Trying Tennis & Boykins At Play

Kevin and I really enjoyed having some quality homework-free time together today and decided to try something new!

It was fun! Except the part where I hit the ball into the next court and hit an old guy on the head!!!! OOPS!!!! I was mortified!!! But he was a good sport about it. I was truly awful, but that’s to be expected! Perhaps I could have done better if I had been properly prepared with a tennis skirt and a visor!

Mr.Kreisel, on the other hand, is an old pro. Ha. Well, at least he’s had a few lessons and played on a team for a bit in middle school. We played around for almost 2 hours with no further casualties to our neighboring players. The senior citizen couple behind us was amazing.

We also spent a considerable amount of time hunting for tennis balls in the grass outside the courts. I don’t know my own strength! Kevin is already talking about putting me in lessons to work on my backhand. Ha. Afterwards, we ran a lap around the park – our inaugural mile for the Runner’s World streak challenge.


We stopped for lunch at a super glamorous Subway — they had baskets for customers eating in. We couldn’t stop talking about what a good deal Subway is. Why don’t we eat there more often? Lol. We’ve been spoiled by all the new restaurants in the area. Subway and DQ are the only two fast food restaurants in Wabasha, MN, where I grew up. Actually, they didn’t even really have Subway until I was at least 15 or 16!

Boykin stalkerazzi!!!

Kevin and I totally stalked out Boyd’s Boykin girlfriend downtown for another visit. We couldn’t coax her over to the fence (I’m just SURE she’s a girl) because she was so intent on her bone. Kevin wants to bring Boyd along to visit her sometime LOL. I’m sure her owners are creeped out enough by us standing outside the fence for 5 minutes taking iPhone pictures!

Our Boykin:

Boyd can swim!!! I was terrified when Kevin let him loose in the fountain. I thought I was going to have to wade in and fetch him out! When I was there with him last time, I could barely push him in!! I think he was inspired by two big dogs who were playing over on the other side of the fountain. He swam around like a little fish! Kevin was such a proud papa. Haha.

Tomorrow. The new Regina album!!! :) :)


Do you play tennis? What’s the latest sport/activity you’ve tried? If we end up getting a house this summer, I’m investing in a badminton set! ;)

P.S. Don’t forget to run your mile (or more)!!!!!!!! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend and took a pause to remember the reason for the holiday.


14 thoughts on “Trying Tennis & Boykins At Play

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  3. I love playing tennis!! but i’m not that great at. one sport i do play now is golf and i love’s really hard and always makes me want to do better!

  4. What a good boy!! I’ve been wanting to throw my pups in the water and see what they do. I just need a good body of water to throw them in! I think he should totally go and meet his lady friend…take him!! ;-)

  5. Good ol’ Subway. Culver’s, A&W & Subway were the only fast food joints in my tiny Wisco town too. :) One stoplight, 3 fast food restaurants… I love Spring Green!

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