try it again or whatever. But then she started telling me that if I have high blood pressure I’ll be “risked out” of the practice. Wow. That really helped me calm down. Haha! More like it totally freaked me out because I have no back-up plan!!!! So she told me they’d take it again at the end of my appointment. So then of course, I was spent the entirety of my first doctor’s appointment being worried about my bp reading. Just to be clear, I’m not concerned at all about my bp. I know it’s fine. I’m just concerned about getting a bad reading. But then we heard the baby’s heartbeat, which was really amazing!! And so weird. It took a minute for her to find the baby, and she was laughing. Kevin and I are all like… we are first time parents, lady, what are you laughing about!?!???! But I guess the baby was just moving around a lot. The heartbeat was on the fast side so I’m hoping that’s a sign it’s a girl!!

So back to the blood pressure situation. The midwife decided that they had been using to small of a cuff on my arm (haha) which can apparently affect your reading. She also said that I have an irregular heartbeat — which no one has ever told me before — so that can also make it more difficult. She put on a larger cuff, I tried to think happy thoughts (and not hold my breath), and my blood pressure was fine. The bottom number was actually fine both times, but I’m just glad it turned out. But now I’m just nervous about it for like the next 10x I have to go to the dr during this pregnancy (ugh, way too many, I was not happy to see the list). But they put a note to take my bp last and to use a larger cuff. Hopefully that will help.

I’m sure that was super fascinating to all of you. But guess what tomorrow is?! First ultrasound… wish me luck! Of course, I’m nervous about that too. I don’t really have anxiety overall, but I just take things a little more seriously. Haha. But we are really excited to see the baby for the first time!!!  And yes, we’re planning to find out of it’s a girl/boy.

P.S. I miss drinking unlimited amounts of coffee. So much.

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too much birthday + answer to common blog question

For my birthday, I had a big day of sitting around and doing nothing planned. That called for some refreshments!

junk food too muchYou only turn 30 while pregnant once so I took the grocery (and i use the term “grocery” loosely) shopping very seriously.

Since my birthday falls on a Wednesday during one of Kevin’s busiest seasons at work, I was pretty much Home Alone all day. But he spoiled me well before & after. And I got lucky because my CF BFF got a call that she didn’t have to go in to work until 1PM so we could hang out!

common grounds lattes

We went to Common Grounds for some beautiful lattes and talked for about two hours. Like we do!

mother runner socks wod birthday 30And then it was time for a BIRTHDAY WOD!!!!! My box had scheduled handstand push-ups and toes-to-bar….. nope, that’s definitely not happening on my pregnant birthday. I don’t like either of those two movements on a good day, but I’m choosing not do hspus while pregnant. So I passed.

Buy-in: row 30cal,

Then 9 rounds of:

  • 10 plate ground to overhead
  • 10 plate squats
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 deadlifts at 135lbs

Cash-out: 300m plate run

Took my sweet time… and it took FOREVER. But that’s okay. I had fun. Aren’t my socks cute? They were a gift from my CF BFFs from Sox Box. They are awesome — if you have thick calves (just totally hypothetically) they go all the way up to your knees. Hooray!!! Some of my Reebok CrossFit-specific socks can’t quite hack that.

And now on to a common question that often leads people to my blog:

Should you eat flamin’ hot cheetos after a workout? Or some variation… should I eat them before a workout (NO!!!!!!!!!)… Isn’t that funny? I must have mentioned Flamin’ Hots a lot back in 2009 or so. I blame teaching middle schoolers — they’re the ones who taught me!!

flamin hot cheetos mac n cheese

What is this disturbing concoction? That would be flamin’ hot cheetos on top of Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese. It was delicious. And guess what? I haven’t lost my taste for flamin’ hots. I go for YEARS without eating them, and I still love them. Of course, I didn’t feel great about a half an hour later…. Good thing the only thing I had to do at that point was lounge in bed and read books.

right coast pizza wheat ridge

Dinner with Kevin at Right Coast Pizza… totally random place to choose to go for my birthday dinner, but I’ve been admiring their patio ever since my younger brother started going to college in Lakewood.

right coast pizza

pic from Right Coast Pizza

Something about the lights in the tree that I can’t resist. Haha.

