blueberry lime salsa

Blueberry Lime Salsa + Morning Creativity Is Overrated

I read in a magazine the other night that your most creative thinking might be done right away in the morning, before your first cup of coffee. So I got up this morning and was mentally coaching myself,”Think of something creative.”


Who wrote that article anyways?? A MORNING PERSON!?!?!!!! (Here’s a charming video of Kevin James doing an impression of me in the morning — wow, almost exactly a year ago). Someday I’m going to create the next Pinterest or write the next Curious George series, but probably after I’ve had coffee!!

I was going to put off gym time until tonight, but then I received a text inviting us to watch the Olympics at our neighbors’ house. Uhhh… yessss!!

So I went this morning. It was actually almost noon. If not later.

I warmed up on the treadmill, and then completed this little 16 minutes of sweaty goodness:


(Jump Lunge to Box Jump, Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Plank Row to Frogger, Kettlebell Swings)

There was an unplanned 1 minute break between rounds 2 & 3. I needed a drink!! The jump lunge + box jump combo was fun!!! I wasn’t brave enough to do it with weights today. I did use a 25lb kettlebell and 8lb dumbbells on that frogger move.

What I love about my new gym? Many things. But they keep an EYE on their equipment, and if something is broken it gets fixed ASAP. The owner was walking around with the repairman asking questions (and trying not to get hit by my kettlebell). I really appreciate that after all the empty promises and shoddy treadmills at our old gym. :)

Since we’re totally mooching off their cable, I volunteered to bring snacks tonight. I made this Blueberry Lime Salsa from How Sweet Eats. I’ll admit I made a double batch since we have to share. There are also strawberries in it so not sure why the blueberries get all the glory!

I definitely had to sample it on an afternoon grilled cheese!! Totally hit the spot.

Boyd is so annoying when I’m trying to eat. If I want him to go away, I have to throw a piece of food in the other room, and then run to close the door!!! Haha. Notice the fan? Our a/c is randomly out. No clue what’s going on. We’re going to miss that. At least today hasn’t been too bad. I was only really warm after I got back from the gym and was cooking in the kitchen.

I’m off to tidy up before my hottie husband comes home. But first, the cutest status of the day from my Dominican son, Morys:

C’mon,DR!!! You can do it!!!

Do you have a/c? I’ve lived the majority of my life without it. In fact, I think I may have only had it since I’ve been married. We definitely didn’t have it in our apartment in the Dominican Republic!!!

Do you make homemade salsa/pico? I was originally going to make pico de gallo, but I didn’t want to chop vegetables and didn’t have a sous chef handy.

9 thoughts on “Blueberry Lime Salsa + Morning Creativity Is Overrated

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  2. Wow that grilled cheese sounds amazing- especially because of that salsa! Owning an AC is a necessity in Mumbai- way too hot otherwise. I get really cold easily so as soon as the room has cooled off, I switch it off…and then switch it back on when it starts getting stuffy!

  3. Oh girl, I am definitely an A/C girl. We didn’t have it when I was living in what was known as one of the “ovens of China” (Wuhan). It was hooootttt! So now that I live in the States I take full advantage of our A/C! I mean, we live in the South where it gets all kinds of hot and humid. It is a regular thing for it to be 100+ here. Granted, we did have our A/C go out on us when we first bought the house so that wasn’t fun for the first summer, haha! But yeah, I love our A/C!

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