while he sleeps… (7-8 Weeks)

I have a sleepy baby today!sleepy baby

He’s 7 weeks today! And no, it hasn’t gone fast. :) I love this time with him as my only little baby. Just the two of us at home. Even if he’s had a few challenging days lately. Tuesday and Wednesday this week, he pretty much thought it was a good idea to not nap at all during the day. Thankfully, he still slept really well at night. don't leave me

On those days, EJ’s all like… do not move that hand. If you move that hand, I will wake up!!!!!  :) imawake

I’m asleep! Just kidding, I’m AWAKE! Haha. Oh EJ. But check out this baby trick: baby trick

Makes me so happy!!! :) Yes, I think he’s adorable. And I’ll admit it, I LOVE when people fawn over him!! He’s typically in a baby carrier when we go out so they can’t get too close for comfort, but we don’t mind a little admiration from strangers. Haha. I worked hard to grow that baby. <3 Let’s talk about Easter!! Sadly, I feel like I missed out on the whole season of Lent this year, because I was focused on getting that baby out of me and keeping him alive. But we still got to celebrate Easter Sunday! easter decorating

My super awesome decorating. Threw some glitter eggs from Target on the piano. But hey, the piano is pastel!

EASTER 2 Some of the Easter spread (ham is covered)…. and I definitely didn’t make homemade cinnamon rolls. It was so tempting for me to want to do it. But no. Just no!!! We had a group of friends over, and they all brought sides to share. It was really fun. My friends were surprised that I wanted to have people over already at 6 weeks, but it’s kind of easier to deal with your baby at home. Plus Kevin — super helpful! His muscles aren’t just for show. :) EASTER3

The old EJK outfit strikes again! It fits him better now!! :) We didn’t make a big effort to get a family pic because I didn’t have the patience for it. And we’re getting a few photos taken for Mother’s Day, so I’ll leave it to the pros.

Continued today… One week later because I’m a mom and time got away from me. Edmund is 8 weeks now! :) 

This has been my last normal week of maternity leave! My first students will be returning on Monday evening! I will be working less than 10 direct contact hours per week with my students, and the rest of the work can be done from my nightstand office. The best news is that we’ve found a fabulous babysitter to care for Edmund out of our home while I’m teaching! Hooray!!! She’s probably more qualified than I am to work with a baby, and I know EJ will love her. It’s just going to be a lot for mama to keep organized on teaching days!! I’ve decided not to try to fill my schedule at this point although I may accept a few students from my waiting list when my babysitter’s college classes are over for the summer. I’m thankful to be in a situation where I’m not pressured to go back to work full-time right away and can ease into it slowly.


Probably the most exciting part of this last week was a visit from Grandpa! Kevin’s dad was able to spend a quick weekend with us, and he loves giving Edmund and the dogs lots of attention. Super Grandpa!!! :)

My baby’s awake again so time for an Ergo walk!!!! The snow/rain are finally starting to go away. That’s crazy Colorado for you, but we love it here. <3 :)

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6 Week Update

6 weeks of loving this beautiful baby!

I’m fully embracing my first time mom status and fawning over every little thing my baby does. Or doesn’t do. He’s a really cute sleeper! I’m taking a million pictures and probably making a thousand mistakes, but I’m (mostly) loving every minute of it. I have never cried more happy/sappy tears in my life, but it’s wonderful and worth it.

6 week

Weeks 5-6 have been definitely been a sweet spot for me! The worst of the postpartum business has passed (as far as I know, my appointment is on Monday), and I’m able to just hang out with my baby. And he’s way cooler than I thought he’d be!! And cuter!!! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I put him in skinny jeans….

skinny jeans

Those things were tricky to fit over his diaper! Full disclosure, I’m just going to admit this, he is not wearing a onesie under that hoody. He didn’t seem to mind. :) The happy noises he makes are the sweetest thing. Kevin and I will do anything to encourage him to make them because they make us MELT!!!!

