Old-Fashioned Sunday Dinner, Mini Baked Pumpkin Donuts Holes, & Other Refreshments

I cooked up all the meals from my list this week so I told Kevin I would just scrounge something up for Sunday dinner. That scrounging led to some from free meat we accidentally acquired in a supermarket switch on September 1. It’s been in our freezer since then because, let’s face it, I’d never actually buy a pot roast. This hunk of meat cost some poor person in line in front of us like $9!!

Into the slow cooker that hunk went, completely plastered with carrots, onions, potatoes, celery, and jalapeños (obviously).

I was more into the tasty vegetables, but I have to admit that the meat was extremely tender and you could just pull it apart. Boyd was very happy because he got a bunch of fat. Gross.

I couldn’t believe how much Mr.Kreisel got into this meal. He kept raving about it. Usually we’re not so crazy about these more traditional type meals, but it was apparently just what he was in the mood for today!

I couldn’t believe how strong the crockpot smell was in our apartment!! It’s crazy! It’s good, but I actually left the meat in the crockpot overnight (it was frozen) so it was invading our dreams!

Remember when I told you had I to bake up a storm this weekend?

There were a few left over peanut butter blossoms, but everything else was made last night while Kevin was doing homework (again).

My favorite things were the Baked Pumpkin Donut Holes (recipes on two peas & their pod). Those little guys were addictive!

I forgot to snap a close-up of the Fall Snack Mix before it was almost gone. It was a huge hit with the Young Marrieds Sunday School class this morning. Honey Chex, honey-roasted peanuts, candy corn, and Reese’s pieces!

The kids in church went bananas for the mini dipped rice krispy treats. We barely had them on the table and they were swooping in. They ate every last one. There were at LEAST 70. I’m totally burnt out from making mini desserts. The muffins had to be rolled in cinnamon & sugar and the mini krispy treats had to be dipped and sprinkled!! I guess I just needed a buddy to help me, and I thought Kev-kev was going to have time. No such luck. But I will say, he was amazing help me clean up the kitchen. It was a totally disaster.

Exhibit B of Kevin’s amazing husbandness:

We had a few errands to do after church, and I was parched (seems to be a trend lately) so we picked up a Thirst Buster. When I put the lid on, that thing happened where the pop seeps over. Kevin came to the rescue with the double straw method. He was very serious about this task. I’m such a proud wife!

Peace out. Hope you’re having a sweet & lazy Sunday afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Sunday Dinner, Mini Baked Pumpkin Donuts Holes, & Other Refreshments

  1. Oh golly! I love baking days! I have not had one in FOREVER. Yummmmo! I actually don’t like pot roast. It really frustrates me that the potatoes taste like carrots, and the potatoes taste like carrots. I feel unAmerican, but it is true!

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