Last Long Training Run

This morning was our last long run before our half marathon next week (yay)! I have a feeling it’ll be our last long outdoor run for a while if it starts to get super cold.

I’m so not a football fan, but Sports Authority Field was about the most exciting thing we saw.

We ran out our front door, through the Highlands (hooray for Christmas decorations!):

And a few miles out on the Platte River Trail.

Β Kevin claims that Pippa slowed him down the last few miles.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Some of us love running more than others! :) 12 miles — 1 hour, 55 minutes, 27 seconds. Kevin tends to be super competitive in a race environment so I like our chances of breaking 2 hours next week. :) I don’t like our chances of training for a full marathon together though… One of us is impatient and the other isn’t a fan of long runs.

Kevin was pretty happy about finishing up some of the Best Carrot Cake Ever.

But our poinsettia is really sad. :( I have no skills with plants! I’ve only had it for two days! Any tips on how to revive it!?

Off to watch a Christmas movie! Good night!

11 thoughts on “Last Long Training Run

  1. I really love that you two are doing this together. My husband can run somewhere around 3 miles with me but any more than that and he gets bored or winded ;) Can’t wait to read about the half marathon next weekend – looks like you’re ready!!

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