Our “bad” was definitely that Kevin had to take a little business trip! He just got back yesterday from a two night trip to the cities (Minneapolis). EJ and I were home alone for the first time. It was difficult, but it went really well. Edmund slept like a little angel and just generally made his mama’s life easy. However, we did conquer going out by ourselves for the first few times. It’s seriously so much to think about – diaper bag, car seat, keys, phone, wallet…. I was so used to leaving the house with maybe a credit card tucked into my iPhone case. Now it’s much more of a production.

book babies

I took Edmund to Book Babies at the library — singing, playing, bubbles, and balls. He wasn’t overly impressed, but all the other bigger babies were smitten with him!!! So he didn’t mind that part.


By the time the bubbles came out, he was ready for a nap. Oh well. It’s definitely more for mom at this age, and I loved bringing him to the library for his first time. So many fun firsts!!!!! I wished I could get a nerdier picture with books, but we’ll do that another time!! We also went for a walk with a neighbor mama we met this week and went to lunch with some friends!!! That was a lot of social activity for me. I usually hunker down at home when Kevin’s out of town so it was a challenge for me, but it was fun!

sleeping cuties

I didn’t even pose that. Edmund definitely got his awesome sleeping skills from his dad who can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, and has been known to get smacked in the face by his iPad when he falls asleep. :)

Now order has been restored to our little family. It was wonderful watching their reunion after Kevin was gone for two days. They were both THRILLED!

kevin and ej

Isn’t that the sweetest? I already ordered a framed copy because it’s priceless!!!!

mama and edmund

Mama and Edmund had their own priceless moment this week before church. Okay, it helped that I’d gotten my hair done and felt, more or less, human again.

salon time

Kevin got to spend some quality time with Edmund while I was at the salon. I can’t even express to you what a great dad Kevin is. He’s such a natural and super competent. I don’t feel like I have to give him a laundry list of instructions when I leave the house, in fact, there are plenty of things he does better than me. I’m a firm believer in letting Kevin do things with Edmund in his own way, and I love that they’re super bonded. I was in bliss at the salon, and I even finished my first book since Edmund was born! My Kindle chose a bad time to stop working, but I never used it enough to justify buying a new one… but maybe I would use it more now? :/

newborn baby church

EJ also went to church for his first and second times! Both times he slept through the entire service as soon as the music started. Nice work, baby!!!

walking the baby

This is where you can find us the rest of the time… walking the baby. I try to make sure he gets outside every day, and the sunshine is good for mama too. So far he prefers the Ergo, but we got a smile out of him in the stroller too. Progress!!!  I really like both modes, but the stroller will be better with summer approaching. We are both very toasty when we use the Ergo!

And everyone asks how these two clowns are doing:

swaddled puppies

Princess Pippa is doing wayyy better now that she’s getting out for lots of walks. She still likes to lick him whenever he’s in range, but she’s easily dissuaded. Boyd has only noticed his existence once or twice. So same old for him!!! They’ve both been extra hyper since we have a new dog on both sides of the fence… not the best timing, neighbors!! But Edmund still sleeps through their antics pretty well. He really does take after his dad!! <3 :)

I’m so looking forward to weeks 7-8. I hate that Edmund’s getting bigger. I probably cry about it at least twice per day. I guess I have learned to embrace the baby stage!! It clearly helps that I’m getting a decent night’s sleep, and I have a lot of help from Kevin and our also our church group and community. This next week could possibly bring my return to CrossFit… I have very mixed feelings about that. Haha. I’m such an all or nothing person that it’s honestly hard for me to want to go back after such a long break. It doesn’t help that I know this is going to be harder than when I first started. I have some of the movements down, but I’m definitely way more out of shape. My mantra will be: I just had a baby. Or I might wait a while longer. We’ll see what the midwife says. Also, I was supposed to be returning to work next week. Not happening since Edmund was born so late. But I’m having to deal with reorganizing that and looking for a babysitter/nanny for EJ. I’m actually feeling pretty confident about returning to work, but I’ve just been procrastinating on doing the scheduling and details. I love teaching, but I always detest the administrative pieces and the incredible amount of emails!!!

