My First Mother’s Day

mother's day

It’s crazy that last year at this time I didn’t even know I was going to be a mom. It still seemed like something in the distant future. Someday I would be a mom.

And now we have a beautiful boy. And he’s almost 3 months old! He’s grown like crazy. It’s absolutely devastating, but he’s already outgrown the majority of his 0-3 month clothes! But he’s also smiling all the time and really starting to interact with us more which is so incredible. I try to be really intentional about soaking up as many of those sweet moments as I can. My days at home can be really long, especially when he’s going through a growth spurt, but I’m thankful for the gift of being able to spend so much time with him. The days are long, but the years are short!

ej and me

I’m really surprised how naturally (some) things have come to me as a mom. I spent my last few months of my pregnancy worrying about what I would do with my baby once I got him home. Haha. I just couldn’t picture it! But EJ always let me know what he needed. I thought I would freak out more about things like dirty diapers and sleep deprivation, but I just swoop in and do what needs to be done. I would do anything for my baby!! Sometimes it’s overwhelming to feel like I don’t have a second to myself. I need a drink! I have to go to the bathroom! I want to work out! But those things are (slowly) getting easier, and I know that it’s so worth it! 

mothers day

He is so loved.

Photos by Lazio Images at Lair O’the Bear Park

while he sleeps… (7-8 Weeks)

I have a sleepy baby today!sleepy baby

He’s 7 weeks today! And no, it hasn’t gone fast. :) I love this time with him as my only little baby. Just the two of us at home. Even if he’s had a few challenging days lately. Tuesday and Wednesday this week, he pretty much thought it was a good idea to not nap at all during the day. Thankfully, he still slept really well at night. don't leave me

On those days, EJ’s all like… do not move that hand. If you move that hand, I will wake up!!!!!  :) imawake

I’m asleep! Just kidding, I’m AWAKE! Haha. Oh EJ. But check out this baby trick: baby trick

Makes me so happy!!! :) Yes, I think he’s adorable. And I’ll admit it, I LOVE when people fawn over him!! He’s typically in a baby carrier when we go out so they can’t get too close for comfort, but we don’t mind a little admiration from strangers. Haha. I worked hard to grow that baby. <3 Let’s talk about Easter!! Sadly, I feel like I missed out on the whole season of Lent this year, because I was focused on getting that baby out of me and keeping him alive. But we still got to celebrate Easter Sunday! easter decorating

My super awesome decorating. Threw some glitter eggs from Target on the piano. But hey, the piano is pastel!

EASTER 2 Some of the Easter spread (ham is covered)…. and I definitely didn’t make homemade cinnamon rolls. It was so tempting for me to want to do it. But no. Just no!!! We had a group of friends over, and they all brought sides to share. It was really fun. My friends were surprised that I wanted to have people over already at 6 weeks, but it’s kind of easier to deal with your baby at home. Plus Kevin — super helpful! His muscles aren’t just for show. :) EASTER3

The old EJK outfit strikes again! It fits him better now!! :) We didn’t make a big effort to get a family pic because I didn’t have the patience for it. And we’re getting a few photos taken for Mother’s Day, so I’ll leave it to the pros.

Continued today… One week later because I’m a mom and time got away from me. Edmund is 8 weeks now! :) 

This has been my last normal week of maternity leave! My first students will be returning on Monday evening! I will be working less than 10 direct contact hours per week with my students, and the rest of the work can be done from my nightstand office. The best news is that we’ve found a fabulous babysitter to care for Edmund out of our home while I’m teaching! Hooray!!! She’s probably more qualified than I am to work with a baby, and I know EJ will love her. It’s just going to be a lot for mama to keep organized on teaching days!! I’ve decided not to try to fill my schedule at this point although I may accept a few students from my waiting list when my babysitter’s college classes are over for the summer. I’m thankful to be in a situation where I’m not pressured to go back to work full-time right away and can ease into it slowly.


