Wall Ball Jackie

Thursdays are at-home wod days for me since my schedule won’t allow me to go to any of the afternoon/evening CrossFit classes, and for some reason I can’t make it there by 7AM. I would just take a rest day, but teaching 10+ students on Thursdays makes me a little crazy and sweat makes me a nicer person. Anyways, I’ve slacked on my at-home workouts over the winter, and I think that’s why I’ve been a little stalled overall on making progress on any of my skills. Plus I’ve totally lost my edge in running. Ugh. Time to get to work!!!!

Today I wanted to practice some pull-ups, but I figured I should start with a row to warm up. When I remembered that wall balls are a sub for thrusters, I  decided to do Wall Ball Jackie:

wall ball jackie wod


I used a 16lb medicine ball for the wall ball shots because that’s what I got. I should measure out a target on the chimney, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I don’t let myself slack on it though, and I’m using a heavier (than normally prescribed) for women ball so it’s fine for now.

I chose to do strict pull-ups in this workout because a) I’m working on them, and b) my garage bar makes me a bit nervous to kip on. Kevin claims it’s fine, but I have a really great imagination!!! Plus since it’s not a real pull-up bar, it really is not enjoyable for my hands to kip on it.

Anyhow I finished the 1000m row in 4:04… a decent time for a pre-wod row. I guess that I’d ideally like that under 4 minutes. Maybe 3:50 even.

Wall balls took me 5:12. (I hit “lap” on my iPhone clock to keep track of my splits because I still have an inner runner girl). Probably did the worst on these. My legs were burning at first, and I wasn’t super motivated to pick up the ball.

Pull-ups took me 8:42 for a score of 18:06 overall. I did 9 strict, totally unassisted pull-ups. Tried for the 10th and kept no repping it. I did the rest with my medium band.  Think I probably could’ve done all 30 kipping in about half that time, but it was good practice anyways. At that point, it became more like EMOM 3 pull-ups.

Anyways, on to cuter things:

pink filing cabinet

I got a pink filing cabinet last week from CB2! Everyone keeps asking me if I DIY-ed it. Nope. And no, I didn’t paint the piano either. It came that way on Craigslist. :) Anyways, I’m hoping to keep my piano biz stuff a little more organized in there. But that’s probably not happening until after the recital (next Friday!!!!). I also picked up some vintage sheet music at a garage sale over the weekend.

kevin walking pippa

Kevin got a rake which he then had to carry about a mile home. Haha. Farmer’s carry!

Reading: Longbourn 


It’s sort of a Downton Abbey-ish take on Pride & Prejudice – focusing on the servants’ stories. So far so good!!!!!

This should be an exciting teaching day… I’m getting tornado warnings on my phone again (this happened yesterday also). Take care, everyone!!! Haha. A student showed up super early right as I was about to post this… I was still in my pajamas and the dogs were out…. that is a VERY exciting teaching day.

2 thoughts on “Wall Ball Jackie

  1. Ha! Hopefully that will teach the student not to show up super early.

    I have Jackie on the docket for today! As long as I don’t chicken out like I did on Wednesday. That will also require carrying our rower up a set of stairs and out of the basement. Hmm. We’ll see about this. Nice work on the strict pull ups!!

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