Lumberjack 20

My sweet husband thought today would be a great day for us to finally  meet up with his co-worker who CrossFits for a workout at his box.  They’ve been talked about it for ages, but today was apparently the day. Today, when I’m oh, you know, 39 weeks & change pregnant. I thought about staying home or just watching, but I wanted to hang out and figured I might as well get a little sweat in.

Of course, they weren’t doing just any wod. They were doing the Hero Wod Lumberjack 20:

lumberjack 20 wod


On November 5, 2009, at 1:34 p.m., a terrorist named Major Nidal Hasan attacked fellow soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, Texas. When the shooting ended, he had killed 12 soldiers and one civilian and wounded 43 others.

Four of the slain soldiers, Spc. Frederick Greene, 29, of Mountain City, Tennessee, Pfc. Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19, of West Jordan, Utah, Pfc. Michael Pearson, 22, of Bolingbrook, Illinois, and Spc. Kham Xiong, 23, of St. Paul, Minnesota, along with eleven of the wounded were active CrossFitters in the 20th Engineer Battalion, home to Lumberjack CrossFit.

With a 400m row in between each movement. It’s supposed to be a 400m run, but it was icy out in the boonies where their gym is. Also, they were cleaning the inside of their gym so we decided to do the wod out on the patio. That ended up being a GREAT idea, especially for a pregnant girl who is trying to avoid overheating. The breeze was amazing. I thought about halving everything, but all the weights were pretty light for me so I decided to start and see where it went. I had every intention of stopping around the 2o minute mark (or before) if I wasn’t feeling great. Sometimes a lot of cardio can get to me so I’ve had to drop out of a few workouts.

squat clean 2

Instead, I just moved very slowly. I took water breaks, snapped pics of Kevin, and just rowed very slowly.

kevin squat clean

I did modified burpees (of course!!!), step-ups, ring rows, and I just finished with front squats since I’m not comfortable doing cleans at this point. 185lb deadlifts (sumo style) and 75lb overhead squats were no problem since they are light weights for me and very easy to control. For whatever reason they didn’t want to bring dumbbells out, and it’s not my gym so I just went with it.

kevin deadlift

There were only three other people doing the wod with us so it was just really fun & relaxed. What a fun space to workout in and just as the sun was really starting to shine!!!

I think I finished around 30 minutes. I wasn’t exactly watching the clock, and I didn’t have my glasses on. :) Can’t wait to RX this one someday although 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups would be extremely difficult for me even if in my best shape.

weather denver

Yeah, we don’t hate our Denver weather — this is the weather for the week of our baby’s due date in late January. :)

On our way back home through the suburbs, we made an unplanned trip to Trader Joe’s. I’m trying to stock up a little bit on some convenience foods, mostly some sausages/meat to keep in the freezer for baby time. I also wanted to buy some of their prepared frozen foods but after looking at the ingredients… that just didn’t work out for me. Oh well. I need to make a stop at Whole Foods one of these days because I keep seeing people post pics of their paleo displays.

paleo lunch

A little paleo lunch to refuel the baby & me. A little onion bagel sandwich for Kevin because I have to be nice sometimes. I wish we were doing a Whole 30 right now with our gym, but even I can admit that it’s not ideal timing. :)

Pippa C. demanded a walk when we got home so I took her out for a good two miles while I caught up on some podcasts. Kevin is back to work on house projects, but I seriously need to relax for a few hours. I got an awesome stash from the library this week plus a few extremely important things to research on the internet.

Okay, one more CrossFit thing because, hey, it’s my blog.

metcon 39 weeks pregnant

I got the best time for the ladies at our box in a workout this week @ 39 weeks! I can’t brag too much though. It was just, of course, my one trick —> double unders!!!! I’ll take what I can get!

30 double unders
6 db/kb push jerks

I actually would’ve finished well under 4 minutes, but for some reason the last round of dubs took me probably a full minute!!! They’re just getting way more cardio for me with all the added weight. The 25lb dumbbells were cake for me especially since I’ve been doing a lot more dumbbell work while pregnant. It was fun to do well in a workout and do it exactly as prescribed. We also did a little strength EMOM — 2 splits jerks at 110lbs EMOM for 8 minutes. Not bad at all. I don’t have a 1 rep max for my split jerks since I’ve mainly only practiced them at 8-9 months pregnant so my 80% was supposed to be around 95lbs, but I wasn’t going to do a weight I could strict press. 110lbs ended up being work, but not too hard. Who knows how many more workouts I will have before the baby comes. I’m actually NOT trying to induce labor at this point so I’m taking it pretty easy which, OF COURSE, means something different for everyone. My family is currently placing bets on the day the baby will come, but I think it’s going to be a while.

