DIY Wal-Mart Crack Cookies + How to Be the Best Aunt Ever

I have been searching for an excuse to make these DIY Wal-Mart Crack Cookies ever since I spotted them over on Eat Live Run. I’m totally not a cookie person (Kevin’s the one with the major sweet tooth – hence Cookie Friday), but those Wal-Mart sugar cookies ARE crack! Can you believe these cookies are the ONE cookie Kevin claims not to like? Sick! And yes, the Cookie Friday gingersnaps are long gone.

A morning visit with my darling niece was the perfect excuse!

Sprinkles + frosting is like heaven!

So much sugar. So early in the morning. We were very hyper all morning!

Kevin caved and tried one. He admitted he liked it. Unfortunately, I liked them too. I ate a cookie and a half + SEVERAL tablespoons of frosting. I’m about to go do some time for that. :)

We fought tooth & nail with this nifty little frosting tool, but with limited success. We needed Kevin’s mechanical skills for this! :)

How’s your Monday going? I had the sweetest time with my little nice, and now I’m all sweaty from my Turbo Fire workout, but I’m gonna go run too. Let’s face it. I owe it. I’m also looking forward to a quint date with some friends tonight in Rochester. Quint? Does that make sense?

What do you do when you can’t sleep? I was supposed to workout this morning, but I had the HARDEST time falling asleep. I know looking at your computer/iPhone is supposed to be the WORST thing to do because of the glaring light, but I always end up resorting to that. Maybe it was that ridiculously large Sbux drink? I guess I answer my own questions…

P.S. I know my Instagram habit is irritating. It is. I know that I will look back in a month or so and these posts will hurt my trendy little eyes.

3 thoughts on “DIY Wal-Mart Crack Cookies + How to Be the Best Aunt Ever

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  3. Those cookies WERE good. Sarah shared one with me and Mattie this afternoon when we visited her. How did you get cookies to turn out soft and fluffy like cake?!

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