You Sweet Thing: Wedding Dessert Table

I spent a good portion of my Caturday brainstorming and organizing things (at least in my brain) for the wedding.

First up: the dessert table. Sweet are very important to my honeypie, so they have to be awesome.

During the last few months of engagement bliss, I’ve seen a lot lot lot of dessert tables. But this one via Ruffled is my fave:

Here are some musts for my dessert table:

  • Best Carrot Cake Ever

    – Kevin’s favorite, and a lot of people have RSVP’d that it’s their favorite as well.

  • Angel food cake.

    Because it’s awesome, and because my padres had it at their wedding. Here are some options:

  • Grandma Mary Kay’s brownies.
  • Grandma Alice’s caramel corn.

  • My roommate’s chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake.
  • Whatever cupcakes I end up baking around midnight in a mad panic that there won’t be enough cake.
  • Gummy sharks, bears, jelly bellies, and some sort of black licorice candy. Just small amounts in jars (see first picture of this post).
  • Some cute cakes or cuteness on cakes. I have listed some examples simply for inspirational reasons. Including some that will be far too difficult to attempt.

    Exhibits: They’re clickable!

    You get the idea.

    I came across this DIY idea for making labels for the sweets table. It goes without saying that they will NOT be purple.

    Ok. Just to humor myself. Two more cakes that I love, but are more than I truly wish to undertake.

    I made the last one big for dramatic effect. That’s probably the one I’d choose if I’d already written my NY Times Bestseller.

    The real dessert table will definitely be a toned down Midwestern version of my gorgeous inspirations, but there will be lots of cake as promised. Even I, bridepants, am falling asleep by the end of this post!

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