Kevin’s (sort of) Paleo Backyard Birthday Bash!

Kevin is 33!!! We were planning to just take a little day trip to celebrate his bday, but at the last minute I convinced him that we should have a little party! I tried to keep it as casual as possible and recycled some things from piano recitals (and even our wedding – haha).

backyard paleo party birthday

Kevin fashioned a little table out of sawhorses and random wood from the garage.

paleo birthday party

Little closer look at the food. Slow cooker pulled pork & buffalo chicken + Alexia sweet potato tots + toppings for the tots (green onion, cheese, fresh jalapeño, and bacon), + coleslaw. If you wanted to be strict paleo,  you could do the same type of thing with just roasted sweet potatoes. I think most Alexia products have canola oil which is frowned upon by the serious paleos, but I saved myself some chopping. The coleslaw also used a Greek yogurt based dressing, but you can easily find recipes for legit paleo coleslaw if you want. Really didn’t have to use a recipe for anything, just put both the meats in slow cookers before we went to our Saturday AM CrossFit class.

cake table

If Kevin wants one thing for his birthday, it’s CAKE!!!! So I made sure he had plenty.

party peopleSome of the party people. We had a good group from our church small group and, of course, my CF BFF!

kevin blowing out the candles 33Kevin and I have a thing where we believe in serving dessert immediately. Haha. Plus I knew some people with kids would have to leave so we didn’t waste any time. We had such a great time, and everyone ate soooo much! After the smaller kids left, we let the dogs out and they had a blast mingling with everyone until almost 11PM which is late for old people like us.

What do you like to do for your bday? Party/no party?  I really like to throw parties for Kevin, but not myself. Haha. I’m a fan of going to shopping/bookstores/coffee shops on my birthday. Why is that not a surprise?

P.S. I started a great Paleo Party pin board if you’re interested. :)




5 thoughts on “Kevin’s (sort of) Paleo Backyard Birthday Bash!

  1. Look like a good time! All that cake, yum! I made my first carrot cake for Father’s Day! The recipe was super weird because it was ancient from like the 1970’s or something – My mom insisted I use it. It includes canned pineapple and canned mandarin oranges in addition to the shredded carrot bits. Surprisingly it tasted really good!

  2. Love the bunting on the cake :) Also, that was so sweet of you to make three different ones! You have more patience than I. Happy (Belated) Birthday to Kevin! Looks like a great celebration – I’m sure he felt really loved by you :)

  3. Awwww, what a cool idea!! Yummy looking food!! Happy Birthday to Kevin!! Ha, I threw a 40th birthday party for my husband in January, but I don’t like parties myself! We seem very similar!! I love cool, vintage coffee shops for my birthday or yep, shopping!! XOXO!!

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