My Marvelous Mom!


Okay, so I’m officially the worst sibling of the day since I was the last of six to call or talk to you today (in my defense the phone line was busy half the afternoon), but…

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom!!


My mom isn’t the one who taught me to love pointy pumps, Lululemon, and Anthropologie.

mom and matching daughterBut she did teach me that MATCHING RULES!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to her (and Dad, of course) I don’t have a favorite 80′s band, and I never watched cartoons.

wordperfect corrie anne

But I did spend hours writing the next great American novel on WordPerfect. Even if 95% of that time was spent composing lists of possible names for each character (see the printed list in front of me).

corrie mom

My mom taught me to love God, work hard, serve others, and that I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up. She supported me without being pushy throughout all of my years studying piano in high school, and my parents never once suggested that I major in something “more practical” in college. After all, what could be more practical than music? :) She encouraged me when I made decision to move to the Dominican Republic, and her phone calls and emails helped me make it through grad school and that difficult first year of teaching! And she even welcomed the handsome husband I found on the internetz with open arms.

Now if only I could beat your half marathon rowing time…


I’m just hoping for sub-2 hours, but then my mom had to go and do this last week! Sick. :)

Love you, Mom!!!

P.S. My mom doesn’t love camping either. Smart woman. Recap to come… Spoiler: it was cute, but the weather was rotten!!!!!!



Packing for Our Camping Trip: My Three Important Contributions


1. I made 4 great playlists! One for the drive, one for general camping cuteness, one for morning, and one for nighttime!! I tried to include a lot of songs I used to have burned on cd’s with friends for our trips back to Minnesota during college. Dubble A had some pretty sweet mixes although I spared Kevin from all the Destiny’s Child. Dilemma is strangely one of my favorite songs, and I’m pretty sure it was my first (customized) cell phone ringtone ever.

spotify play list

I bet you’re happy now that you don’t have to be in the car with us tomorrow. :)

2. I pulled out and ironed some of our wedding bunting for decorating the campsite. Yes, that’s a thing. I have pictures from the internet to prove it. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve been able to reuse that bunting during the last few years. :) I was actually thinking about sewing some new bunting, but I ran out of time. I’m trying to think of a way to reuse some of it in a quilt or something. But that’s a project for a day in the future when I have someone helping me.


Joanie, this pic is payback for the terrible old pics you’ve been posting on my Facebook when it’s not even TBT!! :) Who’s that man you are dancing with?!!!! Also, look how tiny my sister, Hannah is at top right!! Crazy!!! 

3. Shopping for plaid shirts, obviously.



Bonus: selected some books to load on to my Kindle for reading after dark. I rarely use my Kindle even when traveling, but I figured camping is the ideal time!

I was actually helpful too. I’m mostly joking, but I am a little nervous. My friends are all super shocked that I’m actually going through with it and actually going camping. And the weather is a little iffy, especially for Sunday. So anyways, my campground has wi-fi. Haha. And the dogs are going to have the time of their lives. I even bought them special treats because I know they will be extra hungry from all the running around.

What’s your favorite road trip or camping song? Have a great weekend!!!!!


Going Camping?!


We’ve been living in colorful Colorado for almost 3 years, and we’ve never once gone camping!

Yeah, I’m still not outdoorsy. I’m actually an indoorswoman! People tend to be appalled when they discover this about me, but we didn’t really move here for the mountains or the skiing.  I lived in the Dominican Republic for 3 years and went to the beach less than 10 times so this preference isn’t even really swayed by great weather. It’s not that I don’t appreciate nature, but I generally like to experience it differently. Like by reading about it in books. :) Okay, I’m exaggerating. The truth is that I have come around a little bit in the last few years now that it’s come to my attention that I like to exercise and that the outdoors can present some fun physical challenges. That and Pippa demands daily outdoor exercise so I made that commitment when I brought her home. :)

practice camping

We actually went “practice camping” once last year which went tolerably well (it rained).

So why would we even do this? Well, Kevin James is a pro camper, canoeist, and general outdoorsman. Once when we were dating, he took a trip to the boundary waters in Minnesota and wasn’t accessible by phone for days. That seemed crazy to me, but apparently he’s done it many times over the years. Yes, I know that was normal before like 2005.

Anyways, Kevin is such a giver and cheerfully goes with me to the ballet, the symphony, bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops galore. I figure it’s about time we did something a little more in his element.

Plus we’re taking THE DOGS!!! Boyd is going to be such a hot mess and is likely to interfere our hiking plans. He can generally only make it around the block before he’s huffing & puffing. The good thing about having Boyd with us is that he breathes so loudly!! He’s sure to scare away any wildlife. :)

Also, I chose a campground based on Yelp reviews complaining that it wasn’t a real camping experience in nature. Haha. I saw that as a good sign. I’m willing to give camping a try, but not in one of those places where bears are lurking around. No thanks.