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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Tiny Peter Pan Collars, Bumbles, & Food!

Currently listening to this podcast. How could I resist an episode on Chipotle & CrossFit?! I’m so excited that one of the BB girls is pregnant so they can talk about that kind of stuff. Couldn’t she have planned that a couple of months sooner to sync up better with me? :)

Hey! I just feel like I should blog all the time so you don’t think I’m in labor. I’m not!!! But hey, I got my results for Group B Strep — NEGATIVE. So happpppy. I think I made the nurse’s day with my rejoicing. I don’t think people are usually that worried about it. I mean, you’re in labor. You’re going to be in pain. What’s a little iv? Just the #1 thing I was the most irrationally worried about, that’s all! I didn’t think I had it, and I even tried to take some precautionary measures (yogurt! coconut oil!), but I was just so happy to hear the news. I also got an acceptable blood pressure reading on the first try… over a hoody!!! (I have a history of white coat syndrome — ugh). Two good appointments in a row! I’m starting to get the hang of this pregnancy business.

piano studio maternity leave

I have been working SO HARD this week! I procrastinated on preparing my students’ materials for my maternity leave, and it took me HOURS!!!! It’s totally worth it, but it was extremely time consuming. Why do I have the cheapest printer ever? Because if I have a choice between shoes and a printer, I’m going to choose shoes. It just never seems like a priority. But I went through 3+ ink cartridges. Boo!!!! And the printer is soooo slow! I compiled 8 weeks of independent study materials for my students so I hope they use it!!! Fortunately, most of them have a parent and/or an older sibling who can at least read music. But I made sure there was something for everyone. If you’re a piano teacher and you’re curious, I included reproducible materials from Shhhh! Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is PracticeColor in My Piano’s improv prompts, pentascales and scales, other technical exercises, as well as listing out possible materials for them to study/review in their method books. I thought about organizing some prizes for them, but that was just too much for me right now. I’ll let the parents take care of bribery for now. Just kidding. I always tell my students that their rewards for memorizing a piece is that they have a piece memorized! So cool!! They roll their eyes.  Anyways, I’m seeing students today and a few make-up lessons on Monday, and then I’m done!!! I’m going to miss my students!!!! They’re going to grow up soooo much in 8+ weeks. The funny thing is that I had several inquiries about lessons yesterday (new students) including two yesterday. I have it posted everywhere that my studio is full, but I just think there’s a shortage of teachers in my area. That and I’m kinda in with some of the cool moms… Just sayin’! :)

Guess what came in the mail today!?!??!?!

bumbleride indie 4

We finally chose a stroller!!! Isn’t it cute? It’s the Bumbleride Indie 4. Aren’t stroller names hilarious? I love that there’s one called the Donkey. Anyways, this stroller is missing one feature I was hoping for (you can’t switch the normal seat to the other direction), but I think it’s going to be amazing. Plus I’ve heard good things about using the bassinet in your home. Which is probably good because we have very limited number of places to corral that baby once he comes home. Haha. It’s the crib or the stroller, I guess!! Good thing the midwifery really pushes baby carrying. Just kidding. We have no clue, but we’ll figure it out. I know everyone always says that they don’t want to crowd their house with baby gear, but we’re pretty serious about it. The baby has TWO toys. Sophie and some handmade (knitted?!!) baby CrossFit toys (both gifts). Can’t he just play with the dogs?!  Okay, I’m in a mood right now obviously. It’s Thursday!! It’s Date Night!!! We’re trying to decide where to go on what could possibly be our last date night without a baby?!! Isn’t that like a HUGE decision? We should definitely go somewhere without high chairs. But do I want to try somewhere new? Not reallllly…. it’s a tricky decision. Or we could have like 4 more chances. You never know. Although after next week, I’m probably not going to leave the house again. Ever.

P.S. On the stroller thing… if you’re a mom, sign up for Amazon Moms, and put your stroller on your registry. Then, buy it with your registry completion discount. We saved over $100 doing it that way. Yay!!!

salsa verde chicken paleo yum

Wednesday is Dinner Night with my CF BFF!! It’s a busy teaching day, but I just throw something into the slow cooker and go with it. I followed this “recipe” for slow cooker chicken verde. Yeah, we ate it with WHITE rice because we’re crazy like that. People always ask me about brown versus white rice because brown rice has been marketed as the healthier twin. I don’t know. Read this. But also, I’m pregnant. I need food, and it was delicious. You should try the salsa verde chicken. It’s easy and amazing. If you want it to be Super Paleo, you can have it on salad or whatever. Oh, also not pictured, another controversial food item. We had it with some Red Hot Blues! Hahaha. I never told you this. Once, in the grocery store, Kevin tried to convince me that the reason he wanted Red Hot Blues is that they are non-GMO. Ha ha ha. So cute. Such a liar, liar, pants on fire!