Probably the most exciting part of this last week was a visit from Grandpa! Kevin’s dad was able to spend a quick weekend with us, and he loves giving Edmund and the dogs lots of attention. Super Grandpa!!! :)

My baby’s awake again so time for an Ergo walk!!!! The snow/rain are finally starting to go away. That’s crazy Colorado for you, but we love it here. <3 :)

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Weeks 3-4 with a Brand New Baby!

Our last visiting grandparent left yesterday morning… so now it’s just the three of us!!

3 weeks old infant family picture

We had my mom take a few family pics of us in the park because I never got my act together to find a photographer. Of course, I would’ve loved to have the dogs in the pic, that would’ve required a few more friends for wrangling assistance. Maybe at 3 or 6 months! :) It got very windy so it was tricky getting my hair and dress under control, and then EJ started getting cold feet so we called it a night and went out for tacos!

mom and ej

EJ’s first time going out to dinner! We figured we’d give it a try while we had an extra helper with us! I think Edmund is looking exactly like Kevin!!!!! But I really think his eyes are going to be blue, and that’s all I asked for!

Edmund is so so cute

He is growing like crazy and is such a sweetheart!! Grandma Mac spent tons of time holding him and even let me get some extra sleep in the mornings. As long as he’s eaten, he’s pretty content as long as someone is cuddling and cooing over him. However, he is not a huge fan of being put down. At all. Ever. So that’s a little challenging, but we’re trying to soak it up for now!!

flowers from doula

Our sweet doula came to visit and hang out with Edmund, and she brought me these beautiful flowers. She even arranged them for me in the vase. We enjoyed them all week!

first date night after baby

We also took advantage of Grandma’s babysitting to go out on a real Date Night!! I was nervous, but Edmund slept the entire time. Of course, it was weird for us going out before dark!! But I was happy to put on a pair of (very short) heels for the first time in a month. We went to Fire on the Mountain (where else!?) and even had time for some Sweet Cow ice cream for dessert! It was super fun, but of course all we wanted to talk about was our baby.

Well, EJ’s awake (because I put him down – haha) so we’re going to go for a little Ergo/Starbucks walk. Just two last cute napping pictures:


Napping with Norman at about 2.5 weeks.

baby and pippa

And with Pipperdoodles at about 3.5 weeks! <3

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Biscuits & (Pregnant) Jackie


fall shoes reebok crossfit lite lo tr pink

Autumn weather has been amazing here — warm & sunny. One of the reasons I love living in Denver! Check out my new Reebok CrossFit Lite shoes! I got them during the Columbus Day sale last week, and they were already on clearance. I probably won’t use them tons at the gym because I love my all-purpose Nano 3’s, but they are great to mix things up a little bit once in a while. And yes, they’re awesome dog walking shoes. The toe box is a little wide for my tastes, similar to the Nano 2’s if you’ve ever tried those.

kevin and corrie denver biscuit co

Kevin and I are kicking off a 4-day weekend together! Hooray!! So fun. After a few weeks of working 12+ hour days (and weekends from home!) during his busy season at work, he’s ready for some time off! We decided to go to brunch this morning, because what’s cooler than going to brunch on a Thursday morning!?!?!? Nothing.

denver biscuit co franklin and cordon bleu

No wait! Great parking! And great BISCUITS!!! Kevin and I shared the Franklin and the Cordon Bleu — lots of (tender belly!!!!) bacon, ham, fried chicken, and sausage gravy. So delicious.

26weeks pregnant26 weeks pregnant + you saw what I just ate!!! Haha. The dress is a clearance dress from Ruche… shot in the dark that it might fit me while pregnant thanks to the forgiving style!

You know what are not forgiving? Pull-ups when you’re pregnant!!

jackie pregnant wod crossfit

The baby is peeking out a little bit. Haha.

I’ve been hanging in there really well when it comes to weight training but bodyweight things (even running) are just overrated in my life right now. Haha. Of course, the pull-up rig is the worst. When I saw we were doing Jackie at our box last night, I was less than excited.


