Green Apple, Turkey Bacon & Gouda Sandwich + Wiped

Mmm… Saturday sandwich.

I was originally thinking of making a cute little sandwich with berries (like Kelly!!), but for some reason while we were sitting in Sbux this morning I had a change of heart. This alternative features green apple + turkey bacon + Gouda (inspired by Becky Bakes). That’s probably the fanciest cheese I’ve ever bought in my life. I really only bought it because it was on sale. And packaged in non-threatening slices. I never know what to do with those oddly-shaped hunks of cheese in the expensive cheese aisle so I generally stick to mozzarella and extra sharp cheddar. Mmm…  I’m probably going to make these again tomorrow afternoon!

Kevin James was so excited for his free birthday drink (thanks to the Sbux app). We had to research online something more expensive for him to order to celebrate this momentous occasion. He settled on a Mocha Coconut Light Frappuccino. It was too cute. He totally practiced how to order it, and then he messed up and threw in an extra “chip” and got all flustered. I’m sorry, but that was comedy. The lady was all nice and said like,”that’s okay, it’s a mouth full.” But it was cute.

I know Kevin has been spending far too much time with me because he suggested tht Starbucks start labeling the lines on their cups based on how many calories you’ve drunk so far!! Ha!!

Last night

Wiped Workout: (via GPP Fitness)

4 rounds on trainer’s Corrie’s count:

Kevin was extremely disappointed when he realized that you had to do both left and right sides to complete round 1. I couldn’t begin to pull off the 15’s on the triceps kickbacks. I regressed to 10’s and eventually 5’s. I won’t name any names, but I’m afraid someone was a little to engrossed in HGTV to push himself. Haha.

But I still made him some homemade French bread pizza

Absolutely genius idea that requires absolutely zero flour on the counter!! I don’t know about you but I always make a huge mess when I make homemade pizza crust.

I’m having such a sweet weekend. Kevin is having to spend a lot less time on homework in his current MBA class so we actually get to hang out some on the weekends. We’re watching Adam right now so I can’t concentrate a bit. Have you seen it? What are they doing? They’re foraging! (regarding raccoons). Awwwa!

Also, I want to make this apple bacon gouda pizza next!! Those flavors are so good together!!

Know of any other good bday freebies? :)

Enjoy the weekend!!! xoxo

10 thoughts on “Green Apple, Turkey Bacon & Gouda Sandwich + Wiped

  1. That sandwich looks GOOD. I made a pepperjack & apple sandwich once. And then another…
    I’m horrible of taking advantage of free birthday giveaways. After years of working in a restaurant and have people rudely ask “What can I get for free for my birthday?”, I just never want to be “that girl”. Oh, and the response I always want to give, “Another year older!” :)

  2. that pizza is a wonderful idea! and the starbucks story literally made me laugh out loud. my boyfriend and i did the same thing when i got a free coupon- thought of the priciest thing on the menu, and then ordered a venti. it was a huge step away from my usual iced coffee or latte!!

  3. Dairy Queen has a blizzard fan club – I believe you get a free blizzard or bogo on your birthday plus 6 more times throughout the year! It’s DEFINITELY worth it. And lots of other places do too – you should check out some of the fro-yo place’s websites – I’m sure they offer a free scoop or something!! :)

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