Edmund J has been sleeping in my lap the entire time I’ve been composing this post. I love holding my baby although I’m occasionally exhausted by it. I just think of this:


I think that also explains the infrequent posting. :) I’m too busy holding him do my favorite things: smiles, happy noises, the neckless gorilla, “chilling” in the car seat, huffy breathing, shaking his little fist when he’s hungry, passing out with both hands over his head, and just being hilarious and loveable. I’m sure it’s my imagination, but I think he really has personality for being an infant! :) <3

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Weeks 3-4 with a Brand New Baby!

Our last visiting grandparent left yesterday morning… so now it’s just the three of us!!

3 weeks old infant family picture

We had my mom take a few family pics of us in the park because I never got my act together to find a photographer. Of course, I would’ve loved to have the dogs in the pic, that would’ve required a few more friends for wrangling assistance. Maybe at 3 or 6 months! :) It got very windy so it was tricky getting my hair and dress under control, and then EJ started getting cold feet so we called it a night and went out for tacos!

mom and ej

EJ’s first time going out to dinner! We figured we’d give it a try while we had an extra helper with us! I think Edmund is looking exactly like Kevin!!!!! But I really think his eyes are going to be blue, and that’s all I asked for!

Edmund is so so cute

He is growing like crazy and is such a sweetheart!! Grandma Mac spent tons of time holding him and even let me get some extra sleep in the mornings. As long as he’s eaten, he’s pretty content as long as someone is cuddling and cooing over him. However, he is not a huge fan of being put down. At all. Ever. So that’s a little challenging, but we’re trying to soak it up for now!!

flowers from doula

Our sweet doula came to visit and hang out with Edmund, and she brought me these beautiful flowers. She even arranged them for me in the vase. We enjoyed them all week!

first date night after baby

We also took advantage of Grandma’s babysitting to go out on a real Date Night!! I was nervous, but Edmund slept the entire time. Of course, it was weird for us going out before dark!! But I was happy to put on a pair of (very short) heels for the first time in a month. We went to Fire on the Mountain (where else!?) and even had time for some Sweet Cow ice cream for dessert! It was super fun, but of course all we wanted to talk about was our baby.

Well, EJ’s awake (because I put him down – haha) so we’re going to go for a little Ergo/Starbucks walk. Just two last cute napping pictures:


Napping with Norman at about 2.5 weeks.

baby and pippa

And with Pipperdoodles at about 3.5 weeks! <3

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weekend outings with the three of us

Having Kevin at home for two full days to help out with our son is amazing. I’m still very much in the stage where I’m pretty much afraid to take my eyes off the baby at all… and with good reason! There’s always somebody lurking…

my baby in the bjorn

The dogs are pretty sweet with EJ so far, but I still don’t want to leave them alone in a room with him. Especially since if he cries, they want to console him/shush him by licking his entire body. Plus Kevin is still excelling in the areas of diaper changing and baby dressing so he’s great to have around :). I’ll surpass him one of these days just with the sheer volume of practice I get to do on weekdays!

vantage baby

On Friday night, we took Edmund out for pretty much the first time!! Except for appointments at the midwifery and the pediatrician, we’ve been staying home. I’m the biggest homebody ever, but even I was a little excited to leave the house after over two weeks. EJ wore his festive CF Vantage onesie that our coaches gifted to us. Awwwwaaaa….

vantage outing

Edmund and I watched Kevin compete in the CrossFit Open’s 15.2 (which was the same as last year’s 14.2). We were so proud… Kevin TRIPLED his score from last year, earning 31 reps and making in through a full round of chest-to-bar pull-ups! Of course, that’s the point. Fitter than last year! EJ slept soundly the entire time in his little Ergo (thanks Deidre!!). I highly recommend the Ergo as part of your fourth trimester wardrobe. It’s very strategically placed. Haha. :)

I had to look up my score from last year after I got home to see if I beat Kevin… CrossFit couples… lol.


