Sweaty Ears

I practically got up while it was still dark to prepare this marvelous breakfast! Actually, this week I’ve been getting up with Kevin James instead of following my typical cranky morning routine. Perhaps it’s the mountain air? I think it’s actually because our bedroom gets really bright in the morning. It kind of gradually wakes me up gently as opposed to Kevin’s method of being super chipper.

I blame this coffee for my late start in the gym this morning. I finally brewed the complimentary coffee I found in our kitchen, and I didn’t want to waste any! When I finally DID hit the gym, I did the 3-5-3 workout (via the CNC workout page). It’s definitely a tough workout especially since I tend to be overly optimistic about my tempo pace which sabotages the entire workout because I’m so exhausted I can’t sprint.

The plan combines tempo running, sprints, and recovery jogs for a killer workout! If you don’t know what your target tempo pace is, check out this article from Runner’s World: Tempo Runs Done Right. I’ve listed my approximate speeds in mph. When running on a treamill, I always set the incline to at least 1.0, and I upped that a bit during the recovery jog portions.

Warm-up: 3 minutes jogging (6.1)

3 minutes tempo (8.1-8.5)

3 minutes alternating sprint/jog (1 spring, 1 jog, 1 sprint) (sprint pace: 9.1 or above)

3 minutes tempo (8.1-8.5)

3 minute recovery jog (5.5-6.3)

5 minutes tempo (8.1-8.5)

5 minutes alternating sprint/jog

5 minutes tempo (8.1-8.5)

3 minute recovery jog (5.5-6.3)

3 minutes tempo (8.1-8.5)

3 minutes alternating sprint/jog (1 spring, 1 jog, 1 sprint) (sprint pace: 9.1 or above)

3 minutes tempo (8.1-8.5)


Did you enjoy the obnoxious color coding? If you click the link to the original workout you can see some more “beginner level” paces. This would also be an easy workout to adapt for a walk/jog. I really like having a goal in mind when I’m working out, it really helps you stay focused.

I ended up completing 5.5 miles in 45:30. I went just a tad longer to finish the 5.5 because that’s the runner’s spirit!

I find that midway through my workouts my ears get so sweaty that it MUFFLES my headphones. There were some other people in the gym so I was trying to covertly clear the sweat out of my ears. That didn’t work too well for me. But I need my Enrique to power me through my workouts!! Does anyone else have that problem? I remember it happening a LOT MORE frequently when I was living in the DR.

Speaking of the DR, today I realized something cool. I’ve lived in 3 time zones in 3 months. Not just visited. LIVED! Isn’t that insane? Can you forgive me for a blonde moment and a typo or two? I’m adjusting!

Isn’t that goldfish sandwich cute? He even has a little smiley face!! That is the ONLY fishy tasting thing I will eat. Don’t you try to trick me with your chicken pad thai again!!!

I’m off to explore another area of the city today. I hope I don’t get lost. How DID people do it before the internet and iPhones? I get lost while walking following my iPhone map!

Thank you to reader bryannelaine who answers my question about the name of Cherry Creek Lake:

Lol! It’s called Cherry Creek because the “lake is actually a man-made reservoir. The creek had a name before the reservoir was completed. So now its called Cherry Creek Reservoir.

P.S. I have to address two culture shock issues that came to my attention today:

  1. While considering possible pizza toppings, my eyes wandered to the corn-on-the-cob sitting on the counter. DR, what have you done to me? Corn on pizza is weird/gross. :)
  2. When planning this afternoon’s outing, I thought to myself,”I wish I had a backpack.” Omg. They’re getting to me already!

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