Full disclosure: we were supposed to stay in vrbo house like we usually do, but all the places I wanted were booked up for the weekend. So I gave in:

plaid shirts


He knows me so well. :)

fanny pack!!!!!! pinkJust trying on some gear at Dick’s Sporting Goods over the weekend. I thought it would be a good idea to go to the mall this weekend since that’s basically the opposite of camping. I actually didn’t end up buying a thing… I love online shopping, but I kinda miss the whole thing of going to the mall with my friends (or even Target). I know it’s cool for girls to say they don’t like shopping, but guess what, I still love it! :) 

Anyways, what are your thoughts on camping and making it fun? My top two complaints about camping are that it’s a) cold and b) smelly (I hate campfire smell). I did camp occasionally as a child, and I enjoyed it then. I think mostly for the junk food. Although there was one particular campground that was right next door to a library. Not joking even a little. :)



Brothers & Sisters! (Since Sibling Day Is A Thing Now!)


I have no idea why Sibling Day got all crazy on social media this year, but I’m going to embrace it. Sibs ARE awesome, important in our lives, and I love having 5 of them!! 3 boys & 3 girls! I actually think it’s a good idea to take a day to celebrate them. But we’re going to have to find a way to incorporate cake and possibly bunting…. maybe a few poms poms.

You should check out this TED talk on the sibling bond. The speaker mentions the interesting fact that our siblings are the only family members who are with us our whole lives! Even longer than our spouses and parents. He also points to evidence that ALL PARENTS HAVE FAVORITES. I knew it!! :)

I can’t even get into writing everything I’ve learned from each of my sibs and from being part of a large family. Of course, all of us were super annoying at times, but we worked together and learned from each other. And if that didn’t work out, we bit, pinched, and punched. Haha. :)

kelly corrie

My big brother & me! We’re the closest in age out of any two sibs in the whole family! I think we’re dressed in our Easter attire here, so I thought it was timely! By the way, they’re selling little ruffled anklets like the ones I’m wearing in the pic at Target these days….. I’m basically vintage now. So happy Kelly made it out to Colorado this year to visit with his family — best time ever!!!

lu and me

Loved growing up sandwiched between two brothers. Can you believe I got Luke to match me???? Something fun about Luke and me is that we actually were at the same college together for a year? Or two? That was pretty cute. We would eat together in the dining hall sometimes, and he ended up marrying one of my El.Ed. classmates. Can’t believe I haven’t been to his house in FLORIDA yet. He’s the only one of us who managed to get out and go somewhere truly warm! Smart!!!

josiah and me

I can’t stop calling Josiah white. I don’t know why. I haven’t returned to my natural Irish roots since coming back from the Dominican (seriously – it definitely helps living in sunny Colorado). I love that he decided to go to college in CO, and that we get to see him a good bit. I was his “mom” dropping him off at college in the pic above. I think I did a great job!! I didn’t cry or anything. Josiah and I have an agreement where the two of us can make decisions for the family. If the two of us decide on something, the consensus is reached! One vote for the oldies from me, and one for the young ones from Josiah. It actually works REALLY well. :)

hbear and me

Love my Hannah Elizabeth-Rose! I finally got a sister just when I didn’t want one. I was hoping Josiah would be a girl, but by the time Hbear rolled around… I was happy to be the only girl and not impressed with that little screamer. Thanks for ruining my life. Just kidding. More like thanks for finally being (almost) big enough to wear my clothes, and I can at least wear your baggy xc sweats. Your visits to Denver are huge highlights of my year… good thing you decided to run xc if you know what I mean. ;) ;)

aj n me

Yeah, I still have a little sis who I can tote around on my back!! It’s pretty cool. AJ is sweet, hilarious, and the true BABY of the family. We will tease you about that for LIFE. Or at least until we are in our wheelchairs, and you are pushing us around. I love that you are super girly and mom’s little clone. Don’t even get me started on my favorite AJ jokes!

Okay, so we have a bonus sib!!!!!!! Someone who has been in our family longer than one of our “blood sisters.” Someone who spent a lot of time sewing our wedding bunting.

kelly and lisa

Love this happy pic of my brother and my sister-in-law She is now an extra-official member of the family because she’s become a running addict. We also have our own secret language… so there’s that!!

I hope I didn’t make any math mistakes in this post guys….  I get a little confused about peoples’ ages… I was home schooled. Just kidding, Mom!!!!! :)

So I love big sentimental posts… can’t help it. I could’ve made this twice as long. I hope my sibs don’t read this, because if they were decent sibs, they’d do a word count of their respective paragraphs in an attempt to determine who’s my current favorite. :)

Do you have sibs? Wish you had more? I always wished for a sister closer to my age, but they’re growing up now so it’s all working out! And we never had to fight over the one bathroom at Mom & Dad’s so we can be thankful for that!!!