I scored 33 last year — got him by 2 reps!! Although there’s no way I could do that today. That’s going to take a while to get back. And no, I’m not making any attempts to be hasty with my CrossFit comeback. I’ll still be spectating for at least another month, if not longer. I get out of breath from unloading the dishwasher so I know it’s going to be a long road back….. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took me longer to pick up some of the skills than it did the first time around. Especially since I don’t have unlimited pull-up and double under practice time at home anymore…


On Saturday morning, after a few rounds of naps and feedings, we decided to be brave and go to coffee at the Noshery. Kevin and I were starving so we also tried their yogurt & granola. So delicious.

noshery ej 1

I tried to get a picture with Edmund, but he was not into the idea of looking at the camera. He kept whipping his head around to stare at me. So sweet!!!! Mama’s boy. :)

noshery ej 2

I love my baby!

We spent the rest of the weekend taking care of EJ, running errands, and going for a few short family walks. The bad news is that Kevin is back at work today. The good news is that my mom is coming tomorrow! Hooray!!!! Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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The First Two Weeks!

The fourth trimester is no joke! I’d say the first two weeks at home with a newborn were definitely more difficult than the whole 10 months of pregnancy combined! Again, I will spare you some of the details, but it got ugly at times!! I’m so grateful that we’ve had no concerns about Edmund’s weight and health during this time. I know some parents have that to deal with during this time and that added concern has to be crazy stressful!! He’s been back to the midwives twice and had his first pediatrician visit already, and none of them have had any concerns. He dropped a few ounces after birth, but by ten days he was up to 9lbs, 80z (birth weight was 8lbs, 15oz). Then he managed to gain another four ounces over the weekend before his pediatrician appointment! I think that explains exactly what this mama has been doing day & night for the last two weeks!!!!

family pic

 After ten days, I managed to put on my best yoga pants and actually sit in a chair!!!!! Impressive! :)

Truthful thoughts:

My experience is a little different since I delivered at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center, and they discharge you after only a few hours. After that, you’re on your own!!! Honestly, that was one of the huge perks for me when I was first learning about the birth center. I don’t like people messing with me, and I just feel like the longer you’re a patient, the more things they are going to do to you. The midwifery has done their research, and low-risk mothers and babies recover the best in the comfort of their own homes. However, this does mean a lot more work for dad!!!!! Kevin did everything he could possibly do to help out with the baby on top of cooking, changing sheets, and cleaning up…. things. I can’t fathom how difficult it would be to go through this season of life without such an incredibly supportive partner.

Meanwhile, I felt like my body was going through the ten plagues. On the second day, I thought I might be dying, and I actually CALLED the midwife on duty. On the phone. If you know me at all, even a little, you know that I would never call unless I was seriously concerned, but the sheer volume of blood and clotting was a little overwhelming at that point. Of course, as soon as I called, it pretty much went away. Next, my milk came in after less than 48 hours, which is great because it means the baby is eating well. But it also presents a few more days of intense pain for the mama while I was still dealing with some of those other initial issues. Ow.

baby ej

So sweet.

Of course, the cherry on top is major sleep deprivation. EJ was born at 12:12AM…. that means we didn’t sleep at all the night he was born. So we were pretty much starting out parenthood at -1 night of sleep. The next night, he was up pretty much every hour. By the third night, I actually didn’t even wake up once when he was crying!!! I was that exhausted. I think it was the third night anyhow. It’s a giant blur. Kevin eventually woke up, and he was looking like a hot mess. I had a nervous moment about the whole parenthood thing when I saw how stressed he looked. But the next night, EJ slept a three-hour stretch. When he finally woke me up, I was ecstatic! Maybe I could do this if I could get a “longer” stretch of sleep occasionally. Since then, EJ’s sleep has been just totally unpredictable. He is a newborn, after all. He sometimes has a night where he wakes up every 45 minutes-2 hours. A few times he’s slept in 3-4 hour stretches all night. We’ve just started going to bed really early and just catching sleep when we can. It’s really hard not being able to predict or control anything, but that’s the way things work!!!

