What Goes With Mac ‘n’ Cheese?

The answer may surprise you, but growing up in the McMillin household it was always….

Baked beans!! Back in the day we would serve our Kraft’s with our Busch’s and swirl it all in together. Now that I’m grown up and sophisticated, I serve them in separate bowls.

And we eat Annie’s! It was $10/10 this week. I don’t know how we resisted buying 10!

Other things that go particularly well with mac ‘n cheese:

  • PB&J
  • French Fries
  • Chicken Strips
  • Avocado – I’m guessing. It goes well with everything!

My day started at 5:30 AM this morning when Kevin mumbled “cinnamon rolls” to me.

Our Best Bites Overnight Cinnamon Rolls! One of my sweet co-workers has been in chronic muscle pain this week since she kind of threw out her neck. Since my one of my spiritual gifts is memorizing their food preferences, I knew cinnamon rolls were her fave. I personally thought they were a little dry, and I was VERY close to not bringing them in and trying again tomorrow. But I’m glad I just went with it, because everyone claimed to love them. I know – I’m my own worst critic! I will say that the best perk is that they made our apartment smell AMAZING!

Look what I got on sale today:

Peanut Butter Cheerios. I had to test them in the car. They’re amazing. I love them! I had been waiting so patiently and today they were only $2.25! I packed some up for an afternoon snack at work.

Today’s workout: Finally nice out so we got to take it outside!

Don’t think I’m ready for the Cross Fit challenges where you have to do major monkey bars. I could barely make 2! Have I mentioned how sore my arms have been ever since that burpee challenge!? The last two days I’ve been having trouble putting away dishes and opening doors!! I kid you not. So of course last night, I decided to focus on lower body and did 5.68 miles of stairs. My legs aren’t actually sore today (they really are MACHINES compared to my upper body), but they just felt tired. Will I ever learn to do a normal amount of something? Haha.

We let the Boykin tag along for two miles. He was a pain like always, but it was fun playing with him at the park. We hurtled him down a slide a few times which he was okay with. But no luck with the jungle gym or the baby swing!

Kevin and I – the Fanta twins – ran just over 5 miles in 45 minutes. Good for tonight! I know. You don’t have to say it. We look a little like we could be brother/sister. Haha. You wouldn’t say that if you knew how close I actually look to my sibs.

We celebrated Leap Day with fro-yo! What else? Plus Yogurtini was having a sale – 29 cents an ounce! I wasn’t going to pass that up! Tonight I realized how much I love the plain vanilla. I don’t think I had ever tasted it before because I get very caught up in the specialty flavors.

I thought about Leap Day allll day, but I didn’t really think of any other awesome ways to celebrate it. But it was still pretty exciting for me. Kevin is still getting used to my need to celebrate every tiny little thing. :)

What goes with mac ‘n’ cheese!?!Baked beans. Or broccoli.

Favorite kind of Cheerios? PB or frosted. I’m curious about the Dulce de Leche flavor also, but I didn’t buy it.

Can you do monkey bars? I mean, they’re hard!!!!!!

Favorite piece of playground equipment? Well, definitely the swings. And the merry-go-rounds. And teeter-totters!


Chuckwagon Non-Rehearsal Dinner

Good morning! This is wedding recap #2! The first focused on our Pre-Wedding 5k fun run. You can see all wedding-related posts on the Wedding page.

I never expected anything with the word “redneck” to be anywhere in the proximity of wedding festivities, but the food that came out of this thing was amazing!

At this point, I knew my dress was a little on the LARGE side so I was free to chow down! :) Kevin’s parents were so gracious in planning this entire event. Kevin and I literally didn’t even know what we were having until after we finished the run. I had only heard a rumor that it included Kevin’s favorite dessert – apple crisp! A huge thank you to them because it was amazing, and because it was just one less thing I had to stay awake at night worrying about.

The event took place in the park area around Lake Winona so there was plenty of space for children whether small, medium, or a little larger to play! :)

Practicing for the big day. Isn’t the lake gorgeous? I love running around there. I had the perfect dress planned to wear to the dinner, but it was FRIGID so I had to resort to skinny jeans. Boo! I could’ve used an actual coat. I’m so thankful it warmed up and the sun was shining on the 24th!

Photography provided by Melissa Laska.

The Newlywed Diet – Day 7 – July 11, 2011

Back in the saddle! I slept in with the girls while poor Kevin James went off to win the bread.

