What I Want to Spend the Garage Sale Money On

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker has won my heart!

You can even make rainbow pops! Kevin promised me that I could spend the garage sale money on whatever I wanted. I’m obviously going to steer clear of anything that could possibly be construed as practical or useful so this seems like the perfect plan! Maybe it’s inspired by this heatwave!

I totally cheated on last night’s dinner. But after spending two hours grocery shopping, the kitchen coffers were overflowing with goodness.This pizza took about 5 minutes to make. Probably because I assigned Kevin the mundane task of chopping vegetables. I love it when he does that for me!

I’m not even going to try and pretend that we didn’t scarf that whole thing. We totally did. Sitting in the living room. On our computers. Watching the West Wing. I was reading blogs, and Kevin was like doing some Chandler nerdy business stuff. We called it a marathon, but I think we only managed to get through three episodes. Including one that Kevin accidentally started in the middle. Whoops!

At about 10pm, I decided it would be a good idea to go for a little run. Can you believe this is what the weather said?

Feels like ONE HUNDRED!!! When did I start checking the weather? Haha. Kevin’s a bad influence on me. Anyways, I took it easy at first. Joanie warned me that there was a heat advisory!! Haha. Once I got done congratulating myself for going out in the elements, I tried to speed up a litle bit but with limited success.

The “after” photo was a lot more impressive to take indoors where you can get a better view of the sweat. :) I told Kevin I was just going to run 2 miles. We all know that was a lie. I have a pretty serious rule that states “it’s not worth getting sweaty for less than a 5k.” So 5k it was. I was forced to run up and down Howard Street since it was late, I’m visually handicapped, and I have no clue where I’m going in Winona. I’m like the old lady in our neighborhood who continuously walks around the same block because she needs to stay close to home. :) I told you I was a senior citizen. I ended up with 5k in 24:45 – 7:57 pace. I’m going to have to give you fair warning. I’m totally back into running. It’s going to get annoying because that’s all I can talk about sometimes. That’s when it’s best to go home and spend some time with Dad!

What! Third sign in this post that I’m turning into MY DAD! First the weather, the running, and then finishing it off with a bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt! :)

Just when I thought the sweaty pics couldn’t get any more unattractive… we took one in the morning. I’ve been inspired by ohhealthyday’s Early Morning Workout Challenge and figured there’s no time like the present to start. Also, the heat is insane right now. Even 6AM was pretty rough. Kevin and I clocked 2.27 in 22:03 – 9:42 pace. I know I just said I won’t get sweaty for less than a 5k, but I’ll make an exception to run with my injured double h. And I was pretty proud to get some in this morning. Although I’m already pondering another late night excursion…

So here’s the question of the morning. What frivolous thing would you buy with garage sale money? This pink soft serve ice cream (or frozen yogurt) maker is really enticing as well.


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