World Tourist + Superfood Burrito in a Jar

Kevin couldn’t put up with the coaxing and coercing any more. I got a bike!!!

It’s a cute little Schwinn cruiser with hybrid tires. They’re skinny!! I felt a little wobbly on it at first. I’ve not owned a bike for probably 10 years! Crazy, right? We rode bikes constantly as kids, and I’m so thrilled to have one back in my life.

You’ll never guess what happened though. So Kevin called the guy on Craigslist and it just so worked out that we could meet up with him almost right away. So we drove over and met him by this car wash which was like in front of his house. The seller was supposed to be bringing two bikes for me to try out, but I guess the other one wasn’t ready. So I tried out the bike, and everything was going great. But then it didn’t fit very well in our car — even with the tire off!! And we didn’t have anything to tie it down. So the guy offers to give us a bungee if we drive him back to his house! OMG WE LET A GUY FROM CRAIGSLIST IN OUR BACKSEAT!! And after I was making jokes all the way there about the Craigslist killer. Granted, he was an old guy in a cowboy hat and sunglasses. But still!!! Everything turned out fine. And I have my bike. :)

We took our bikes out for a spin tonight. Of course, I can’t resist logging everything:

So that was a casual ride… I literally could have run that faster. I won’t give up my day workouts. Oh yeah, I forgot we stopped at a park for a while so that probably wreaked havoc on our pace. Oh well!

Earlier this weekend….

Found a great new meal idea from eat life whole.

The superfood burrito in a jar!

Our was quinoa + black beans + arugula + cilantro + baby tomatoes + green onions + plain nonfat Greek yogurt + a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and parm cheese. It was a pretty light lunch, but I knew we were having pasta for dinner later so it worked out. We have leftovers, and I’m so excited to have this for lunch tomorrow!! Wouldn’t this be a great lunch to pack for the office!?

Best snack of the weekend — thanks to Lauren!! I shockingly won a giveaway, and it’s the best granola ever. I actually didn’t get it till this weekend because we have a hard time catching our apartment office open!! That’s something I’m not going to miss about living in an apartment!!!

Two bites and I was on the Nature’s Indulgence website trying to figure out how I could get more. Seriously in love with the Lemon Blueberry flavor. Lemon granola is genius. Wonder how I could make that at home!? :) We tasted every flavor right then and there!! So good. I promise I still have some left. Some.

P.S. I’m on the market for some good bike accessories — yes, starting with a helmet. I’m not that cool any more, and I got HONKED at on the first street I rode on tonight. Justifiably so since I was in the middle of the road. I was trying to figure out my breaks!! Haha. At least I wasn’t looking at my iPhone, right? I’m also going to need some baskets. And maybe some other cute accessories, so give me a heads up if you know about anything cute in those departments.





17 thoughts on “World Tourist + Superfood Burrito in a Jar

  1. LOVE the bike!! I once let a guy from Craigslist drive my car (I was selling it) and was pretty sure I was going to be kidnapped the whole time. But he ended up buying it so the trade-off was worth it :)

  2. I saw a really cute bike basket at Land’s End. It was pic-nic basket style and would look super cute on the front of that bike!

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  4. I love the bike and those burritos! Food in a jar makes me so happy :) PS: My husband and I did a test drive of a car for sale on Craigslist (with the owner) and I was freaked the entire tim. I love Criagslist but am always secretly skeptical of it!

  5. Have fun with your bike! And yes, definitely get a helmet, even if you are on trails…you never know!

    I don’t know any good basket recs but my mom has a front basket on her bike that has a clip to detach it if she wants to. She really likes that feature, so I’d recommend looking for something like that.

    Have fun! :)

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