My Dream Chairs

Okay. I’ll admit that might be a bit of a stretch because I had NO IDEA that I had dream chairs until I came across these today on decor8.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of mismatched style chairs. À la Friends:

These are like the 2011 Etsy version! Available on from namedesignstudio.

You just have to pay to ship them from Turkey. No biggie! We were looking to update from the bachelor futon, right Kevin James?

In other news, my bread pudding went over famously at the bridal shower. A little too famously. I only took home one piece which I promptly devoured while standing at the kitchen counter.

This afternoon I ordered some baby gits and my future MIL’s birthday gift. I wish I could show them here because they are AWESOME, but my biggest stalker is one of the recipients…

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