My New Trick For Getting Myself Out The Door To Run In Cold Weather + Thanksgiving Recipe Lists

Well, first suggestion: get a wild dog! ;)

She may look sleepy in the picture,but every time I silently dropped that ball on the floor she leapt out of bed to reclaim it!

It totally works. Pippa knows her schedule and acts like a wild animal until I take her out for a run! Fortunately for us, that schedule is to go out around 10:30AM! I love that it’s later so it’s not so cold! Have you noticed I don’t like the cold?

Well, my NEW trick is to do a little at-home WOD first to warm myself up. The time it takes is probably no longer than the time I typically procrastinate about getting out the door. Just ask Pippa. It drives her crazy when I’m fiddling around with my iPhone or finding what to wear.

I loved this CrossFit Countdown Home Workout I saw on Blonde Ponytail.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps

So that’s a little harder than it looks! I finished in 14:57.

I gathered up all my running needs – Garmin, iPhone, keys, and leash – and got out the door as quickly as possible. It totally worked. None of that initial misery! Pippa and I only ran a little over two miles yesterday. I’m a little sore after all those stairs the other day!

We happened across this little kitty cat.

Pippa was being pretty chill.

So chill that kitten #2 poked her head around the corner. When she saw Pippa, she froze just like that.

I’m trying to teach Pippa to socialize with cats, and I thought it was going so well. And then, BOOM, Pippa lunged at kitten #1. These cats were less vicious than our neighbor lion cat so they didn’t retaliate. But they did run away. :( I’m not really sure why I’m trying to teach Pippa to play with cats. Cats actually scare me. I think that’s why they’re strangely attracted. I’m always the person that the friendly cat follows around and brushes against my legs constantly. They know I’m afraid of them so they want to taunt me!!! Cats have scary claws!

Pippa’s treat after our run was licking peanut butter off a knife. The good Earth Balance Coconut Spread kind.

Why? Because Kevin confessed giving some to Boyd that way the other day when I was talking on the phone in the other room. PAYBACK!!! We like to pit our dogs against each other like that. Haha. :)

Wednesday afternoon is long back-to-back teaching block for me. I’m thankful I was able to schedule students in a row like that, but I’m still working on shooing one student out and getting the next one in. And I’m not a great clock watcher when I have so much fascinating knowledge to impart – I actually have to set my iPhone alarm when my schedule is really tight so I can wrap things ups!

Quick burritos for dinner last night since we had to get out the door.

I LOVE the Bush’s Cocina Latina beans. They’re spicy! And they have only 1 gram of sugar. They’re really saucy so I just mixed them with some brown rice for these burritos.

We haven’t been keeping a lot of chips, snacks, or Diet Coke in the house so my late night snack was TOAST.

Just for fun – My favorite Thanksgiving recipe round-ups:

What’s your favorite cooking blog? The above.

What Thanksgiving dish are you looking forward to the most? It’s normal to be thinking about that a week in advance, right? My favorites are potatoes & stuffing for sure!

P.S. The desserts I made last year.

16 thoughts on “My New Trick For Getting Myself Out The Door To Run In Cold Weather + Thanksgiving Recipe Lists

  1. “We haven’t been keeping a lot of chips, snacks, or Diet Coke in the house so my late night snack was TOAST.”

    I’ve been trying really hard to keep tempting snacks out of the house, too!

    I used to be indifferent of cats, but then we started fostering kittens for an animal shelter and now I LOVE cats! Their claws are no scarier than a dog’s teeth!

  2. Ahh! I so needed to hear that trick. Maybe if I start doing WODs right when I wake up, I’ll warm up and stop complaining about going out in the cold, haha! (just wrote about my issue with it yesterday). I’m going to try that one today!

  3. The cold alone is ok for me, but I can’t stand running if it’s cold and raining. Haven’t found a way to motivate myself then. May have to try the countdown home wod, thanks for sharing!

  4. Cats and dogs together scare me. I have two cats and recently tried to have a dog come interact with them, and one of my cats got so defensive of the house it was so scary haha. I need a dog to help get me outside to run. It’s sooo cooolldd.

  5. We do the same thing with my dog, once my mom is done with her knife she lets my dog lick it. Her favorite. Thanks for the recipe link up, can’t wait to check them out. I am hoping to bring a dish this year

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