Today’s meals were pretty simple. I started off with two bowls of Kashi Honey Puffs.

Lunch was PB2 + honey on wheat with cottage cheese and apples.

My afternoon snackable snack was some sugar-free chocolate pudding. Not pictured: while we made dinner, I snacked on a decent amount of Cheddar Sun Chips.

Dinner was grilled hamburgers, baked beans, and baked fries! Iced coffee for dessert. I need to rush out of here to get some qt with my double h after a long day with the girls! :) More vegetables tomorrow, I promise! I already have some lined up. And I’m excited about my breakfast…

The Newlywed Diet: 7-5-11

This new part of the blog may not be of interest to all, but food is delicious and we are inherently nosy — so it won’t kill you.

A (hopefully) brief preface.

During the honeymoon, Kevin James and I ate without abandon. It was so fun! I know he’s a manly man, but let’s face the facts – I can eat him under the table. It was fun because I ate things I never really eat. You see, I like to eat junk food. In fact, I love to eat junk food. But basically, I’m all or nothing. You give me a candy bar, no matter how big it is, I will eat the entire thing. So generally, it’s just best that I don’t even take a nibble. Sweets are not my #1 thing – I’m a salt fieeeeeend! So I’ll avoid them in favor of “wasting” any extra fun calories on CHIPS!! But during the honymoon I ate monster cookies and ice cream bars and Oreos and DQ Blizzards and Old Country Buffet. The food was INSANE! It was like food heaven. But it only took about three days for me to start to get tired of it and dial it back a little. So I was really looking forward to starting our Newlywed Diet today. It’s not really a diet, per se. But I, unlike many people, am not afraid of the word diet. I think diets are kind of fun. Like a little game or a challenge. I never really gain/lose that much weight, but I like setting the goals and competing with myself.

I’m going to craft my own plan as I go along. It’s my game so I can play it how I want. I’ll go ahead and use the MyPlate as a guide:

I’m also trying my hardest to cut down on Diet Coke and drink more water. Exercise is, hands down, where I own the healthy lifestyle but I’ve been failing a bit in that area lately a well. It’s totally an excuse but I’m going to blame it on Kevin’s hamstring problems. We usually run together, so I just couldn’t motivate myself to run on the honeymoon without my honey!!! But trust me, that will be rectified! :)

On that note, check out today’s eats!

I started the morning off bright and early with some heart healthy oatmeal. I sweetened it with some Truvia I forced Kevin James to steal from the Pedal Pushers Cafe. It was then topped with blueberries and washed down with some black cafe. I measured it, but that was definitely a hearty portion for this cowgirl and it stuck with me through lunch!

For lunch I was really trying to get some vegetables in! Today’s lunch featured colorful vegetables with hummus, an open face Boca burger (the other face of the sandwich thin got stuck in the toaster), a few leftover baked beans, and some Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips. I drank water with my lunch! Aren’t you proud!?

On the way to my volunteer tutoring, I grabbed a tart little Pink Lady apple from the grocery store.

After tutoring began my downfall, because around 5pm I started to get THE HEADACHE!! I’m trying not to take ibuprofen right now so I gave in and drank Diet Coke. I don’t think you know how much I adore Diet Coke. I would really truly choose it over food. But I keep reading things about how horrible it is for you so at least I have to try. What are the odds I can trick myself into liking something gross like water!??!

When I was housewifing it up today by cleaning the pantry, I found a pouch of Chicken Curry Seasoning. So my Double H and I made some chicken, through in every vegetable in the house, microwaved some brown rice, and called it a day. It was actually seriously delicious. That curry packet was WAY spicier than I was expecting! Yum!!!

Not pictured: A few little snacky hands of Pop Chips before dinner and an additional Diet Coke (that’s 2 for today – I was going for one!) BOO!

Ok, I’m out like a girl scout to actually plan some more menus for this week. In case you’re wondering, Kevin James has to do LAME MASTER’S HOMEWORK so I have plenty of free time to blog. I’ll write more about this “diet plan” and my goals as I see fit. In case you’re wondering, Kevin James is enjoying a version of this same diet. He supplements it with whatever he sneaks at work and extra portions. So cute.

Don’t we look like we’re still on our honeymoon?? That’s what I thought. My Double H says we’re going to count the entire month of July, and what he says goes!! :)