Well, I did this wod before dinner:

crossfit pregnant jerks

So let’s see. How do we modify this at 9 months pregnant? Hm!!!! At this point, I actually CAN hang clean the bar. But I don’t. I just don’t want to do it repeatedly and get sloppy. I do them in the warm-up with a pvc pipe. And then I just cut it out. For the strength portion, I did jerks (off a rack) up to 145lbs. For the wod, I used (STUPID) dumbbells for power cleans (70lbs) , and then did front squats and jerks off the rack (85lbs). It took me 8:25. Umm.. I hate using dumbbells for things, but I hope it’s good training for my lazy left arm! It’s so much harder!!!!!!! So, again, sub-10 minute workouts are GREAT for me right now. That wod was no problem. If it was like a 20 minute AMRAP of rowing and box step-ups or something like that, I’d be taking breaks and drinking water right now. However, I’m pretty much on a M-W-F plan right now. I’m just not motivated to get myself to the gym on Tuesdays when I’m busy because it’s just not as fun. I go for a walk! And Pippa is extremely happy.

What else?

peter pan collars for boys

TINY PETER PAN COLLARS. For boys!!! Yay. I guess I like super preppy clothes for baby boys too as well as hipster baby clothes. Those are the two choices, people. And maybe cute animals. Still so limited compared to girls’ clothes, but I’m hunting the cute stuff done!!! He will wear blue someday. Don’t call me out, people. I can’t control it forever.

Keeping it real:

little debbies diet coke

I think my paleo diet percentage just got kicked down to about 80%. Haha. There’s a special place in our hearts for those Valentine Little Debbies. I promise I ate TONS of vegetables on this day first. That’s kind of my goal during pregnancy. Make sure I feed the baby healthy food first, and then if this happens… it happens!

Pro tip: Do not read the ingredients. Any of them.

little debbies wedding

Here we are eating Little Debbie Valentine Cakes at our (June) wedding!!!!! Kevin bought them in bulk and froze them. True story. Such a flattering pic but we had some awesome cake.

Okay… gotta go teach the Thursday kids! Have a great evening!

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Taking Our Sweet Time

Oh hi. Just thought I’d post something so you wouldn’t start thinking I secretly had a baby and not told anyone. Not that I would do something like that. :)

captain crunch berries ice cream

I did have some ice cream though! Cap’n Crunch Berries + Espresso flavors from Sweet Cow. The best. I always love when they have a cereal flavor that I can have with a coffee flavor. It’s perfect!!!

my feets at crossfit

And a really special pic I took of my shoes & socks because I don’t have many other pics on my phone right now (Side note: haha, I can’t tie my shoes as tightly as I normally do!!). I did make it to CrossFit 3x again this week, plus a whole lot of walking. I was actually trying not to do anything super challenging this week since Saturday (yesterday) was the first day I was considered full term enough to deliver at my birth center. Now I’m good to go! My favorite workout of the week was Friday’s. I ended up doing it during Open Gym with another girl who just happened to be there at the same time as me. I asked her if she wanted to do the wod together, and she was modifying for an injury. Because of that she wanted to do strict presses instead of push press/push jerk. Perfect. I can push/jerk, but it’s a little bouncy at this point so I didn’t mind. reps

Shoulder to Overhead (strict press) 75lbs
Rack Lunges 75lbs
Ring Rows

It took me 8 minutes, but I did 30 strict presses at 75lbs. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it after the round of 10, but I just broke them in half and somehow managed. The lunges were NBD. I was hoping I would get sore from it. I’m bored of not getting sore!! But nope, nothing!! I also coached my CF BFF on stringing T2B… which I cannot do myself (and really have never been able to), but I’ve read a lot of articles on it. I would. And apparently it worked!! She’s really getting the hang of it. I’m so proud!!! 

What else????

