Polka Dots & Whatnots

I got a new polka dot dress!! It’s to replace my “lucky” polka dot dress from college that I totally wore out. If you knew me any time between 2006-2010, you probably know what dress I’m talking about.

New version:

On sale now at Express!!!

Old version:

Can you spot me??? Haha. The student teachers of 2008 at Emmaus Bible College. I was in Music Education so I didn’t have the t-shirt. But I think I wore that dress for about every important presentation I had! And a lot during student teaching and at my first teaching job. Surprisingly, this was the only picture I could find of the old dress that didn’t incriminate anyone. haha.

This morning it was breakfast at my desk! Kevin had an 8AM meeting (lame) so we had to get to the office early. He bribed me with Starbucks. It worked. It was the only thing that got me out of the house on time. I enjoyed it with a double packet of strawberry Better Oats. We’re not even going to talk about the amount of sugar in those little packets.

Hey guess what? Kevin is coming over to the good health/fitness side. Three things to prove this:

  • I caught him watching marathon highlights on YouTube last night!!!
  • He seemed concerned that a girl ordered hot chocolate with whipped cream as her “regular” at Starbucks – presumably every morning!
  • He sent me an article today at work about possible new standards for obesity!
  • I don’t even think he complained once, even though I rubbed it in that it was WOD Day!!!!

I, on the other hand, enjoyed a sugary afternoon snack.

Only 100 calories!!  But I think I met my sugar quota today by about 3PM.

To the gym I go!! Today’s warm-up was 1.43 miles of stairs followed by a 5k on the treadmill. I ran intervals on both — and finished with a solid 8 minute pace.

Today’s WOD:

AMRAP in 18 minutes

I used 30lbs for the suitcase burpees and 20-25 on the others. The kettlebell thrusters almost killed me on 25. I finished 4 rounds + a few thrusters. Kevin totally kicked my butt and made it through 4 rounds + both sets of thrusters in round 5!

And then for fun I tried to do AMRAP in 1 minute with my love — box jumps! On my first try, I totally failed once and hit 19.

You can see what happened on my second try. Watch especially lovely #16!

That’s for all of you who said you were afraid to do box jumps. That nice fail shows that you won’t die. I always do a couple of lame wimp-outs when I first start and also when I start to really fatigue. Take it from a prissy girl — it won’t kill you!

Now I’m gunning for 30 in a minute because Kevin said he thinks I could do it. Does he realize how much extra gym time that’s going to cost him since I’ll want to practice every day? After all, I did it after one failed attempt + 18 minutes of kettlebells + almost 5 miles of cardio. So I was a little winded.

Finally dinner time!! We did a lot of quick chores around the house so dinner got even later than usual. I was inspired by this Sweet Potato Coconut Cashew Rice Bowl, but ended up making quite a few tweaks. Most notably swapping cashews for almonds and adding a bunch of spinach. It was a lot like the Spice Market Sweet Potato & Lentil Packets, except obviously with rice. And the coconut milk made it nice and creamy. Mm mm!!

Do you like Jelly Bellies? Favorite Flavor? Yes. I love the marshmallow and pear ones. And a lot of the super specialty ones.

And even more telling… Do you like the black ones? Yes. I’m one of those people!!!

ONE WEEK TILL DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. What do you think Kevin and Boyd will do without me? I’ve heard rumors of movies involving apes and transformers that would never be viewed in my presence. And yes, I definitely plan to make ahead some cookie dough for the Cookie Friday when I’m gone. ;)

17 thoughts on “Polka Dots & Whatnots

  1. I picked up some Hawaiian Punch jelly beans when I was sick last week and they’re so good. So bad, but so good! I can’t do the black jelly beans, or black licorice…blech!

    Cute dress!

  2. I love the Starburst jelly beans! I ate way too many today. Do NOT like the black jelly beans…or black licorice for that matter! Anyway, love the dress! And your workout sounds awesome…ahhh so jealous of your life, haha!

    P.S. I FOUND PB2 I’m so happy

  3. I don’t care that I seem to be first to post lately!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new polka dot dress!!!! LOVE!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Haha. That’s funny. Are you too cool to comment first? Is it like the waiting three days to call rule? Wait for three comments… Haha. I thought the dress would be very suitable, but I passed it up the first time. Lol. Kevin chose the polka dots over the leopard since I’ve been ridiculous about leopard lately.

      1. Yu need balance! I adore that dress. Can’t warily til I can wear pretty clothes again! Lol

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