Healthy Chicken Pesto Lasagna Roll-Ups & My Stalking Habit

Isn’t this dinner just the cutest thing? I like food that’s adorable.

That’s the pretty green filling mixture I created.


  • Whole grain lasagna pasta
  • Shredded chicken breast (Optional)
  • Fresh pesto from your mother-in-law (or a jar)
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • Part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • Italian seasoning
  • Hunt’s Sugar-Free Tomato Sauce
  • Plain Greek yogurt (Optional)


  • Start boiling water for the pasta. Cook the pasta according to directions.
  • Cover the bottom of your pan with sugar-free (or your fave) red sauce.
  • Create desired amount of filling mixture using chicken, pesto, cottage cheese, and mozzarella cheese. I just used everything I had on hand and it worked out fine. I also used some Greek yogurt because the pesto was a little on the dry side.
  • Spread mixture over drained and rinsed pasta.
  • Roll up into a cute little roll and place in pasta sauce.
  • Bake @ 350 until it’s hot.
  • I would suggest covering with foil, but I had none on hand. I would also use a thicker layer of red sauce on the bottom. The outside was a little crunchy, but not too bad.
  • I used chicken only because I had some leftover from lunch. It wasn’t even noticeable that it had chicken in it.

Here’s something I learned today. I never want to write a cookbook. Writing the directions is b-oring! And I almost always just throw whatever I have lying around in the bowl. It (almost) always turns out well.

I told you I stalk Kevin in his office! I got two good pics before he knew what hit him. So busy concentrating on those spreadsheets. Go baby! Do you like seeing his new shirt in action?

I managed to pull him away for a quick hello before hitting up the Public Library. I wasn’t prepared for this library trip! I usually have a list of books in mind to guide me so I don’t get book overload. If you have a book suggestion please leave it in the comments. I dropped both Committed and American Wife – absolutely couldn’t stand American Wife. I was only interested in Committed due to my recent obsession with wedding blogs. Anyhow, I’ll be running another yard sale (praying for no rain this time!) because the neighborhood organized a community sale for this weekend, and we found tons more stuff to get rid of. That’s free reading time for Corrie Anne! I’m only interested in non-weird, non-scary books.

Here’s my 2 picks. Girls Like Us I recognized from Caitlin’s review on Healthy Tipping Point. I have a feeling that’s not a good one for Miss Nightmares Over Nothing to read before bed. BRE – Remember when we watched Taken in the DR? I’m pretty sure they took us to that movie to scare some sense into us. The Cookbook Collector I’m not overly proud of advertising on the blog, but maybe it’ll be a good-fun read? I’m going to browse them, eat my Skinny Cow, and hang with that hottie from one photo up while he does homework.

Here’s an interesting read from A Practical Wedding – Reclaiming Wife: Babies Don’t Ruin Your Marriage Nope. I’m not trying to hint at anything. :) Ignore the single usage of the non-word “preggo”, and it’s a great read. I like that she says babies are “portable.” That’s comedy. I’m curious. If you’re baby-less are you afraid a baby would mess with your marriage? Obviously a cute baby is an asset to your blog. ;)

P.S. Guess what? I’M GETTING MY WEDDING PICTURES TOMORROW. Are you ready for me to subject you to endless wedding recaps for the next three months? There should be new content on here sometime after November. Just in time for my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving. Did you know I got engaged on Thanksgiving?

11 thoughts on “Healthy Chicken Pesto Lasagna Roll-Ups & My Stalking Habit

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  4. I’m not baby-less now, but we were married seven years before we did have a baby. It was the best decision in the world *for us* to wait a long time and just enjoy one another before a baby. I don’t know if we were really afraid of the change a baby would create when we decided to start having kids.. I was ready for the change, and once we got into it Matt was also very ready for the change. It’s been TOTALLY WORTH ANY CHANGE! Now, we can’t imagine how we felt whole and fulfilled before!? Really, it’s very cliche sounding, BUT IT’S TRUE!!!! We loved traveling and just being us but this is also an amazing, amazing time in life!

    1. Seven years. Wow! I didn’t realize it was that long! I don’t think we’ll make it that long – we’re too old!! But I agree with you totally, and I love to hear it!

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