  • One more week of work. + The following Monday because I only have two students on that day, and I decided, hey, why not?
  • The baby has (at least partially) “dropped.” This is excellent news because I can sit much more comfortably. Sitting has been pretty uncomfortable for me since around Thanksgiving so I’m happy!! I might actually be able to watch a movie! If I had the patience for that sort of thing. However, I’m not “waddling” when I walk. My doula texted me to ask me if I was. Haha. I had Kevin check yesterday when we were walking around the lake. Not yet!! Still thankful that I have felt great so consistently. I sometimes feel sheepish about how awesome I’ve felt throughout, but on the other hand, I want to tell people the truth because you always just hear the horror stories!!
  • I’m predicting he won’t be born until February 6 or later. I’m cool with that. I told Kevin today that I think I could go three more months if I had to!!  Of course, I’d like some time off, and his newborn outfit isn’t coming until Tuesday or Wednesday! I’m more patient than Kevin who keeps saying he doesn’t want to wait that long to meet him.
  • I keep eating things out of the “hospital” bag. Kevin’s snacks!! That’s what he gets for going to hockey game and not getting home until almost midnight. Haha. I went to dinner with some friends who have kids at 5pm so I definitely needed a second dinner. I was seriously questioning if the restaurant was open that early (it was), and to my shock there were TONS of kids there. WHO KNEW??? Like, there was a waiting list for highchairs! So funny.
  • I’ll find out out on Tuesday if I tested positive for Group B Strep. This is like my worst fear because I don’t want to take antibiotics or have an iv. *fingers crossed* It seems unlikely that I would, but 1 in 4 women test positive for it. So yeah.
  • Pippa has really been sidling up to Kevin lately. She’s usually such a mama’s girl. Do you think she senses that changes are coming?!?!! But she loves all the walks we’ve been going on lately.
  • Now that the car seat is in the car in the middle back seat, the dogs can’t really jump into the front seat!!!! YES!!! What a great unexpected side benefit. It drives Pippa crazy, but it’s definitely safer for driving!
  • I’ve started texting Kevin throughout the day to test his emergency response time… so far he’s doing pretty well.
  • My blog got pinker!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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Nachos & Kettlebells

Kicked off this weekend with the most ridiculous nachos at Fuzzy’s!

pork nachos fuzzy's

I ate MOST of those myself. I should’ve put something in the picture to scale them. They are HUGE, and they are topped with feta. Isn’t that extra delicious??! I was expecting them to be just normal human-sized because they were only like $7! So Kevin had ordered his own burrito, plus additional chips & queso!!! Oops!! They were so delicious, but I didn’t really sleep the best afterwards. The baby apparently didn’t appreciate being so stuffed!

kettlebell mama crossfit third trimester

I was too lazy to go to the AM CrossFit classes on Saturday so I did my own workout at home at my leisure. And I do mean leisure. I did a kb swing and goblet squat ladder, plus heavy singles with my heavy CrossRope.

goblet squat pregnant third trimester

The puppies have learned to keep their distance from the jump rope, but if your face gets low enough to lick…

silly puppies Silly puppies!! Do you like my burpee hat???? It’s from Project X, and I knew I had to have it to console myself for not being able to do burpees these days. Of course, it’s a little ridiculous because you can’t really do burpees in a hat. :)

Yes, I’m still going into my gym. Our wod tracker says I’ve been in 6x so far in January so that’s not as many as usual, but I usually go 4x/week. We actually went a ton in December since we were soaking up some of our last times getting to go together. Oh! I had one happy moment where I got to RX a workout, which is starting to happen very rarely these days. Of course, it had double unders:

Amrap 7mins
30 Double Unders
9 Hang Power Snatch @ 65-70%

I did 65lbs for the hang power snatch which was a super light weight, but it was my 65-70%. Haha. We haven’t had a ton of experience with those, and they are a little more complicated. Plus, the whole balance while pregnant thing can be a little iffy so I kept it on the safe side. To put it into perspective, that’s a weight I could (more or less) put overhead with one arm so I can control it very well if I mess up. Anyways, it also helped that the wod was only 7 minutes. I did 5 rounds + 10 reps!!! Yay.

fitbit trophy


In other fitness news, someone decided to challenge me to a Fitbit step challenge for the M-F work week. Extra walks for Pippa!!! It was actually really great because the weather was a lot better this week, and the sunshine really helps me!!! And the walks make Pippa calmer at home. Win-win!!!

baby party

Saturday was baby party time!!!!! Not shower, party!! Haha. It was so great. We just ate some amazing food and opened a few presents. Our friends are so sweet to us. They chose bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes because they know my favorite food. And they also know that my baby loves queso!!! I debuted my first pair of mom shoes — the (low!!!) bow heels. I was so happy because the weather was in the fifties so I didn’t have to wear tights. I also bought my dress on Amazon. Isn’t that crazy? But it had great reviews, and it ended up being the perfect balance. When you are this pregnant, you just don’t want anything too tight… or too loose.

dogs in a box

The dogs got a present too!! One of our baby gifts was a baby bathtub which arrived in this gigantic box!!! Okay, so this picture was two-person effort, but it was worth it!!! Those little nerds.

