Best Day Ever – 06.24.11

Can I just say that EVERYTHING… literally EVERYTHING turned out better than I expected! Everything was wonderful and beautiful and our friends and family came together in a way that seriously brings tears to my eyes every single time I think of it.

A DIY-ish wedding is insane to pull off, but totally worth it in the end because you know how special each person and each thing you incorporated into it is!

This photo is courtesy of Tessa Nelson, a friend of Kevin Kreisel’s. We just stole it off Facebook, but we love the way it totally captures the heart of the moment… I mean look at those little faces!

Right now we’re in the middle of the “staycation” portion of our honeymoon, so I won’t be posting like my crazy self, but expect the posts to start dribbling in and then bombarding you next week. I have tons of wedding-ish + honeymoon trips/foods posts planned so look forward to those.

Love you!

-Mrs. Kreisel

P.S. I have the best husband ever. While I was writing this post, he was fashioning a carrier for the Red, White, & Blue – Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes we made to share with his family during fireworks tonight.

P.S. Ok, and check out my dress. Isn’t it awesome? I loved my dress!!!!

12 thoughts on “Best Day Ever – 06.24.11

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