sleepy newborn

Happy thoughts:

  • Edmund is so healthy!! He seems to be a natural at life. Nice work, son!!!!! I’m happy that we waited as long as we could for him to grow before trying to encourage him to be born. It was worth the wait to see him thriving now in the outside world.
  • He’s cuter than I ever imagined! I could never really picture him before he was born. I even had a dream or two that he turned out to be a girl. Haha. I’ve seen a decent number of newborns in my day, so I was fully prepared for a weird-looking purple baby. Love his little wrinkles and rolls!!!!!
  • The dogs’ barking doesn’t wake him up (yet). Thank God. Kevin thinks he got used to hearing them in the womb.
  • EJ (so far *fingers crossed*) is not a huge crier. He pretty much only cries when he wants to eat or if he’s cold when he’s getting his diaper changed. For the most part, it’s just a lot of sniffing and snorting which is pretty adorable. And we can’t resist teasing him about it!
  • I mentioned in his little birth story that I didn’t really have that crazy aha! this is my babyyyy moment when he was born. I think it came about three days later when I happy cried about 10x about how small he was and that I didn’t want him to grow up. Ever since then, whenever someone mentions him being older or not being a newborn anymore, I kinda freak out. Haha. I think I might have a few hormones going on, but I love our BABY!!!!!
  • Kevin has super bonded with him. It’s the cutest thing to watch. The midwifery recommends that you spend (minimum) of 3 days skin-to-skin with your baby, and Kevin took that responsibility whenever I couldn’t. It worked. Our baby looooooooves him! I’m also so thankful Kevin was able to take a little over a week totally off from work to help us out and bond with EJ!!

i love my dad newborn


Hi Dad!!!!

newborn and dad wrinkles

The forehead wrinkles…. they are the cutest!!!!!!!!! Kevin reads to him from this book every night before bed, including his very first night at home. It’s as close to a bedtime routine as we can get at this point. :)

  • Our parent friends have been incredible. Bringing the food. Keeping it real. And gifting me all the weird postpartum recovery things I never would’ve known I needed. But they came in awfully handy at around 2AM when new and painful situations presented themselves. And let’s not forget the Starbucks deliveries. That’s what every new mom truly needs!!! Our non-parent friends are awesome too, especially helping out with our two wild dogs!!
  • Kevin’s parents got to come visit last week and spend tons of time holding Edmund. And I do mean TONS of time. He did not want to be put down the day after they left. Haha. But it was worth it for him to get to bond with the grandparents. And on Tuesday, my mom is coming. Nothing like having your own mom around after you’ve had a baby. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!
  • I’m feeling a little bit better every day. And epsom salt baths. They’re a thing now. I’m not a bath person. Those were the first baths I’ve ever taken in this house. Thank God I took the time to scrub that tub a few weeks ago!!!
  • Just randomly, how did parents survive before Amazon Prime?! Really?!!! And also did you know that 0-3 month clothes don’t fit newborns. Haha. Even big newborns. Now we know. :):):)

Alright, I’m sure I forgot some things, but I’m gonna go eat something before Edmund wakes up! I just like writing out some of my thoughts before I forget. The days are kind of a blur at this point, but hey! We have a goal to leave the house a few times this weekend!!! EJ will be safely stowed close to his mom in a carrier, but it’s kind of exciting even for this total homebody after 15 days spent almost completely indoors.

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The (Very PG) Natural Birth Story of Edmund James

Hi! Yes, this is a birth story so feel free to pass if that’s not your thing. It definitely wasn’t mine before oh, say, last Thursday? Haha. It’s also very lengthy so good luck with that! However, I won’t be over sharing or using very specific language, because even I don’t want to know or remember every physical detail about my son’s birth.

