Cakes Made With Love: Our DIY Wedding Cake Table

Cake, I love you! I never once considered buying a cake from a bakery! Even if it was in our budget (which it totally wasn’t), we considered it to be just another way we included family and community in our celebration. Every cake was made my someone special (or me), and most of the cakes & candy choices were inspired by family and friends.

One of my best friends, Deidre, contributed two of her famous chocolate cakes! I believe she first made this cake for her husband’s birthday party, and we all raved about it for days. (You can find the recipe for Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake on AllRecipes.)

The cake platters and candy dishes were all borrowed and inherited from family members. We served angel food cake in honor of my parents’ wedding cake, and my Aunt Toni baked our favorite carrot cake ever! It was the first birthday cake I ever made for Kevin, and we are crazy about it!

My goal was to have tons and tons of cake and candy, enough to last into the dance hour! My pet peeve is running out of cake at weddings or offering only a tiny sliver at birthday parties. I wanted people to have a chance to try a few flavors and go back for seconds! Kevin and I even took a whole box of cake on our honeymoon!

We also had funfetti, chocolate, strawberry, white, and another special kind of chocolate made by my friend (and bridesmaid, Amy).

The mini cake bunting was all crafted by my sister-in-law, Lisa.

Orange slices for my BRE!

Gummies for my cutie nephews! I also had circus peanuts because it’s a little inside joke with my dad! :) I wanted to have Jelly Bellies for Joe, but at the last second I didn’t find them at the store. I’m sure he was okay with the 50 other choices!

Our moms stepped in to help us serve the cake to our guests. I was inspired by a post on A Practical Wedding to use serving the wedding cake as our first act of hospitality as a couple. It also served as our receiving line, giving us another chance to interact with our family and friends. I am thrilled that we totally achieved our goal of spending time with everyone at our wedding – one of the reasons we stayed firm to our 100-person guest list.

It was so much fun! I hated having to encourage our guests to move along, but people were waiting for cake!!!  :) And I know how I feel when I’m waiting for cake!

Hugging it out with our fabulous host & hostess! (I set them up, by the way. Seriously, I did.)

Cinderella had to step away for a moment to sneak in the photo booth with Grandma Alice! I can even run in my wedding dress!

Kevin and I did not cut the cake (or throw the bouquet or do wedding toasts), but we did share a Little Debbies Valentine treat! Kevin had been saving a few boxes in his freezer since February! Trust me, they still tasted amazing!

Looking back, I’m so happy we chose to do the wedding cake this way. We had a few stressful moments, and a ton of help (thankyouthankyouthankyou!), but it was totally worth it!

Tips for other DIY Brides:

  1. Remember, if you don’t like something, you don’t have to do it. I think cake cutting is a lose-lose situation. Either you look prissy & boring by not doing a little face smash or… you have cake on your face. And maybe your dress! Lol. It really just wasn’t our thing, and I don’t think our guests missed it at all. They were too busy coming up with for their second and third pieces of cake!
  2. Ask your friends to help. It’s hard. I still feel a little guilty about how much work I made other people do, but I know if someone asked me I’d be honored. So deal with it!
  3. Consider serving the cake with your husband and/or your mothers. It was so much fun, and it was a great receiving line option!
  4. There can NEVER be too much cake! I cannot emphasize that enough.  Yeah. I was in my kitchen making a few more cakes the day before the wedding just to be on the safe side! I just know that Kevin and I could down one cake ourselves! :)

My last wedding recap covered the wedding music we chose, and you can find all the other wedding recaps on the wedding page!

Wedding photography provided by Melissa Laska.

12 thoughts on “Cakes Made With Love: Our DIY Wedding Cake Table

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  4. Love the pic of our hug-fest! :) I think it’s hilarious how Joe is not hugging you…lol…he says, “she just kinda grabbed me and pulled me in!” lol. Love it. :)

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