12 Days of Christmas WOD + 100k Row Challenge


My CrossFit BFF and I were really looking forward to the 12 Days of Christmas wod.

12 days wod

The wod was completed like the 12 days of Christmas song — 1, 12, 123, 124, 125… etc. It honestly wasn’t bad as I expected since it was pretty cardio heavy (yay for 1200m run!!!!!!!!). I finished just barely sub-35!

12 days of Christmas
1. wall walk
2. power cleans (85%)
3. reverse burpees
4. front squats (same bar)
5. over & back hops
6. mb slams
7. explosive push-ups
8. step-ups/leg (mb)
9. mb sit-ups
10. db snatches
11. ring dips
12. 1200m run

Weirdly, the hardest thing on that list was definitely #8 — step-ups are usually a modification, but 24-inch step-ups while holding a med ball were not easy!!!!!!!

Those Santa socks are recycled from last year’s Rock Canyon half marathon — when I look back at the pics, I swear my shoulders have visibly broadened. Thank you pull-ups & hspus!!! Also I was much tanner last year at this time…

holiday rowing challenge

This afternoon, just in the nick of time, I wrapped up the Concept 2 Holiday Rowing challenge by finishing off rowing 100k!  The last row I did was a 30 minute row for meters, and I ended up with 6606 meters in 30 minutes. That’s good enough for 24th place in my division of the Concept 2 rankings.

turquoise and caicos essieFinally got in to get my nails done before Christmas — the place was crazy busy!!! Turquoise & Caicos! Looks like a minty green.

panera grilled cheese

Totally cleaned out my fridge today so we had to hit up the new Panera in the hood. We’ve been excited for MONTHS about that place opening up — just a few blocks from our gym. They got me with their marketing, and I ordered a grilled cheese. It was seriously the best sandwich I’ve ever had from there. Bread with a side of bread… so delicious.

And I can’t believe I did this, but…. I’m signed up for Friday Night Bar Fights.

friday night bar fights

I only agreed to do it because Kevin and CrossFit BFF are both doing it, and it’s an in-house competition. That basically means it’s just like any other wod at the gym, except we are not allowed to modify anything. It’s competition weights & standards. That means I will probably be crying on HSPU day. But it will be fun, and what else do I have going on every Friday night for the next two months???

Trying to decide if we’re going to go to 5AM CrossFit before we go to the airport and head to Minnesota mañana!

Important fashion info: Trifecta tank — coffee, bacon, & fitness + Betsey Johnson Fun Fetti hat. Santa socks are from Target last year.

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6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas WOD + 100k Row Challenge

  1. Love that first outfit – so cute!! Also, you are slowly convincing me to sign up for Crossfit! I want new friends and people to motivate me :) That bar fight thing sounds cool!

  2. We did a 12 days of Xmas WOD and now we are doing ANOTHE one. Ours was
    100 m sprint -2 HSPU-3 power snatches -4 high box jumps(24)-5 t2b-6 thrusters-7burpees-8 heavy kbs(53)-9 chest to bar pull ups-10 power cleans -11 2 in 1 wall balls-12 pistols. By round 9 it was awful!!! Took me 43 something-5 minutes of Pistols LOL but I did them!!

  3. Cute nails! And bread with a side of bread :)
    I live steps away from a Panera but the smell of asiago bagels wafting from there has turned me off from the place. Boo.
    But I have been baking bread at home so my condo smells like baguettes!

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