Run ‘Em Down + Creamy Thai Sweet Potatoes & Lentils

I was just a little bit more excited to go to work today because I had a new dress to wear! That still didn’t get me out of bed until about 7:17AM.

I love the navy blue as a work neutral. Definitely prefer to depressing gray!! I didn’t wear those shoes to work, unfortunately, because I was wearing tights and they’re open-toed. But I thought they showed off the dress better. The best part? I got the dress for 50% off at the Banana Republic Factory Store, and it fits me so well. If there were any other colors, I’d totally go back and buy them. Wouldn’t it look good in green for St.Patrick’s Day?! I still don’t have a St.Patrick’s Day dress.. you know how I feel about new dresses for holidays!! Haha.

Kevin wore blue today also. ;) I don’t know why we were wasting time in between work and gym time, but it worked out okay because we still made it in time for Jeopardy!

Man, I just love that guy so much. He’s my best best friend and we just have so much fun even if it’s taking dumb pictures and eating cereal for 5 minutes while we talk about work!

We also tried to recreate my awesome cereal killer face. But didn’t have a whole lot of luck! But I did sneak in a few of the Dulce de Leches before the gym!

By the way… I tried the famous blogger oatmeal in a jar this morning.

Did not compete with Cheerios specialty flavors in any way, shape, or form. Maybe that’s because I didn’t follow any directions.

Haha. I just read in Tina’s tutorial that you’re supposed to cook the oats beforehand. Hah. Duh. I think I’m going to have English muffin Friday to help me forget about this disaster.

Today’s workout was super exciting!

I asked Kevin in the car on the way home if he wanted to do a workout with me. He is always very skeptical of any ideas I have of workouts for him. He prefers to do a nice little 5k + some walking in peace. But I convinced him to try it since he would be on his own treadmill, and I couldn’t really bother him.

I read the Run ‘Em Down article onRunner’s World today. It’s a whole series of workouts designed to train you to be able to finish strong (or “fast-close”) and beat the competition at the last second. I want to try them all, but I started with this one:

CLASSIC FARTLEK RUN: 5 x 4 minutes at a hard pace followed by a four-minute recovery jog
FAST-CLOSE REVISE: Step-down fartlek: Run 10-5-3-2-1 minutes hard; jog equal amounts between each segment.

I wore my I Will Run You Over shirt in honor of this workout. And my blue-taped headphones. Haha. I ran a half mile warm-up and then completed the workout as prescribed. 4.93 miles in 42 minutes. But trust me, that was way tougher than just running at a steady pace. There’s a reason they say intervals burn fat!!

I also got to play Jeopardy! with two treadmill neighbors. I was killing it in the verbs category so they told me I couldn’t play with them any more. Haha. One of the answers was “jog”!!! How could I not get that one?

I know you guys must think I’ve never tried anything before, but I’ve never cooked with lentils before. I read the back of the bag, and those things are nutritional powerhouses!! Wow!! I tried some before they were completely cooked and they tasted like peas (YUCK!!!!!!!), but when they got nice and mooshy they were fine. Hahaha. I “followed” this recipe for Creamy Thai Sweet Potatoes & Lentils. Minus the cabbage. And I randomly added a bunch more Indian spices to… well.. spice it up!! It was pretty delicious, and very satisfying. I wish I would’ve made a resolution about trying new healthy foods because I’ve already done kale, bok choy, and now lentils!

(By the way, you really should check out Pinch of Yum where that recipe came from… I just read about how she makes money on the blog and how she uses it. So cool!! Plus the recipes are awesome.)

Thank you for visiting!!!! Today was a happy fun blog day for me because today received the most visits EVER in one day – and it’s not even over yet! More than doubling its previous record! Isn’t that crazy??! I’m trying to pinpoint the reason for this little surprise with my awesome stats skills, and I think it all goes back to an innocent little comment I made on scandalous subject in a very high traffic blog. Cracks me up!
But come back any time! :)

Can you guess what number I hit today? You won’t offend me. Lol. My average per day in April 2011 – my first month blogging here – was 26. Hehe. I know it’s personal for some people, but since it’s not my livelihood I don’t feel that way. And I know it was just random luck today… unless it was my stellar content on The Vow and grilled cheese w/avocado. If you guess exactly, I’ll mail you some of Kevin’s Cookie Friday cookies. I’d be more giving, but the Post Office is inconvenient, and we just went there yesterday! At least I don’t make promises I can’t keep! :)

Favorite neutral color? Navy blue. And I guess like some tan colors.

Any great lentil ideas? I have three-fourths of a bag left! :)

27 thoughts on “Run ‘Em Down + Creamy Thai Sweet Potatoes & Lentils

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  3. Hi!! So glad you found my blog..its always fun to have a new reader..especially one i can come back and visit and be inspired by your blog! Definitely love your dress..and probably going to work out after work..when I definitely wasn’t before!



  4. Haha! I’ve never made the oatmeal stuff either (overnight oats/oatmeal in a jar – are they the same thing??) and i would have probably made your same mistake :)

    also, super cute dress!! i don’t own a lot of navy but you’re right – it’s a less depressing neutral for winter!

  5. You’re so pretty in your new dress- love it!
    I’m a big lentil fan, and I don’t cook them nearly enough! I’ve used them to make tacos and burgers before- both are great. I might have something in the recipes on my blog… i think. :)

  6. I love that dress! Banana outlet is one of my favs. You have actually made me want to shop now!

  7. this is so weird. I cooked with lentils for the first time tonight! I have had them before, but I have never personally made anything with them myself until tonight! I made Egyptian Lentil Soup AND….I kid you not…I thought of you when I was eating it and thought “I should give this recipe to Corrie.” haha. so…here you go. :)

    super cute dress by the way! :)

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