Corrie Anne 2.0


While Kevin James was burning the midnight oil working on one of his MBA papers, I was making some frivolous but lovely updates to the blog.

  • The Wedding Page has been turned into a static page with links to all of the wedding & honeymoon recaps + all the wedding planning inspiration.
  • Most notably, I created a Recipe page where I have listed all the recipes I experiment with in the blog including ALL THE COOKIE FRIDAY RECIPES. Go crazy, kids!
  • The Newlywed Diet: I finally figured out a way around boring you with food journal type entries. I’ve brought my tumblr account out of retirement, and I’ll track all that over there. Of course, I’ll still post the most impressive and/or cute stuff on the main site for everyone. So if you were tired of Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and wraps. You’re welcome. :) If you’re interested, check it out! .

P.S. I cheated and used an old photo of myself working on the computer. I’m sitting in the exact same spot. Just with worse hair and no popcorn!

Are there any other pages/sections you’d like to see in the blog? For example: Skinny Runner has a great celebricizing page and PBfingers has a fashion page. I’m also thinking of adding a book page and improving the running section. Maybe next time Kev-kev has a paper




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