Denver Date Night: Moontower Tacos

So the other day Juli from PaleOMG name dropped Moontower Tacos on her blog and/or Instagram, and I knew I had to try it.

taco colorado .jpgThe taco Colorado sign was super cute. Yes, Colorado people are weird. And strangely obsessed with the flag and being “natives.” I’ve never seen a Minnesota flag in a restaurant back home, but this is certainly not the firstΒ I’ve seen in a Colorado restaurant.

taco salad moontower tacos paleo.jpgWe ordered a ton of food. Carnitas salad, carnitas taco, Buff taco, Colonel taco, and chips & guac. The salad was pretty amazing and actually pretty huge – romaine and spinach! You can take any taco off the menu and turn it into a salad. I like that it’s right on there, and I don’t have to feel like I’m asking for some special exceptions.

tacos moontower tacos.jpgThe tacos!!!! Kevin ate most of these, but I had a few bites too. The tortillas were triple layered because the tacos were super full and… juicy? Haha. So delicious. We had the corn tortillas, and they were great.

guacamole chips moontower.jpgI love you chips & guacamole!!!!! So I totally splurged, but if you wanted to eat fairly strict paleo here, it would be pretty easy! So that’s exciting to me. It also seems that their food is from really good quality sources, like local Red Bird chicken, etc. We’ll be back soon to try ALL THE BREAKFAST TACOS!!!

I think this is my new official favorite taco place! And they have a food truck too so that’s exciting.

My other two favorite taco places are probably ComidaΒ which has really unique (but tiny) tacos, but probably not such a good salad choice. And we used to really love Marg’s, but that place can be super loud and is probably better for people who enjoy drinking. I still like them both, but we have a new winner.

Oh!! We also spotted some people (dancers?!?!?!?!) from the Colorado Ballet on the patio. They had Colorado Ballet folders!! That’s a good sign, right? I’m always on the lookout for the dancers, and the other day I met someone who sings for the Colorado Opera! Too bad I missed going to Carmen, I could’ve told him that I just saw him.

kiss spot denver.jpg

Afterwards we walked around the hood a little bit (I’m wearing my wedding shoes – haha!), and ran into a couple of places on the sidewalk like “dance spot” and this “kiss spot.” Okay, then. You don’t have to tell use twice!

Have a great weekend! I’m off to send a million business emails, Β go to CrossFit, and then a Rockies games tonight!!! Hoping it doesn’t rain.


5 thoughts on “Denver Date Night: Moontower Tacos

  1. That food looks delish! You would think being down here in Texas would mean lots of good Mexican food, but I just haven’t found any yet…I probably need to get out and try more food trucks!

  2. Just the other day, I was commenting to my husband that I wondered if any other states were in love with themselves as much as Texas is…guess I have the answer! Everywhere you go around here (in DFW) you see a Lonestar sign, Texas star design or Texas flag motif. You also see bumper stickers still encouraging Texas to secede from the US. ha ha

  3. Yay for flat wedding shoes! I am also wearing sandals for my wedding. Boo ya for comfort haha. I love when you do restaurant/coffee shop reviews. It seems like CO has so much awesomeness going on 24/7! So much culture!

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