Choosing (to try) natural birth. I chose to try natural birth at a birth center because, for me, it seemed to be the most manageable and least scary route. I was blessed to be able to have all the perks of labor & delivery with a midwife in a homelike atmosphere, but I was also just blocks away from a modern hospital where women routinely transfer for any unforeseen complications. Surprisingly, the actual labor & delivery part is never what scared me about childbirth. I figured it’s a natural process that women have been doing forever… if they could do it, so could I! Just ask Kevin, I got more nervous about the thought of getting my blood drawn or a possible iv if I tested GBS positive than I ever did about childbirth. So for us, it was a great blessing to have the option to deliver at Mountain Midwifery, even though we are not super crunchy types. Spoiler: I didn’t even look at my placenta, let alone eat it or make necklace out of it. ;) Our natural childbirth classes also really educated us on any medical interventions that might be needed. They were not anti-epidural or anti-c-section by any means, but just taught us about when they might provide unnecessary risks or when they might be the best option for the health of the mother and baby.

Overdue… 10+ months! Because the birth center only allows low-risk women to deliver there, the clock was ticking for when I’d have to transfer to the hospital for the dreaded pitocin induction. I always had a feeling this baby would come late, but not this late! So during the last week, I just gritted my teeth and took advantage of any natural labor induction techniques the midwives had to offer. None of the super easy things (walking, squatting, spicy food, etc.) were likely to do much for this baby since he was very comfortable during 9 months of CrossFit!

waiting for overdue baby

Kevin worked from home to support me during these last few days… it was a little miserable, but at least we had Starbucks!

I started off with the foley balloon procedure…. which I have to say I would probably never do again. That’s one of those things I won’t go into detail about. But it was worth a shot as a first-time mom, and it may have done something to speed things up. We’ll never know exactly what caused me to finally go into labor.

Next up: shots of cotton root bark. It tasted like dirty garbage. Plus I was home schooled. I have no idea how to take a shot. Drink a shot? I don’t even know… hah.

cotton root bark natural induction

And finally, castor oil! People say terrible things on the internet about castor oil, but I trusted the midwives. That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry a little before I took the first gulp.

1/2 a bottle of castor oil.

castor oil slushy

Plus some 7/11 slurpee!! Haha. I did some research at what might be the easiest thing to gulp it down with.


So gross. The consistency of castor oil is really weird so we had a hard time getting it to mix well. But I managed to chug it down. It really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting… I think because I’ve tried oil pulling with coconut oil before, I just wasn’t so freaked out by the oily consistency. It was still nasty.

Kevin and I were very skeptical that castor oil would work for me. Basically it’s supposed to upset your stomach to the point where your body goes into labor. But my stomach does not get upset easily. I lived in the Dominican Republic for three years, and I was about the only American I know of that never caught parasites (unless they’re still in there!!) or had other stomach issues. I didn’t get sick at all during pregnancy except for that one instance of taking prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach (oops). So we were very doubtful.

So I did a little cleaning (none of that extreme nesting though) and actually took a nap.

puppy cuddles


Maybe it was cuddles from these two that actually induced labor…

I woke up at around 6:30PM. At that point it had been 4+ hours since taking the castor oil which was supposed to work in 1-3 hours. Oh well. Kevin started to talk about me taking another dose. Easy for him to say! But then I had to run to the bathroom, so that was a good sign! And then it finally started. I was all like… was that a contraction? I don’t know if that was a contraction! My stomach feels hard, but I don’t know. My stomach had pretty much been rock hard during the last week when Baby E finally migrated over from the right to absolute front and center. You could pretty much see where his tiny little back was pressing against my belly button, even flattening it a little bit. So I tried pacing around in the house to see if I could get myself to have more contractions. I was definitely still in denial, but I was like maybeee??? Whatever just happened brought a few tears to my eyes so maybe it was something?!