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Before (Everything) & After

Here’s a spicy delicious buffalo chicken soup I made yesterday:

buffalo chicken soup paleo

Of course, I just threw things in so I’ll never be able to recreate it exactly. But it was leftover chicken, sweet potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, buffalo sauce, a fresh jalapeño, s&p, and chicken broth! I’m very proud because I turned a  little bit of leftover chicken into lots of work lunches for us this week! Plus it’s so spicy that it forces me to drink extra water! That can’t be bad. :)

Sooo… 3 days until the baby is full-term (37 weeks), and 10 days until he can be born at the birth center (as opposed to the hospital) according to their guidelines. Also, only 10 more work days for me (Monday-Thursdays). A lot more days until his due date which (so far), I’m hoping he waits for or goes over. That said, my only TRUE resolution for 2015 is to keep this little human alive and happy!

pippa is my little dork

Here are some things I’m enjoying in January BEFORE the baby comes:

  1. Sleeping in. Since I don’t work until the afternoon, if I sleep in, I sleep in. I sort of feel guilty when Kevin leaves for work, but then I go back to sleep. :)
  2. Eating out + some bonus Date Nights with my cute & funny husband.
  3. Making dinner for friends. Carnitas tonight!
  4. Extra Pippa snuggles. Because yes, sadly, she’s going to be downgraded once I have a human baby to snuggle. I hear babies smell better too, or at least when their diapers are clean.
  5. Going to CrossFit with Kevin. I’ve actually gone a bunch of times when I really didn’t feel like it, just because I know that our days going together are numbered. We LOVE working out together.
  6. My manicure & coffee girl dates.
  7. Ignoring our baby to-do list and just hanging out. It’ll get done.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2015 AFTER the baby comes:

  1. Meeting him, of course!!! A little person that’s half me and half Kevin? Who has been growing inside me for 9 months. SO WEIRD!!! But it’ll be great.
  2. The first week as the three of us. I emailed Kevin yesterday and told him that I think it’s going to be The Best Week of Our Lives. Except for maybe all of the pain…. But hey, that’s temporary, right?
  3. Naming our baby. Yeah, we’re still not totally committed to a name. There are some options, but I can’t quite be 100% sure. Also seeing his BLUE eyes.
  4. Putting on shoes a lot more easily.
  5. Lying on my back.
  6. All the baby firsts!
  7. Taking his pic like crazy. I just uploaded all my photos to Amazon Prime free photo storage this week. I’m ready!!!!!
  8. Reading books to our baby and taking him on lots of walks!
  9. Watching everyone do the CrossFit Open. I’m going to be sad to not be doing it myself, but hey, no pressure for me!! I’m so excited to be spectator though.
  10. I don’t even know what other spectacular baby stuff I have to look forward to because, hey, I’m new!!!

Things we still really need to DO for this baby:


  1. Find him a stroller. This is probably my top concern right now. I don’t know what stroller I want. We have pretty much decided on buying a good quality stroller ($$$$$$$) instead of a second car. That makes spending the money a little bit easier if you think about it that way, right?? But I still can’t commit to a stroller that costs over a grand. I’m positive that I will use it constantly, and it should have great resale value in my hipster area, but I still just don’t know. Of course, I’ve been looking on Craigslist too. I actually found the double Bugaboo stroller (hilariously named the DONKEY!!!) available on Craigslist for a decent price. But I don’t want to give Kevin any ideas about a second baby… And I’m just not sure how I’d feel about pushing a donkey around all the time with only one child in it. Haha. And don’t say anything about Bobs…. those things are SO UGLY. I won’t do it. Okay, maybe I will someday if I get desperate. But I’d really prefer a more urban mom type stroller that can handle some terrain. I don’t necessarily need a jogging stroller because I’m not really a runner anymore *gasp.* However, I do sort of like the City Mini, and it’s really affordable! Do you have a stroller you love??? I noticed a lot of new strollers came out in 2015. I’m particularly interested in the Nuna strollers, but they have no reviews yet…
  2. Buy some diapers. That’s really the only other thing we need for him to survive, right? But who knew choosing diapers was such a thing? I know I seem like I would be a cloth diaper girl since I’m going the midwifery route, but I’m SO NOT! (And Kevin is so grateful). It’s just so gross. And I know it’s just one too many things for me right now. I should just subscribe to some through Amazon, but I don’t knowwwww. When push comes to shove, I’ll just buy some, right??
  3. Practice using my camera a little more. It’ll probably still be a lot of iPhone pics, but as long as we bought it…
  4. Make some practice folders for my sweet piano students who are getting a long break (at least until the beginning of April), but I want to keep them practicing. I have some fun ideas in mind.
  5. Find a babysitter. We’re going to look into hiring someone to come in about 10 hours a week when I resume teaching. I can’t believe we’re going to be separated!!! Haha. But I’m hoping for an in-home sitter, so that should make me feel better. That’s what’s right for us right now, but it’s going to be expensive in Denver even for what should be the easiest babysitting job ever!
  6. Pack the hospital bag!
  7. We don’t even know… haha.