Sewing Pretty With Hello Kitty!


Finally took the plunge and bought the cute little sewing machine I’ve been talking about for a few months!

sewing machine hello kitty janome

Almost buying a $100 throw pillow (with tax & s&h) was the last straw that got me to buy it! Now I have a goal to learn to sew some pillows! And I have a million other overly ambitious ideas.

I’m proud to announce that I put it together myself, learned to thread the bobbin, and thread the machine tonight. That took me a good hour and a half of reading the manual and watching awesome YouTube videos. The only problem is that I eventually broke the needle. :( I kept jamming the machine. So I’ll try again tomorrow after I can get a new needle!!

By the way, I really have NO prior skills so it should be interesting. Kevin could probably learn twice as fast, but I’m trying not to ask him for help. I’m just seriously not good at that type of thing. For example: I struggle folding brown paper grocery bags. That’s not an exaggeration. I sometimes get frustrated and just smash them. I guess it’s also time to sew reusable grocery bags…

paleo comfort foods 2.0 coconut flour biscuits

After CrossFit this morning, I made these awesome Coconut Flour Biscuits 2.0 from the Paleo Comfort Foods blog. They are a lot more like “normal” biscuits than other coconut flour biscuits I’ve made, but I still used two biscuits per sandwich.

helen gillet denver public library

We also checked out the Weekend Music Series free concert @ Denver Central Library. Helen Gillet, an avant-garde cellist was performing, and it was a lot of fun! She was a great performer and just had a ton of energy! It looked exhausting!!!!! Her music reminded me just a little bit of Regina Spektor. While I was there, I took the opportunity to check out a bunch of sewing books (that are way above my skill level).

colorado ballet practice space

On our way back to our car, we walked by the Colorado Ballet rehearsal space, and there was totally a dancer sitting outside. I mean, he was sitting talking on his phone with his toes pointed! In some kind of special socks!! I choked and didn’t manage to snap a pic. I considered asking Kevin to walk past again, but it was pretty cold out. :)


Headed over to Jo-Ann Fabric for some of the basics like thread and scissors! It’s kind of scary in there!!! Just tons of crafty ladies in their element, and I’m all like… do I need a thimble??

polka dot fabrics

Can you tell what type of fabric I gravitate towards? Haha. I actually have a hard time finding fabric that appeals to me in Jo-Ann’s/Hobby Lobby/Michael’s because I prefer either the more vintage or specific designers. I may not craft, but I’ve seen a lot of crafts online!!

home depot denver

Kevin got the last laugh by taking me to Home Depot. We’re hoping to put wood floors in the bedrooms sometime soon!! No more carpet!!!! So we checked that out, and he had to pick up some painting supplies for odd & end jobs.

Do you sew? Or do any type of crafts? Wish me luck trying again tomorrow!

Barbed Wire Books + Comida


While we were in Longmont, I couldn’t resist checking out a local bookstore – Barbed Wire Books.

barbed wire books

Their inventory of (mostly) used books is seriously incredible!!!! They had soooo much of everything — tons of classics, children’s books, Christian books, dog books, craft books, every American Girl book from every version of the series, and tons of picture books.

meet cute

We always split in bookstores since Kevin isn’t quite the crazed book scavenger that I am. But before we did, Kevin staged a meet cute in the classics section.


THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!! They actually had a little nook of used music books! I think it was like an entire stash from an old music teacher!! There was also loads of vintage sheet music stacked on another shelf.

My haul:

sheet music vintage

A couple more are hidden, but it was $10 for all of these.

golden books

I also got a bunch of the classic Little Golden Books to put on my children’s book shelf for my piano students.

dog books

And two more dog books! I guess I’m collecting them now!! They’re also very popular with my studio parents! I got a few more music education type things too that aren’t pictured.

I was actually in there only for about an hour. I was trying to be nice to Kevin, and not spend tons of money. So we checked out Yelp for a place to eat and ended up at Comida.

queso fundido

Kevin made a mistake on the order (they use written cards) and ordered queso instead of guacamole. Boooo!!! But it was still really good, and we would never order it so it was kind of fun.

tacos at comida in longmont

Our family style taco plate. My favorite were the tiny little bacon & jalapeño griddled tacos in the corner.

taco comida longmont

Yay tacos!! We had the place to ourselves at 2PM on a snowy Saturday, and it was really cozy!!!

Since I didn’t work up a Wifey Wednesday post for today, I wanted to share the the #staymarried blog is sharing a free ebook called How Do I Love You25 inspiring parents share their ideas for bringing more love and connection into the everyday. 


Hope you are having a great week!

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