Kitchen Squats & Cute Shorts

Week 2 of the #rwrunstreak is done!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.53.36 PM

I almost didn’t do a real run on Sunday. It was tempting. We had gone hiking for about 5 miles and after we got home, it rained all night. But I did it right before sunset. What good is the water resistant Lulu if you don’t even use it? Haha. I didn’t even make Pippa go with me because she hates the rain even more than I do.

Anyways, Kevin is so manly!!!

manly kevinHaha. We went over to some friends’ house on Saturday to help them with a little deck demolition project. Well, Kevin helped. The girls sat inside and talked. I was called over once to help them estimate how heavy a rock was (45 lbs?!?!). Glad I can be helpful with something. It ended up taking quite a while, and they ordered pizza for lunch. I’m not gonna lie, I’d been craving some pizza so I did not turn it down. It was seriously delicious. That wouldn’t be so bad, except that the night before we were at the Rockies game and I was just so hungry. I ended up eating a lot of nachos. And then Sunday night, we had an ice cream cake for a friend’s graduation. All delicious, but I did not feel great on the junk food hangover today.

This little wod didn’t help:

12 curtis p’s @ 65lbs
400m run

I have never felt so sick to my stomach before when I was running in a wod. I actually thought I was going to have to stop. Yeah, now I’m motivated to eat better this week. Still managed to squeak in under 15 minutes @ 14:55. Normally, I would have loved that combo, but it hurt tonight!!!

corrie anne pistol kitchen.jpg

My CF BFF coached me on pistol squats today during open gym so I had to show off to Kevin after the wod. I’ve always sort of been able to do them… at least on my left leg. I have the mobility and most of the balance. I guess I’ve just been getting too hung up on how low to go. I don’t know why since I know I’m strong enough to get myself back up. So just watching her crank them out helped me be like, okay, yeah, that’s no big deal. My right leg is still a lot harder than my left. But these I can practice at home so I should get back to it! Proof:

Yeah that right leg was a little shaky, but I think that counts as a rep? I could be wrong. Also, sometimes I cramp the leg that I have in the air. It’s weird. Happens to me when I do hspus too. I guess I just get too tense. It’s almost like a charley horse. I have to grab my leg and whine for a minute or two before I can move again.

Also, I love the Reebok polka dot running shorts I’m wearing!!! They are $23.99, plus I bought them on the Memorial Day sale. They’re my new fave for both CrossFit & running! Super cute and not too tight/short and still stay up on my waist.

Came home, drank water, and ate meat & vegetables. I’ll feel better tomorrow!

Guess what? We might be getting a barbell soon! For “Kevin’s birthday!” I’m so excited!!! What have you been up to?


11 thoughts on “Kitchen Squats & Cute Shorts

  1. Those are totally legit reps!! You should see the questionable reps/technique at Regionals. It’s….scary. Last summer I decided I should be able to do pistols and tried it out in the backyard. It turns out I could, in fact, do pistols! I started out pretty shaky on my left leg but they’re even now. I also have trouble with tensing my quad too much and get that nasty cramped leg!

    1. Thanks for the confirmation! Yes!! I cramp my legs too!! I thought I was the only one. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I’m writhing in pain over tensing my leg!! Haha.

  2. Pistols are such a pain! I can do them without grabbing my foot in my oly shoes, but need to grab the toe in my Nanos…my speed is OK. I just really try to utilize the bounce out of my squat to get back up from them LOL

  3. Wow, thank you for posting this!
    I was working on “one legged squats” yesterday [not low enough to count as pistols, imo] and spent a lot of time thinking I was a huge wimp. While I’m definitely wimpier than you are when it comes to legit strength it’s encouraging to know you need to put extra work into stuff like this too! Maybe someday I’ll pull off some pistol squats too! :)

  4. Okay, so you know I’m not a cross fitter, but I just had to try the pistol squats after watching your video…made it down! and then fell over:P Haha! I guess my runner’s legs aren’t up to the challenge!

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