Almost There!! + Pippa’s Chance!

I know I’ve only taught about a quarter of this school year, but it has been a MARATHON — not a sprint. I think I need to do an hour-by-hour of my day post to remind me to never do this again. I’m not questioning my decision, but maybe my sanity! Most weekdays I leave my house at 4:55AM to go to CrossFit (so thankful we live close!), then off to school from 7:30-4 (teaching 7 classes a day). I walk home between 4-4:15, let out the dogs as fast as possible, and get to the piano where I stay most nights until 7:30PM. And you know it’s the end of the school year so nobody is taking it easy on me!! Plus it’s like I’m ON all day. No sitting at a computer. No people leaving me alone. No time to even yawn without someone catching me.  P.S. I’m not doing this again next year, but I am thankful because it’s helping me take a serious chunk out of my (thankfully small) student loan. :)

I woke up this morning feeling tight and anxious with two student music performances plus my studio’s first piano recital next week. It’s just a lot to juggle right now. Four ways I’m dealing with it? Prayer, chocolate (seriously), more CrossFit (it’s growing on me), and less screen time after dinner. Honestly, we eat dinner at 8PM or later so it’s almost bedtime for us!! If you know me, you know how much I love the internet (and I still sneak it on my phone a little) but we’re trying to step back and use that time more wisely – talking, reading our Bibles, etc.

theo dark chocolate coconut

This dark chocolate coconut might be my new fave — maybe even better than Chocolove!

Ask many how many days of school are left?


And I’m so thankful for Memorial Day weekend! Woohoo!

boyd in bed

Don’t worry — the dogs are still being spoiled by our dog walker. And guess what? Boyd is her favorite. So weird. We always tell him when we leave that his girlfriend is coming. Haha.


My puppies are too cute, right? I can hardly stand it.

I’m sorry if you love cats — but this is too funny. The cats TORMENT my dogs by sitting on our front porch. ALL THE TIME. Our neighbors have cats. And our alley has cats. And they’ve decided they like our furniture the best. I think my piano students think I’m lying that I don’t own any of them!

This is a 4 second video. You’ll probably need to watch it 5-6x at least. I know I just watched it again.

Haha. What you don’t see is me panicking that Pippa is going to get out of our yard after that video. Our recall isn’t great…. I think it would be better now, but all bets are off when a cat is involved!!

Thanks to those of you who have checked in with me to make sure I’m okay — totally am. I have so so so many things to share, but it’s mostly going to have to wait till June! June is a super exciting month — my favorite day, Kevin’s birthday, our anniversary, and I’m planning a trip to Minnesota to see my family & friends! Hooray!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday — of course, we haven’t given up on Date Night! So that’s what I’ll be doing after my two jobs! Haha.

Do you have a summer break coming up? I’ll still be teaching piano, but I definitely consider it a break. I’ll also be taking some time off from that when I travel in June.

What are you cooking for Memorial Day weekend?!  These taco-rubbed burgers with avocado & crushed tortilla chips look amazing!!!!

What refreshments should I have for my students’ piano recital? I’m not going all Paleo on them, but I just don’t see myself serving your typical punch. Haha. I looked at ordering cupcakes — but that’s crazy expensive. So I’m considering Menchie’s?? Maybe we should just take a field trip there. Haha.

9 thoughts on “Almost There!! + Pippa’s Chance!

  1. Girl! I can’t believe you get up so early! That’s amazing. I get up at 5:45 on work days and I feel like that’s crazy early, haha!

    We have tons of stray cats in our neighborhood too! Oreo goes crazy barking at them every time they play in our front yard!

  2. You’re so close to then end! My sister’s a teacher too so I totally get the counting down to summer. She still has a month to go.

  3. Summer break will never feel SO good! I’m only two weeks away . . . and cannot wait!! Hang in there. I’m hosting a party on Sunday, and theme is Mexican! So, I’m sure I’ll make guacamole, crockpot pulled chicken, and salsa.

  4. You have a handle on everything- I am so impressed!! I have felt very overwhelmed lately with my move to Denver and handling lots of new things at my job- I am normally in bed by 10pm and haven’t even incorporated work outs yet into my schedule. Keep your head up and know that all of those kids love you and look up to you every day : ) P.S. That taco burger looks crazy delicious……….!!

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