Easter 2014

Hope you had a happy Easter celebrating with family & friends!

church2.jpg(photo of our church via)

We started off our day by celebrating with our church family Christ’s resurrection from the dead, conquering sin & death (John 20). I am so blessed by the way our church celebrates so loudly and joyfully while proclaiming the gospel.

easter dinner 2014 jim

Next up was the huge Easter dinner. On the menu: ham, roasted sweet potatoes & apples, salad, and brown sugar & bacon waffles. Plus the best carrot cake ever (it really is, I’ve made it at LEAST 10x) and Rickaroons (paleo coconut macaroons) for me!!!

easter best family pic

A family pic of the 4 of us!!! It’s a miracle!!!!!!!

escaped dog

Only one dog escaped while we were trying to take family pics!

outtakeTrying to tame the wild dogs!!!! They are extremely uncooperative during family photo time. But this was a pretty big success… no accidents from Boyd even. He tends to get very excited when we pose him… Haha. And Pippa just looks sullen. Oh well.

i still you pippa

I still love you, Pippa. But you gave me a fright!! :)

with the in-laws easter 2014With my (fabulous) in-laws!

my crossfit bffMy CrossFit BFF also came over for the day!! It was so awesome having her, and it felt like she just part of our family! It’s fun seeing each other in clothes that aren’t sweaty. #notinnanos

 last but not least

Last, but not least, my little brother came over from college to spend the day with us!

easter with my brother

I didn’t even tell him what to wear!!! :)

We spent the afternoon playing Quiddler (my mother-in-law as always!), going for a walk in the park, drinking a lot of coffee (me), and eating a lot of Easter candy (them). My house is still a little messy, but it was worth it!  We had a wonderful time.

And now back to work!!! Have a great week!!

P.S. I’ll be updating my 21DSD page soon…. 

10 thoughts on “Easter 2014

  1. Yay for Christ’s resurrection! It is so nice to see bloggers celebrate the true meaning of Easter! I love your family picture… you and Kevin and Pippa and Boyd are so, so cute!

  2. We hosted Easter this year, too! We didn’t get any family pictures, but Beemer DID eat half a (large) can of bacon grease, so I got my doggy-mama heart attack in, as well.

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