One of Those Mornings…

I’m tired of naming things Newlywed Diet Number ___ … so I’ve upgraded to using more fascinating post titles like the one you see above.

I loosed the Boyd Monster on the girls this morning when I decided it was time for them to wake up. Doesn’t he look like a doll on the bottom right? Really, he was absolutely wild and licking them like crazy!!!!!!!

We woke up this morning to find that the refrigerator door had been left open. The food was actually WARM to the touch. Not just not cold. Warm. For once, I was not the culprit, but I shall leave her unnamed. That was not a pleasant start to our day. I had to send the husband out for milk for our breakfast cereal and replacement chicken for the lunch I had planned for Deidre Marie.

I had to eat my breakfast all by my lonesome this morning due to all the craziness, and I let the little girlies sleep in. Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s x2 + apples. Deidre and I practiced making some homemade goldfish crackers for her son’s upcoming first birthday bash. We’re making them in a secret surprise fun shape. Really, it’s only a secret surprise because I didn’t get any great pictures. :)

This active guy kept us company while we “worked.”

I PROMISED YOU I WOULD EAT MORE VEGETABLES TODAY!!! And I did, yo.Lunch was romaine lettuce + chicken + onions + black beans + jalapenos + ww tortilla chips topped with some mango peach salsa.

During the afternoon, I snacked upon some of the practice goldfish crackers. They were delish!! Probably too much butter & cheese to be considered healthy. But at least it was healthy in that they have no weird chemicals & whatnot like most junk food. Do you like the excuses I find to make even to myself? :)


Dinner was this FEO remnant of last night’s grilled masterpiece. It’s one of the few items we deemed okay to eat after the fridge debacle this morning. I also SCARFED some Sun Chips while I was waiting for these things to microwave. Those were so good. I can tell my inner salt child has not been fed enough lately!

OOPS! I did it again. (Hey, does that look FULL to you!??!!?!?! Not to be a pessimist, but….) Okay, I’ve gotta stop tricking Kevin James into getting me daily iced coffees. Actually tonight the joke was on me! Check out what this guy got…

Chocolate chocolate dip cone from DQ!!! Not cool. But I already had my cool treat. Haha.

Boyd, however, did NOT get these treats:

Was not even TEMPTED to buy them for him. :)

Hanging with my husband while he does homework. Holla.

Guess what? We’re getting ready for a garage sale. Perhaps this weekend if we can get our acts together. Okay, if I can get MY act together. No going back to bed after Kevin goes to work!!!! Have you ever had a garage sale (or more accurately a sidewalk sale)? Any tips? Kevin says, and I quote, I can spend the money we earn on “whatever I want.” That’s it. I’m selling the kitchen sink! :)

P.S. Are you proud of the photo collage I created with the pictures of Boyd/the girls? I used Picasa. It was decent. Maybe I’ll fiddle with it some more. You can only hope…



3 thoughts on “One of Those Mornings…

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  2. When are you having your garage sale (time and date). I have absolutely no problem (or shame) in rummaging through our loved ones things.

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