Spectating + Roaster!

Oh, were we EVER happy when the puppy daddy came home last night!!

Kevin had to travel for business this week so I was home alone with the dogs.

Everything goes wrong when Kevin’s not home. All the light bulbs burn out. The street light pedestrian signs don’t work. No one makes me coffee. I have no one to bake for. The bike tires run out of air. It’s rough.

Welcome home baking — Caramelized Apple Walnut Cinnamon Rolls. I added some cream cheese frosting with maple! Kevin is a frosting lover like me so I gave him some extra on the side for dipping!

This morning we woke up bright & early to spectate the RNR Denver Marathon! It was so much fun! We decided totally last minute to do it, but I’m glad we did. Even though my throat still kind of hurts from all the screaming!

I was hoping this little outing would inspire Kevin to run a marathon!!

I don’t think it worked.

But we made a lot of people smile!

We cheered people on up their last big hill and around the very last corner. It was so cute to see people point out the finish line to each other — “there it is!!!” Unfortunately, we didn’t have any signs. I was thinking about making one this morning, but we biked downtown so I rode Kevin’s other bike since it goes a lot faster than my little cruiser.

THAT is the race sign I wanted to make. Cute, right? Here’s a whole blog of best race signs.

After we got back, I put my personal accountant to work! Although the mason jar full of cash/checks plan has been working well for the business, for some reason he felt the need to go to the bank!

Today’s WOD:

Roaster AMRAP (via GPP)

25 min AMRAP:

30 KB swings 25/35
30 squat to box jump
30 v-ups
30 box switches

I can’t believe how much lighter the 25lb kettlebell feels after I’ve been using a 30lb one the past few weeks! It still wasn’t easy… I made it through 3 full rounds + kb swings + 13 box jumps.

I was beat. But I decided to go run on the treadmill. I was inspired by the runners, and I thought it’d be good practice to run on tired legs. I ran 2 miles in 16 minutes. Not amazing, but I felt good about it after that tough workout. Now if I could just do that for 24.2 more, I’d be golden!

I really needed something after that workout so I had a little milk box while I took Pippa for a walk around the block. We met some dog friends the other day that I’m hoping to run into again! No luck tonight!

But we did see the neighbor lion who wants a PIECE OF BOYD!! :)

What’s the best race sign you’ve ever seen? I liked that one and one that said “a marathon is just a 10k… with a 20 mile warm-up.” I think that’s actually a great way to think of it!

Have you ever spectated at a race where you didn’t know anyone? Today was the first time! It was so fun. I should have signed up to volunteer, but I’m never that organized. I know Lynne was running the half, and I wanted to cheer her on! But I’m thinking she probably finished before I even got there! They said there were 15,000 participants!!

Do you ever write checks? I wrote one for the piano movers. I could hardly remember how! But apparently my piano students love to! Let’s see if they all clear. Kidding!

11 thoughts on “Spectating + Roaster!

  1. I totally read the part about spectating at the marathon wrong. I thought you decided last minute to run and was like woah you guys are nuts! haha. Spectating is tons of fun! The NYC marathon runs through the neighborhood were I work and we always go to cheer.

  2. Yes, I still write checks! Quite frequently actually! That’s how I do my “donation” to my church each week, and some of our payments we still do via check. Any bill that Chris had before we were married, he paid with a check; he doesn’t do the whole online thing. For the most part, I was just too lazy to switch everything over. But not lazy enough to NOT write a check, clearly.

  3. oh yes…to checks…I write them to church, to school donation and field trip stuff and to the DMV (b/c they charge $2 if you want to use a cc as payment…what?)

    Hubs and I volunteered to help with a race handing out packets the day before ….we didn’t run the race or watch it the following day but it was fun to be there for the pre-race excitement.

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