Boyd Eats Lululemon + RWRunStreak

Delicious & salty!

boyd eats luluemonBoyd Bear has expensive tastes in sweaty workout attire. He was feeling playful and grabbed my tank top. Kevin and I had to pry it out of his little jaws! Pippa tried to start a little tug-of-war action, which was really tempting to watch, but I didn’t want my shirt to get ruined.

streaking runners worldAt the last minute, on Memorial day, I challenged a few family members to the RWRun Streak with me and run at least a mile every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Just a good way to sneak some extra running in, and usually if you ask me to run one mile…

rw run streak 2014

Okay so I didn’t go too crazy the first week, but I got my miles in. Including almost a full mile carrying a sandbag. :) You can follow me on DailyMile if you feel like that’d be fun. I haven’t tracked on there for a long time so it should be fun, but that’s what I used to do during the old days running in 90+ degree weather in the DR.

Today’s wod was 6 rounds of 5 overhead squats @ 85lbs and 10 renegade rows @ 25lbs. The hardest part for me was snatching the 85lbs overhead… just another thing to work on. Afterwards, a friend convinced me to go on a little run.

post wod runWe ran 3.4 miles in 30 minutes, about an 8:50 pace.  Our fastest mile was #2 at 8:17. Not too shabby for me at the end of a long day. The weather was gorgeous so that helped! Also running with a super athletic friend (age 22!!). It’s miracle that I can keep up with her now that I’m getting to be an old lady. Probably won’t be able to for long!

We also ran at the track on Sunday. Some sort of track workout that my friend had planned. It’s a totally weird experience for me to workout with someone who is probably way more dedicated than me and can also really kick my butt. We ran 8 x 300’s with varying amounts of rest (according to her binder!). It was really sunny and awful, but fun! I’m hoping I’ve talked her into doing a race with me! Yay! Nobody ever wants to run with me. I kind of burn Kevin out after that one time we ran a half marathon together. :)

i need new running shoes

But if I’m going to keep running, I’m going to need some new shoes. I had my Nanos on tonight just because it was right after CrossFit, but my old running shoes have a lot of miles in them and I’m starting to feel it in my feet!!

newton running

Has anyone ever tried Newton shoes? I just like the colors and that they’re under $100 on Zappos. My last good pair (that I ripped the poor toes out of doing burpees) was from Brooks. I’ve historically had great luck with Nikes. Since I love my Nanos, it’s tempting to try Reeboks, but the last pair of running shoes I got from them were ruined in about a month. My toe went through the tops. Isn’t that crazy? Anyways, I’m on it.

the dogs spiderman kiss

The dogs almost did like a Spiderman kiss. ALMOST. So close. Haha.

What workout shoes are you using currently? I have Nanos and Rykas which I love because they are slipon! But they’re not right for high mileage (for me). They’ve been my go-to dog walking shoes for months!

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