Bread Baking for Slackers

It was a little before 4pm today, and I was like, daaaaaaang, my husband’s gonna need a snack in between work & softball. His Sanborn Canoe team had a game tonight at 6, and I had plans to sneak some exercise in. But there’s no way either of us could make it that long without some snackables. I took inventory of the cupboards and thought, hey, PB&J sounds nice. So I made my own version.

I used my mom’s recipe/whatevere my head change it to/with whole wheat flour. It’s a simple cup of water (I made a smaller version), two teaspoons yeast, smidge of honey, dash of salt, scant tablespoon of olive oil, and flour until it “feels right.” Here’s a similar basic recipe to get you started.

Here’s my dough, sitting pretty in front of the warm stove while I wait for it to rise. Isn’t that towel gorgeous? ;) I just like to make my readers happy. Although it’s the best bread towel EVER. You should’ve seen the ghetto beach towels Megan and I used to use in the DR!!

The shapes turned out a little weird? Hmm.. I rushed the rise time a little or perhaps I overdid the wheat/white ratio on the flour? It didn’t end up mattering a bit…

If you came home to that and that HEAVENLY FRESH BAKED BREAD SMELL, wouldn’t you be like — I HAVE THE BEST WIFE EVER!!

I have my eye on this book Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day! I want to expand my arsenal of HEALTHY baking. Although Cookie Friday is coming up in two short days!

5 thoughts on “Bread Baking for Slackers

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