Are You Ready? + Chili Cornbread Bake

Oh my berry. Look what they were putting up out my window last night!!! Christmas lights.

Seeing that picture reminded me of my son, Morys’s little escapade putting up lights last year! He put them up in our apartment on November 9 (according to my iPhoto records). We were probably the last people in the entire neighborhood to put them up. Dominicans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (obviously) so they’re a little more willing to pull the trigger super early. I love it!

I could also use his superior tasting abilities right now to taste the Cookie Friday dough!! Miss you, chi-chi bon-bon!

Last night…

We hit the apartment gym before dinner.

Back to my husband-stalking tricks. Omg. I could stalk him so good now because I have the electronic key card to his office!!! I can’t believe I just realized that. Unfortunately, he no longer has the corner office. Isn’t that funny? He got promoted, but went to a cubicle. Haha. Better than my hallway/top of the filing cabinet perch!

So that White Bean Turkey Chili I made the other night? Woops. I accidentally left the leftovers out all night. We deemed it still edible, and I whipped up this little remix for dinner.

So golden & delicious. I got the idea from How Sweet Eats, but basically all I did was whip up a box of Jiffy and spoon it over the leftover chili. I also added a can of black beans to the chili because I personally found it a little on the meaty side.

We had to go to the grocery store so it was almost 10pm before we ate dinner!!! Things start to get a little dicey when the Kreisels haven’t eaten and it’s that late, but it ended well!

Maybe not so well for my little lurker who got banished to his bed during dinner time.

My honeypie had sporty sports on during gym time (I can’t BEGIN to see the tv in our new apartment’s gym without glasses on. That’s the end of my tv watching.) so I think that’s why he turned on the World Series during dinner. Doesn’t he just look so cozy and cute? I even got interested in the game. I cheered for the Cardinals because I remembered that the Stratmans were huge fans, and I knew they’d be happy if they won. :) After the game was over, Kevin felt the need to show me some old World Series highlights on YouTube. Including some supposedly famous quote about,”We will see you tomorrow night.” Or something like that. Cute.

I think my cookie dough is now sufficiently refrigerated so I’m going to go bake it off. Thanks to Cortney – that tip has worked like a charm to make my cookies not spread so badly.

Are you ready for Christmas lights? When does your family usually put them up? Totally. I was born ready. I’m going to put some up in my new apartment patio as soon as we get unpacked.

Are you a baseball fan? I like to wear Twins clothes if that counts. And going to games in the cities was fun. Should I become a traitor and become a CO fan? The Rockies, I guess. I had to Google it so I wouldn’t make a fool of myself and say the name of their football team or something.




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