2 pairs of mom shoes I “need”:

hunter neon


  1. These mini rain boots, for obvious reasons.

poetic-licence-blue-brightly-beaming-wedges-product-1-16363136-0-957951065-normal_large_flex2.  Some Poetic Licence wedges to help me during my high heel sabbatical AKA not dropping the baby! Also, don’t tell me they’re blue. I know I don’t like blue, but I’m okay with navy/chambray/denim. Those don’t count!! And as irritating as it is, the color blue will more than likely sneak into my house a little bit.

Okay, so there MIGHT be a few CrossFit things I’m looking forward to in 2015 as well:

crossfit corrie


  1. Omg, just doing a real burpee again. I don’t care. I love burpees. I just want to be able hit chest & thighs to the floor again.
  2. Deadlifting 300+ lbs. Positive I can do it this year. I was super tempted to try at about 4-5 mos, but decided against it.
  3. Just being able to workout HARD. I’m so sick and tired of taking water breaks. Lol. This is true.
  4. Seeing if I can still do double unders without lady problems. Everyone has been warning me forever. But who knows. If I can still crank them out, then TRIPLE UNDERS are mine for the taking.
  5. Just upping my lifts in general. All my pr’s are just waiting to be smashed at this point, but we’ll have to see how my recovery goes after the baby. Just general health and recovery is my first priority. I don’t want to rush myself back into it before I’m ready. There’s no way of knowing what that will look like.
  6. My scale weight is something I have learned is overrated, but I’m just looking forward to being myself again. And eating strict sugar-free/paleo! I seriously can’t wait to do that. I haven’t gone crazy by any means during pregnancy, but if I need a Lara Bar in the afternoon, I eat it. And I can tell I’ve had more sugar overall than normal.

There are also a few things I’m NOT looking forward to in CrossFit/exercise:

  1. Relearning strict pull-ups. :( :( :( They were so hard to learn to begin with. I practiced 392+ times. Really! I’m hoping my body remembers at least somewhat, but I’ll also be heavier for a while so that’s not going to make my life any easier.
  2. My old goats: handstand push-ups, toes-to-bar, dips….. are you sensing a theme here??? Bodyweight movements are not my strength.
  3. Also, this is ridiculous, but I feel nervous to do handstands, box jumps, and rope climbs again. People, I’m a true pansy at heart. If I can do CrossFit, anyone can.
  4. Just scheduling. I have no idea when we are going to go to CrossFit because of my work schedule/Kevin’s long commute, and hey, we want to spend time together as a family! Most likely 7pms aren’t going to really work at all for us anymore. :( Our favorite class time. That means we might be looking at morning classes. And we hate mornings. Lol.

What’s new for you in 2015? What are you most looking forward to? What are the last pair of shoes you bought?!

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NYE + Pregnancy Memories, Part 1

Happy New Year!! Hope it’s been great so far. It’s been super relaxing for us so far — exactly what we needed! Kevin hasn’t ended up working that much with all the mid-week holidays plus we had an appointment at the midwifery and some other baby errands to check off our list.

My own mom made fun of me for not wearing heels in the pic below…. can’t catch a break. In my defense, I seriously thought about it, but it had been snowing and I didn’t want to ruin any. :)

perusing bookstore nyeOne great perk of being super pregnant is that people don’t really expect you to go out. I actually just wish I could hibernate totally for the next month, but I can’t quite make that happen. On NYE, Kevin’s office sprung him out early so we made a trip to one of my favorite bookstores! Barbed Wire Books is definitely worth the drive to Longmont, and the 20% off coupon they on their website right was all the motivation I needed! We had fun sifting through their great collection of used children’s books, and we each picked out a few for Baby K. I spent another hour looking at “my books”, and Kevin was so sweet and patient.

la bita vella longmontOkay, maybe a little bribery helped. I looked up some nearby spots on Yelp, and found that La Vita Bella was right down the street.

la vita bella cinnamon roll

The pregnant girl got a whole 2 bites of that, but I did claim one in the center. That’s the BEST part of a cinnamon roll, for sure! And if you’re going to splurge on bread, it might as well have frosting on it!!! :)

Kevin fell asleep before 10:30PM, and so I gave up shortly after. Pippa woke us up at midnight when she got totally spooked by the fireworks. She squeezed in between us all the way up to the pillows. She’s never done that before, but we felt sorry for and let her stay. #pushovers!!!!

