What’s Next?

If you can tell me what tv show I’m referencing in this post’s title, you get all the Cookie Friday leftovers I make for Kevin James. Rumor has it that they’re going to be chocolate chip!


I can’t wait to get back to my nerdy-nerdy ways!

You know that I already got a library card here in Winona, and now I’m determined to use it! I am currently #51 on the waiting list for The Help. Approximately how long do you think that waiting list will last? I think they should give preference to people who promise to read the book within 24 hours. I could definitely do that. Or let me borrow it during working hours while people who have jobs are winning the bread. :)

I really want American Wife to be my garage sale proctoring read. Can I really call it proctoring? I’d really prefer “curating” but that might be a stretch. I see WPL has a copy available, and I’m going to try to bribe Kevin into picking it up for me. It’s literally right across the street from his office

Also on my reading list?

  • Spousonomics
  • Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
  • The Pillars of the Earth (a historical novel about the building of a cathedral – fascinating!)

What else should I read? Know that this little blog will suffer once I pick up a book. And so will my fleeting tan. But maybe I’ll start integrating more creative language than “super”, “like”, and “omg.” Just maybe.


Notice that one is with a question mark. I found a place where I can try a class for free (thanks to Deidre stopping by Mugby) so I’m going this morning. I’m a little nervous that I don’t have the right clothes…

Are they going to turn me away at the door? Of course, I’m super skeptical that Zumba is a “real workout”, but that’s how I feel about everything except for running… Which, by the way, still feeling the afterglow of last night’s glorious run. I think I’m good to go again tonight! Woohoo!
Avocados. Did you know an avocado is actually a berry?  I’m obsessed. Although continuously disappointed by its limited availability and diminutive size here in Winona, MN.

Here’s why:

15-minute Creamy Avocado Pasta

Avocado Fries with Cilantron-Lemon Dipping Sauce

Creamy Avocado Chicken Salad

Chicken Avocado BLT Salad

And that’s not to mention I totally want some GUACAMOLE! And Hummamole (Guacamole + Hummus!)! Which should I cook first? I have to head out so I can clean the my tornado kitchen. That tends to happen when I’m trying to invent something out of the random ingredients we have in the house… we really need to hit the grocery store! But I still managed to pull something awesome out of my sleeve. :)