1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

(for time)

The sub if you can’t do pull-ups is ring rows. I was figuring I would probably be hitting the ring rows, but I wanted to at least try a few pull-ups. I know I’m starting to lose them, but I always do the best when I’m super warmed up. I figured 1000m row and 50 thrusters would warm me up. :) :)

I did the 1000m row in 4:08. Probably would’ve tried for just under 4 in non-pregnant days. The thruster were easy. They felt great. Much better than I remembered from last time. Haha. Could it be because I wasn’t going for time?!! But I did two sets of 15 + 15 + 11 + 9 — decent sets, and got to the pull-up bar around 8 minutes (when many great CrossFitters would be done!! hah), and spent the next 6 minutes cranking out 2 pull-ups at a time. The first 15 felt great so I figured why not!!!! Around minute 12, everyone else was done. I tried to get them to go away so I could just take my time and finish, but they were just too nice. Ultimately, my last few reps were fairly lousy because I was trying to just get done, but I finished in 14:44.

Now I’m encouraged that I should keep practicing them at home because they felt pretty great — as long as I took my time. Technically this is a Jackie PR for me since the last time I did it, I had to do jumping pull-ups and finished in 9:44. This benchmark wod also came up in early summer, but it was before I’d told anyone I was pregnant. I’m sure I could’ve gotten a decent time — maybe around 12 or below on a good day, but I was still figuring things out and was afraid I would overdo it! So I skipped. There will be plenty of other times to try it again. :)

This video is my inspiration: Full-term Fran She was clearly much better at pull-ups than I was before I was pregnant so I can’t expect to do what she does, but she’s awesome. See also: the CrossFit Pregnant Pull-up Progression.

Have you ever done the Jackie benchmark wod? What’s your favorite thing to do on a random weekday off?!

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30! – Gratitude List

I’m 30 today!!! You might say that I’m on the emotional side, but I strangely haven’t cared at all about leaving my 20’s. It’s not such a milestone for me compared to things like graduating college, international moves, getting married, cross-country moves, having a baby, etc. Plus the fact that Kevin has been in his thirties for a few years already doesn’t hurt. <3

For my thirtieth birthday, I heard about the idea of creating gratitude lists on one of my favorite podcasts, and I decided to give it a try.

Here are 30 (of many!!!) things I’m grateful for this year. Obviously some are serious and some are frivolous – they are just what came to me today!

1. Three years of marriage to my hot & hilarious husband. I love him so much, and I never imagined marriage could be this good. See also: online dating (it works!).

three years

2. Hearing our baby’s heartbeat yesterday. Talk about weird. And wonderful.
3. Our families. I feel so fortunate to love both sides and that we get to see them fairly regularly. Probably more now that we’re going to have a baby. I love my sibs!!!! Haha. I’m afraid that means I might have to do this pregnancy thing more than once….
4. My first piano. And my second. I always said my piano would be the first piece of furniture in my house, and it pretty much was (when I finally stopped moving what felt like every 6 months).
 5. My jobI love my little studio, all of my students, and their parents. This year I’ve accepted a limited number (for obvious reasons), and my core group is just truly incredible. I am so proud of them. I’ve been known to tear up in their lessons (when they’ve been practicing… or sometimes when they haven’t).
6. The Wabasha 5 & all my college besties. Friends are friends forever….
7. My church & gospel community (church) group. Some of the girls:
girls gc group
 The only thing I would skip CrossFit for on Tuesday nights. :) The families, the food, just sharing our lives with each other and praying together. We’re all so different that nothing else that probably nothing else could have brought us together, but I love them all. And many of them have babies so we got a good preview of what we’re about to be up against.
8. My CrossFit box & coaches. And my muscles. My happy hour. You know I love it.
 9. My CF BFFs. Who have become so much more. Plus who else can listen to your post-wod analysis on a daily basis??? Who else can’t resist the urge to carry heavy things or jump on random rocks.
on wednesdays we wear pink
 10. BOYD & PIPPA!!! My first babies. I love them to death. This is gong to sound totally ridiculous, but I’m totally consciously savoring the last days just snuggling in bed with just Pipperdoodles before I have a human baby.
b and p
11. Living in Denver. I’m far from being a Colorado fanatic, but I love Denver. The weather! My super fun neighborhood! My favorite restaurants. The amazing performing arts complex!
13. Starbucks & Caribou. Love them both, and I’m not too hipster for chain coffee shops. Plus, just saying, the local baristas love me. Okay, and mmm…. Coffee! 
 14. Books. & Libraries. And the Tattered Cover.
books!!!15. Bacon. And Sweet potatoes.
16. Cooking & eating (a lot of) Paleo
17. Freckles. A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.
my freckles corrie
 18. My pink Papillionaire.
papilionaire19. Spotify. Ingrid & Regina & Yuja
20. My Dominican son.
And Yo-Yo and my best roommate ever and all my other friends there! I miss you!!!
21. Sprouts (grocery store) & Sweet Cow (ice cream).
22. Being super healthy and my family is too.
23. Nanos, Lululemon, tall socks, and cute workout clothes.  Do you think what you wear to the gym matters?
24. Sunshine. Hello Sunshine! Aka Kristy
25. Sewing! My new hobby. Or at least pinning projects to sew one day. One or the other. :)
26. My iPhone. Technology has pretty much always been a positive thing in my life. Connecting me with people I love and helping me not have to make…. phone calls!! Haha.
27. Candles. Especially these. I got it in one on sale, and it’s amazing. Candles really have a calming effect on me.
28. Jeopardy! 
29. Scrabble & crossword puzzles.
30. Grace. All is grace.
My only goal for my 30th year? Growing a human and keeping it alive. :)
 What are you extra thankful for today? 

