How to Be the Best Aunt in 10 Days


I haven’t missed you a bit. I’ve been hanging out with my brother & sister-in-law, niece, & nephews for the last 10 days!  They were in Denver for a family vacation this week and we got to host them! One role that I really enjoy playing in life is that of an aunt. Clearly much easier than being a parent. Fewer restrictions than being a teacher. Less responsibility, more throwing stuff at them and feeding them sugar.

keagan frog park

The first thing I did when they arrived last weekend was cart the kids off to the park so their parents could take a nap after driving through the night!! I made the mistake of getting on the tire swing with one of them and getting totally sick to my stomach!

chocolate face

A CHOCOLATE BAR AS BIG AS HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #bestauntever

dipping pretzels

Somehow dipping pretzels in almond bark turned into chocolate mustaches!

Which turned into BURPEES!!!!!!!! but  I guess we only got those little gems on video.

burpees with keagan

I think we need a few more lessons on those during Christmas break when I go back to Minnesota (TOMORROW!).

visiting the goats

Visiting the resident goats in my hood.

little free library denver

And the other main attraction in my area — the Little Free Library. It was a tad sunny! And yes, I let my nephew choose a book with dead bodies on the front… It’s a Scholastic book?!! And educational.

stroller accident

Oops a stroller collision!!! Haha. My middle nephew and I share a special bond as “middle children.” Haha.

boys in starbucks

One morning I was SUPER BRAVE. I took all three kids (niece coming up in pics soon!) to Starbucks before their parents were out of bed! Of course, the only reason I was up was because I had gone to CrossFit at 7AM. Haha. We got hot chocolates and chocolate donuts for the kids and grande skinny vanilla latte for me. It was a little tight in there with the stroller, but we managed! In fact, I ran into another girl from my gym and she told me she was feeling bad for me having 3 kids in Starbucks before she realized who I was. Lol. And I knew all the Denver moms were thinking — she’s feeding them hot chocolate and chocolate donuts for breakfast!??!?! And what???


My puppies loved having this baby girl to clean up after!!!


We had to enlist the help of the mama to make cutout cookies. I’m not very handy with a rolling pin for whatever reason.

our cookies gingerbread with butter

So the recipe we used was EASY + AMAZING. I made the dough in less than ten minutes, chilled it, and it rolled out really nicely —-> The Most Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies. Bonus: I had all the ingredients at home already. I just searched for a gingerbread cookie made with butter.

childrens museum denver kinetics

Another day we took them to the Children’s Museum in Denver. We had a blast.

ball pit

Loved this exhibit where the kids threw the balls into a bin overhead and it eventually dumped on them. It had something to do with science…..

niece museum

My niece was in heaven running around there, and all three left the museum red-faced and sweaty!

painting childrens museum denver

The painting area was really fun too. Definitely worth it to go to the museum rather than make that kind of a mess at home!!!! :)

refueling with cookies

Refueling at home with Christmas cookies.

my brother and niece

And some Menchies!!!! Sweet father-daughter pic. By the way, the eggnog fro yo at Menchie’s right now is amazing!!

nephew stockings

The best part is that it wasn’t really sad to see them go since we are leaving for Minnesota tomorrow am!!!!! Haha. That’s just the way their vacation time worked out this year. By the way, my nephew is in my stocking with my permission… desperate for a little chocolate late last night!! :)

Of course, we had fun with the kids, but I have to admit that the REAL FUN began after they went to bed. The four adults played euchre and ate all the GOOD SNACKS. Haha. Girls versus guys…. we’re definitely going to have a few rematches during Christmas break!!  I can tell I’m getting old & sentimental because all of that quality time with family is definitely the best Christmas gift I could ask for (if you’re not counting Felicity).

I have TONS to do today, and our dryer broke down, so I’m off to work! Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Looking forward to seeing my nieces & nephews on the other side of the fam very soon!

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4 thoughts on “How to Be the Best Aunt in 10 Days

  1. Looks like a blast with the kids and fam!
    Thank you for the gingerbread cookie recipe. I stopped making them at Christmas because I was never satisfied with the other recipes I’ve tried in the past. Maybe I’ll try this one next Christmas!

  2. Wow! I have a lot to learn about being an aunt. I just became one a couple of weeks ago didn’t know how the relationship would be since I have a nephew instead of a niece. It looks like the boys have just as much fun with you as they would their uncle :)

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