almond butter dark chocolate chip cookies

The Ultimate Cookie Friday

Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies

Oatmeal Scotchies

Flourless PB Cookies

Skinny Coconut Macaroons + chocolate drizzle & almond

Double Stuf & Cool Mint Oreos

Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Chip

Partygoers + Piano.

Assorted milks.

A very happy husband!!!

The End.

21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cookie Friday

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  2. This is SO cute! The one thing I so desperately wanted for our wedding was for cookies & milk to be served later in the evening. I envisioned it much like this, but time ran out, I had so much other stuff on my mind & it just didn’t look like this. We did it & it was cute, but not like this. THIS is was cookies & milk party dreams are made of. :)

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