Success & Soupe Du Jour

Oh hi. Today’s soup was a little too spicy for me. I got a little cavalier with my jalapeño habit.

Oh man. How did I end up with bubbling cauldron of soup? In the grocery store, I thought of the taco soup that they sometimes have at the McMillin Christmas party. I think Aunt Bonnie makes it. So I quickly looked up a recipe on my baby. This is the Weight Watchers Taco Soup Recipe.



  1. Brown meat & onions and drain.
  2. Mix Ranch & Taco seasonings into meat.
  3. Add rest of ingredients, undrained to mixture.
  4. Simmer 1 hour.

Predictably, I created a pond habitat (Megan’s second graders would be proud) with my favorite tortilla scooper chips.

Somehow I messed that extremely straightforward recipe up and ended up overcompensating for my mistakes like crazy. There was way too much meat so I added more tomatoes. The end result was a pot that would feed my entire apartment floor. Oops. Freezer? Am I old enough to be making freezer meals? :)

Today we found the elusive pumpkin!!! My exuberance really alarmed a fellow Target customer. Trust me, I ended up stockpiling a little. The disappointing part is that I can’t even make the recipe I had planned until at least Sunday since we’re going to be out fo town this weekend. You’ll just have to wait & see!

We were actually downtown to exchange my Lululemon jacket. I was so hopped up on sugar on my birthday that I acidentally bought the jacket without the hood. That just wasn’t going to cut it since that was one of its major selling points. The car ride to that part of town is so long that I needed a snack for the way home. Kevin and I sucessfully shared some peanut M&Ms. My favorite way to share M&Ms is for each person to choose colors. That way it’s kind of like the lottery. A kind of lottery that may even be acceptable in brethren circles. :)

I really hate these pink running shorts too. The only think I like is the color. Why do all pink running shorts stink? I went to the gym all by my lonesome again tonight. Kevin is tying to be studious so we can enjoy the weekend. So responsible.

I tried out this Rolling Hills workout from FitSugar.


The speeds were a little too easy so for me so I did most portions .5-1.0mph faster. I completed 4.02 miles of rolling hills in 38 minutes. That’s an extremely lame pace so if you really want to calculate it, that’s up to you! I also did a ridiculous 8ish miles on the elliptical today between my morning & evening workouts. I’m trying to keep my mileage low since we have the big race this weekend.

I’m outta here. I’m getting a jump start on Cookie Friday this week, and making them tonight. They are turning out awesome.



3 thoughts on “Success & Soupe Du Jour

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