My Paleo McMuffin

Hi!!! The bad news is that I woke up around 3:30-4AM this morning and couldn’t sleep. This happens to me once in a great while. I tried to fall asleep for over an hour before giving up and getting out of bed. The good news was that I had time to make Kevin breakfast in bed. On a Wednesday! That’s ridiculous.

And I made homemade paleo English muffins! I’ve seen the recipe floating around forever, but, and I mean this in a loving way, I didn’t like the food styling and the yellow background behind the recipe. So I didn’t try it. Kinda pathetic excuse especially if you’ve seen my ugly iPhone pics. :)

homemade paleo english muffin sweetener freeI don’t really do stevia since Real Food Liz told me not to, and I didn’t need honey since I was making them for bacon & egg sandwiches. I used Kerrygold (grassfed butter) for my oil. Looking back, I just realized I forgot to use any milk at all. Hahaha. So this is not a fussy recipe, obviously. I probably used enough butter to make up for it, but I’ll try it with milk next time. I also didn’t mix the apple cider vinegar/baking soda together separately. Because I cook with one bowl. Also, I didn’t read that direction until afterwards. :)

bacon egg mcmuffin paleo.jpgThe biggest miracle is that you can pick it up with your hands and eat it!! That’s impressive for a paleo sandwich. I have bacon, egg, and sharp cheddar on there. I’ve been eating dairy here and there since doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. It’s delicious, but optional.

Some other good paleo stuff I’ve made lately:

paleomg biscuitsKevin still hasn’t put our camping plate away. Haha. Yes, singular, we only have one. I guess this post is about all the paleo bread, but this is from last weekend when I made these biscuits from PaleOMG. They turned out really well, but they called for 3 types of flour. Yeah, that’s definitely a recipe for weekends only!

Love this stuff:

trader joe's cruciferous crunch paleo

I kind of think TRADER JOE’S IS OVERRATED. Sorry. It’s mostly a lot of packaged stuff and a lot of junk food. I mean that in a loving way because the dark chocolate pb cups are soooooooo good. But I think the fact that I went there for cookies for my students’ recital is telling. :)  Anyways, now that I’m done being mean. I love the cruciferous crunch, and they seemed to have some decent meat. Kevin gets very upset with their bacon selection, however.

do not drink juice

Do you need to drink orange juice? EVER? NO!!!! Lol. Sorry. I have a long and random history of fiercely hating on juice.

Here’s one way I ate it at home:

cruciferous crunch paleo italian sausageHot Italian sausage, cruciferous crunch, Italian Tessemae’s, and parmesan. The cheese again!! Whatever.

What’s more overrated Trader Joe’s or eating breakfast in bed? I think breakfast in bed is where it’s at!!! Although I tend to spill coffee. And Lucky Charms. And I’m kind of kidding about TJ’s. I just thought it was funny how excited people were about it opening in Denver. And I always want to get candy there… I’m just more of a Sprouts girl at heart.

P.S. I forgot to take a pic but I made Sunday dinner for some friends including this Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad. Perfect summer picnic food!! It was delicious!!!





5 thoughts on “My Paleo McMuffin

  1. You know, I don’t necessarily disagree about TJ’s being a bit overrated. I usually do one TJ’s trip a month, maybe a bit more in the summer. They have great deals on produce when my regular grocery store charges an arm and a leg, and since I don’t go there often, buying a couple of their junk foods is like a real treat every once in a while. Their pre-sliced/diced/packaged vegetables have been a lifesaver many times when I don’t get home from work until 8pm & are always cheaper than the regular grocery stores versions of the same thing. I also really like they they treat their employees well. And it’s evident because there are no friendlier grocery store employees than those at Trader Joe’s!

    As for breakfast in bed, not so much a fan, but couldn’t tell you why. Just doesn’t float my boat, I guess. :)

  2. Your description of making the english muffins was pretty funny…I forgot this, I didn’t do this, I didn’t read this until afterwards! That’s what cooking is all about, right?! Making it your own! Anyway, I’d say Trader Joe’s is over-rated. I’d read about it a ton before actually going and once I got there I thought it was too small w/ too much processed stuff. IDK…just not might thing, I guess:)

  3. Well….I actually hate breakfast in bed. Ha! I love coffee in bed on Saturday mornings while cuddling puppies, but the idea of EATING in bed completely grosses me out. I’m weird.

    I do love TJs, though. Well, I love their kale. We live in an area of St Paul that isn’t exactly into healthy eating and kale can be hard to come by. I do most (like, 95%) of our grocery shopping at TJs and Costco. We basically just buy produce and eggs and heavy cream, because we get our meat from local farmers. Including our bacon. Which is amazing. When you guys come visit we’ll make bacon and Kevin might like us. It’s pretty delicious.

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