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snow puppy denver

Pippa is NOT a fan of snow or cold weather. Even when I take her on walks, she gets cranky and starts balking. The bad news is that she (or Boyd) tore up her little pink fleece jacket!! Boo. She has crazy cabin fever!

boyd bear snow

Boyd Bear, on the other hand, loves to romp in the snow. When I call him to come in, he hides way down the side of the fence. He knows I don’t want to traipse through the snow after him.

boyd dog in a towel

His punishment is that I make him sit wrapped up in a towel for five minutes when he comes inside. He’s just dying to go rub his ears on my bed or the carpet in the back bedrooms.

I had a LOUSY week at CrossFit. One of my worst. Just one thing after another. Handstand push-ups almost made me cry (I had to do 30 wall walks) since I couldn’t do them with 2 ab mats. I made a mistake in a workout and forgot to clean the bar multiple times. (I just cleaned it once, and then did the jerks). I didn’t realize my mistake until the workout was almost halfway over. I couldn’t rx anther wod because of chest-to-bar pull-ups, so I had to do them jumping. And then the workout was “easy”, and nothing makes me cranky like an easy workout. It just was NOT my week. Yeah, a little whining ,but it’s a good reminder to put things in perspective. And this will be a better week.

concept 2 rowing challenge holiday

The good news is that I’m halfway through the holiday rowing challenge! On Saturday (following a LOUSY wod at CF), I rowed 10,000m without getting off the rower! Now I’m convinced that I can row a half marathon. I’m sure I’ll try it on a whim sometime. Rowing is good in the cold weather too!!!! :)


But today started a new week at CrossFit, and I was raring to go!!!! We worked on dead lifts in the strength portion of the wod, and I hit a pr of 2 reps at 235lbs! Holla. I cross my finger as I type this, but it felt “easy” — so I know I’m getting close to 250. 215 and 225 were cake today. Another day they might not be, but on fresh Monday legs… yeahhhhhh!! I wasn’t even dizzy or out of breath. If I had more time, I would’ve tried one or two more!! Oh well, a pr for another day! I was so proud of Kevin too because he did 335lbs! 100 more than me! His bar looked sick. Loaded with plates!!!!

Today’s wod:

amrap 7mins
9 deadlifts @ 155lbs (~65% of 2 rep max)
15 kb goblet squats @ 35lbs

I scored 4+2. Done. Good start to the week!! :)

In the Games this year, the ladies had to lift 265lbs x 5 at the beginning of one of the wods– followed by weighted pistol squats and a handstand walk. Okay, that’s definitely humbling!!

wet books

The other bad thing that happened with all of the cold weather is that some of my books got wet!!!! I am sooooo sad. They were too close to an old window. It hasn’t been this cold since we’ve lived here so it’s never happened before. Of course, it had to affect a bunch of my faves. I learned my lesson!!!!

pesto ground turkey salad

And tonight’s dinner. I got a little crazy and deviated from taco salads. I made a little pesto and mixed it with our beloved tri-color coleslaw. I was trying to recreate the awesome salads from the Slotted Spoon. It turned out pretty well – not 100% paleo because there’s some cheese in the pesto, but that’s totally fine. The meat is just basically ground turkey with garlic, Italian seasoning, and some pasta sauce.

The only good part about cold weather: 

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.57.43 AM

I love the Diet Coke Facebook Page. I think it’s the best page out there, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Kevin and I always say this so it was funny to see it posted. Apparently we’re not the only ones.

What’s your favorite part of cold weather? Trying to embrace winter (yay Deidre!!) even though I’m a total hater (yay Joanie!!).

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6 thoughts on “Nature’s Refrigerator

  1. I love snowy dog pictures :) I love when Roscoe comes back inside with a snowy beard or mustache! Also, bummer about your books! My books are some of my most beloved possessions – that really would frustrate me :(

  2. Favorite part of winter….the first SLOW PRETTY SNOW (which we had on Sunday). My nieces and I were helping make Molasses cookies and they were all “It’s a snowglobe outside!”

    The drive home from my bro & SIL’s house was not fun because I was behind a plow…and could not see anything in front of me.

    I figure if it’s this cold (-12) it might as well snow. But, it’s too darn cold to be outside at all…that is NO fun.

  3. oh my gosh… boyd in that towel… haha love it!!!
    favorite part of cold weather is that I can wear scarves! They are one of my favorite accessories!
    Glad to hear it sounds like you are getting a good start to your CrossFit week. I am struggling over here not working out… ugh I have about 3 more weeks too before I can get back at it (due to surgery 3 weeks ago). It is a major bummer. I want to lift things!!

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