Okay, I decided today I wanted to blog about some of just my general pregnancy memories. If you’ve been reading, you know that it’s gone very smoothly and it’s been fast & furious. I feel like we were just telling our families a few weeks ago! I haven’t done a good job keeping a journal or a baby book or anything like that, but I’ll write it in my blog so I can at least Google it! By the way, of course, having a personal blog as 30-year-old is a little ridiculous, but it comes in handy when you’re trying to remember something or find a pic. Seriously!

Finding out.  The long version. (Don’t worry, nothing gross here!)

we had no idea i was pregnant

Haha. WE HAD NO IDEA we were parents in this pic. We had just climbed the Manitou Incline, and I felt wonderful. I seriously had no inkling whatsoever at this point. Don’t you think 9 months is really short time to adjust to the idea? Especially if you don’t find out immediately!

This is the first day I remember thinking…. what?? why am I moving SO SLOWLY in this workout (it had a ton of handstand push-ups)!!!!

workout pregnant 6 weeks

Next signs (besides the obvious scientific one which we won’t get into here….). One day, I noticed my wedding ring wouldn’t come off? Huh? That was totally weird. I take my ring off a lot for CrossFit purposes so it was super noticeable. That was really the first time I had a little feeling in the pit of my stomach like…. ummmmm…. maybeeeee….. And then a few days later, while I was teaching piano, I had a slight wave of nausea. Haha. it was seriously like 30 seconds, but it caught me sooooo off guard as i was trying to talk to a piano parent. That’s just not normal for me.

So I did what a normal human in 2014 would do:

pregnancy test amazon


Ordered some pregnancy tests on Amazon. I wasn’t in any rush to take one, in fact, I didn’t even tell Kevin I ordered them. I had said to him a few times that I thought I might be pregnant, but he did not take it seriously at all. The day they were scheduled to arrive (thank you, Amazon Prime), I was a little bit anxious, but still not totally freaking out. I had to teach that afternoon, and of course, UPS did not arrive until I had a student with me. So inconvenient. But I think I had a cancellation, because for some reason, I had a chance to take one. Here I will admit that I wasn’t entirely sure exactly how to use the tests. I know it seems obvious (and it is), but they were super cheap — not like the ones you see on tv. I took one, and let it sit the recommended 5 minutes. NADA. I was incredibly relieved. But I didn’t throw it away, just in case. Some of the Amazon reviews I read (while I was trying to figure out how to use it – haha — seriously though, thank God for the internet) said they took longer. Sure enough… ten minutes later, it was a pretty clear positive. Yeah, you better believe, I took at least five more just to be sure.

OMG!!! Kevin’s bday present was definitely going to be a baby!!!

kevin bday

I told him as soon he got home from work, although I seriously thought about waiting until his birthday (one or two days away at that point). If anyone could hold a secret in like that, it’s me! Ha. But I figured he’d want to know. HE DIDN’T REALLY UNDERSTAND/BELIEVE ME!! Haha. Of course, we knew it was scientifically possible, but it was pretty shocking how quickly it happened. It took me a while to convince him. Haha. But he was so excited!! Also, we were both still in denial.

pregnancy test amazon


Haha. 2 weeks later I thought maybe I should try a “name brand” pregnancy test. Yeah, definitely still positive. It was so weird because I was pretty much 2/3 of the way through my first trimester, and I felt EXACTLY the same other than the two brief instances I mentioned.

celebrated anniversary pregnant

We celebrated our third anniversary, and just sort of acted normal. We climbed a 14er, and I will always remember that Kevin had ZERO mercy for the pregnant girl. Lol. He claims he was just trying to keep it a secret from our friends for me. What a giver. :)

I was having a really difficult time adjusting to the idea of a baby, and of course, I started having to Google a million little things. Reluctantly, I decided I should see a doctor to at least have it totally confirmed before our upcoming trip to Minnesota.

favorite pregnancy restuarantIt was also around this time that I apparently discovered that Fire on the Mountain was my go-to pregnancy restaurant! Seriously, my fave.I love the spicy food.

We went to a women’s health care provider in our neighborhood, just for convenience, although we were already pretty serious about going with a birth center. Pretty much all they did was give me a pregnancy test. Can I just say health professionals have no pity on you with drastic news? They were like, yes, you are definitely pregnant. No warning. Just bam!! Okay, I guessed I couldn’t deny it any more. They actually scheduled a first trimester ultrasound for me, but I ended up canceling it because of travel conflicts. And I knew after my appointment that I definitely would be transferring out of their practice.

I decided to buy a very modest one-piece for our vacation at the lake, just in case I started showing. I was already going into hibernation mode, people. When we were in my hometown on that trip, I tried to see nobody!!!!