Finally, I pretty much locked myself in the bathroom and was in serious labor. My inner animal apparently came out, and I just wanted to be left alone. Kevin called the midwife and told her he thought the castor oil was kicking in. This is so funny… I remember being embarrassed when he asked her if he should start timing contractions. TOO SOON, KEVIN! Don’t make us look like the rookie parents!! From everything we learned in our classes, I thought I should be having early labor and still be able to do things. I always thought I would take a shower and make sure my hair was clean, etc. That wasn’t going to happen at this point. Although I still wouldn’t commit to the fact that I was having contractions, they were less than 2 minutes apart almost immediately. But what does this mean?!?!! We were told to wait for 3-1-1. Contractions that were 3 minutes part, lasted 1 minute, and going on for one hour. So what does it mean when you have contractions every two minutes (or less!) lasting 30 seconds or so??? Seriously, thank God that Kevin had to take all those natural childbirth classes with me or the baby definitely would have been born in the bathroom or in the backseat of the car. Although I was reluctant, he called the midwife again. She listened to a contraction over the phone, and I was like, yes, come in right now! At some point, he also texted our doula so she was ready to go as well.

Okay then! It was go time! Kevin was very calm, and he even let the dogs out before we left. At that point, I think my body realized what was happening even though my brain still wasn’t sure. So I was panicking that he was taking the time do that!!! I remember having a contraction as we walked out to the car and trying to keep it quiet so the neighbors wouldn’t hear me. Ha ha. Kevin had actually put the car seat in the trunk so I’d have space to move around in the backseat, but as it turned out, I pretty much sat with my legs crossed the entire time. I also did what I could mentally to calm down the contractions a little bit. It sort of worked. All the while, I was thinking, maybe they’re going to send us back home? How will I do this car ride again?? Ha ha ha. Of course, we went past a police car who ended up following us for a while. So funny. But we made it to the birth center very quickly since there was no traffic and arrived around 11:15PM.

my baby is so cute

 Baby break!! Because he’s sooooooo cute! Is this a spoiler???? Haha. :)

I will never forget the moment I walked into the birth center.

This sounds TOTALLY crazy (and it is), but sometimes before I go to sleep at night, I find myself remembering this moment.

Immediately, as I arrived at the birth center, three sweet and incredible women just descended upon me, and I knew everything was going to be okay. I had a contraction right away when I got in the door, and they stood with me, encouraging me and just letting me do my thing. The environment was just completely serene, and calming. The lights were dim and the midwife was turning on all the little LED candles. Later, I realized that I had been fighting the contractions because I was in denial that I was actually in labor, but at the same time I was afraid the baby was going to come before we got there!

The midwife checked things out, and it turned out that I was already “complete”… ready to push? What????? I was not expecting that at all, and I was totally in shock. They hustled me over to the birth stool and started giving me directions on pushing. I tried it a few times. Haha. I thought we were just warming up. I seriously had no clue what was going on. I just knew that Kevin was sitting right behind me, and it seemed like the midwife, nurse, and my doula had things under control. So I just went with whatever they were telling me. I actually told them that I felt a lot better than I had been feeling at home, just because I had finally stopped resisting the urge to push. Because I was delivering a baby, I have no concept of time, but the baby was born less than 10 contractions later. My sweet doula was making jokes that I hadn’t even broken a sweat, and the nurse was reminding me that I was going to need to finish undressing! Haha. All of a sudden the midwife was like, alright, one more push and the head is coming out. I didn’t really believe her. The nurse was pretty much constantly checking the baby’s vitals and had mentioned that his heart rate had dropped a little bit. They assured me that was this was pretty normal, but it gave me that extra little bit of determination I needed to not waste anytime getting him into this world. Edmund James was born at 12:12AM!

