Cookie Friday: DIY Thin Mints & Taste of Colorado

I’m too grumpy to talk about this week’s cookies. But I did make them. And on Friday. Next week I will not choose a cookie that requires a 3-step process when I don’t have decent cooking tools! Also, I miss my Fiesta. Everything looks so blah on these feo white plates.

I found a recipe for DIY Thin Mints on Baking Bites the other day when I was a good mood. You can check it over there if you’re interested. The finished result was passable, but not very round since I did not have a rolling pin. Also, I made the mistake of slicing the cookies to thick which caused the cookie part to be a little gross. The chocolate dipping covered a multitude of sins. There’s also a much simpler version using vanilla wafers as a base. I have no idea why I chose to do it the hard way.

Kevin was still pretty happy about them. He might not be as happy when he sees this picture in my blog. The cookies were actually excellent once they were frozen!

This evening we met up with Nick, an old friend from Winona who happened to move out here at the same time as us. Here he is eating a nice turkey leg. He tried to scare me by sticking it in my face. G-ross! The boys also both ate lamb kabobs. Yuck!

I had some nice chicken curry & naan.

I also enjoyed a mini cupcake from Gigi’s. I was happy they a booth there because their shop is in the running for the privilege of providing my birthday cupcakes.We had some extra tickets leftover so we had to spend them on a cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream cone. We shared it very nicely. That’s probably the best we’ve ever shared food in our lives. Probably beause we weren’t starving like we usually are. Thankfully the rain went away and we enjoyed the gorgeous evening while catching up with Nick and swapping stories about Winona life versus Denver life. One thing we agreed on? We LOVE all the restaurants!! :)

Have a great night! We’re meeting up with Kevin’s aunt, uncle, and some cousins for a day trip to Idaho Springs tomorrow to do some gold mining and then hopefully we’ll have a quiet evening at home for once. :)



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