Caprese Egg Wrap

Lunch meat is weird. Deli meat is crazy expensive – although I will occasionally go for the pepper turkey! While at the grocery store, I started to brainstorm for meatless sandwich ideas now that we are both office workers. I like hummus and adore avocado, but we all know that I’ve overdone them a little bit lately!

I started with the idea of caprese salad, but thought of adding eggs by looking in my refrigerator for some protein!

Served on a flat out wrapΒ  – what else? I wonder if flat out has any recipe contests? I mean, I’m pretty sure this would win. Don’t steal it. The caprese part I made without any sort of dressing – just basil, mozzarella, and tomato. I probably would have added olive oil and/or vinegar if I had them on hand, but once again I am faced with a completely empty pantry. The good news is that it totally worked without them!

So delicious. I was so happy eating this! These would also make a delicious breakfast! Kevin actually contributed by scrambling the eggs. I like to make jokes that he has to pull his weight around the house now that we are a two-income family!

By the way, want to take a peek @ our new temp apartment. I know it’s confusing. It is even for me. We’re in another temp housing because all of our stuff from Minnesota is on the truck but will not be here till early next week. However, this temp housing is in the same complex as our “permanent” (for 9 months) apartment.

I’m pretty sure the closet is the size of my Emmaus dorm room! Seriously huge! The version in our one-bedroom is big, but not this visually impressive.

Stools win my heart. I love them.

We always eat breakfast at the dining room table no matter where we are. It’s like a rule… This one has lower chairs than the ones I’m accustomed to so I free fall every time! And the fruit’s not real. Kevin checked.

Definitely a fan of the fireplace. Although I’m not sure I would want one in my house. I think fireplaces are kind of ugly, but I like the warmth!

Bedroom! I love the artwork in these places. Haha. I can’t wait to show you guys a place I actually had something to do with. Except that the furniture will be… sparse! :) This place actually has another bedroom and bathroom just for Boyd. Lol. Just kidding. Although we do lock him in the bathroom at night so he doesn’t bother us!

How do you like your caprese? Salad. Sandwich. Panini. My awesome wrap?

Do you like fireplaces? I guess it’s nice to have a mantel for photos. Is that (+ warmth) a legit reason to have a fireplace?

Meatless sandwich ideas? Bring them on!!! PLEASE!! You know I have to try new things.



3 thoughts on “Caprese Egg Wrap

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  2. I LOVE caprese salads! I just discovered them this summer–um, AMAZING!

    That closet is INSANE. Seriously it is a bedroom in and of itself. Holy smokes! I love fireplaces. They add such ambiance. Plus, they give you the chance to make s’mores at any and all times! Definitely a good thing!

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