BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad + Double Tempos

I’m so mad at our stubborn avocados for not ripening in time for dinner tonight! But our dish still ending up turning out delicious.

In the mix:

  • half box of quinoa
  • black beans
  • corn
  • red onion
  • chicken w/bbq sauce
  • mozz & cilantro to garnish

What was missing: avocado!! Wah!! But this combo was still a winner! You can check out What’s Gaby Cooking if you’re the kind of person who likes thorough directions!

My dessert: A spoon full of Nutella. Kevin’s dessert: finishing off the can of pink frosting in the fridge.

But not 5 minutes later, I found him with Nutella jar in hand. And a very defensive look on his face.

Speaking of defensive. Want to know something cool? I’ve been racking up Yogurtini trips tonight! When Kevin forgets to bring me leftover Hershey’s coconut kisses from like he promised, I earn a trip to Yogurtini. When I feel sick after the gym, I earn another trip!! That’s two!!! I’ve tried to claim a few more throughout the evening, but Kevin claims that only he can dole them out.

A while later, I snacked on a 100-calorie pack of kettle corn. So did Boyd. He also got two strawberry marshmallows and the empty frosting can. It’s a really good night for him!


I’ve been feeling like I’ve been doing a lot of “junk” miles lately. Unplanned. Not pushing myself. Not making any progress in particular. So I decided to push myself with a little tempo action.

Check out this workout from Runner’s World:

Double Tempo Run: In this workout, you give yourself a substantial recovery period of 5 to 7 minutes sandwiched between two tempo-paced runs. Once again, warm up by running 2 miles and doing some strides. Then do a 15-minute tempo run. While this initial tempo run is hard enough to fall in the tempo-run effort zone, it should feel like it’s more on the comfortable side of the comfortable-hard effort scale.

After a recovery jog of 5 to 7 minutes, run a second tempo run of about the same length. The pace of this second tempo run should be slightly more aggressive and feel like it’s more on the hard side of the comfortable-hard effort scale. Part of this perception will be from the fatigue induced by the previous tempo run, and part because you’re actually running a little faster. As you get stronger, you can extend the length of each run until your total time at tempo pace reaches 45 minutes.

The advantage of this type of tempo workout is that with the lengthy recovery period between the two runs you’re able to run more overall volume at tempo-run pace. This means you’ll spend more time working at your lactate threshold.

I ended up doing 2 miles for a warm-up, 20 minutes tempo + 10 minutes recovery + 20 minutes tempo. I didn’t realize i was only supposed to be 5-7 minutes of recovery time since I didn’t write it out on a post-it. Oh well. I’m sure that extra 3 minutes didn’t hurt. I ended up covering 8.1 miles. On a Monday! Yay.

You can use the Runner’s World training calculator to choose a good tempo pace. Mine came out to be 7:48 so I kept it between 7:35-7:50.

Is it okay to say that I’m really proud of myself for pushing through that workout? I got a killer stomachache almost immediately when I started running, and I did stop during my “recovery time” to go to the bathroom real fast. But other than that, I stuck to it. I would’ve never done so well tonight if I hadn’t gone in to the gym with a plan, so I’m so glad I did!

What’s your favorite thing to eat straight from the jar/can? Frosting. The funfetti/rainbow sprinkle kind.

Kettle corn or regular popcorn? Kettle. Which surprises me because I’m totally a salty person, but I like to have a little flavor in there too.

Favorite part of your Monday? The few minutes Kevin and I spent hanging out after dinner before he had to start to do homework. When we were parting ways he said,”this was the best part of my day.” Awwwa… That got a big reaction out of me so half an hour later he had to be like,”Remember when I said it was the best part of my day?” Haha.



13 thoughts on “BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad + Double Tempos

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  3. Aww that comment from Kevin is so cute! Awesome job on the run – I love going to the gym with a plan! P.S. I just spent like an hour on the pace calculator, haha!

  4. Favorite part of my Monday is writing out my to do list for the week and crossing off half of it because I am so incredibly motivated. That dwindles as the week goes on.

  5. fav part of my monday was def my workout (usually is the highlight, since mondays are blah!)
    and i love frosting or nutella out of the jar too muahaha
    Kettle corn is delish. I love those little individual serving microwavable ones too! perfect!

  6. I eat peanut and almond butter straight out of the container (I do the “fancy” grind-your-own at Whole Foods)…and my homemade applesauce. That goes straight from container to spoon to mouth.
    Thanks for the workout idea. I’m going to have to try the tempo runs!

  7. Your supper sounds delicious- even without an avocado! …..I would have taken my happy bum to get frozen yogurt- with or without the other half. What can I say, I love my yogurt! ……. Aren’t those few uninterrupted moments as a couple some of the best moments in life <3

  8. I like that workout idea! The only thing I drink directly out of the container is the chocolate milk because I tell the other people in my house they aren’t allowed to have it. As the sixth kid in my family, I learned that the best way to claim something is to spit on it. Hands down.

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