Leash Running Technique + Otter Dogs

Are Mondays the worst in your gym?

I’m a little nervous about what winter is going to bring, but so far it’s ONLY Monday nights where the gym looks like this. Kevin managed to snag a treadmill right away, but I was stuck on the arc trainer for a little bit. People actually jumped in front of me THREE times to get one. Finally, Kevin stepped in and saved one for me!! Haha. I think he just wanted to get out of the gym faster.

I had a speed workout marked on the calendar for today so we chose to run 6x400m with 90 seconds of rest in between. I jogged in between the quarters and ended up with 2.27 miles in 16:46!  Still a 7:23 pace overall.

Now I have a question for those of you who run with dogs.

Ever since I started running with Pippa Cordelia, I’ve had problems with my right shoulder and my right hip. Isn’t that ridiculous?

I have problems with my hip if I run with the leash around my waist (like the above picture), but it’s the best way to keep the little princess under control. It took me a few weeks to figure out that was why my hip was bothering me. I’m not very quick to catch on! When we ran the 10k in the park on Saturday, I held the leash only in my right hand. But then I woke up this morning feeling like I ripped my right shoulder out of place. She wears a gentle leader, but you still have to keep a pretty tight grip – especially if there are dogs or squirrels around! My arm is pretty messed up today. I don’t know if I could even do burpees!! Haha. So I need to figure out a better system!

Today seemed like a great day to make muffins! I used this recipe for Cranberry Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins. I don’t really like putting sugar in things like that so I decided to use a banana instead. It worked out! They were also mostly devoid of cranberries, except for a raisin or two on top.

Meanwhile my dogs were sleeping like otters. Holding hands so they wouldn’t drift apart.

Okay, the truth is the peppy Pippa woke up first and wanted to play with grumpy Boyd. I made her stop pestering him, and she ended up just falling back asleep!

I made a big pot of chicken & rice soup for dinner. I didn’t use this recipe, but I was I was inspired by it to add some curry powder and dill for flavor.

So, I’m really not into iPhone/iPad games, but I love Letterpress!

Kevin and I just finished our first game. I guess we didn’t realize the rule that the game would be over when all the tiles were colored. Oops. So Kevin won. I’ll get him next time!!!!

Any leash running tips? Maybe it would help if I didn’t run with keys and iPhone in my other hand. It’s a little tricky!

Do you play Letterpress? Or another favorite iPhone game? This is the first one I’ve played in a loooong time. Little kids always ask me for a game to play, and I never have anything. Think this will work? :)

P.S. Did you see Pippa’s kitten sister, Pippa?!

19 thoughts on “Leash Running Technique + Otter Dogs

  1. I think it’s best to teach her to walk with you first so you train her how she should be when she’s on the leash. ie. no pulling no running ahead etc. once she masters that, that’s when you train her to run with you. that’s how we did it with all of our dogs and they’re pretty good at it. no pain anywhere. if they want to go ahead I do a gentle tug or say heel … and they do because I taught them that when I taught them to walk with me first.

  2. I always hold the leash in my hand when I run. I used to notice a lot of pain in my left side from running with them, so I started alternating which hand I had the leash in during my run to keep it balanced. I haven’t had the pain since!
    My gym DIES in November and December, but then gets crazy after New Years. Luckily, I’m never there after 5:00, that’s when it is super crowded. Super early morning is where it’s at!

  3. I run with my dog all the time. I never run with a phone or keys. If I do need to lock the house, I take off just the house key. Usually I run with a Fuel belt where I keep water for me and the dog, stash and poop bag and the key. I actually put the leash in my hands when I run. Usually Oliver runs better than when he walks, but if he sees another dog I need to yank him back. If he was attached to my hip, I could probably fall if he tried to dart toward another dog!

  4. Cute sleeping pups!
    Sometimes I take Kostas along on a run. (Tucker is too old for running.)
    Even with just walking them, they wear a pinch collar. I know a lot of people feel strongly that they shouldn’t be used, but the dogs know that when that collar goes on, it’s time to focus. They are both so strong – walking them together, they outweigh me and could totally take me over if they were both allowed to go their own way.

  5. I have never been able to run with my dogs much, I feel like they throw of my stride or I’m going to long. I’d love to find a way to make it easier – I hope someone has a good tip for you!

  6. Mondays aren’t really busy at our gym, but my goodness January is the worst, haha! I always look forward to mid-February when it clears out again. ;)

    Sorry about the running-with-pup problems. I hope you can figure something out! Oreo and I have run once or twice together, but not often enough for it to be a real issue.

  7. Ya, running with dogs can be frustrating. We are working with Griz right now on running. I would suggest tying your house/car key to your shoelace to ditch the keys. Or maybe buying a spibelt to hold your keys and phone. You need both hands on the leash at all times. One on the end of it and one closer to the collar/nose for control. Also, what kind of leash are you using? I would suggest a standard 5-6′ foot leash. We can’t use the retractables when running because it hurts our shoulders. If you have a regular leash you can evenly distribute the weight between both arms out in front of you. We also carry treats to teach Griz how to heel when running.

    1. So my leash isn’t retractable, but it does have like… a heavy handle. Of course, I bought it because it was bright pink. So I might need to try a new one. I should probably do the treats thing too. Pippa is very obedient, but just excitable. Thanks! :)

  8. Your blog makes me want a second puppy now! That picture is too cute! Mondays are always like that at the gym! It slowly dies off and by Friday its dead in there!

  9. for that very reason I had to quit running with my dog…and I guess b/c I have been lazy and haven’t properly trained her to stay by me with an easy stride and not the “I’m going to be the leader of this running pack sort of thing….”

    I discovered running is really MY time and I need to be alone with out any distractions. ;-) And then I really discovered that’s why people have kids…to walk/run/exercise the family pets!! HAHAHA!

    Good Luck ..

  10. oh gosh, the monday’s at my gym is exactly like that too – from 6am! I went at about 10pm tonight, so it was nice and quiet and felt like my own private place. haha!

    I like the idea of using a banana instead of adding loads of sugar!

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