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Cookies, Books, & Ikea

Hooray for a long weekend!!! Kicked it off with a Cookie Friday:

cookie friday pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies

This recipe for Pumpkin-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies was amazing!! I personally think pumpkin cookies can be really hit or miss (wayyy too cakey and/or healthy-tasting), but these turned out really well. Maybe the oats helped? I think Pumpkin Gingersnaps are still my fave. Luckily, we had a birthday party to go to this weekend so we shared!

woodbury library denver BOOKS

It’s also important to stop at the library on the day before a long weekend. That’s an extra day of the library being closed, and you don’t want to run out of reading material. I totally hit the jackpot — the new Rainbow Rowell book was on the shelf! Yay! Plus some baby-type books because I’m your typical first-time mom.

little free library denver alcott

It must’ve been my lucky day because I also snagged something good from the Little Free Library!

asos maternity dress orange

Omg, my first maternity clothes. I got a few things from Asos. I love Asos!! Does anyone else shop there? Usually if you buy over $125, you get free international 2-day shipping. Works for me!!  Plus all their maternity stuff isn’t black, white, and striped (blahhhh) — loved this peach color for fall, and it was barely over $20. It’s a perfect piano teaching dress and will be great with tights/leggings. I’d probably wear it if even if I wasn’t pregnant. Most of my regular clothes fit fine except that I tend to wear very fitted dresses/skirts for teaching piano and those are becoming a little immodestly short/tight. I’m just trying to avoid the i-don’t-have-anything-to-wear meltdown.

regular clothes maternity bootsHere’s a not maternity outfit from today’s Ikea excursion. The dress is a regular, but roomy O’Neill dress I bought from Zappos earlier this year (no longer available). The Billabong cardigan is an integral part of my maternity tank top/cardigan plan for this fall/winter. It was a little expensive so I was trying to wait for it to go on sale, but when I saw they only had one small in stock, I grabbed it. The color is incredible, and it’s the perfect length. I don’t regret it one bit. The grey boots are from Modcloth — they’re even cuter if you see the whole boot. There are bows on the sides. Normally, I frown upon wearing short boots like this or things that don’t elongate my legs, but hey, I figure I look a little chubby anyways. I’ll just embrace it. It wasn’t cool enough for tights/leggings today, but that will probably look even better.

One of the reasons for today’s Ikea trip?

kevin's standing deskWell, I was reading Your Personal Paleo Code (from my library stack) and got upset again about Kevin’s work situation. He has almost an hour commute each way, and then sits at a desk for 9+ hours in a row!!!! He needs a standing desk!! So we checked out some Ikea hacks. Worked perfectly for $22. So worth it! I can’t wait for him to try it out this week and report back!!!

