I’m Not A Morning Person

I find watching videos online super irritating, but this one’s only 13 seconds, and a true gem!

Kevin James was mocking me this morning over the breakfast table. Of course, my baby iPhone was right next to my cereal so I demanded an instant replay. I’m always thinking of you guys.

Are you a morning person? Let me detail my intense morning system for you.

  • First alarm: Don’t even hear it.
  • Second alarm: Don’t even hear it.
  • Third alarm: Kevin gets up, and I take the opportunity to sprawl out over the entire bed.
  • Kevin gets out of the shower: I roll over to my right side.
  • Kevin says,”Okay, I just have to iron my shirt, and then I’m going downstairs,” : I roll over to my left side.
  • Kevin says,”I’m gonna let Boyd out.”
  • I make cranky baby noises as exemplified in the video above.
  • I roll out of bed and try to get my eyes open wide enough so I won’t fall down the stairs again.
  • I get breakfast ready…

I know, right? How does Kevin even get to make fun of me when I make stellar breakfasts like these strawberry-blueberry-applesauce muffins. This recipe was inspired by Joy the Baker, and well, was quite obviously baked last night while Kevin Kreisel was doing old man work in the basement. After I sent my comedian husband on his merry way to work, I had a nice walk ‘n talk with my sister-in-law. And we bonded in the special way that on sisters-in-law can. :)

I was attempting in vain to take a picture of this lovely neon outfit I selected for today’s run. But check BOYD THE BOYKIN lurking the background. He actually started PAWING at the door because he wanted to come along. I was planning on ditching him completely because he’s been such a royal pain lately. But I thought maybe he would be GRATEFUL so I took him out for 2 miles. Not so. He was a sneaky little jerk, and I ended up pulling him half the way. I think Boyd needs the C25k program (Couch to 5k) to earn his way as my running buddy.

Here is Boyd at a stop sign. I do find the full body stretch to be adorable, but HIGHLY UNNECESSARY after running only a mile.

Fun fact: Boyd is a sweat licker. It’s pretty gross. He’s also matted with slobber again even though we just gave him a bath! Boo! That means really the only time I want to be this close to him is when I’m equally g-ross!

No thanks to Boyd, I put in 5.2 miles in 37:55 – that’s a 7:17 pace. Okay. Maybe a little thanks to Boyd. I was actually running a little faster because he was making me so mad with his bad behavior. He gets into less trouble when he can barely breathe. I’ve actually found that to be true with high school P.E. students as well. :)

Right now I’m waiting from my perch upstairs to see if my new workout dvd comes in the mail. I can’t wait to try it out, and I’m hoping it comes before 4. We’re heading over to Wabasha tonight (yay!!!), and I have to get some things ready for an EPIC FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY that is coming up tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Are you a morning person? Well. I was when I lived in the DR. I could call Kevin at 4am his time and be all chipper. That was fun. Wait. No that was awful. LDRs are the pits!!!

What’s a good birthday gift for a 1-year-old boy? Feel free to chime in, Deidre. :)

12 thoughts on “I’m Not A Morning Person

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  10. I am soooo a morning person. My best mornings are up at 5:00. Showered and dressed by 5:30 and 3 loads of laundry done and on the line by 8:00! Oh, and reading the whole paper cover to cover. I love mornings! (which is why I’m totally whipped by 8:30 pm)

  11. A one year old totally doesn’t care. Everything is epic. I could give my baby a Lara Bar wrapper and he would say “Whoaaaa!” at 1 year. He liked books, dinosaurs, kitties, puppies, trucks, vacuum related paraphernalia, and the lawnmower. Those are all still things he thinks are completely epic.

    A book about puppies or dinosaurs is always a good safe bet :-)

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