I have to admit that I definitely did not immediately have that beautiful mother-son moment that you see in natural birth pictures. I was more in shock that he had come so quickly, and I just kept on following directions. Can you believe that they let me carry a baby who was about 2 seconds old???? I had to walk with him back to bed so he could be attended to by the nurse while I delivered the placenta. Meanwhile, Edmund let out his first cry. Hooray!! Even my clueless self could tell that he looked perfectly fine, and I felt better right away. But I was just lying there, chatting with Kevin and my doula as the nurse and midwife did some checking on both the baby and me. They brought me snacks!!!! Apples, nuts, cheese, yogurt, and crackers. Kevin fed some of it to me… and of course ate some himself. Kevin can’t pass up a good snack!!!! I was pretty hungry because I hadn’t eaten dinner so I ate a decent amount and started feeling better fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, the midwife had some bad news for me. I was going to need some stitches. Boooo!!!! I braved up and, shockingly, didn’t even cry as she explained to me what was going to happen next. She and my doula accompanied me to the hospital to get the extra care that I needed while Kevin stayed at the birth center with Baby Edmund while they finished checking him out.

mountain midwifery denver newborn

Here we are, shortly after birth. Do I know how to hold a baby????? Not really!! Do you notice Kevin’s shirt??? That was his labor outfit, but he didn’t get to change until after the birth. Oh well. Nobody wants to hear A Stitches Story, so I’ll just say that I’m so thankful my doula and the midwife were there with me. I didn’t have to worry about a thing except, well, continuing to breathe. The stitches were pretty much the most difficult part of the whole process for me, but, hey, it’s over now. Kevin, Best Dad Ever, was the one to discharge Edmund from the birth center and drove him over all by himself to meet me at the hospital. I found that impressive. A brand new baby!!! I thought it was hilarious that Kevin was super anxious to leave the hospital after about 30 minutes. They were just holding me there a little bit to make sure the bleeding was under control. But we were on the road soon enough, just as the sun was coming up. We made it home by 7AM on the day of our son’s birth, and we went straight to bed. Of course, Edmund promptly woke up because he’d just had a very long nap! Welcome to parenthood!!!!!

my little prince rosie pope newborn

 My Little Prince. 6 days old.

Recovery totally sucks, but my baby is sweet and precious and wonderful! We love him so much!!  I can hardly stand it!!! <3  And I have to reiterate that my husband is our hero. He was so positive, calm, involved, and always knew just what to do. He took such loving and tender care of us during our first days home together as a family. He’s the best! Thank you again to all of you who were thinking of us and praying for us during this amazing and crazy time of life. We love you!!

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:13-14

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Hooray! He’s Here!!!! Welcome Edmund James

At just the right time…. on February 19, 2015, at 12:12AM, we welcomed our brand new baby boy — Edmund James!


He was 8lbs, 150z, and 21 inches long, strong and healthy right from the start. I was so thankful he decided to make his appearance in time to be born at Mountain Midwifery. We were very close to the cut-off date where we would’ve had to transfer to a hospital for induction, but we made it!!! Once he decided to come, Edmund was born extremely quickly. More on that later, but let’s just say that I’m happy Kevin paid attention in our natural childbirth classes or Edmund probably would’ve been born in the backseat!!!! Seriously.

ejk wrinkles

Less than 8 hours after leaving for the birth center, we were back at home where we’ve been recovering ever since!!! The whole tiny new baby thing is pretty intense, and we haven’t slept much at all. But we adore our tiny baby. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. It’s a lot better, and a lot worse! And I could never do it without Kevin who has been home taking care of us, not to mention changing every diaper!!!! He’s our hero for sure!!!

family of 5


We’re a family of 5 now!!! Here the dogs are trying to soak in some of that delicious newborn smell. They’re definitely very curious! Well, Pippa is curious, and Boyd is clueless. But that’s typical! So bye, I’m going to go annoy my baby  boynow in hopes that he’ll fall asleep before 5:30AM tonight. :) <3<3<3

P.S. Thanks for all of your thoughts & prayers during this difficult but sweet time.

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