Do you mostly stand or sit at your job? I’m so lucky to have a good mix. I hated sitting all day when I’ve temporarily had office jobs. And standing all day can be really exhausting too!

Hope you had a great weekend, however long or short it was for you! :)

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Just Eating Some Chocolate to Make My Baby Sweeter

So we indulged a little bit extra over the weekend on some sugar & carbs!! I definitely had a junk food hangover this morning so it felt extra good to get back on track with my menu plan for the week.

stop eating crap

Saw this on HRG today and laughed. So true.

breakfast bacon and eggs

 Ate some bacon & eggs for breakfast because that’s what we do. Plus some of my favorite unsweetened Starbucks iced coffee with organic heavy whipping cream.

And then I had some make-up homework to do that I was dreading. I got lazy over the weekend and didn’t do my assigned rowing meters for the challenge. That meant double today.

Rowed a 10k — 2 entire episodes of Friends!!

rowed a 10k

 It took me 50:45. I was actually working the whole time (except a few drinks and a few times moving the rower when it scooted), but it’s still a mediocre time. I actually did a 14k on Valentine’s Day at a 2:26 (6 seconds faster) pace. Ah, well. I am pregnant after all. Going downhill on everything just sucks sometimes.

pork sweet potatoes appleLunch part 1: Leftover grilled pork, sweet potato, and apple. This was tooooo small, and I ate part 2 right away.

yogurt berries almond butter

This is a new thing I’m trying this week. That’s unsweetened organic full fat yogurt with organic berries and (plain) Justin’s almond butter. I was afraid it was going to be super sour and bland, but it grew on me. Maybe I was just starving. But I’ll be eating it all week since that’s what I have for a snack so we shall see. I went easy on the almond butter because I’m not the hugest omgnutbutterfan plus I wasn’t sure how it would mix in (it magically melted right in somehow).

chomps hopping jalapenoSo I mention these things all the time, but I love the Hoppin’ Jalapeño Chomps. I think we bought 50 last time I ordered them, and we both eat them almost every day.

larabar cherry pie

I’ve been trying to cut back on Larabars — they have a good bit of sugar, and they’re expensive. So I only got two for this week. Well, I already ate one so I’d better hoard the other.

starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte

Taking pics of my Starbucks like any good white girl would.

This is totally unusual, but I had a skinny vanilla latte during the middle of the day. Kevin came home early from work because we had a repairman coming to our house to work on the garage door so we decided it would be fun to go on a little date before CrossFit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.53.08 PMI scored 36, 43, & 44. And those reps were mostly BURPEES!!! My hips were super tight from that 10k row, and I didn’t have enough time to practice so the first round of pistol squats was pretty ugly. I did some decent reps and some sketchy reps, but I improved as I got warmer. So thankful for a shorter workout today. :)

paleo lasagna soup zoodles

 Paleo Lasagna Soup with Zoodles. Topped with fresh basil & parmesan cheese. I sort of followed that recipe, but I also used some ground turkey mixed with the hot Italian sausage and sort of doubled the recipe overall. By the way, the recipe was GREAT. Kevin really loved it too.

dark chocolate for pregnancy

And Dark Chocolate minis!! Because I’ve read in two books that eating dark chocolate makes your baby smile more after its born and have a happier disposition overall. Just kidding. I ate it because I like it.

So I ate around 1829 calories which is a little lower than what I’d probably like to see especially with all the rowing!! But I must still be a little full from the weekend.

myfitnesspal day paleo

Here’s what my percentages looked like. I’m obviously not dieting in any, way, shape or form while I’m pregnant, but I occasionally track my intake to help myself be realistic about things like sugar intake and make sure I’m eating a solid amount of protein.

I’m sure this post REALLY brightened your day. So why not check out THESE AWESOME PICS from the dogs’ swim day.

What did you eat today? What would you eat EVERY day if you could/it was a good decision for your health?  I would eat mac ‘n’ cheese and Diet Coke every day if I could. Maybe flamin’ hot cheetos and black licorice candies too. And that’s not even the pregnancy talking. :)

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