Smartypants & Smartphones

I’m moving to the States in a little bit over a month. One of the sweet perks is that I’ll be back in the “real cellphone world.” Here in the DR, we generally all use these lame little prepaid phones.

Yesterday I had been weighs the pros and cons of Androids and cellphones when I came across this quote by a nerdy hottie.

You know what is keeping me from getting an Android phone? Having to say the phrase “Android Market” all the time. It’s a trying-too-hard second-rate version of “App Store.” It screams “latecomer marketplace runner-up!!!” like a store brand Dr. Pepper knockoff name. (You know, “Dr. Thunder” et. al.)

None other than the sweet genius, Ken Jennings. I think he hit the nail right on the head. But this is also coming from the girl who has so bought into advertising that she is convinced that Nike, Coca-Cola, and Visa are infinitely better than their competitors.

So. What phone should I get? I do love Swype texting. How many texts do you think I will send during my first month in the US of A?

P.S. Ken Jennings is definitely one of my biggest celebrity crushes. Right up there with Jackie Chan and Amby Burfoot.