Proof That I Love Pippa Cordelia

I never checked the weather so much before Pippa Cordelia came into my life. It’s supposed to be 40 & Sunny at 10AM today!! Finally.

But yesterday, Pippa just couldn’t take it any more, and I couldn’t resist her pleading eyes. That and she wouldn’t stop jumping up with her paws on my laptop. She has learned how to get my attention. Seriously, I think she knows the key to a good reaction is to curl up on top of my iPhone or to paws up on a laptop or iPad.

pippa running cold

Are you happy now? She definitely was. I felt like I was in the doghouse over the freezing weekend when she hardly made it out the door. Isn’t the bright yellow side of my vest great? I’ve always been skeptical of running vests, but I’m a believer now. It was the perfect layer over two sets of long sleeves. And my Lulu hoody is a lifesaver right now, because I’m foolish and don’t have a hat OR mittens. In January. I lost my headband in Breckenridge. :( So the hood + thumbholes are my salvation.

Speaking of cold weather:

pippa in her pink coat

I don’t think I ever showed you Pippa’s pink coat! Isn’t it ADORABLE? I had been searching for one, and this one popped up on clearance at Target while we were in Minnesota. Perfect timing. And it’s reversible. But I think she likes the fleecey part inside better. She spends some quality time in the garage in her crate, and I was worried about her getting too cold yesterday. I wish I could get her to not scratch down doors while I’m teaching so she could stay in the house. :/

Today’s WOD:

Just something I whipped up on my iPhone while I was doing some cardio.

50-40-30-20-10 wodI had planned to do a few rounds, but man, I am tired lately. So I made I cut it off at one (and at 12:49 it was sluggish) and went back to the treadmill. I ran 4.68 miles with some faster quarters thrown in for good measure for a total mileage of 8.06. Too many junk miles lately! I need to get on a running plan — committing to a race would help!

Ummm… WHY ISN’T THE WORD BURPEES IN MY PHONE? Which makes me wonder if it’s in the Scrabble dictionary.

So here’s a very weird sweet potato stuffed with sweet potato dinner:

sweet potato stuffed sweet potato cottage cheeseIt’s a monster! When Hannah sees this, she’s going to be SO happy she’s back in Minnesota! Haha.

So I wanted to make this Sweet Potato Canneloni, but it just so happens it’s definitely above my skill level. And I don’t think I have quite the right slicing tools. So I basically took all of the elements and made twice baked sweet potato. The stuffing is actually cottage cheese & a pureed sweet potato. Haha. It’s topped with diced apple and a sprinkling of walnuts and parmesan. That picture is disturbing me, but it was really good. Not like some of those weird kale failures I’ve had.

I let Kevin pass since my recipe didn’t turn out, and he had a hummus wrap + baked fries. Really a plus for me since I get the leftovers for lunch today!

I don’t want to end with that feo picture, so here’s the popcorn balls I made with Hannah:

old fashioned popcorn balls

We used this recipe for Old Fashioned Popcorn Balls, and they were amazing!! I have a soft spot for caramel corn. And so does my sister. :)

Does your dog wear clothes? Pippa seriously gets cold. I’m not joking, guys. It’s functional. Not that I normally go for functional.

Have you tried a running-type vest? I would argue that it’s functional as well. I get cold easily so you can trust me.

P.S. I also cleaned up Pippa puke yesterday morning. Just spit really, but she does that sometimes in the mornings. Yuck. Just more proof that I love her.

22 thoughts on “Proof That I Love Pippa Cordelia

  1. You both are wearing such cute vests! Our dogs do have fleece-lined, wind-proof vests that we put on them when the temps really dip. Even though they are cold-weather dogs, sometimes they need the extra warmth!

  2. That jacket is way too cute. Mochi has a fleece-lined one that I put on him when it’s deathly cold outside (ie all the past week). He HATES it though. As soon as I put it on him, he puts his head down and starts walking around in circles…weirdo.

  3. Never tried a vest, but I’m always jealous of the people who have then. As soon as I find a good deal on one, I’m all over it. I also need a rain jacket for running. The only thing I really have that helps in the rain is hats. But I got those because they were in race swag, not because I was really thinking in advance. But they come in handy!

  4. Super cute vests, both of y’all! My husband and I were laughing recently at Charlie’s clothing collection- he has much more than we thought… A rain coat, a winter jacket, a sweater, a “drinking buddy” shirt, and not to mention all of the bandanas he gets from the groomer :P

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