Bright & Early Breakfast Quesadillas

Kevin and I are cold cereal lovers! We go through 5-6 boxes a week. Like a coupla teenagers. My favorite right now is definitely Puffins while Kevin favors the more sugary varieties (surprise, surprise!).

I like to make a “special” breakfast one day in the middle of each week just to brighten the morning. Last night I told Kevin that if he made my coffee before he got in the shower, I’d make him breakfast quesadillas. He’s been awesome about remembering lately, but he usually does it too late to really reap the benefits. Today I was on my second cup before he left for work, and I was all like,”See how nice I am?!” Haha.

This idea was inspired by Eat.Live.Run. My version included two scrambled eggs, colby jack cheese, green peppers, cilantro, and jalapeños with sour cream and salsa on the side. I liked this idea. Easier than an omelette, but still kind of the same flavors. Omelettes and crêpes are both on my list of “foods I’m afraid to make.” The flipping intimidates me.

I just stuck with my cereal because I’m heading to the gym in a little bit, but Kevin loved this. Since he’s just going to just sit in his office all day and get fat. Just kidding. He said that not me. :)

Last night…

Oh happy week! Kevin has no homework for his grad classes this week! Next week he’ll be in a new class, and I’m really hoping it involves less marathon paper-writing sessions! So this week I’m going to steal all his free time. He actually helped me cook last night!! We love hanging out in the kitchen together, but practically it just doesn’t work out when he’s so busy.

We decided we needed two boxes of Jiffy for the two of us! Hey, we wanted leftovers! Kevin made this almost completely by himself, and we added jalapeños and cheese to give it a little kick.

Cornbread + black bean chili. I didn’t really use a recipe just threw in some cans. 1 can black beans + 1 can refried beans (oops, I thought I had 2 cans of black beans – lol), 2 cans of diced tomatoes, some frozen corn, an onion, and some soup stock. So easy. So cozy!

Doesn’t Kevin look like he has extremely good manners? It’s probably just second nature from living with someone who is guaranteed to take your picture every 20 seconds.

We get very happy when we are in food comas!

See that hot pink sweater? I think that’s the ONLY piece of winter clothing that survived my 3-year stint in the Dominican Republic. It was packed away the whole time and somehow made it to Colorado in the first round of moving out here! The unusually bright color won me over, and I wore it probably 4x per week when I was student teaching. :) It pays to be a music teacher where you don’t see students every day. You can repeat your outfits a lot more. But they WILL notice if you wear the same thing 2 weeks in a row.

Blood alert…

I don’t know why I do this because I’m incredibly squeamish and everything grosses me out, but I take some kind of perverse pleasure in my running injuries.

Yesterday I realized that I actually bled THROUGH my shoe on Saturday’s long run. He.He. He. Of course I had to show Kevin. He always appreciates that kind of thing.

Have you ever had a breakfast quesadilla? Maybe this is common and the idea just never occurred to me, but I think it’s genius.

Do you know how to make omelettes and/or crêpes? I’ve watched some YouTube videos, but I’m still scared. Pancakes are my fave by far, but I know my hot husband likes both of these.

Did you happen to watch the Kardashian wedding? Just curious. There may have been some football versus wedding bartering going on in our household. :) This is our last week watching any tv. I promise. Our new apartment won’t have cable. Lol. (Did you know that watching too much tv takes years off your life?)

P.S. If you missed the Cakes Made with Love post yesterday you should probably check it out. Looking at the pictures of cakes and sprinkles and our sugar happy faces will make your day. And make you seriously crave cake!

8 thoughts on “Bright & Early Breakfast Quesadillas

  1. Y’all are so stinking cute! I am glad you get your husband time all week–YAY!

    Ok, the next time you make jiff cornbread add 1/2 cup of canned corn and a squirt of honey to the batter = AMAZINGNESS!

    I love making crepes! Crepes + nutella + powdered sugar = Heaven.

    I love the color of your sweater! I need more BRIGHT colors–I have way too much black and navy!

    1. Oh man! That’s a great idea to add canned corn! Duh. I even had some on hand! I love it! Bright colors are the best. I think they cheer up everyone you are talking to that day which is a win-win situation! :)

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