best carrot cake every birthday

31 Candles: The End of the Birthday Trilogy + Jeopardy & Speedmiton

Tonight we broke out one of Kevin’s birthday gifts… And after you were all saying what a good wife I was for planning Kevin’s birthday. I got him a Jeopardy Wii game! And promptly creamed him at it…. Okay, he almost won the second game. He swept “Sports Quotes” and did really well in the science categories. But I got him in the end with my weird etymology knowledge plus random history facts.

Kevin, while setting up the Wii,”Sorry this isn’t an active game!!”

I love him so much. I suggested that we stand up, but we ended up on the couch. Snacking a little.

Here’s some ugly pasta I made. I roasted tomatoes in broccoli and attempted some sort of a garlic cream sauce out of cottage cheese. Haha. The surprising part was that it tasted much better when we ate it tonight as leftovers!!

The end of the birthday trilogy:

The much-anticipated, never tampered with, the original, the BEST carrot cake ever:

I even made a little extra frosting for dipping – just the way we like it!

31 candles! Boyd doesn’t bark like all the McMillin dogs used to when we lit candles at home! Weird.

And finally…

Would you believe that ENTIRE cake is already gone?! Actually it was gone last night!! Kevin ate the vast majority, but I did have a few little wedges here and there. Okay, and maybe a decent-sized slice.

After our cake, I dragged us out for some more activity!

Speedmiton was another of Kevin’s birthday gifts.

Kevin likes games like this because he can hit the birdie (or ball or whatever the case) super far, and then entice me to retrieve it by saying,”IT’S GOOD EXERCISE.” Sneaky, sneaky.

I, on the other hand, take the game extremely seriously. Lol.

Unfortunately, it was a little too windy for us to have much of a volley, but we had a good time. And I didn’t hit any senior citizens on the head like I did when we played tennis.

And that’s it! That’s Kevin’s birthday. Just in time for another “holiday” tomorrow — our anniversary!! :) We did manage to drag ourselves back to work on Friday morning. I had a half day, and spent the rest of the day cleaning up after too much birthday. Kevin was slaving away at his new job.

Weekend Workouts — I DID THEM! In addition to all the random activity. Yay. But there was also some extra snacking, so that’s good.

Today — 6 mile run + some random jumping rope and burpees. I had a different workout planned, but had to adapt because our teeny tiny apartment gym was packed – I’m guessing due to the hot weather.

Yesterday —

Leg Shredder (via GPP)

On Trainer’s Count complete…

Four rounds of:Β 
Β 20Β BTB squatsΒ Β (squats that begin and end in the bottom of the movement)
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


Four rounds per side of:
20Β SLDΒ 15/20
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


Four rounds of:
20Β heel raises
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


200Β walking lunges

And my legs are FEELING that today!

Do you ever buy people gifts that are a LITTLE bit for you too? Like Jeopardy Wii. Lol. You should be proud though. I bought Kevin some new Toms, but resisted the urge to get myself a new pair at the same time.

Favorite yard game? I tend to avoid them since I grew up in Wabasha where everyone is just a litttttle bit too competitive for my skill set. But I like playing anything with Kevin or the kidlets in my family.

15 thoughts on “31 Candles: The End of the Birthday Trilogy + Jeopardy & Speedmiton

  1. Carrot cake is my fave- that’s what the majority of my wedding cake was! And yours looks delicious! You did such a great job planning out Kevin’s special day- I’m sure he knows that he is one lucky guy!

    1. Lol. Thanks. But I definitely needed you to decorate!! Candles were from Amazon, but I also saw them at a local shop today. So they’re around. They’re TAG brand.

  2. That cake looks so yummy! I lovelovelove that you made extra frosting for dipping–yes, please!!! Also, I am very very good at getting Chase gifts that I also love. ;) That jeopardy game sounds amazing.

  3. I’d believe the carrot cake is gone- carrot cake is delicious! ….I crave it every time I jump on here and it is discussed. Hardcore crave it! -especially with extra frosting :)
    …..and all of this just in time for another ‘holiday’ YAY! That is exciting too!

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