An Affordable Paleo Meal For A Large Group!


So I’ve Googled this many times, and with not-so-great results! It’s much cheaper something pasta or bread-heavy for a group, but since it was my turn to cook for our church community group — I wanted to make something that I would actually eat on a weeknight. (I totally don’t eat paleo so don’t go all paleo police on me… I eat ice cream, drink lattes, and much, much, more when I feel like it, but I try to keep it pretty clean on your average Tuesday). Usually I bring a salad, and try to piece something together, but sometimes it’s hard depending on what others contribute. I try not to be crazy high-maintenance, but this was my week & my choice!! :) I also liked the opportunity to show that I eat “normal”, good food.

I finally came up with a great solution myself.

I adapted this great recipe for Healthy Jalapeño Sweet Potato Chicken Chili from the wonderful Pinch of Yum to make it paleo!

paleo chicken sweet potato chili jalapeno

How to make it paleo — pretty simple. Subtract the black beans and sub coconut oil for butter/olive oil. I Googled briefly just out of curiosity if flaxmeal is paleo, but honestly didn’t care. I had some so I added it.

I suggested for guests to bring Red Hot Blues, and we also had feta cheese (couldn’t find Cotija cheese mentioned in the recipe), fresh jalapeños, and cilantro for toppings.

less paleo

Not truly paleo, but I wouldn’t call it unhealthy. :) I have to say that all my guests loved it — I think all but one had seconds — and two middle school kids were even seen eating it. I’d say that’s a win!!!

I made about 2.5 recipes, and we have lots leftover. Yay for leftover lunches!!!!!

What paleo or other healthy meal would you make for a group?

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5 thoughts on “An Affordable Paleo Meal For A Large Group!

  1. I’m always a fan of build-your-own-tacos (chicken or black bean). I just put out the toppings, and let people have at it! Always include lots of lettuce, too, in case people want to do “taco salads.” I think it’s pretty cheap, too!

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