Kevin was sweet and let me order pizza with pineapple — my fave!!!

cake berry chantilly whole foods

Cake time!!!! Kevin usually makes me a Funfetti cake, but this year I requested the Berry Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods. The frosting is amazing and plentiful. And the cake is actually good too.

boyd cheeto dog flamin hot

Of course, we couldn’t resist giving Boyd Bear a few flamin’ hots. That dog loves spicy food!!! We always give him a little taste of our jalapeño mustard too because we’re the best dog parents ever.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to eat normal actual food yesterday! I think a big cheat day is totally fine once in a while, partly because it makes you never want to do it again. I didn’t work out again until the next day at 7PM to make sure it all settled.

What cake do you usually choose to have for your birthday? Have a great weekend!!!! 

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30! – Gratitude List

I’m 30 today!!! You might say that I’m on the emotional side, but I strangely haven’t cared at all about leaving my 20’s. It’s not such a milestone for me compared to things like graduating college, international moves, getting married, cross-country moves, having a baby, etc. Plus the fact that Kevin has been in his thirties for a few years already doesn’t hurt. <3

For my thirtieth birthday, I heard about the idea of creating gratitude lists on one of my favorite podcasts, and I decided to give it a try.

Here are 30 (of many!!!) things I’m grateful for this year. Obviously some are serious and some are frivolous – they are just what came to me today!

1. Three years of marriage to my hot & hilarious husband. I love him so much, and I never imagined marriage could be this good. See also: online dating (it works!).

three years

2. Hearing our baby’s heartbeat yesterday. Talk about weird. And wonderful.
3. Our families. I feel so fortunate to love both sides and that we get to see them fairly regularly. Probably more now that we’re going to have a baby. I love my sibs!!!! Haha. I’m afraid that means I might have to do this pregnancy thing more than once….
4. My first piano. And my second. I always said my piano would be the first piece of furniture in my house, and it pretty much was (when I finally stopped moving what felt like every 6 months).
 5. My jobI love my little studio, all of my students, and their parents. This year I’ve accepted a limited number (for obvious reasons), and my core group is just truly incredible. I am so proud of them. I’ve been known to tear up in their lessons (when they’ve been practicing… or sometimes when they haven’t).
6. The Wabasha 5 & all my college besties. Friends are friends forever….
7. My church & gospel community (church) group. Some of the girls:
girls gc group
 The only thing I would skip CrossFit for on Tuesday nights. :) The families, the food, just sharing our lives with each other and praying together. We’re all so different that nothing else that probably nothing else could have brought us together, but I love them all. And many of them have babies so we got a good preview of what we’re about to be up against.
8. My CrossFit box & coaches. And my muscles. My happy hour. You know I love it.
 9. My CF BFFs. Who have become so much more. Plus who else can listen to your post-wod analysis on a daily basis??? Who else can’t resist the urge to carry heavy things or jump on random rocks.
on wednesdays we wear pink
 10. BOYD & PIPPA!!! My first babies. I love them to death. This is gong to sound totally ridiculous, but I’m totally consciously savoring the last days just snuggling in bed with just Pipperdoodles before I have a human baby.
b and p
11. Living in Denver. I’m far from being a Colorado fanatic, but I love Denver. The weather! My super fun neighborhood! My favorite restaurants. The amazing performing arts complex!
13. Starbucks & Caribou. Love them both, and I’m not too hipster for chain coffee shops. Plus, just saying, the local baristas love me. Okay, and mmm…. Coffee! 
 14. Books. & Libraries. And the Tattered Cover.
books!!!15. Bacon. And Sweet potatoes.
16. Cooking & eating (a lot of) Paleo
17. Freckles. A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.
my freckles corrie
 18. My pink Papillionaire.
papilionaire19. Spotify. Ingrid & Regina & Yuja
20. My Dominican son.
And Yo-Yo and my best roommate ever and all my other friends there! I miss you!!!
21. Sprouts (grocery store) & Sweet Cow (ice cream).
22. Being super healthy and my family is too.
23. Nanos, Lululemon, tall socks, and cute workout clothes.  Do you think what you wear to the gym matters?
24. Sunshine. Hello Sunshine! Aka Kristy
25. Sewing! My new hobby. Or at least pinning projects to sew one day. One or the other. :)
26. My iPhone. Technology has pretty much always been a positive thing in my life. Connecting me with people I love and helping me not have to make…. phone calls!! Haha.
27. Candles. Especially these. I got it in one on sale, and it’s amazing. Candles really have a calming effect on me.
28. Jeopardy! 
29. Scrabble & crossword puzzles.
30. Grace. All is grace.
My only goal for my 30th year? Growing a human and keeping it alive. :)
 What are you extra thankful for today? 

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