Last Day: Pink Lemonade Bars & Lolcats

It’s hard to believe that Camp Kreisel is coming to a close. My family is heading out tomorow morning, and I’ll be down from cooking for 7 back to just the 2 of us!! We’ve really had a wonderful time, but we’re also excited to enjoy some peace & quiet in our new house. I’m just not old enough to be yelling at kids to close the door because the a/c is on!! I think it’s clear that I’m not mature enough for that kind of business after I instigated two separate sibling wars today. The first involving putting ice down peoples’ backs (in the house!!!). And the second was at outbreak of flicking each other with plastic fro yo spoons. Those things hurt!!!

We also learned that AJ doesn’t fit through the cat door – it was close though!

And that we have an extra-friendly neighborhood cat. My mom accurately stated that “the best cat is a neighbor’s friendly cat.” Not in my house!!

Just close enough to snap pictures of for Caturday photos! I really only like cats in photos.

We made some pink lemonade bars:

And some aweome potato salad:

We used red potatoes, nonfat Greek yogurt, green onions, celery, a few pieces of turkey bacon, salt, pepper, and a dash of jalapeno mustard. My sisters are super picky eaters, but I made them pinky promise me on their first day in Denver that they would TRY everything I made. They made good on their promises and even managed to have black bean quinoa salad bowl for lunch one day! I thought that was an accomplishment!!

Sisters on the porch swing!

I should beback tomorrow! I always love Mondays in blog world, but tomorrow is going to be extra fun catching up on all the blogs I’ve been missing!

What are some of your favorite family vacation memories? I think mine were when we used to go to this cabin on a lake. We would canoe around the lake, go to beach, and buy Schwann’s ice cream from the gas station. It was fabulous. I think my sisters’ highlights were Starbucks, the ice cream truck, and fro yo! And maybe playing my new piano.


12 thoughts on “Last Day: Pink Lemonade Bars & Lolcats

  1. Aww that last picture needs to be framed – super cute :)! Kudos for getting your sisters to eat quinoa- at that age I think I would have run a mile..actually I would have strolled a mile hahah! One of my favorite family holiday moments was when I went to Dubai for my sister’s wedding- our whole faily was there and it was just such a blast to be together!

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