Telling people.

Trust me, if I thought I could’ve gotten away with a group email or text, I would’ve gone for it! But Kevin wasn’t going to let that happen with our first baby. Especially since we were going to be in Minnesota right at the end of my first trimester. I definitely was not showing enough where I had to tell, but the timing was just too right not to.

The first person I told was my hair stylist. Because, why not? Also, because I know some people question hair dye in the early weeks so I thought I’d be careful. Right before I left I told my CrossFit coaches and my CF Bff’s. I was going to be gone for almost two weeks and heading into my second trimester, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It just seemed like the right thing to do (there’s a whole recap on first trimester CrossFit here if that’s your thing).

I texted and emailed some of my friends the happy news in the car on the way to Wabasha from the airport as sort of a warm-up.

cake announcement pregnancy


We told both sides of the family with the delicious Whole Foods Berry Chantilly Cake. I personally thought it was pretty obvious, but my family totally played dumb and made me spell it out. I actually considered writing something like “Corrie Is Pregnant”, but that just didn’t have the same cute affect. Oh well, the cake was delicious. Kevin’s side did a little better, with my ten year-old-niece being the first to figure it out.

Baby K is far from the first grandchild on either side so everyone was excited, but it wasn’t a huge ordeal. There’s lots of kids everywhere in our families.

corrie anne pregnant

Of course, as soon as I told everyone, people started saying that I was showing which annoyed me more that it should have. I looked about as pregnant as any girl who doesn’t have 6-pack abs, but people can’t help themselves. It’s one of the downsides of being a pregnant introvert, you just have to brace yourself for the things people say out loud and try not to, well, slap them. Too hard.

When we got home from that (amazing and super fun) lake trip, things started to get real. Since I have my own business, I needed to start making plans for that, and I thought it was only fair to notify my piano families that I’d be taking maternity leave.

This baby is so loved.

I know I sound a little detached from the whole process… it took me around 25 weeks to feel really engaged or connected, and I still experience some bouts of denial. I cried when I found out the baby was a boy. I’ve mentioned that I have an anterior placenta so I didn’t feel the baby move until super far along, and honestly, it just took a long time to sink in. There was no question that we hope to have children someday, but “someday” is a lot easier to swallow than “January or February.” For a while, I was actually afraid I might have some type of prenatal depression. Looking back, it’s probably just more that I have been incredibly spoiled and I was just nervous about all. the. changes.

The second trimester was a lot more about BABY NAMES!! Are there baby boy clothes are actually cute? Seeing him for the first time (and thinking one of his pics was cute….. that could only be a mom. ultrasound pics are weird).

I would never write something like this on the internet if I thought it would hurt my child’s feelings someday. The fact of the matter is, I think it’s fine for him to know that we were deliriously happy before we had him…. and even happier when we did. Plus I felt like the only not-super-excited-from-the-first-minute pregnant woman ever in the history of the world which just made me more sad. Totally not true, but most people don’t write it on the internet. So here I am, writing it on the internet. It’ll get better, and it won’t make you a horrible mom. <3

Now I’m off to shop for diapers (for real)… I’ll type up some more of the fun parts of pregnancy another time.

For now, if you’re pregnant, you should buy these Gap super stretch legging jeans. They are amazing! Since I made it 30+ weeks in my regular jeans, I figured why bother buying maternity jeans? I did buy those jeggings at around 20 weeks, just because my jeans were getting really old and I didn’t want to buy really nice fitted new ones. I had assumed that they wouldn’t fit anymore, but they do. I wore them to dinner last night. They should be great for post-partum as well!! Definitely find a way to get a sale price though. It can be tricky with Gap jeans, but there are ways! Just hold out for the right sale. They are also great for CrossFitters, by the way. I couldn’t fit some of the maternity jeans I tried because of my calves. In any size. That’s so special. Lol.

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merry happy

We didn’t send out Christmas cards… I’m hoping to send out baby announcements. Since he’s coming in a month or so, we’re going with that this year!

family pic 35 weeks pregnant

Here’s our family pic for 2014. Can you tell I’m holding a gingerbread man in my hand to bribe the puppies to stand there? For as much as they hover, if you want them to be there, they are wiggly!!!!

christmas eve service It was fun being in town for our church’s Christmas Eve service this year after celebrating the Advent season with them. Usually we’re in Minnesota by that time, but at this point, I’m really not up for travel.

Right now, we’re enjoying the last day of the in-laws’ visit before getting back to work on our minor remodeling and baby preparations! I have this whole week off, and then I’m planning to teach three weeks in January if the baby cooperates. :)

Happy New Year! <3

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